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New Aerosol Ammunition To Protect Russian Battle Tanks From US Javelin Missiles

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New Aerosol Ammunition To Protect Russian Battle Tanks From US Javelin Missiles
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The Russian army has adopted a new aerosol ammunition designed to protect armored vehicles from high-precision weapons.

The 3VD35 protective aerosol ammunition was developed by the Central Scientific Research Institute of Precision Engineering (TsNIITochmash), which is part of Rostec. Its caliber is 76 mm, with length of 290 mm and weight of 1.8 kg. Temperature range of the ammunition is from -50ºC to +50ºC.

The main purpose of the new device is to protect Russian armored vehicles from strikes into the most vulnerable upper hemisphere, which has a smaller armor thickness and is generally not covered by dynamic or anti-cumulative protection.

When a threat arises, the 3VD35 protective ammunition is fired in the direction of the enemy’s attack and creates an aerosol screen that “fools” the enemy’s precision-guided munitions guidance systems.

In a way, it makes the armored vehicle (a battle tank, for example) invisible to the guided projectile, knocks it off the target due to the presence of light and heat-reflecting particles.

The product is designed to protect equipment from high-precision weapons with laser, optical and thermal guidance systems.

It “covers” the equipment both from high-precision aircraft weapons, barrage ammunition, and from third-generation anti-tank missile systems.

When such protective ammunition is installed on a battle tank or other armored vehicle, the developers claim that it would become essentially invulnerable to high-precision and very expensive homing missiles, such as the US Javelin and AGM-114 Hellfire.

Apparently, there is also interest from foreign buyers, so it could either be directly exported, or an export variant could be presented soon.

The importance of the armored vehicles’ protection rises with the creation of new types of various guided missiles.

Recently, the Chinese edition Sohu published photographs of Chinese soldiers with a new anti-tank guided missile launcher. It is believed that the ATGM in the photographs belongs to the third generation. The new weapon can attack armored vehicles in their upper hemisphere making it incredibly dangerous.

If China is developing such a weapon, there is cause to consider that some of Russia’s competitors are also doing the same.

In the past, the United States expressed doubts about the ability of Russian tanks to withstand the FGM-148 Javelin ATGM. The National Interest claimed in a report that the protection systems of the Russian T-72B3, T-80BVM, T-90M and T-14 battle tanks are insufficient to protect against the FGM-148 ATGM.

The United Kingdom is also concerned with the matter, as it is developing a full-fledged active defense system for armored vehicles.

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Since when do the Russians sit still? Like China & Iran, excellent progress.



Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

Truly excellent, now russian tanks are invincible


They are about to release the mrna vaccine for 5-11 year old children.

According to the CDC, 63 children ages 5-11 died from Covid in one year between October 2020 and 2021.

According to CDC data, the rate of adverse deaths among the vaccinated is .0046%.

.0046% times the number of children ages 5-11, according to the Census that’s 28,901,000, equals 1329 deaths from adverse vaccine among the targetted age group..

Math doesn’t lie. The vaccine will kill way more children than the virus.

Please share this information.

Last edited 12 days ago by IMHO

Who is “They”? pfizer, moderna?




jens holm

They are about the same. Its about one or two times only. In Denmark we talk about giving the very old ones in public facilities and own homes a third one or not.

Bobby Twoshoes

You’re using math to appeal to people whose higher functions are neutralised by fear? Anyone who is going to let their kids be injected with this poison shouldn’t really have kids in the first place. Call me a cynic but our time is better spent getting off-grid and developing local support networks than trying to compete with trillions of dollars worth of propaganda and the cognitive dissonance of midwits.


True but this still needs to be said for those who still have a brain. It’s glaring mathematical truth.


As always Thank You for the info..👍

Bobby Twoshoes

That it is and I think what you are doing is honourable, just make sure you have a plan B.

jens holm

I see none of that. It blur needed facts and acting for the best needed procedures about fighting not only Covid but all treatments.

They all are choises and we have to choose well.

jens holm

Its not about brain. Its about a chosen risk compared to another much bigger one. Your math probatly is almost correct.

But Your conclusion is not. If that few children dies and it makes many more of the rest of us alive it makes sense.

And where I am we are high ranks in vaccination for all and by that among the lowest in funerals and handicapped for life or a period for regaining.

Thats the facts You should compare with.


That is stupidity. Only Satanists believe it is right to kill innocent people to save themselves. And it is even more Satanic to think killing more people to save your own hide is right.

But even worse is that vaccinating those children will not protect YOU at all so you are killing them for no reason.


jens holm

Thats illiterate facts of the worst kind. Millions of people and between them children too are kept alive by vaccinations.

Many more children are killed in Syria then this. Statistics say so.


And untold numbers are murdered by vaccine mandates.

If you want to play Russian reaulet with yor life that’s fine but when you force something that WILL kill innocent people that is MURDER.

Syria has nothing to do with it. But it shows your Satanic inclinations since apparently you think that just because people die then it justifies murder.

jens holm

Again total nonsense not doable in the real world.

I dont kill innocent people. I choose and save many many times more.

It makes no sense to compare 6 or 8 bullets in Russian Roulette into this. Maybee elephants and mice are the same, where You live.

900 died in Russia saturday and 1000 in USA. Brazil was 600. Hardly none was vaccinated.

We have vaccinated, so we dont need to vaccinate from 12 years old and down. But its a must to make more vaccinations, where things are out of control because of someone like You.

We see the main death in USA are in the Republican states well supported by Trump.


You are perhaps the stupidest person. If they didn’t want to get vaccinated it’s their choice. Even though we know your numbers are wrong.

Fact: The vaccine kills people.
Fact: If you force someone to get vaxed and it kills them it is murder.

You are advocating murder because you are a coward and don’t care how many innocents have to die because you think it will save you. You are willing to murder innocent children and then try to claim some kind of high ground.

You are already dead spititually and there is a 100% chance that your body will die. Then you will have nothing and there will be no rememberence of you.


So how do you explain Israel, so many vaccinated yet so many infected…

jens holm

Thats easy. They were very fast but only could efford to vaccinate once.

It seemes they also has driven it as car sometimes with too much speeder in restricions and then none and then too fast.

You should look around and compare, but thats one examle. 80% of the dead ones in USA care from the Republican states because of illiterate political decissions in stead of following old simple rules for isolations for protecting OTHERS.

Its likethat in Brazil too. Russia seemes to have more and more dying. Russia has no healtcare system, distribution and trust for their own governess even its told Putin again won the elections and they has invented 5 versions of that stuff.

Too many loose perspective fx being worried about some very few children are being killed by vaccination. But saturday 3000 almost all grown ups died by Covid saturday if You (only) add Brazil, USA and Russia.

I think You should study Denamrk next. After the many dead in the beginning we acted by sense and almost are 100% open for almost anything. It was old methods for all and using the few incomming vaccines well and then next and next.


Excellent. Guess what, some of us don’t have children, understanding the world we live in.

Bobby Twoshoes

I used to think similarly but the most effective way to rebel against depopulation is having kids, there has never been a “perfect” time to have children but if we don’t do it now then they win.


We can’t blame you for that. They will leverage our children against us.

Remember in Waco when they tortured the Branch Davidian’s children to try and get the parents to surrender?

Evil is nothing new for our government.

jens holm

Those THEM are someone like me and we dont accept your version at all.


I’m glad I can live with the peace of knowing that you will burn in the lake of fire. The FBI admitted without remorse that they tortured those children for that very reason. And if you were their and a participant then you are guilty of murder.

You are Satan incarnate.

jens holm

Waco and FBI ????

I can compare like that too.

Im sure my Grandmother with a basket of small RPGs could advance faster then SAA in Syria between Palmyra and Deir El Zor even they had cars.

And nohing would have happen to here. She is rather small and skinny, so ISIS most likely could not knock her out by their snipers and the big bullets.

She wasnt there in the Assad army because they didnt allow even old soldiers to have have a hot hour powernap.

They do stop now changing diapers on their child soldiers:(

jens holm

Maybee Your Grandparents for this one alreay has died too:(

jens holm

I see the opposite. It has been a normal procedure for all other vaccines to save millions of lives by vaccine. Why should this be different.

The rest of Yours is not part of the real world. It stops the contamination of the rest of us, which feed those children and very much their grandparents.

This is not even a new thing. Children are vaccinated against 5 things here and we as routine also vaccine against influenza and tetanus.

Your many dollars has to be divided into also many people. It makes no sense just to use “trillions” up in the air.


Despite being officially deemed the ‘safer’ bio-chemical cocktail Pfizer is now known to cause health complications with teenagers in 15-19 age bracket. Deaths in this age have doubled in western countries since roll out of programs – now ordinarily these are not huge numbers, talking 150-200 natural deaths annually in these age groups across such countries, but since vaccines this has nearly doubled. Now even doubled these are still low numbers in overall health sector so the issue is going unremarked upon in mainstream media. The data though shows in last two years the teen group deaths have consistently doubled in same time period as the roll out. If the trend continues then something will have shifted with this age group, within these countries, that are not ordinarily susceptible to either unexplained sudden spiking or high levels in mortality rates.

Any parent would need to think VERY SERIOUSLY before consenting to injecting this foreign cocktail into a five year old’s developing immune system.

Last edited 12 days ago by Robespierre

Fauci himself said, at the Future of Healthcare Conference, that they want to inject 6 month old babies. Why? Because natural immunity in older children and adults “interferes” with their vaccine.

They want a “universal” vaccine but they have to recondition your DNA first. That’s their thinking and that is what they are trying to do.

And since most people believe “The good of the many outweighs the rights of the few.” and “The ends justify the means” then it is OK to kill innocent people to “save” sick people.

Forcing a vaccine that will kill people is MURDER. I don’t care how many people they think they will save.

jens holm

Here in Denmark we already gives about 5 vaccines before a child is 1 year old. We see people here live long and can make 60.000 dollar as GDP as well.

And yes. Tecnology might improve by computers and other kinds of advanced technology, so we might not need several kinds of vaccines somewhere in the future.

Those results are in several very different versions around the world trying to solve the deatrates better.

Fx some USA company has a 50% reduction for the hard contaminated already in the hospitals having oxygen and that. One dead instead of two is a great improvement.

Many are trying to make medical care for all, where the immune system gets vetter and harder. If possible its even better making the vaccines less important.

Many scientest in that kind of business has got more money for those kinds of try. Ther are pilot results now. So far the improvements seemes to be too small reductions but thats pilot projekts.

It might look like machinegun fire. If You use many bullets someonehit the target well. The danish medical care researh so far has no real improvements even medical care companies are well equipped and exsport for several billions a year.


You do not give those children mRNA vaccines in Denmark you lying P.O.S.

jens holm

So far we use Phitzer and Moderna down to 12 years old.


We debate if lower age is needed and not about a quater of child might die here by Your statistics. Thats because we have less then one person die a day of a population of 5,7 million.

We are back in growth in production and need 1000s of quilified incommers and try hard to get th ones having less hours then 37 to work more.

Our currency is too strong and we have to decline its value as well.

We have a female Premiere Minister running the whole thing by consensus 25% of theparlament and almost all follow the advices from the scientist and political trust.

We like to be safe. Therefore we cover 50% of Our electricity by wondpower building out for electric cars as preparation.

So vaccines seemes to pay off. More vomen in Denmark work then in fx United States and in more years. They make more GDP then the Saudi men even they dont have oilunder their behinds.

Schools are free. Educations is free. You can be a doctor or lawyer for free. Hospitals are free. healtcare is almost free. As a routine the poorest ones will get mobney for warming up as needed. You can live for the decided pension and if You dont smoke or drink a lot, You can efford to have and older car and even fuel for it.


You liberal satanic idiot. You said 5 shots before age one.

We all know the Vax has already been approved down to 12 years old. And to be honest the Vax is killing more than its saving in that age group too. BUT they are only asking for approval now for 5-11 years old.

And when they approve for the 0-4 years old it will kill more of them than it supposedly saves too.

jens holm

Vaccine is a method. Covid is not different in that. The problem is to make the correct version fast. I as the usual influencas can mutate and does.

By that You can choose a specific one being almost perfect for a specific “tribe” OR You can make a wider ones, which cover more possible or known versions but pnly lower the risk a lot.

And I have written down to 12 because thats what we so far need because we here in Denmark trust Our politicians and doctors. By only handfulls need masks as well as we can go everywhere unless we sneese.

So here its about we need it or not, and not if it very dangerous or not(well some few are worried).

We use PENTAVAC https://www.ssi.dk/vaccinationer/vaccineleksikon/d/kopi-af-difteri-tetanus-kighoste-polio-hib-vaccine

That mix covers 5 vaccines in one.

Small babies are protected by themself against Tetanus the first three months(I looked it up). So You can give them Tetanus after 3 month and they will protected from You too:)

And You can take them one by one too. Some children are weak. You also can wait. More and more parents prefare only one injection for their kids.

The total 5 in one is a new thing.


I do not and would not use the satanic healthcare system much less take a vaccine. I do not put my faith in men.

You are trying to argue the vaccine and you can until you face turns blue.

The issue is force and your desire to make people bow to your fear and religion of self.

If the vaccine works then I don’t have to get it for your sake.

If you say otherwise then you are lying one way or another. But that is why you keep trying to change the issue.

I am consistant and truthful


Also you are lying when you say all those things are “free”.

jens holm

I have written some Youtubes for Your information. So far they has been awaiting approval. I can only see You have no idea about Our part of the world are even its easy by Internet.

By that we pay different tax after income level but get same level of investment.

jens holm

Thats highly biased and 99,99 incorrect as well.

jens holm

You really dont get the reason. A contaminated child can infect others and spread to the vonerubles – and they die. Math dont lie.

A link would be nice. Is it for the world or what?

You really dont get the points for masks, distance a.s.o. More FREEDOM for all is connected to learned higher learned RESPONSABILTY.

Most people here seemes to support the sheep version as You do. We even see to many freedom sheep in USA. Those are the ones dying in the republican states right now.


This product could have a big export potential to developing world. Consider the last two decades and scale of which developing nations have been subject to US hellfire and drone missile attacks (Iraq/Syria/Yemen/central Africa etc). An ammunition system that could offer any viable anti-missile protection would be of great benefit to developing nations with export grade or secondary market, and generally aging, armored inventories.

Last edited 12 days ago by Robespierre
jens holm

We all know that. Its a part of both ways. The missiles has improved and by that the defences as well.

We see the same for drones and fx different kinds of tanks might be less impoortant too but replaced by better ones or somethings else.

Fx the USA has regained a very improved Bradly tank instead of making news tanks even they have made a light version of the Abrams.

Russia really need some improvements for their armored parts. They have been far behind in too cheep versions for a long time. By that they might even match the Leopards from Germany. So I wish them luck.

Protection agains drones and accurate missiles is a must. Those rtapidly are imporoved and are better and better organized.

Paul Citro

Humanity is on track to weaponize itself into extinction.

jens holm

Try to tell all in and around Syria to go home and make some farming or something:(

Most people here not even has a language for no war. That cant even make peace among friends.

jens holm

USA makes that try too.


still to this day the imbecile jens holm doesnt seem to understand that denmark is not in the south and therefore he basically is irrelevant in most matters which southfront discusses but no matter when jensi feels that his beloved american master is cornered he will run out on this field here like the tiny puppy he is and bark a few times its just amazing this little puppy simply doesnt get it

Last edited 10 days ago by farbat
jens holm

Typical argumentation filled out with lying hard censured narrowminded consclusions.

If You cant learn from inside Your world, You should see the rest of the world has many and better solutions and implement the improving ones.

jens holm

i never has supported us being in fx Afganistan, Syria and Libya. You say and even conlude about it.

No wonder You has a low living standard if thats what You learn in school.


FACT: The overwhelming majority of people have ZERO chance of dying from Covid-19. But they are mandating that all those people take a shot that might kill them. A shot that doesn’t stop the spread or contraction of the virus as they have admitted. So the only thing the shot will do for the majority of people is increase their risk of death.

The Constitution says there will be no God in government, and that is obvious by what we have now. But there are elected officials and appointed demigods in government who are defining what religion is so they can deny people their religious rights.

Just another proof that the U.S. is a Satanic lie.

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