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Never-Before-Seen Video Shows Moment Of Strikes On Saudi Oil Infrastructure

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On September 30, CBS News’ 60 Minutes released an interview with Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud. The interview itself includes little new or non-mainstream points of views on the September 14 strike on Saudi oil infrastructure. Nonetheless, it includes videos showing the moment of the attack.


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Can’t watch the video of the attack. It says the video is not available in my country.


It’s available in the UK, Dave. I guess that your country is being censored.


It says the uploader has made it unavailable in my country, which is Canada.


Its censorship then :) Canada the land of freedom to say what you wish, as long as the rulers agree with it.


The video says, “The uploader has not made this video available in your country”. So, whoever uploaded the video is who’s censoring it. Despite some ridiculous politically-correct attitudes from politicians, I don’t think there are any Canadian laws against various speech and expression like there are in Europe. People don’t get arrested for saying things against others in Canada like they do in the EU. And I actually can’t think of anything online that’s censored in Canada by the Canadian government.


” I don’t think there are any Canadian laws against various speech and expression like there are in Europe.”

The late ‘Ernst Zundell’ would debate that point with you I suspect, Dave. :)


Five eyes. Should be five arses :)

Zionism = EVIL

Which shithole police state do you live in compadre?


The video says it’s been blocked in my country by the uploader. So, the question should be about which shit uploader decided to block the video in certain countries, and why.

Zionism = EVIL

Check the owners for Jews. The new Bilderberg agenda is an assault on free speech. Any mention of Americunt and Zionist crimes and you are automatically blocked.


Kell McBanned

I couldnt see it on the CBS site but can see it on Southfront, I was hoping someone would upload it somewhere.


Thry this: https://www.cbsnews.com/video/60-minutes-never-before-seen-video-of-attacks-on-saudi-oil-facilities/


That worked, thanks.

Jimmy Jim

Saudis are toast!

Zionism = EVIL

Saudi moronic senior officers captured by the Ansarallah along with around 3,000 dumbass Wahhabi cannon fodder.



the host is biased as she says Iran made the attack. So far no proof of that.


This was the next brainwashing session coming from the zio mafia. They might be beaten up left, right and center but they keep on lying.

Zionism = EVIL

Iran had nothing to do with it. The Yemenis don’t need lessons in how to fight from anyone. They are are natural born fighters.



MBS, very arrogant…when you call on sanctions to zero Iran oil sales…are you not more stupid? Watch your mouth MBS, before more missiles and drones rain on you. Now the Houthis got the upper hand, they’re commanding you to earn the war or risk more defeats. You have accepted to earn the war, so watch how you talk kid MBS

Zionism = EVIL

This has been a particularly expensive and painful week for Saudi shithead cowards, the tally so far is :

50% oil production knocked out by 10 Yemeni drones while Dud patriots killed the Saudi morons on the ground. Over $5 billion in OIL and weapons lost :)

Ansarallah ambush killed 567 Saudis and their mercenaries. One general killed by MBS and 28 senior officers captured.

Over 78 APC and other vehicles knocked out or captured, including 14 M-113 Americunt APC with 20mm Vulcan cannons.

2345 Saudi morons and mercenaries captured.

3000 assault rifles, ATGM, artillery pieces and heavy machine guns captured.




This is par for the course in the western media. One lie after another, it is their major weapon system. One would have hoped that these propaganda traitorous operations would be completely outed by now, but no, the sheeple continue to watch and believe this crap. All one has to do is use simple logic to dissect and render their lies inert. But one also has to use their access to the internet to avail themselves of other POVs and information, to see the contrasts. Once that is done, the reality becomes apparent. But that isn’t happening as much as it should, people as a rule do not like their paradigm shattered and their assumptions challenged. It’s similar to those who hang on every word of their favorite televangelist and reply to accusations of immorality as attempts to smear them…until the crying admission in church (after being arrested) that Satan successfully tempted them. Then they will cry for forgiveness, which they receive…until the next week when they are once again caught adulterating at their favorite motel or with their favorite male escort snorting crank. But their believers will still follow them and their Zionist message. Such is the power of birth to death brainwashing.

Kell McBanned

Make em move to Israel – then they will get tired of Orthodox spitting on them and may come to their senses


Saudi’s “army” is actually just a large mass of cannon fodder which they arm with american weapons.

Pepe Little Sudiar

rocket engine on houti missile? 99% same hole as tanker false flag attacks with hellfire

Jean de Peyrelongue

It is interesting to see that there were people on the spot ready to take picture and waiting for the attack ! Was there a real attack or was it another false flag movie picture ?

Albert Pike

It was a fake with pictures where one can not see what made impact. What you can’t see are 160km/h slow flying drones. Any way erverything is repaired after only 10days, which should have taken 8months. Means, they ordered all their parts for the repairs months and months ago, because they knew what would be hit, because, they did it themselves https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/aramco-crude-production-restored-pre-attack-levels-official-says

MbS even gives the motive: https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/mbs-war-iran-would-send-oil-highs-we-havent-seen-our-lifetimes

Xoli Xoli

Successful Israel attack to facilitate Saudi admission and USANATO nato attack.

Xoli Xoli

Saudi Regime as drunk of human blood pride and greed made chem blind.

Kell McBanned

Well I dont see any evidence it was Iran and even if it was the mainstream media has lost so much credibility that no one would belive them lol


Just like the Anglo-Zionist media to make this about the Iranians rather than about the wahhabis constant oppression of Yemen

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