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Neverending ‘Civil War’ In Security Service Of Ukraine

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Neverending 'Civil War' In Security Service Of Ukraine

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On January 22nd, Ukrainian authorities arrested the former first deputy head of the SBU Dmitry Neskromny in Kiev.

The ex-assistant chief was detained on suspicion of transferring money for organizing the contract murder of Andrei Naumov, head of the SBU’s main internal security department.

Funny enough, he managed to escape his handcuffs and run away.

In connection with the escape of the Neskromny, an interception plan is announced. Law enforcers even set up checkpoints on the state border.

Also, on suspicion of participation in the organization of the contract murder of Naumov, an employee of the “Alpha” special unit of the SBU Andrei Rasyuk was detained.

Neskromny became the deputy head of the SBU after the victory of Volodymyr Zelensky in the elections in 2019. He was considered a man of the ex-head of the President’s Office Andrei Bogdan. He was fired in March 2020.

Following the arrest, the telegram channel, which is believed to belong to the former first deputy head of the SBU Neskromny, published a full package of documents on the election of a preventive measure for Alpha employee Yuri Rasyuk, who is suspected of preparing a contract murder of Andrei Naumov, head of the SBU’s Main Internal Security Department.

According to the documents, Rasyuk was introduced to a hitman by the name of “Oleg”, by a certain Yuri Sviridov. A man with a very interesting biography, Strana.UA reported.

SBU officer Yevgeny Rybinsky indicates in the report that Yuri Sviridov may be aware of the circumstances of Naumov’s kill order by Rasyuk.

The report is dated January 22, 2021. According to Strana’s sources in law enforcement agencies, when it is necessary to legalize some “own” witness, an initiative report is written and then an iron basis appears for his interrogation.

According to the text of a petition filed in the Shevchenkovsky court for the election of a preventive measure to SBU Colonel Yuri Rasyuk, Sviridov appears in the case as a witness and his testimony of January 22 of this year is referred to by the investigation in justifying the arrest for Rasyuk.

According to the protocol of interrogation of Sviridov, he claimed that he knows Rasyuk through mutual acquaintances.

And it was he who introduced him to Oleg Poskotin (probably the same killer named “Oleg”) in 2016 because Rasyuk had to spend the night somewhere during his business trip to Donbass.

During the interrogation, Sviridov calls Oleg Poskotin his acquaintance and generally says that he did not know what he was doing, and on January 22, he simply had to meet on Bolsunovskaya with Rasyuk and discuss some cases.

And it was just as if by accident that Oleg Poskotin was next to him, to whom Rasyuk allegedly owed money.

When meeting with Rasyuk, according to the protocol of interrogation of Sviridov, he handed some dollars to Poskotin and immediately people who identified themselves as SBU officers approached them and Rasyuk was arrested.

The protocol of interrogation of Sviridov gives off the strong impression that it was he who lured Rasyuk to a meeting with Poskotin after which he was detained. Moreover, Sviridov lives exactly near the place where the detention took place.

At the same time, the witness Sviridov himself, although he is not a public person, appeared on October 16 last year in yet another high-profile story with a brawl on Tyutyunnik Street, in which veteran atoshnik Ivan Deev and his wife Lyudmila took part.

Strana’s sources in law enforcement agencies admit that Sviridov is not a stranger to the SBU and his cooperation and testimony could appear in the case on suspicion of Rasyuk not by chance.

As such, Neskromny was arrested, but it appears that another individual – Rasyuk is much more involved in the situation than the former deputy chief of the SBU, and it appears the main witness is an SBU-affiliated individual who is used as a useful witness in various cases.


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Just Me

Ukraine is a corrupt Jew infested shithole to put it kindly and very mildly.

Just Me

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Lone Ranger

That aint a Chechen fighter but a CIA troll 2 min away from grave.

Black Waters

That’s not a chechen nor a muslim, but an extremist radicalized mercenary. You can radicalize any religion, but once someone is radicalized isn’t about religion anymore, but blinded fanatism. Also, these pos are getting paid by the CIA… soo, not much about religion ;)

Lone Ranger

When you think Ukropnazis cant go beyond full retard they prove you wrong time after time…
If it wasnt that tragic it would make a decent stand up routine.

Lone Ranger

Afterall it aint no coincidence that the Down Syndrome Awarness ribbon and the Ukrainian flag are one and the same…


Its a brave jew world in Banderistan :)

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The Maidan has brought such peace, wealth and stability to them.

They should have one every year. lol

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