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Never-Ending Battle In Hajin. 749 ISIS Members Were Reportedly Eliminated. How Many Left?


The pro-opposition Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) came with a new revealtions of the tough battle between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and ISIS terrorists in the Hajin pocket in the Middle Euphrates Valley in Syria. Accordding to the  SOHR, since the start of the SDF military operation to eliminate the Hajin pocket, 749 ISIS members had been killed in the area. The SOHR also claimed that 452 SDF members were killed in clashes in the same period.

The SOHR-provided number of ISIS casualties is more or less close to numbers provided by the SDF in its time-to-time reports on the situation in the pocket.

The most interesting fact is that in August-October, the US-led coalition was claiming that there were about 1,000-2,0000 ISIS members in the “Middle Euphrates Valley”. So, if somebody believes in the SOHR and SDF reports on ISIS casualties, the question appears how the SDF made only limited gains in the area if the ISIS terrorist group suffered such a devastating blow to its manpower?

Never-Ending Battle In Hajin. 749 ISIS Members Were Reportedly Eliminated. How Many Left?

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  • Vince Dhimos

    Hajin is part of Deir Ezzor, the most oil-rich region in Syria that the US arbitrarily claimed as its own. Under Obama a large number of fighters engaged against terrorists were “accidentally” killed by US planes. Now in the Trump era, the same thing is happening. Those Russian mercenaries were killed there. The US has been accused of protecting terrorists in this area. All evidence points that way. But Russia has not yet turned its gaze toward the region. Just wait. I expect Russian EW systems to be set up close enough to disable the US planes there. It will eventually come to a halt.

    • Jens Holm

      You are sending from the Mars lander ?

      • Alejandro Bonifacio

        shut up!

        • Frank Behrens

          AAAnd if he don`t ? Will you stomp your foot on the ground and yell “shut up” again and again ?

      • Vince Dhimos

        What do YOU expect to happen?

        • Jens Holm

          My expectations are low. I hope ISIS will be eliminated close to nothing all over Syria.

          Next I know, that whatever Trump and other says, there is a 2 years agrements for supply and protect for SDF and the Coalition there.

          So far I also see Assads remain weak and maybee even become weaker. They are not strong for anything besides Idlib and keep control over the rest of their “zone”.

          Then I of course has hopes, but so much can happen from so many, that they are like being a super multitasker.

          When I read here, I am very pessimitic. Almost all only talk about military solutions. Militaries cant and should not run the rest. Some socalled winner in this is no winner apart from very dead corpses, millions with no home, mainfeeding from UN, no production, no normal infrastructure.

          Assads and the Jihadists only want to goo back. The jihadists incl.ISIS to 1258 !

          And the only ones having any plans for the future og course are hated by those are the PYD/SDFs.

          When You look at the nationalistic constructed history books they are filled wit lies and facts about a lot is totally taken out.

          Some days ago I heard some Turk telling me, that Armenia never was a country and a Roman Coloby only and the East Roman Empire were runned by Italiens.

          I anytime prefare sekularisme based on facts and not hate compared to primitive nationalisme based on Emirate and Despote strucktures.

          If people prefare effective Emirates and Despots, You should divide Syria, Iraq and Syria into that, so the leaders trusting no one can see all corners themselves.

          Else You should do fx like Kurds making Counsils unning big local areas electing and deflecting the local political leaders.

  • R Trojson

    Russia-Syria-Iran just moved al Safa ISIS to fight US coalition east of the Euphrates. US is only one killing ISIS. Russia coalition does not even fight ISIS but resupplies them and moves them to the next battle. ISIS controls a huge territory SW of the Euphrates, yet Russian coalition has and will never fight them.

    • Concrete Mike

      Yeah yeah likenyou say everyday…just because you lie everyday doesnt make it truer no matter how oftrr you repeat it.
      Russia kills terrorists…usa trains them. PERIOD

    • zman

      Wow! Chalk one up for western propaganda bullshit…or complete idiocy on your part (or really good pay). Say, what is the going price for honor and integrity?

      • R Trojson

        Now South Front is part of western propaganda? Every one of my facts was reported right here on SF.

    • Bob

      Reality check: The Syrian Arab Army has been the primary combatant against ISIS – they are the major force on ground who have been fighting jihadists for seven years.
      Meanwhile, US heavy helicopter supply drops, allegedly intended for ‘moderate rebels’, have been falling into ISIS territory for years, long after the ‘FSA’ proved a complete military failure. Occasionally an advancing SAA unit finds such US airdropped pallets first, and they have documented the contents on numerous occasions – US military field issue food and medical kits/grenades/small arms ammunition/Tow-1 missile tubes etc.

      • R Trojson

        So where are the 1000 dead al Safa ISIS bodies. Not even one found. They were all moved out of al Safa to fight US coalition. SAA withdrew (retreated) from al Safa to fight ISIS (hide from ISIS) in Damascus. If the SAA had any intention of fighting ISIS they would be heading to SW Euphrates where ISIS controls 10% of what is left of Syria.

        • Bob

          The US-SOF military base at al-Tanf, and its (illegal) exclusion zone against SAA forces, is a de-facto ground and aerial protection for ISIS in south-east Syria, west of the Euphrates. ISIS can hide and launch ambushes against SAA from under the safety of US cover.

  • jorge

    As in Vietnam, they count the civilians as war casualties and say whatever nonsenses they can fabricate.

  • gustavo

    Interesting question at the end. This means that something is wrong ! ISIS-Kurds(SDF) are both supported by USA-Israel-NATO, that is what we have to have in mind. ¿ What is going on here ? we will see later.

  • RichardD

    Right now the war is largely stalemated due to a lack of offensive action on the part of the Syrian government coalition as they formulate a way forward from here. The tolling on the Idlib DMZ agreement deadlines will be complete by the end of December. At which point, unless something changes, the Turks will be partially in default of their commitments due to an unwillingness and or inability to bring the regime change militants into complete compliance with it. And a decision will have to be made what to do about it.

    The Jew world order miscreants have determined that they can’t defeat the Syrian government coalition on the ground in Syria. So they’re causing problems in Ukraine to try to divert Russian attention and resources away from winning the Syrian war. Which while the situation is stabilized for now, the war is a long way from being won. And that’s the way that the Jews want it. Because once it’s won, they’re next. So they’re going to stir up as much trouble as they can to prevent it from being won.

    Once the Turks are in default, The Syrian government coalition can start moving the front lines forward in areas of non compliance in Idlib. The other big problem is the US supported partition in Al-Tanf and east of the river in the SDF held areas. Those are both primarily air power issues. With the US air force attacking the Syrian government coalition ground forces attempting to advance in those areas. The best solution is for neighboring governments to restrict US access to Syria so that it’s no longer present there. Absent that the US air force is going to have to be pushed back from the areas of Syrian skies where it’s still present. In a similar manner to what was done over the rest of Syria where a defacto no fly zone for Israel and NATO forces has been put in place.

  • Rafik Chauhan

    SDF casulaties 1000+ and isil CAsulities 100+ this is the difference . US always lies and SDF

  • Joaquin

    They are counting civilians for sure

  • Potato Potato

    It’s like ISIS is SCP-1337 lol

  • wimroffel

    The figure of ISIS fighters in the Hajin pocket that I most often encounter is 3000. With 100 new recruits a months coming over the border.

  • northerntruthseeker .

    the US keeps sending in more and more of their mercenaries and operatives to replace those that they claim they have “killed”…

    this only proves that this “battle” is theatrics and nothing but pure propaganda bullshit!

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    Gee SF it’s about time, the readers ignored the comprehensive article I posted LAST WEEK concerning this very matter, perhaps your article might get the readers talking even if mine didn’t.Though I do think my article was more comprehensive and much more explanatory than yours is, I suppose keeping it simple makes it easier to understand. Also you left out the figures for civilian casualties, 300 and climbing.
    4600 Isis fighters escaped from Ar Raqqah and Al Hasakah and are hiding out nearby, that’s where the recruits are coming from, that’s where the surprise attacks are coordinated from, that’s where the intel is coming from.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    I should say it again too, THERE ARE NO KURDS FIGHTING AT HAJIN, ONLY ARAB AND CHRISTIAN MILITIAS. Kurds are only acting defensively against Isis to protect themselves, but otherwise are refusing to fight for the US against Isis in Syria. They’re purposely letting the Arabs and Christians lose badly to Isis, so that they can use their promise of returning to battle, as leverage to blackmail Trump for a better deal than they’ve already got from him, IT”S SIMPLE.
    WAKE UP people, there are at least 60,000 kurdish SDF or affiliated Kurdish forces, perhaps another 4 or 5 thousand minority groups that are also part of the SDF, and they can’t beat one to two thousand fighters, I’ll also post this for the twelfth time, Hajin has the POSSIBLE combined might of 60,000 SDF, US special forces, and Iraqi ground forces, French and Iraqi artillery, US coalition and Iraqi Airforce and they’ve been there for 5 months and still can’t get rid of a mere 1500 fighters. The very same coalition force managed to beat the larger pocket of 5000 Isis to the north in just 2 months, though they only captured and killed 400 of the 5000, letting the rest escape and do what they are now. And yet it’s taken them more than 5 months now and they still haven’t wiped out this smaller pocket.
    IT’S NOT BECAUSE THE KURDS CAN’T BEAT ISIS, IT’S BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO, AND THEY WON’T UNTIL THEY GET WHAT THEY WANT. It’s called a strike people, it’s what you do to get a better deal.