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Netherlands’ MH17 Hysteria Demonstrates Dutch Government Complicity In Tragedy

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Netherlands' MH17 Hysteria Demonstrates Dutch Government Complicity In Tragedy

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On December 2nd, the Netherlands claimed that Russia wrongfully allowed the “key witness” in the Malaysia Airlines MH17 incident Vladimir Tsemakh to return to his home in eastern Ukraine.

Tsemakh is a former member of an air defense unit of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) and was released to Russia in the 35:35 prisoner exchange between Moscow and Kiev in September 2019.

The Dutch side said that it had immediately asked for Russia to provide Vladimir Tsemakh to it, but Russia “defied” the order by simply releasing Tsemakh to return home and live his life.

“According to media reports, Mr Tsemakh had already returned to his residence in eastern Ukraine,” the Dutch prosecution service said in a statement. “The Public Prosecution Service has concluded that Russia willingly allowed Mr Tsemakh to leave the Russian Federation and refused to execute the Dutch request, while under the European Convention on Extradition, it was obliged to do so.”

Vladimir Tsemakh was, in fact, the commander of the air defense unites of the Donetsk People’s Republic. The most powerful weapon of this unit was a Zu-23 anti-aircraft gun mounted on a truck.

Tsemakh was abducted by Ukrainian intelligence services in the summer of 2019. Despite this, the Ukrainian side, as well as the Dutch-led investigation team claimed that he was related to the “Russian BUK rocket” narrative.

The initial version was that he was the driver of a BUK vehicle, or a vehicle towing the rocket that struck the MH17. After he was kidnapped by the SBU and tortured for months that he was turned out into a “witness”, and one that actually doesn’t know anything regarding the incident.

His role in the entire situation was that of a person trying to protect his home and those who couldn’t defend themselves. He had barely any sophisticated air defense weapons, let alone a BUK missile to launch, he didn’t even have the means to launch such a missile even if he had one.

At the same time, the Russian side provided a platform for him, in the interview. Vladimir Tsemakh said everything he had to say and expressed his discontent with all that had happened to him.

It should be noted that the ahead of the Tsemakh release in the framework of the prisoner exchange, the Dutch side tried to convince Ukraine to not hand over Tsemakh to Russia. The Dutch foreign minister said that the authorities had questioned Tsemakh before he left for Russia but the Netherlands still profoundly regretted the outcome. By this move, the Netherlands admitted that it is not a neutral side and is not interested in an objective investigation of the MH17 tragedy. The Dutch side had a lot of time to question the supposed witness. However, this was not enough and it wanted the person to remain in Ukraine, where Tsemakh would be subjected to constant physical and psychological pressure.

There are two main explanations of this situation:

  • The Dutch governemnt, as a agent of the Euro-Atlantic establishment, has lost all links to the reality and is not even pretending that it cares about the human rights and the objective invesigation;
  • Representatives of the European elite involved in covering up the real side behind the MH17 crash are panicking because the mainstream ‘Russia is guilty’ narrative has collapsed.

Under international law (as well as laws of a majority of the states), the concealment of facts related to the crime is a signal of complicity in the crime. The Dutch government, which is allegedly a neutral side in the MH17 case, is de-facto impeding the objective investigation of the tragedy.

In own turn, the “evil” Russians didn’t even try to “buy off” Tsemakh, by promising him anything. They just released him and let him return home to the Donetsk People’s Republic. As to the Netherlands, the Dutch government tried to pay a bribe to Tsemakh for his loyality and participation in the MH17 farce by proposing him to move to the Netherlands.

The Dutch investigation time apparently disregarded the fact that he was abducted, tortured and interrogated for months and all of this concluded that he actually lacked any valuable knowledge regarding the incident. He was criminally abducted, he was threatened, he was physically harmed, and then released, but the Netherlands is not convinced that he was honest in saying that he knew nothing.

And since the Dutch side has seen the rumors of his return home, it can, in fact, be confirmed that he has returned to his home in the Donetsk People’s Republic.

After the reveal of this information, it could possibly be just a matter of time until a joint Ukrainian-Dutch special forces operation infiltrates the Donetsk People’s Republic once again to kidnap him once more and fabricate some more claims and evidence to “beef up” the mainstream MH17 narrative.


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Gary Sellars

What a dirty despicable pack of low-bred c_unts these Dutch are. No wonder the Nazis rolled into the low-lands so easily, the Dutch recognised their own kind.


The Dutch must be aware that unless urgent and drastic steps are taken – Holland will be islamic within years.
its over run.
Ukaine going to be the bolt hole for the elite?.
The lying conniving Dutch elite will be right at home there.

Jens Holm

Yerrh – Those passengers probatly selfdetonated too.

Hasbara Hunter

I have got many Muslim Friends…they are fine & friendly Peoples…they don’t want to hurt anyone or blow them up…for they are true Muslims & True Muslims do not rape or murder other peoples…and they respect Christians, Jews & need to take good care of animals…Jewish House of Saud Wahhabis on the other hand are Extremist Motherfuckers…


I am of the belief that sending people back to their homelands is always the best option. Migration should be a rare phenomenon instead of the invasion we see today.

Hasbara Hunter

I think that if peoples are persecuted in their own Nations or if there is a War in their Homeland they should be warmly welcomed…but if the Danger is Gone you can go back home…Syrians are very friendly Intelligent people more than welcome in Holland especially because we were helping the Americans in Destroying Syria…so my apologies for that…Many Syrians already return home…Let Brussels close the Gates of Castle Europe again…for it were those Trojan Horses who opened the gates for 2% Economic growth (Europeans aren’t reproductive enough) for the Elites…All other expenses are to be paid by the Middle Class….


And those in Britain and then they demonise the Iranian shia.

Hasbara Hunter

Wahhabism was British Intelligence to create Division between Sunni & Shia

Check Wahhabism on Conspiracy School…tot won’t open at the moment but they have interesting articles



Jim Bim

Dutch Prince Bernhard ‘was a member of the Nazi party, so where many Royals.
NATO first Sec. general, Dutch Joseph Luns was a Nazi.

Jens Holm

You have no iedea about the fightings there even those are very well described in all details.

For that the Netherland was punished by the nazis very hard and they even let them starve to death.

You are so illiterate and infame.

Hasbara Hunter

Hé me Brother….me Country is taken over by a couple of Traitors, Khazarian Mobsters & Knights Templar.. they’re on Key positions in every Major Organisation including a Habsburger King…If it was up to me them Filthy Elitist Warcriminals would be Dragged out of their homes put on Trial & if found Guilty…Hanged… but I ain’t friggin Don Quixote…we live in a Democracy here in Holland…Majority Rule…sucks every now & then


I would not compare the populous with those in charge Gary. Its a common mistake. The Bilderbergers have their seat in the Netherlands, and their royal family is inextricably linked to those in the rest of Europe. The man (or woman ) on the street has seen a once happy and contented society turn into an nigh autocracy where free speech is non existent and their old values have been flushed down the drain. They are being systematically dumbed down and brow-beaten. I have lived there for a couple of years, moved around the country, and in conversation with the locals, they reply how much they distrust the government and the media, they know they are being lied too and led by the nose, and are powerless to fight back……………..it was not the case 20 years ago.


Representatives of the European elite involved in covering up the real side behind the MH17 crash are panicking because the mainstream ‘Russia is guilty’ narrative has collapsed.

Assigning blame to the downing of MH17 is one of the easiest in recent memory. The Russians downed MH17 and have outsourced an army of trolls to claim otherwise. Three days after the airline was downed killing 300 people, the Russian Defense Ministry held a press conference and winged out several conflicting theories on the downing of MH17. All were lies. Interestingly enough, not one Russian theory involved a Buk missile trucked over to Eastern Ukraine from Russia. That certainly would have been a reasonable theory. In fact, pictures posted on social media followed the route of the Buk missile launcher from near the Russian border to approximately the point it was launched in Eastern Ukraine – and back again to Russia missing a Buk missile.

So armed with this irrefutable information, what did the Russian government do? They deny to this day that a Russian Buk missile launcher was in Eastern Ukraine even though for all intents and purposes, it’s proven.

The Russian government reflexively lies and denies. Recent investigative work by the NYT showed that Russian pilots bombed four hospitals in12 hours (“12 Hours. 4 Syrian Hospitals Bombed. One Culprit: Russia”). More recently, the Russians bombed two refugee camps in Idlib. The report by the NYT was called “fake news”. The lying Russians denied both (of course).


Piss off hasbara twat.


I’ll consider your request (not).


Hasbara Hunter

Great Britain got their 77th Brigade Internet-Trolls…now that’s an Army of Disinformation-Agents



The west doesn’t need disinformation in the case of MH17. The guilty party is obvious.

Hasbara Hunter

That is up to the judge to decide & even a Judge can be partial


At about 35,000 feet in elevation, a Buk was about the only weapon available to the separatists which could reach the airliner. Russians need to take responsibility.

Adam Rest

It is far more likely Ukraine shot down the airplane in order to force the EU to condemn Russia and enforce economic sanctions, which the EU refused to do prior to the shoot-down.

1. Let’s not forget, the Ukraine has shot down a civilian airliner before,
initially denied it, but later had to admit it was them:

2. The Ukraine had several operational BUKs in the eastern war zone:

…even though later some western media claimed it didn’t even have BUK
missiles, one crashed during a parade in Kiev. Oops:

3. Russia did not provide “contradicting explanations”, only provided the only info
they had, which was radar data, which showed there were Ukrainian military
aircraft in the air in the vicinity of the civilian airliner and that Ukrainian
BUK radars were turned on during the shoot-down. This radar data was provided
to the investigation team.


The Russian government did not claim these aircraft shot down the airliner,
merely that they were present. Media later speculated they might have shot it
down, but that was not Moscow’s official position.

4. Though there was the curious case of the Ukrainian pilot Voloshin, who later
allegedly committed suicide over some corruption issues, which caused more

5. Ukraine didn’t provide any radar data, claiming “all their radars were not
operational” on that particular day. Odd, to say the least.

6. The missile serial number, provided by the Dutch investigation team, 8869032, was traced to a Soviet Union’s military depot in Stryi in the Lvov Oblast in
Ukraine delivered there in 1986:

7. Perhaps strangest of all is that a potential suspect in the shoot-down, namely the Ukraine, was made part of the investigation and “evidence” provided by
Ukrainian intelligence is treated as objective and unbiased, though they clearly
have a stake in the affair. Furthermore, any findings of the joint
investigation team can only be published with the consent of all involved,
meaning that Ukraine can effectively block any release if it disagrees with it.

8. In the end, even the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the country where the airliner
was from, objected to the biased investigation and blaming Russia without real
evidence: https://www.cbc.ca/news/world/malaysia-pm-no-proof-russia-involvment-mh17-1.5182606

So, there are obviously many reasons to suspect a false flag operation or a
cover-up in this case, with the aim of targeting Russia, isolating it
internationally and declaring economic sanctions against it. If nothing else,
the whole investigation procedure (handled by NATO nations + Ukraine – all declared enemies of Russia, instead of neutral investigators) and can hardly be
considered objective and unbiased.


Russia simply cannot deny they have a Buk missile in Eastern Ukraine while picture after picture turns up of the Russians driving the Buk missile system in Eastern Ukraine – right near the location where the missile which downed MH17 was launched from (“Putin. War”; p 43):

Not long before the plane crash, the Kremlin media 107 — NTV, Rossiya-24 and others — informed the Russian audience that a Buk anti-aircraft system had been spotted in the possession of the Donbass fighters. Specifically, in an interview with Reuters, Aleksandr Khodakovsky, one of the separatist leaders, said this. The next day, Khodakovsky said that he had said no such thing. Reuters was forced to 108 publish the audiotape which confirmed the separatist’s statement: fighters in the Donbass really did have the Buk complexes in their possession.

The JIT even named four primary suspects who will be tried for murder. That’s some elaborate hoax! There is zero doubt who is responsible for the downing of MH17.


You really should post evrything on your first attempt. Israel has nothing to do with MH17 – and as I said, disinformation is not necessary. Read “Putin. War” by murdered Russian opposition politiciian and journalist, Boris Nemtsov. Between the JIT, Bellingcat and Mr. Nemtsov, it’s clear that Russia is responsible for the MH17 tragedy. Only the liars in the Russia government continue to avoid responsibility.

Hasbara Hunter

Bellingcat is CIA and it is strange when someone denies shooting down planes in War-Zones… Planes simply can get shot in War zones…that is the risk of flying in War zones…

Here this happened a couple of days ago:


Don’t be ridiculous. The Houthis used a missile to shoot down a helicopter which was NOT 35,000 feet in altitude. Second, no one is accusing the Russians (or separatists) for purposely downing the airliner. It was a huge mistake. None the less, the Russians need to take responsibility.

Hasbara Hunter

That is what I said: Why would the Russians deny that a BUK was fired…in that case it was a mistake…& mistakes can happen in Wars…we call it Collateral Damage


Because Russia denies their military is in Eastern Ukraine – and admitting their Buk missile downed MH17 would only confirm that the Russian military is in Eastern Ukraine. Everyone knows they have supplied weapons and have invaded eastern Ukraine twice, but Russia continues to deny it. Russia wants to paint this as a civil conflict.

Hasbara Hunter

What is the problem of Russians being there?


For one, it’s illegal under international law to invade a sovereign country. Two, Russia is the one denying their military is in Ukraine – because of reason number one.

Hasbara Hunter

Americans, Great Britain, ISraHell & France are the Ones INVADING Countries for Centuries there must be something really really wrong with international law….

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