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Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedy


Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedy


The 35 for 35 prisoner swap between Ukraine and Russia once again revealed the double-faced stance of the so-called ‘Civilized World’ towards the MH17 tragedy in eastern Ukraine.

Ahead of the prosoner swap, the Netherlands urged Ukraine to not hand over Vladimir Tsemakh to Russia. Tsemah, a citizen of Ukraine (as well as many others people handed to Russia) and a former member of an air defense unit of self-defense forces of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

Ukrainian special forces kidnapped Tsemakh from the DPR and moved him to Kiev in June. According to initial claims by Ukraine’s State Security Service (SBU), they detained the driver of a towing truck that transported Buk missile involved in the incident with Boeing 777 of Malaysian Airlines (flight MH17) over eastern Ukraine in July 2014. However, later, the SBU was forced to denounce its own claims. Tsemakh’s air defense unit consisted of one vehicle with Zu-23 anti-aircraft gun and was not deployed near the incident site when the tragedy took place.

Months of torturing and pressure by Ukrainian intelligence did not force Tsemakh to participate in the slapstick comedy show called ‘international investigation of the MH17 crash’. In fact, Ukraine obtained no real evidence confirming any Tsemakh links to the MH17 case because if it had, Kiev would never hand over him to Russia.

Therefore, the official mainstream propaganda turned Tsemakh into a ‘witness’ of the MH17 tragedy.

Netherlands Indirectly Admitted Own Complicity In MH17 Tragedy

Vladimir Tsemakh

Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok said that the Dutch government contacted Ukraine “several times and at the very highest level” to not hand over Tsemakh in the framework of the swap deal. The foreign minister said that the authorities had questioned Tsemakh before he left for Russia but the Netherlands still profoundly regretted the outcome.

By this move, the Netherlands admitted that it is not a neutral side and is not interested in an objective investigation of the MH17 tragedy. The Dutch side had a lot of time to question the supposed witness. However, this was not enough and it wanted the person to remain in Ukraine, where Tsemakh would be subjected to constant physical and psychological pressure.

There are two main explanations of this situation:

  • The Dutch governemnt, as a agent of the Euro-Atlantic establishment, has lost all links to the reality and is not even pretending that it cares about the human rights and the objective invesigation;
  • Representatives of the European elite involved in covering up the real side behind the MH17 crash are panicking because the mainstream ‘Russia is guilty’ narrative has collapsed.

It seems that from the very start, the Dutch government has been aware who was really responsible for the MH17 crash. Therefore, it has contributed every possible effort to distort the course of the investigation and hide key evidence related to the case. For instance, the Dutch side may have manipulated data from the MH17’s black boxes. According to an independent technical expert Yuri Antipov, “the Dutch are deceiving everyone by” wiping “the last seconds of the recording of this fundamental parameter.”

“The Dutch say that recording on CVR and FDR stopped at 13 hours 20 minutes 3 seconds,” the technical expert explains. “That is, both recorders stopped recording parameters at a time.”

However, Antipov says that the FDR data published by the official MH17 investigation is different from what the investigators want to demonstrate to the world.

“The recording of the pressure sensor inside the aircraft on the diagram stops at 13 hours 20 minutes and 1 second. That is, two seconds earlier,” Antipov said adding that this is a signal of the fraud. So, the official investigation just removed data on the air pressure inside the aircraft 2 seconds before the incident.

Under international law (as well as laws of a majority of the states), the concealment of facts related to the crime is a signal of complicity in the crime. The Dutch government, which is allegedly a neutral side in the MH17 case, is de-facto impeding the objective investigation of the tragedy.




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  • Tiresia Branding
    • AM Hants

      Do seriously like the work of Moon of Alabama. So happy to trot off and read the article.

  • SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

    The Dutch destroyed evidence. That is sufficient presumption of guilt to convict.

    • Jens Holm

      Your parents circumseized which part of Your body.

      • AM Hants

        What has that got to do with the article?

      • Kilgore Trout
        • Jens Holm

          Yes, I am different here being my own allowing me to think myself too. I disagre with my Goverment in many things as well.

          The most naive stupidists here think, that if I disagree with my Goverment, I like fx Turks and Assads in stead. I dont. It goes for every single group. I see good and bad things about them and comment them as good and bad and not by flag.

          They also cant see I look at the military forces there from a military point and not a political one. By that ISIS can be clever doing something very well as well as fx USA can do something terrible wrong in military matters.

          As an amateur I have studied war for many years. Its a hobby.

          I dont think Turks as well as Arabs even have a language for a lot of things. Therefore they hardly can unite in Westerns and Jews are bad people.

          They systematicly for years has told the arabic world is against this and that. But who are arabs in that ? I see no Saudis, UAE or Bahreins supporting Assad. Qatar ? Are they not arabs as well.

          In the same way SDFs too often after Years still are only Kurds even half of rhem are not.

          The 2,5 mio refugees almost all were in Turkey before YPG+J became anything at all. How can people like Assads and Turks blame them for that.

          History book from ME are filthy lie constructions as well. If I compare history books from Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Israel too, they cant be living on the same continent. And why is that ? Well, those history books all are contructions based on nationalisme after WW1(the Israelien one later). Those are not facts at all. Even well described and for free, they dont read neutral facts even directed to calenders.

          And who are those people anyway. Apart from the Jews, they were not even able to liberate themseleves.

    • AM Hants

      Not forgetting how much evidence they left in Ukraine, which is still waiting to be picked up.

  • Rhodium 10

    Meanwhile 1º minister of Malasya was in Vladivostok…and never have pointed Russia and Donbass army the responsability of the MH 17…

  • igybundy

    The dutch are mostly a sniveling bunch of people. They always want an empire but never could so tag along the skirts of those who do so they can pimp and make some money that way. Even hitler didnt think they were worthy of much.

    • Jens Holm

      You probatly hardly ever has left Your garden, if You have one. “The Dutch”.

    • dontlietome

      ………..Don’t take Jens Holm to be a commentator from the Netherlands. Even if he is, he is not a good example of the way the Dutch act and think. I lived there for 2 years and interacted with them closely. They abhorred their government and were convinced the elites ruled, since as the rules of democracy had long since ceased. They are controlled and manipulated by the MSM in the same way as the rest of the citizens of the EU. Only folks who attempt to think and search for answers outside the box ( like yourself and other like-minded souls ) will eventually find the truth and answers they are looking for. BTW, Hitler had a division of Waffen SS ;- “Nederland” who fought and died with great bravery and against overwhelming odds……………you can’t pour all the people of one nation into one pot.

  • jm74

    According to Malaysia they recovered the black box through a covert operation and they would have deciphered the contents before handing it over to the Dutch. Western BS is starting to unravel.

    • AM Hants

      That should be interesting, when Malaysia and Russia compare facts, evidence and all data relating to 17th July 2014 and present a joint report.

  • lovethemapples

    Isn’t it natural to want to keep the person of interest until the case is closed?

  • AM Hants

    Why were the Dutch involved in the investigation?
    NATO members and what were NATO doing in the exercise in the Black Sea, which ended on the day the MH17 went down?
    Why were so many civilian airline pilots, complaining of NATO interference, in their communication systems, during June and July, when the NATO exercises, using Aegis Destroyers and aimed at air communications, were operating?
    Why were Ukraine involved in the investigation, yet, Malaysia, which owned the plane and according to international law, should have been involved in the investigation, were excluded?
    Why did Ukraine demand that all information relating to MH17 was to be classified?
    Why did they get basic policemen, with no aviation disaster expertise, to run the investigations, rather than than experts from the International Civil Aviation Organization?
    Why was their no forensic analysis from the shrapnel fragments, from the entry/exit holes, which would have provided DNA analysis, showing exactly what missile took down the MH17. Whether it was a ground to air missile, air to air missile, or a mixture of both?
    Why was their no public autopsy report, on the pilot and co-pilot of the MH17?
    What happened to Carlos, the air traffic control operator, who sent a tweet out, regarding what had happened?
    Why did the oligarch in control of Ukraine aviation and air traffic control, say he was sorry they took out the wrong plane?
    Why did the air traffic control operative, responsible for the MH17, go on holiday the following day, never to return and never to be interviewed?
    Why did the military pilot, who took off with air to air missiles, return on the day, within the time period, with his air to air missiles missing?
    Why did the military pilot, who was promoted after MH17, for returning back to base with his air to air missiles missing, commit suicide later?
    Why did the JIT show in their press conference, the BUK missile, complete with serial numbers, that was meant to take down the MH17, only they forgot to mention the missile passport, showing the missiles to be from 1986, during Soviet Union times, and which were despatched to Ukraine. Russia upgraded their missiles.
    Why did they ignore the evidence, presented in a court of law, from Antaz-Antey, who actually produced the BUK missile system for the Soviet Union, Ukraine and Russia?
    Why did NATO refuse to hand over their radar intelligence, which would have been working in the area, on the day concerned, owing to ‘Exercise Breeze’, over in the Black Sea?
    Why did the US refuse to hand over their satelite intelligence, which was actioned, at the time and in the area, when the MH17 went down?
    What did President Obama tell President Putin, when President Putin was flying over Switzerland and changed his flight path?
    Who was expecting President Putin, to be flying through Ukrainian airspace, around that time of day, in a plane with a similar radar image to the MH17 and similar colourings?

    So many questions, so few answers, yet.

    Cannot wait for the German investigator to have a chat with the Malaysians.

    German Detective Ready to Discuss Sharing Info on MH17 Crash With Malaysia… https://sputniknews.com/world/201909091076755997-german-detective-ready-to-discuss-sharing-info-on-mh17-crash-with-malaysia/

    • dinnedup

      Maybe Obama had a hunch letting President Putin fly on that path would unleash a completely obliterating military conflict between nuclear powers, don’t you think?

      • AM Hants

        That would mean that Obama had a conscience. Cannot see that happening, there again. However, I can see him stupidly letting something slip, feeling secure, and President Putin immediately picking it up.

        • dontlietome

          If Obumma is a socio/psychopath , as you presume, then he letting slip or straight out telling Pres. Putin is perfectly in order with their behaviour…………………..

          • AM Hants

            Interesting what was said in the phone call. However, so glad that President Putin changed his flight path.

    • Barba_Papa

      Why were the Dutch involved in the investigation?

      Because most of the victims on that flight were Dutch? If somebody shot down an aircraft of a foreign airline which had majority citizens of your country, wouldn’t you demand that your government gets involved in the investigation?

      And that’s as far as I will go on this matter. Until someone comes with actual evidence, clear for me to see, not hearsay based on secret intelligence, I will continue to sit this one out on the fence.

      • Jens Holm

        I pillov for You :)

        • dontlietome

          ……….You have nothing of worth to say, not one IOTA. Such human garbage that you are , does not deserve to breath Gods precious air.Go take a walk on a busy motorway or better still, wash your mouth out with a 12 gauge.

          • AM Hants

            Have you noticed the ‘Integrity Initiative’ trolls, never have an answer for the questions asked? Just come out with the media disinformation soundbite of the week?

          • Jens Holm

            I have written the main parts and cant see we can come closer. I accept that for that as others parts of my life.

            You are in the old days and as ususal, westerns has done it. Someone here even write, that the missile by Ukrainian-Russians was meant for Putin.

            West is not like that. If we want to kill someone like him, whicj we dont, we hit every time apart from fx Old Castro.

          • Jens Holm

            I write here, dont I.

            People like You hardly are seen in the best microscopes :) Haha.

            And from ANT and YOU pf course not a single word about all the Dutch dead ones in that airplane, but only dirty things such as Netherland had colonies treating people more then very bad.

            BUT those Dutch are all retirted and dead long time ago. Even so You still demand You have no responsability for anything bad happend in the world.

            Go on with Your lives. Very good Internet cant send the smell of You yet.

        • Kilgore Trout
          • Jens Holm

            Thank You. If You like it very much, You can send some money. If I improve, it might be big business…hahaha.

            Which head did Your parents circumseize :)

          • Katherine Mulholland

            You are revealing your age Kilgore. Your very young and naive age.
            I suspect if you thought about some of the comments here you might find somewhere under that pubescent sludge, a brain.

            Come on. I dare you to use it.

          • AM Hants

            LOL and brilliant.

      • AM Hants

        Does not explain why they took control of the investigation, just because of the passenger list, now does it? Since when have those with the most passengers on board, taken control of air disasters?

        Why did they want Malaysia kept out of the investigation? Bearing in mind the plane was Malaysian and there were many Malaysian passengers on board, including the Prime Minister’s mother-in-law?

        Colonel Sakri – Malaysia – “Sakri goes on to say he was asked by the OSCE’s special monitoring mission for Ukraine to hand over the black boxes; he refused. He was then met by agents of the FBI (Min 6:56). “They approached me to show them the black box. I said no.” He also reports that in Kiev the Ukrainian Government tried “forcing me to leave the black boxes with them. We said no. We cannot. We cannot allow.”

        Now why didn’t the 5 Eye Natons and Denmark, want Malaysia to have possession of the Black Boxes? What were they worried about, that the black boxes might contain? Which ended up in the UK, to be decoded, but, the results kept quiet. Now why was that?


        When the Pan Am Flight 103 went down, with US government official,
        Matthew Gannon, the Central Intelligence Agency’s deputy station chief in Beirut, Lebanon, was sitting in Clipper Class, Pan Am’s version of business class,. Together with a party of US intelligence specialists on board the flight. I wonder if that was just a coincidence?

        the UK Government were involved in the investation, and strangely enough, Robert Mueller, then the head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, oversaw the case, on behalf of the US.


        Siberia Airlines Flight 1812 – The Moscow-based Interstate Aviation Committee ruled that the crash was caused by an accidental Ukrainian S-200 missile strike during military training exercises, staged off Cape Onuk (or Chuluk) in Crimea


        • George Evans

          maybe the Russians ..with over 20 million casualties ..should have taken control of the investigation into WW2….Australia had plenty of skin in the game but were not part of the investigation…Nor were the Malaysians….

          the US it seems were controlling the process…thru their proxy…

          • AM Hants

            It is like turning the fox into the police protection unit of the hen house.

    • Jens Holm

      Its normal fare for many things on many levels. The airplane started in that country.

      We fx also pay tax where we live and not where we work.

    • Katherine Mulholland

      An excellent summary, AM.
      I would like to add the faked video of the white low loader carrying the suspected BUK launcher, and the shelling at Saur Mogila going on right under the flight path MH17 was directed to by Ukrainian flight control. https://fitzhenrymac.wordpress.com/2016/10/04/jit-report-a-deliberate-fabrication/

      The Dutch do have the right to be on any investigation because most of the victims were Dutch, and Malaysia does too because the plane and crew were their’s. But the Malaysians were deliberately kept out of it.

      • AM Hants

        Thanks Katherine. I do not disagree with the Dutch being involved, just taking control of it, plus, Ukraine wishing it to be confidential. Which makes you wonder what they wished to hide.

    • Ralph London

      ‘Why was their no forensic analysis from the shrapnel fragments, from the
      entry/exit holes, which would have provided DNA analysis, showing
      exactly what missile took down the MH17.’ AM, I think ‘DNA’ should be replaced with ‘forensic’.

      • AM Hants

        Cheers Ralph and yes, I agree with you. Funny, they refused to search for forensic evidence from the shrapnel fragments in the entry/exit holes, which would have provided substantiated evidence. Which surely would have been one of the primary factors required?

        • Ralph London

          Sorry AM, coffee wasn’t working properly, this part: ‘provided DNA analysis’ should maybe be chemical (& maybe optical emission spectroscopy and x-ray fluorescence) analysis etc.

          • AM Hants

            Just wished they tried to check it out, rather than rely on social media, to solve the case.

          • Ralph London

            Berkcow formerly Bercowitz says he is stepping down end of next month. I hope he does, he was a LIEbore appointee, but IIRC he was also supported by the Cons then.

          • AM Hants

            Just been reading it on the Daily Mail. Do you remember, when they tried to take Nigel Farage out, on the day of the election, when he was campaigning against Berkow, and was involved in the air crash? Lucky to have survived it.

            So what happens if the Benn Bill, proves to be illegal?
            What happens if Boris takes it to the EU and they refuse to extend?
            Hopefully, hope Boris just ignores it all and let’s us wake up on 1 November out of the EU.

            Do believe everything has been sorted, and the show is just to keep us inflamed.

          • Ralph London

            I’m hoping we will be out of the eu on 01/11/19 as well as having him gone would be a bonus.
            Having said that, realistically, it does not mean everything will be plain sailing as I expect the yankee vultures to be drooling, much like they have been in ukraine, so not out of the pan into the fire, but into another pan, but hopefully a better one.

          • AM Hants

            Short term pain for long term gain.

            Must admit, the thought of chlorinated chicken and fields of GM seeds, is not appealling. Do you remember, Cherie Blair, teaming up with one of Sarah Palin’s friends, with regards waiting to pounce on the NHS, tax payer funded, clinics. Think they had marked Sainsburies, to have privatised, Government funded NHS clinics up and running, with the cash going back to Cherie. I remember, how she prospered from the deal that Blair engineered, with regards her Human Rights Chambers? The pair of them were the reason that put me off getting rid of the Monarchy. Could see her renting out Buck House, by the room/hour and flogging the Crown Jewels on E Bay.

          • Ralph London

            No, I didn’t know that about her and Palin, I would have thought Palin would not like cherie.
            cherie took phony with her to the pope 3X, and I’m sure they did not go to him for a cup of tea and to talk about the weather.

          • AM Hants

            It was not Palin, but, believe one of her friends, with their eyes on taking control of an NHS themed clinic, with tax payer funding. Think it might have been before events in Ukraine took off, that I came across the story.

            17 August 2012

            Cherie’s £75m private health empire based in a tax haven… which she’s setting up with a Right-wing friend of Sarah Palin… https://www.dailymail.co.uk/debate/article-2189982/Cherie-s-75m-private-health-empire-based-tax-haven–s-setting-Right-wing-friend-Sarah-Palin.html

            Can Cherie cut it as a capitalist? The wife of a socialist ex-prime minister is setting up a private health company in a tax haven with a U.S. Right-winger
            Cherie Blair’s healthcare venture launched a year ago, has been hit by series of setbacks
            Canary Islands fund hasn’t raised the £75million needed to back the clinics
            Had hoped to open 100 surgeries in Sainsburys in next four years
            NHS Champion taken sharp turn to the Right with business plan…


          • Ralph London

            Ok, I misread that.

          • AM Hants

            You might like this. Saw it yesterday, but, could not find it today.

            Explains what options Boris has, with regards Parliament, working against the wishes of the people. Personally, I found it interesting, as must admit the drama and sensationalism, is doing my head in. No doubt, not just me, over three years later and all Government virtually shut down, during that period.

            Ignore the Nonsense Reporting: Boris Johnson was Not Defeated, He Won Big Time… https://moneymaven.io/mishtalk/economics/ignore-the-nonsense-reporting-boris-johnson-was-not-defeated-he-won-big-time-tUT0eO4OPUC03d6PFLr66g/2019-09-05T09:24:43.4583880Z/ZTpinDLuBkyKfAodC056kg/?utm_campaign=email&utm_content=Other&utm_medium=salish&utm_source=maven-coalition&utm_term=notification

          • Ralph London

            That traitorous, evil witch MADMAYHEM has given oily a knighthood and that us ambassador darroch a peerage. Trump should relase compromising info on her, because she has just slapped him in the face with the peerage.

          • Ralph London

            Just read today that her husband is divorcing her.

          • AM Hants

            Yeah, I saw that. Whatever you might think of her, I think it is a shame, owing to how long they have been together. Despite the fact I like wedding cake, but, not necessarily the husbands that come with it, I do like seeing people who manage to go the distance, well having a long and happy marriage.

            31 years and they now find, if true ‘“incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife”. I wonder if she is having a bad time going through the menapause and being a pain to live with, haha?

          • Ralph London

            I wonder if she took any medication for that, like the synthetic/patented stuff instead of a bioidentical hormone. See this https://www.jonbarron.org/article/pharmaceutical-hormones-women

          • AM Hants

            I can relate to that, following the birth of my 2nd son. My body was overloaded with prescribed hormones; owing to post natal depression, following the birth of my first son. I was then put on heavy hormonal treatment, post pregnancy, to avoid going down the same route. Together with the hormonal, contraception injection, it sort of seriously confused my body. I ended up in hospital and told that I was very close to having a stroke, owing to the hormonal therapy. Despite only being 30 at the time.

            Despite being an ex-nurse, I have little faith in Government approved medical practitioners. Each time I have been given hours to live, it has been courtesy of doctors failing to diagnose symptoms, over a period of time haha. There again, my husband has a good GP, and would not be here without her ability to diagnose. So not generalising.

          • Ralph London

            AM, I highly recommend what Jon Barron (see the link I gave) writes, having read his articles for years. He’s also very good with explanations, but he is NOT a doctor, but a medical researcher with I think about 4 decades of experience.

          • AM Hants

            Medical researchers, are at least up to date, with their take on things. Thanks for the recommendation.

    • Kandinski

      If they did that might end up it’s a BUK. And both sides supposedly have it. I would like to know who sent that plain in a zone where at least 3 plains were shot down in previous days, including one transport plain with 50 Right sector Nazis and 2 SU-25?

      • AM Hants

        Another good question. Aren’t the German Relatives, taking Ukraine to Court, to find out why they sent the MH17 through a war zone, when there was publicly recorded concern?

      • Bruno Giordano

        “I would like to know who sent that plane in a zone …”. Have you studied Malaysia Airlines’ flight plan for that day? Probably not, because if you had, you would not ask that question.

    • EmilyEnso

      Superb summary
      Thank you.

      • AM Hants

        Thank you.

      • Jimi Thompson

        Sorry to “jump in” on a completely unrelated matter but you know I can’t talk to you via Breitbart… so, I just woke up and saw that Tommy was released!!!!


        • EmilyEnso

          Just picked up the computer – I didn’t know!!!

          • Jimi Thompson


            I beat one of the great queens of the interwebs to a news release??!!!


          • EmilyEnso

            Thanks for the intended compliment.
            Not sure being called a ‘queen’ is all it used to be cracked up to be.
            Immediately looked at Breitbart.
            What hypocrisy.
            The channel that is little more than a front for Nigel Farage, courtesy of Steve Bannon, – all of a sudde saluting Tommy – not to mention the hypocrisy of many posters.
            Farage left UKIP supposedly over Tommy.
            He insults and abuses him in the media..
            Calls him a thug and criminal.
            Attacked Gerard bitterly and tried to get him removed as leader of UKIP for taking Tommy on as an adviser.
            All the posters raving and eulogising Tommy, many were eulogising Farage a day or two ago.
            They can’t have it both ways.
            How many bothered to go as I did and stand outside the Old bailey over and over supporting Tommy – not that many.
            We, standing outside the Soviet style justice system, seemed to be the thugs, drunks, tattooed and old – all the insulted……

            Farage of course denigrated us kippers as that as well – not to mention being ‘low grade’ people.
            Jimi – I loathe hypocrisy.
            You are watching it large on Breitbart – even Delingpole has -in a cringeworthy try – seen the Tommy light.
            I have of course left my own comment………….

          • Jimi Thompson

            You are deservedly very welcome and I do apologize for any negative connotation the word “queen” may hold in this day and time!! ;-P

            As far as the rest, I have read many of your posts on BB, and elsewhere, on the matter of Tommy… I also recollect much of what you point out here in as far as how so many have attempted to degrade him.

            Well, let’s just be happy he made it out alive… I surely thought the guards would create an “Epstein scenario” where the Muslim savages would be able to take him out, so, at the very least there is that!

            You have yourself a fine afternoon!!

          • EmilyEnso

            Thanks Jimi
            Have you seen the latest on Epstein.
            Gerard Batten had a very interesting tweet the other day about the evidence being he was removed from his cell to somewhere – alive – before being found suicided??.
            He posted this link.
            I don’t do twitter – I don’t do any ‘social media’ but I do follow Gerard and read – he has some good stuff and makes excellent points..

          • Jimi Thompson

            I’ll check it out now.

            I’ve seen a few folks making comments about how he was extracted and is now back at his island alive and well.

            Of course if he was somehow removed, he would either be dead or not at his island, so, you know those are fake stories.

            I don’t do social either so I “miss” a lot of the “immediately trending” stuff until it starts to hit the Alt sites.

            Thanks for the link and definitely check out that Biden link I sent you whenver you get a few seconds… it will surely give you a little chuckle!

          • Jimi Thompson

            Just checked it… Paine / True Pundit works with Brian “0 Hour” a lot.

            Who knows if any of what’s there is true… I sure would like to hear from that “Federal Law Enforcement source”!!


          • EmilyEnso

            I’ll tell you.
            It can’t be a bigger hoax than the claim he hanged himself.

          • Jimi Thompson


            True story!!

          • Jimi Thompson

            You have to watch this 10 second clip of Biden… lordy… that poor old man is literally falling apart!!!


    • Jimi Thompson
  • Jens Holm

    The ussual stuff. Even if millions and millions and a lot of soberness it used for finding the truth, and we get the best we can, the nest step always are the loosers or most likely users spend most of their times throwing dirt from their behinds on it.

    I will say, that guilty ones do that more often then the non guilty.

    • AM Hants

      Reverse blame/mirror transposition, unless you are meaning the DSB and JIT teams are the losers?

      How much has it cost to try and neuter the true story?

      • Jens Holm

        I made my statement. Mainly the guilty and the evil ones write as descriebed in the article above.

      • zman

        When you have to cover up your criminal activities, any cost is reasonable. Especially when compared to the alternative of getting caught conspiring to assassinate the President of another (very powerful) country…as it seems as though this was the plan. The Dutch have been owned for some time and their troll brigade is proof enough of their continued involvement in western propaganda. Too bad they didn’t get better training from their NATO/hasbara brothers. Ineptitude and bald-faced lies are becoming their noted abilities. Oh, the stain on Graham? That happened when he realized that if he didn’t represent money, weapons and air support…what these friends of his would gladly do to him.

        • AM Hants

          Thought Graham was a tad too excited to be back with his good friends.

          ‘Integrity Initiative’ and their Dutch Clusters, so comes to mind, with regards the media disinformation agents on the site.

          Must admit, Kolomoisky, the oligarch, who controlled Ukraine aviation and air traffic control, surprised me, when he apologised for taking down the wrong plane. Together, with the alleged conversation, the pilot who returned with his ‘air to air’ missiles, saying the same to the groundsmen, at the Ukraine military base.

          Kolomoysky: Sorry about the MH17 – but it is a trifle – ENG SUBS… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrfKZUttEwE

          Kolomoisky, the Head of the European Jewish Community, over in Ukraine, who funded the Nazi Battalion Azov.

          Kolomoisky, who was ‘persona non-grata’ in the US, will he befriended Biden and gave his little boy, Hunter Biden, who got kicked out of the Navy, for enjoying the snow, a job in his energy organisation, together with giving John Kerry. the US Secretary of State’s step-son and financial mentor a job in the same company, Burisma Holdings. Funny, how Biden then thought it was his business to go after the Ukraine Prosecutor, for doing his job, investigating Kolomoisky. Now Koloimoisky, thanks to Biden, finds himself back on the US friends list. Just, out of favour with Trump, owing to his role in the Trump Dossier.


          How many assassinations of political leaders has Russia and President Putin prevented? He took the death of Gadaffi to heart and could not fathom how leaders from other nations, involved in the death of Gadaffi, could sink so low, as to deprive him of dignity, in his final moments. I wonder if that is why he is easily available, when a leader is in trouble, owing to assassination plans?

          Meet The Pilot Who Shot Down Malaysian Boeing MH-17 – Vladislav Voloshin: “The Plane Was In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time”


          President Putin’s Plane and MH17


          • zman

            Great post. Thanks!

          • AM Hants

            Thank you.

        • Jens Holm

          Dutch makes very good Russian missiles and use them for killing own un-wanted as well. Did they wear white helmets too :) :)

  • AM Hants

    With regards the MH17, supported by the ‘Mockingbird Media’, it reminds me of another story and thanks to Skoolafish, for the link to this video.

    The Day Liberty Died… https://russia-insider.com/en/official-story-collapse-wtc-building-7-lies-ruins/ri27585


    I first came across the story of USS Liberty, about a year ago and was speachless, for a variety of reasons.

    How the US President, at the time, Johnson, who just happened to be loyal to Allen Dulles and the Vice President, when they took out John F Kennedy, together with Admiral McCain, had no problems with their friends taking out the US sailors.

    President Johnson and Admiral McCain, who had no problem with their friends, using electronic jamming, to silence the emergency, distress, communications of the USS Libery.
    President Johnson and Admiral McCain, who demanded the survivors signed an agreement, never to speak of the incident.

    Wasn’t it around the same time that John McCain Junior, and his ‘back blow’ took out the USS Forester, killing many of his comrades?


    John McCain, the cookie monster, who turned up with Nuland, and $5 billion worth of GM toxic cookies, to hand out during The Maidan.

    One of the chief cheerleaders that Russia took out the MH17?

    Together with his good mate Lindsey Graham. I wonder why Graham, stained his trousers, in the image below? Guess he was so excited to meet up with his good friends, ‘the liver eating, head choppers’ of Syria. Weren’t they reliant on chemical weapons sent by Ukraine, in order to blame Russia and the Government Forces of Syria, as the story and player goes around in circles?

    • AM Hants
    • Jens Holm

      Like reading a nightmare. After years and millions of hours and money, ANTS likeYou wil start all over from Your basement.

      • AM Hants

        Take the comparison to an ‘ant’ as a complement.

        Just asking the same questions, that have been asked since 17 July 2014, but, for some reason those leading the independent investigation, keep forgetting to ask.

        Now why does Lewis Carrol and Alice in Wonderland so come to mind?

        ‘Sentence First, verdict later’, as the Queens of Orwellian Hearts, seem to running the show.


        Qualities of an ant

        Their success in so many environments has been attributed to their social organisation and their ability to modify habitats, tap resources, and defend themselves.

        Their long co-evolution with other species has led to mimetic, commensal, parasitic, and mutualistic relationships.

        Ant societies have division of labour, communication between individuals, and an ability to solve complex problems.

        These parallels with human societies have long been an inspiration and subject of study.

        Many human cultures make use of ants in cuisine, medication, and rituals.

        Some species are valued in their role as biological pest control agents.

        The colonies are described as superorganisms because the ants appear to operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony.

        Larger colonies consist of various castes of sterile, wingless females, most of which are workers (ergates), as well as soldiers (dinergates) and other specialised groups.

        Nearly all ant colonies also have some fertile males called “drones” (aner) and one or more fertile females called “queens” (gynes).

        The colonies are described as superorganisms because the ants appear to operate as a unified entity, collectively working together to support the colony.


        It takes an army of ‘ants’ to discover the truth, behind what happened to the MH17. So once again, thank you for the compliment.

      • Kilgore Trout
        • Jens Holm

          Is it a hailstorm ?

  • Katherine Mulholland

    Yes. It was obvious that video of a white long loader carrying a misty alleged Buk launcher was faked by the Jit team. The street signs were blanked out. Here’s a still from the video used in the Jit report. https://fitzhenrymac.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/jit-truck.jpg?w=640

    • AM Hants

      Not forgetting the elderberry bush (thanks Otto and also mother nature).

      2nd episode: The Elderberry bush… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m140AXJxfyY

      “Kiev Transported the ‘Buk’ to Where the Missile Had to Be Launched From”: Full Interview With the Former UAF Major About MH-17… http://www.stalkerzone.org/kiev-transported-buk-missile-launched-full-interview-former-uaf-major-mh-17/

      • Katherine Mulholland

        Thanks AM. I loved it. Bruce Grant is the Attenborough of debunking.

        Did you notice the car sales sign in his video. The bright green border has been photoshopped very ineptly. They brushed over the dead branches. https://fitzhenrymac.wordpress.com/2015/05/18/60-minutes-and-the-buk-mh-17/ Sorry the video link has been taken down.

        • AM Hants

          Gotta love mother nature. Always pops up at the right time and in the right place.

      • Otto310

        Thank you kindly for the mention AM, but I think it would have been better had you placed mother nature in front of Otto….Like so…..”Thanks to mother nature….oh and not to mention Otto” of course. :-)

        • AM Hants

          Haha, are you being pedantic?

          • Otto310

            No. :-)

    • Otto310

      Well spotted.

  • AM Hants

    Does anybody remember ‘Crowd Strike’ and how they provided old Ukrainian Malware, in order to try and smear Russia, with regards allegations of hacking?

    Does anybody remember Vault 7, and how US intelligence could carry out cyber hacking, but, blame other nations?

    Does anybody remember ‘Prop of Not’, and their Ukrainian connections, when they provided Facebook with the ‘fake news sites’?

    Does anybody read the works of George Eliason, over on Oped News, exposing the 80% of the US intelligence community, that has been privately outsourced?

    The latest of the 4 article, from Whitney Webb, with regards Mossad Agent Epstein, over on Mint Press, is a must read, together with the work of George Eliason, highlighting the 80% of privatised US intelligence. Thank you Guy, for the link, to the 4th article that is exclusive to Mint Press, courtesy of Whitney Webb.

    Funny how Carbyne 911, also has offices over in Ukraine. I wonder if they link into David Bell’s ‘Common Purpose’ and his good mates ‘Integrity Initiative’ network, over in the UK? IIronic, they popped up in 2014, about the same time that the US State Department was setting up branches of Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe, over in Ukraine, under the umbrella of the Voice of America. When did ‘Integrity Initiative’ get up and running?


    How the CIA, Mossad and “the Epstein Network” are Exploiting Mass Shootings to Create an Orwellian Nightmare

    Following another catastrophic mass shooting or crisis event, Orwellian “solutions” are set to be foisted on a frightened American public by the very network connected, not only to Jeffrey Epstein, but to a litany of crimes and a frightening history of plans to crush internal dissent in the United States.

    by Whitney Webb


  • Bruno Giordano

    The intriguing question is why Russia insisted that Mr Tsemakh, a Ukrainian citizen who could not be extradited by Ukraine, had to be part of the prisoner swap. And now Mr Tsemakh is in Russia, in principle he can be extradited to the Netherlands. So how will Russia react on the extradition request that they have received from the Dutch prosecution? Give him a Russian passport, so they have an “excuse” to not extradite him? Anyway, they’ll show their middle finger, I bet. It all fits in the pattern of obstruction that they have shown from the very beginning, to obfuscate what happened. So, to paraphrase the headline, Russia indirectly admits its complicity in the MH17 tragedy.” Once again. And directly and explicitly, I would say.

    • Otto310

      Why do you “think” the Dutch did not bother to interview this gentleman while he was sitting in a Ukrainian jail cell?

      Come to think of it, why do you “think” there was no forensic analysis of the MH17 wreckage?
      Odd?, strange?…Extraordinary even?…Yes, I would say so.
      What say you banderite?

  • Bruno Giordano

    Then this – just studied what this is about

    Meanwhile, concers have surfaced that the Dutch side may have manipulated data from the MH17’s black boxes. According to an independent technical expert Yuri Antipov, “the Dutch are deceiving everyone by” wiping “the last seconds of the recording of this fundamental parameter.” “The Dutch say that recording on CVR and FDR stopped at 13 hours 20 minutes 3 seconds,” the technical expert explains. “That is, both recorders stopped recording parameters at a time.”

    Mr Antipov doesn’t seem to be a real expert. A real expert would know that many parameters are measured with a certain sample frequency. That has consequences for the graphs. If the parameter is measured once per second, the graph will be shorter than that of parameters that are measured once per microsecond. A parameter that is measured once per minute will result in an even shorter graph. Antipov speaks of a “pressure sensor inside the aircraft”. I can not find that particular parameter in the three graphs that are published in the DSB report, just one for oil pressure. The latter is indeed one second shorter – see the explanation above. Mr Antipov’s conclusion that “the official investigation just removed data on the air pressure inside the aircraft 2 seconds before the incident” is a nonsensical attempt to discredit the technical investigation.