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Netherlands’ MH17 Hysteria Demonstrates Dutch Government Complicity In Tragedy


Netherlands' MH17 Hysteria Demonstrates Dutch Government Complicity In Tragedy

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On December 2nd, the Netherlands claimed that Russia wrongfully allowed the “key witness” in the Malaysia Airlines MH17 incident Vladimir Tsemakh to return to his home in eastern Ukraine.

Tsemakh is a former member of an air defense unit of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and was released to Russia in the 35:35 prisoner exchange between Moscow and Kiev in September 2019.

The Dutch side said that it had immediately asked for Russia to provide Vladimir Tsemakh to it, but Russia “defied” the order by simply releasing Tsemakh to return home and live his life.

“According to media reports, Mr Tsemakh had already returned to his residence in eastern Ukraine,” the Dutch prosecution service said in a statement. “The Public Prosecution Service has concluded that Russia willingly allowed Mr Tsemakh to leave the Russian Federation and refused to execute the Dutch request, while under the European Convention on Extradition, it was obliged to do so.”

Vladimir Tsemakh was, in fact, the commander of the air defense unites of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The most powerful weapon of this unit was a Zu-23 anti-aircraft gun mounted on a truck.

Tsemakh was abducted by Ukrainian intelligence services in the summer of 2019. Despite this, the Ukrainian side, as well as the Dutch-led investigation team claimed that he was related to the “Russian BUK rocket” narrative.

The initial version was that he was the driver of a BUK vehicle, or a vehicle towing the rocket that struck the MH17. After he was kidnapped by the SBU and tortured for months that he was turned out into a “witness”, and one that actually doesn’t know anything regarding the incident.

His role in the entire situation was that of a person trying to protect his home and those who couldn’t defend themselves. He had barely any sophisticated air defense weapons, let alone a BUK missile to launch, he didn’t even have the means to launch such a missile even if he had one.

At the same time, the Russian side provided a platform for him, in the interview. Vladimir Tsemakh said everything he had to say and expressed his discontent with all that had happened to him.

It should be noted that the ahead of the Tsemakh release in the framework of the prisoner exchange, the Dutch side tried to convince Ukraine to not hand over Tsemakh to Russia. The Dutch foreign minister said that the authorities had questioned Tsemakh before he left for Russia but the Netherlands still profoundly regretted the outcome. By this move, the Netherlands admitted that it is not a neutral side and is not interested in an objective investigation of the MH17 tragedy. The Dutch side had a lot of time to question the supposed witness. However, this was not enough and it wanted the person to remain in Ukraine, where Tsemakh would be subjected to constant physical and psychological pressure.

There are two main explanations of this situation:

  • The Dutch governemnt, as a agent of the Euro-Atlantic establishment, has lost all links to the reality and is not even pretending that it cares about the human rights and the objective invesigation;
  • Representatives of the European elite involved in covering up the real side behind the MH17 crash are panicking because the mainstream ‘Russia is guilty’ narrative has collapsed.

Under international law (as well as laws of a majority of the states), the concealment of facts related to the crime is a signal of complicity in the crime. The Dutch government, which is allegedly a neutral side in the MH17 case, is de-facto impeding the objective investigation of the tragedy.

In own turn, the “evil” Russians didn’t even try to “buy off” Tsemakh, by promising him anything. They just released him and let him return home to the Donetsk People’s Republic. As to the Netherlands, the Dutch government tried to pay a bribe to Tsemakh for his loyality and participation in the MH17 farce by proposing him to move to the Netherlands.

The Dutch investigation time apparently disregarded the fact that he was abducted, tortured and interrogated for months and all of this concluded that he actually lacked any valuable knowledge regarding the incident. He was criminally abducted, he was threatened, he was physically harmed, and then released, but the Netherlands is not convinced that he was honest in saying that he knew nothing.

And since the Dutch side has seen the rumors of his return home, it can, in fact, be confirmed that he has returned to his home in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

After the reveal of this information, it could possibly be just a matter of time until a joint Ukrainian-Dutch special forces operation infiltrates the Donetsk People’s Republic once again to kidnap him once more and fabricate some more claims and evidence to “beef up” the mainstream MH17 narrative.




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