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New Kalashnikov Assault Rifle Spotted in Syria (Video) – UPDATED


New Kalashnikov Assault Rifle Spotted in Syria (Video) - UPDATED

Photo: YouTube

UPD: Dear friends, the original article contained a mistake. This is the AK-103 assault rifle (a derivative of the AK-74M chambered for the 7.62×39mm M43 round). Thank you all for the feedback.

Units of the Russian Special Forces, operating in Syria, are armed with the most modern small arms, the AK-74M3 Kalashnikov assault rifles. The AK-74M3 was captured on a video, showing actions of the Russian Special Operations Forces in the area of Palmyra. The video was filmed by videographers of the Center for Special Assignments of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB).

The one-and-a-half-minute video includes scenes of destruction of terrorists’ infantry and vehicles, equipped with weapons, hitting of a bomb-laden vehicle with a guided missile, fired from a portable system, support for a ground operation, provided by attack helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces, inspection and demining of facilities, cleared of terrorists.

Attention of military experts was attracted by the new AK-74M3 assault rifle, which appeared in the video for a few seconds. It is equipped with the universal Picatinny rail, which fits brace of modern daylight sights, as well as of the Krechet collimating sight and the Lun night vision monocular. In addition, the video allows to notice a stiffened blast reducer and a new butt stock of the assault rifle. The new modification of the Kalashnikov assault rifle is also equipped with a transparent magazine case that allows to visually monitor the ammo outgoings.

The AK-74M3 was developed specifically for the Permyachka-M personal armor system. It is known that initially the assault rifle is equipped with a laser target designator and the GP-34 rifle-attached grenade launcher. A system of data transfer from the assault rifle to a helmet’s monocular through Bluetooth is also being developed. Due to innovations the assault rifle allows to efficiently fire with 5.45-mm bullets at a distance of up to one kilometer. Now, Russian troops test the AK-74M3 as a part of the newest Russian battle suit of a ‘soldier of the future’ – the Ratnik.



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