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Netherlands Halts Support To Syrian ‘Opposition’ After It Appeared Publicly That Aid Was Delivered To Terrorists


Netherlands Halts Support To Syrian 'Opposition' After It Appeared Publicly That Aid Was Delivered To Terrorists

A destroyed neighborhood in Raqqa, Syria, 1 Aug 2017. Photo: Mahmoud Bali / Wikimedia Commons

On September 10th, the government of the Netherlands reported the complete stop of assistance to opposition groups and other organizations in Syria. The reason was the inefficiency of the program.

The decision was announced in a letter to the lower house of the parliament. “The opportunity to quickly change the situation [in Syria] is extremely small,” the letter by Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok and Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation Sigrid Kaag, published on the government’s website, says.

The ministers said that the program “did not bring the expected results” and that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s forces, in their opinion, “will soon win.”

As reported by Sputnik the Netherlands has reportedly allocated over $80 million to the Syrian opposition groups, including to the Free Syrian Police and White Helmets “rescue group.”

RT reported that over the years, the Netherlands allocated $29 million to the “non-lethal assistance” (NLA) program, $14.5 million were donated to the White Helmets and $17.1 million went to the Access to Justice and Community Service (AJACS) program. The AJACS was supposedly designed to support “community police” work in Syria, specifically the Free Syrian Police (FSP) group.

The support for militants is set to end immediately, yet the White Helmets will be funded until December, according to the document. The Netherlands will, however, continue to support Syrian people ‘which will be extremely necessary’ in the coming period, ministers said.

This decision comes amid a journalist investigation by two Dutch newspapers – Nieuwsuur and Trouw. According to their report, 22 armed militant groups were subjects to receive supplies through the NLA program. The “non-lethal” goods supplied by the Dutch government included satellite phones, uniforms, assorted equipment and even Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks, widely used by various militant groups in Syria.

Furthermore, their investigation revealed that a group which was receiving funding – Jabhat al-Shamiya, was labeled terrorist by the Netherlands Ministry of Justice. Five other militant groups that the journalists managed to identify have been also involved in human rights violations and cooperated with terrorist groups, the investigative report states. The RT reported that more information about the militants will be released by the two newspapers in the following days.

RT also reported that Dutch support of militants in Syria might be even bigger. The FSP has been operating exclusively in Syria’s province of Idlib, largely controlled by the local Al-Qaeda branch, Al-Nusra Front (now rebranded as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham).

The White Helmets have likewise been repeatedly accused of closely cooperating with jihadist groups and effectively serving as their media branch. The group has advertised itself as a volunteer force and Syria’s “civil defense.” Both Damascus and Moscow accused militants and the White Helmets non-governmental organization of staging several provocations involving chemical weapons to influence public opinion and justify foreign intervention in Syria.



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  • antoun

    uhuh dutch terrorist coward!!

  • Barba_Papa

    Storm in a cup of water. At least in the Dutch media it will be. Our prime minister will answer some questions in parliament with his usual replies like ‘I don’t remember it that way’, then he’ll probably add something like ‘our intentions were good’, and then he’ll smile his teflon smile again and it will be business as usual. Because the Left doesn’t care about this, they only care about PC things and poor refugees, and the right will not bring down its own government. And the pundits and journalists will discuss it in the talkshows this evening and say, yeah its bad, but Assad is such a bad cruel dictator, we had to do something, our intentions were good. And then on to the next topic.

    Ironically there is a Dutch headchopper on trial for having joined and fought along this group. And this revelation will probably be used by lawyer to argue how can my client be tried for being part of a group that has received official support by the Dutch government? Delicious irony so thick you can scoop it up and serve in an ice cream cone.

    If you read the comments sections of Dutch MSM news sites about this however you will read a lot of indignation and a lot more support for Assad then the official narrative.

    • Tudor Miron

      Regarding Dutch MSM comments sections. Do you mean that majority of general public in Holland support anti Assad narrative?

      • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

        That is not what Barba-Papa states – read his lats sentence carefully, if you can.

        • Tudor Miron

          I would prefer to hear his own answer.

          • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

            I understand, but if he does not answer, I can assure that he meant the opposite of what you assumed.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Barba used the word ‘then’ in the sentence that contained “Assad then the “, whereas I think Barba meant to use the word ‘than’.

          So there is no need for you to be so bloody rude #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^.
          Barba is Dutch and Tudor is Russian, so a mismatched word is more likely to cause a little confusion.

          • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

            I agree that a mismatched word can cause a lot of confusion. Nevertheless, this mismatched word is a very common one nowadays, and Tudor’s knowledge of English is quite obviously more than adequate to understand that.

            I would not describe my answer to Tudor as rude, but rather as sarcastic.

            I would call your usual overly protectionism of Tudor condescending. You are not helping him/her by attacking everyone who dares to call him out. He/she would help himself/herself a lot more by asking the other person the reason for a reply to Tudor, without your well-meant but nevertheless condescending protection.

            Having said all that, I will try to bear in mind that Tudor is Russian, and therefore be more lenient. I can’t guarantee anything.

          • FlorianGeyer

            ” I would not describe my answer to Tudor as rude, but rather as sarcastic.”

            I thought you would :)

      • Barba_Papa

        I think the majority of the Dutch public still support the anti-Assad narrative, because that is the only narrative they feed you over here. And if you speak out against it you’re called a Russian troll. Because that’s the only comeback.

        – Assad is an evil dictator who gasses his own people!
        – But there is no evidence for that. That’s just Jihadist propaganda. And you should not believe everything you read or see in the media.
        – RUSSIAN TROLL!

        But judging by the comments sections of news sites that I read there are a lot of people who by now should proudly call themselves Russian trolls because they speak out against the anti-Assad narrative. I wouldn’t say the majority, but more then most people think, and certainly way too many for comfort for the MSM and the powers that be. And I reckon they are way more vocal because they are more motivated. Most people who still believe the narrative are also very lukewarm about it. To them its like, yeah, Assad’s a bad dude, but so are many others, we can’t be the world’s police man, why should we care? Whereas those who speak out against the narrative seem to be really motivated.

        Which is something you see here as well. A lot of people are really motivated by intense dislike of the US, FUKUS, Israel and the Powers That Be. And they really feel that EVERYONE should be made to know this. Like in EVERY post that they have to make. Like modern day Cato the Elder’s.

        • occupybacon

          ^^This!!! read (at least the last paragraph) and learn, noobs!

        • matt

          I personally met several Syrians that are moderate and open minded, but REALLY ANTI ASSAD!!!
          You oversimplify things here, like there are only 2 options

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            When people’s head’s are being chopped off, when all minorities in Syria are being threatened, when Jihadists from 100 countries are being gathered to destroy Syria, when Assad never organised terrorists bombings of any Western cities, when these disgusting head-choppers are being fully armed and backed by the US/EU/NATO gangsters, when the special forces of the FUKUS are doing their illegal and EVIL deeds in Syria, when the FUKUS forces have invaded Syria like the plague, there really is only on choice Matt.
            This is an EVIL disgusting war that the “superior and civilised” West has started for their expansionists and destructive ends.
            Whose side are you on Matt?
            I am on the side of European values of the people, not that of the naked greed and power of our elites.

          • matt

            i am on the side of human rights, no matter which background, culture or faith, that is very obvious if you read my posts
            i am against ALL forms of violence as well. ALL wars are disgusting

          • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

            Human rights, what human rights? What happened to the human rights of the 300,000 Syrian dead and millions of Syrian refugees forced to flee violence organised and armed by the US EVIL Empire?
            Syria did not threaten anyone before the “Arab Spring” human rights hoax.
            It is up to Syria and other countries to transition from “dictatorship” as they see fit.
            Unless you wan’t to create a NEW Empire based on “human rights”?
            Maybe, it is time for the SCO countries to declare the US as human rights black hole with a failed state and intervene with proxies from Mexico?

          • matt

            Did i ever say, that the USA has ANY right to talk about human rights???

          • frankly

            People seeking asylum in a Western country are told ahead of the paperwork, if you want a smooth sail trash Assad. If you want trouble say something nice about him.

          • matt

            You are full of shit man! My cousin works for the IND, this is not true

          • frankly

            A decision maker or a grunt?

          • matt

            Well, certainly not in the country where i live (NL) now they are talking about policies how to keep out salafists, but this is not (official) policy yet….

            The people i talked with and helped learning the language as a volunteer did talk about their personal experiences with the assad regime, nothing to to with their paperwork for the visa

          • frankly

            In their situation, anyone who is not one of them, is potentially the person who gets them sent back. Now if you knew someone who loves Assad, talked about it and has got all his papers approved, then certainly the story I read is in error.

          • matt

            the ones that returned lived in camps in other areas in syria or on the border of turkey/lebanon/jordan.
            living like that, going home under assad is probably a better option.

            I never met someone that loves assad, i think assad lovers just stayed in syria

          • frankly

            I think the success of the SAA speaks directly to their leadership and motivation. As does the failure of all those who seek to rule the world. Although the battle is certainly not over!

            Asylum seekers are first and foremost trying to find a new place. They read or watch MSM and the script to follow is crystal clear.

            They see what happens to citizens who rock the boat and you think they would dare stray from the narrative?

          • matt

            the succes of the SAA was NO succes without russia, iran and hezbollah

            when i have personal talks with people, including drinking loads of beer, i tend to believe them….
            as the saying goes: children and drunk people tell the truth ;)

          • frankly

            Just as the invasion of Syria doesn’t get started without F.uk.us.

            I have known children and drunks to lie shamelessly when it keeps them from unwanted repercussions. I don’t drink and find those who do too much, boring and decidedly ingenuine.

          • matt

            so, we keep on disagreeing then….

          • frankly

            I spent a bit of time watching video of Bashar and his wife Asma. I know that video can deceive people, white helmets for instance. But after watching that have a hard time seeing him as evil. He’s an eye doctor and that’s how he acts, very mellow. Well spoken, impeccable English. Not at all a Saddam Hussein or like a Castro.

          • matt

            CASTRO WAS A HERO!!!!

          • frankly

            Agreed, he was a guerilla fighter and came across like one. Assad comes across like an optometrist. His wife had her own career and comes across as someone who would not waste 5 minutes with a psycho never mind marry one and have kids. She was born in London and had a career in finance.

            If he gasses kids for kicks, Michele Obama is actually a guy named Michael. Oh wait that might be true. Well you know what I mean.

          • Yolo

            I have the same opinion as you. Also the pictures when they visited a Christian orphanage around Christmas was nice to see. And originally his brother was meant to be the hardliner and new ruler. Bashar only was called back from London because his brother killed himself in a speeding accident.

            Bashar is the only hope for the 2 million Christians. Otherwise they share the same faith as the thriving Christian community that was destroyed in Iraq.

            This gives to think about the Western powers who want regime change. I was shocked that the Dutch government was also supporting jihadi groups.

          • frankly

            Read she has cancer. Yeah the thing with Christians is not something the MSM covers at all. Bashar is definitely a reluctant leader, exactly what is needed. We have more than enough power hungry psychopaths.

          • Barba_Papa

            If you search back my posts you will find that I NEVER said that Assad was a nice guy, or a democrat, and not a dictator. Any country that has a family dynasty ruling it is by definition not a democracy. But there really are only 2 options, as we’ve seen in every other other Arab country where the ruling dictator got overthrown. It’s either a secular dictator who wants you to shut up while he lines his pockets. And if you he does not care what you do within the privacy of your own life. Versus anarchy as various groups start fighting over who gets power. In in that struggle the radical Islamists have the advantage and will ultimately win. And that will spell doom for anyone who is not of the right Islamist persuasion. Be that moderates or non-Muslims. Because Islamists want you to shut up while they establish their theocracy, and line their pockets. And they DO care what you do withing the privacy of your life.

            Democracy and freedom will not magically break out had Assad been overthrown. Only anarchy as Al Qaida and ISIS had battled it out over the ruins of Syria, until one had won. Upon which a terrible regime more brutal then even Assad’s father would have descended over Syria, with either deportation at best, or extermination at worst for Syria’s religious minorities, ending 2000 years of Christianity in Syria. Those are the options. A corrupt secular dictatorship vs an even more brutal theocratic dictatorship.

          • matt

            I fully agree with your post

            Je hebt gelijk, bedankt voor je reactie.

          • Barba_Papa

            De uitzondering bevestigd natuurlijk niet de regel. Iedereen kent wel iemand die 90 is geworden en die 2 pakjes per dag rookte. Gaan we daar ons gedrag op afstemmen?

          • matt

            vind ik een hele rare vergelijking, het gaat om miljoenen mensen in de islamitische wereld die meer te zeggen willen hebben over hun leiderschap en minder corruptie. Om dan aan de hand van 3 grote tragedies (Iraq, Libie, Syrie) te stellen dat moslims geen vrijheid aankunnen, maar een seculiere dictator de beste optie is vind ik erg cynisch!
            Ik heb bewust Egypte niet genoemd, omdat ik van mening ben dat Morsi geen eerlijke kans heeft gehad. Ik denk dat we moeten afwachten hoe de ontwikkelingen in Tunesie en ook Marokko zich ontwikkelen. Het westen speelt helaas een hele vieze rol, nog steeds bezig met neokoloniaal gedrag…..

          • Barba_Papa

            Je vergeet Yemen in je rijtje, de hele ellende daar begon toen de dictator daar ook moest verkassen. En Afghanistan, wat alleen maar weer meer oorlog ziet sinds de Taliban moest worden verdreven. En Bahrein, waar de regerende Sunni monarchie Saudische tanks liet aanrukken om de protesten van de Shia minderheid te laten platwalsen. En als Iraq, Libië en Syrië geen schoolvoorbeelden zijn waarom het een slecht idee is om een regerende dictator omver te kegelen weet ik het niet meer. In alle drie die landen was het redelijk vertoeven voor iedereen, zolang ze maar hun mond hielden. Moslims, christenen, andere minderheden, alles kon samenleven. Het was niet perfect, maar in geen van die drie landen is het er beter op geworden sinds de Arabische Lente. En ook in Tunesië blijft het onrustig. Enig idee hoeveel Tunisiërs er zijn vertrokken richting Syrië om naar het Kalifaat te gaan? Een hoop! Uiteindelijk slaagt ook de nieuwe regering er niet in om het land economisch beter te laten doen dan onder de dictator. En in veel opzichten zelfs slechter omdat het in de ogen van buitenlandse investeerders onrustiger is geworden, en daardoor riskanter.

            Kunnen moslims geen vrijheid aan? Goede vraag, daar wil ik best over blijven discussiëren. Ik denk dat het afhangt van de samenleving waarin ze wonen. In het Westen heeft het gemiddeld meer dan een eeuw geduurd om sinds de Franse Revolutie van absolute monarchie naar algemeen stemrecht te gaan. Een ontwikkeling die stapsgewijs ging en niet altijd even makkelijk. Vrouwenkiesrecht liet soms nog wat jaartjes langer op zich wachten. En in Nederland duurde het nog een halve eeuw voordat mensen echt gingen stemmen wat ze zelf wilden, en niet wat de pastoor, dominee, of vakbondsman ze voorschreef. In de Arabische wereld zien we samenlevingen die eigenlijk wel Westerse democratie willen, maar sociaal en cultureel nog op het niveau staan van rond de Franse Revolutie. Echt burgergevoel ontbreekt vaak nog, men is eerder trouw aan de familie en de clan. En vrouwen moeten nog helemaal hun mond houden. Het zijn ook landen waar seculiere partijen en bewegingen hun gezag hebben verloren als zijnde ineffectief en corrupt. De Islam geniet nog veel aanzien, wat niet zo’n ramp zou zijn als landen als Saudi ArabiË met hun geld het Salafisme niet zit te exporteren naar iedereen. En zoals je zegt, het Westen zit ook te stoken. En dan vergeten we vaak nog een heel belangrijk iets, de niet-Islamitische minderheden van het Midden-Oosten, die bijna altijd de dupe zijn als streng Islamitische regeringen aan de macht komen. Zelfs in een land als Iran dat officiële bescherming van deze minderheden kent houden jongere generaties het voor gezien en emigreren.

            Ik denk dat directe invoering van democratie eerder leidt tot Egyptische toestanden dan Tunesische toestanden. Deze landen zijn daar sociaal en cultureel nog niet klaar voor en ik denk dat het de Arabische Lente de Franse Revolutie zal navolgen. De anarchie die de Franse Revolutie teweegbracht creeërde zoveel ellende en oorlogen dat men uiteindelijk de terugkeer van de oude regimes accepteerde voor de rust die dat zou brengen. Waarna een meer geleidelijke ontwikkeling volgde. We zagen het in Egypte, in Syrië gebeurd het nu ook, en ik denk in Lybië ook, met Generaal Hafter als mogelijke nieuwe Khadaffi. En de Taliban komt waarschijnlijk ook weer aan de macht in Afghanistan. Vrijheid is leuk, maar als vrijheid anarchie en oorlog betekent, dan maar liever geen vrijheid. Dat klinkt misschien raar als Westerling die vrijheid is gewent, maar ook wij zijn maar een stevige economische crisis of oorlog op eigen land verwijderd van ‘dan maar een dictator.’ Anton Mussert haalde ooit ook 8% van de stemmen in Nederland in de jaren ’30.

            Een beetje lang betoog, waarvoor mijn excuses.

          • matt

            Nee, dank je voor je uitvoerige uitleg van je mening. Blij om te zien dat er ook nog mensen op southfront zijn die genuanceerd denken!
            Ik deel je mening en analyse grotendeels, maar wel zuur voor de beter opgeleide minderheid in die landen….die smeren hem ook al decenia naar het westen. Soms zitten daar mafkezen tussen, maar over het algemeen zijn dat heel redelijke mensen, tenminste dat is mijn ervaring. Ik ben inmiddels 52, dus wel het een en ander meegemaakt

          • Barba_Papa

            Volgens mij, gebaseerd op wat ik heb meegemaakt en gezien in Egypte en Iran is het grootste probleem waar de beter opgeleiden mee zitten, iedereen daar trouwens, niet zozeer het gebrek aan vrijheid, maar eerder het gebrek aan banen. Verlangen naar vrijheid en democratie speelt een hele grote rol, maar de bevolkingsgroei daar is dusdanig dat de economische groei het niet kan bijbenen. En wanneer je netjes je (dure) universitaire opleiding hebt gedaan en er zijn gewoon niet genoeg banen voor je is het zuur druifjes eten. Des te meer omdat in die cultuur je pas een gezin kan stichten als je als man financiëel je zaakjes op orde hebt. Eerder geeft de familie van je vriendin geen toestemming voor een huwelijk. En zonder huwelijk daar ook geen sex. Wat volgens mij ook een grote verklaring is voor het succes van ISIS. Want mannen die in de Arabische wereld geen vrouw kunnen krijgen omdat er niet genoeg banen zijn kunnen bij ISIS nog altijd een sex slavin krijgen.

            Historisch gezien is het altijd zo geweest dat revoluties pas uitbreken als het economisch slecht gaat. Gaat het goed dan zijn mensen best bereid om wat dictatuur te accepteren. Maar gaat het niet goed, dan worden alternatieven aantrekkelijk. In het geval van het Midden Oosten democratie en vrije markt enerzijds, en Islamitisch fundamentalisme anderzijds. Maar ja, hier in het Westen wordt dan juist populisme en rechts- en links extremisme weer interessant en verliest de democratie dan weer aantrekkingskracht.

          • matt

            Net tegenlicht gekeken, volgende crisis komt er weer aan waarschijnlijk….

      • Merijn

        The Majority of the Dutch Know Nothing… they are Dumbasses nothing was ever told and perhaps they don’t care…but that is why this is a Great Story…. this Whole case will produce a Growing Group of People that know the Ugly Truth…and I’ve seen quite some Angry responsies to this whole story… which is Good… that more Journalists in Europe may Follow…

        • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

          I did take great heart from the Dutch people when they voted against the EU-Ukraine association agreement, despite being told that they would be supporting Putin and the “killers” of MH17.
          The disgusting Dutch “government” ignored the result anyway.

          • Merijn

            The Dutch Government NEVER listens to us….NEVER….Everything is decided behind the Curtain….and the Dutch are stupid enough to accept it…

          • frankly

            The way of the western sheeple, as long as the telly works and there’s beer in the fridge who gives a fuck.

        • frankly

          It’s straight up treason to provide aid to an organization your government has declared an enemy, but it’s a tough choice, toe the F.uk.us, line, do as they command, or become the latest on the regime change/currency destroyed list.

      • zman

        I well imagine that they do…at least that is the way it is publicly, in the west. MSM is MSM everywhere. Though they present the general public as being on board is a given, the reality is much different. With censorship/propaganda shaping the public opinion, the truth can be difficult to come by for most who are busy with their lives. His post and everything in it could apply to the US/EU as well. Remember, the majority of the public are still misinformed MSM watchers. Even though MSM controls everything, including comment boards, the reality is different than the narrative they present. Many more people are awake than they like…but it doesn’t look that way. How many that really believe the propaganda would be very difficult to assess.

      • matt

        yes, wich is a good thing, he is a DICTATOR

        • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

          There are lots of dictators around the world, including in the next door KSA, home of the head-choppers that the Dutch and the US/EU/NATO EVIL Empire like to get in bed with.
          How does that work? What are the disgusting Western elites catching in the process?
          The tragedy and destruction of Syria is the example of Imperialism by the Western gangsters.
          What do you think happened to the Dutch imperial impulse? Or the UK’s? Or France’s?
          Where did the European imperial impulse go?
          It was subsumed in the US EVIL Empire that has destroyed a string countries in the name of human right and democracy.
          Truly disgusting and barbaric.

          • matt

            You are right, the problem however is that there are no better alternatives, russia nor china are sane regimes nor any others
            Lets be honest, both russia and china also do business with evil dictators
            i am personally in favor of leaders like Evo Morales, that managed to improve the lives of the majority in Bolivia without using a lot of violence, even though the corrupted elites together with the usa tried to get rid of him. Another example was Mujica, former president of Uruguay.

        • Tudor Miron

          No more than you matty.

          • matt

            I wish i was, first order to my secret police would be to trow you in jail ;)

          • Tudor Miron

            Thats the difference between you and me, matty. I do not wish to be a dictator and if I were to hove power to do that… I don’t think that sending you in jail is needed.

          • matt

            The difference between you and me is that you lack sarcasm…
            It was a joke! Derrrrr

    • Rob

      Now Netherlands knows that Russia, Syria, Iran, Hezbollah and Palestinians are now going to make nice sauce of our technicians and armies.


    Good. Now if FUKUS and their other puppets would do the same the terrorist infestation would be erased.

  • leon mc pilibin

    Today is a special day in the satanic calender of the zionists.I wonder what atrocity or murderous acts they will carry out today,just like they did on 911 2001.

    • AM Hants

      Not forgetting 911 2012 – Benghazi

  • AM Hants

    Will the latest ‘White Helmet’ video, with MSM support, get the audience they wish for? Would the nations funding, training, plus, supporting the ‘White Helmets’ be so stupid as to kick start WWIII with Russia? No doubt the masses will buy the script, however, with so many upto speed, will they seriously get away with it? Hoping to take away media interest in the ‘China/Russia’ military exercise. Or Trump declassifying the FISA files.

    Staged Filming of Mock ‘Chemical Attacks’ Has Begun in Idlib – Russian MoD… https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201809111067930808-idlib-footage-alleged-chemical-attacks/

    9/11 Inside Job Conspiracy Blown Wide Open With Hard Evidence Indicting The Usual Perps 9/11: Russia Presents Evidence Against US, UK And Israel Co-Conspirators
    Russian 9/11 Data Dump Reveals State Actors… http://themillenniumreport.com/2018/09/9-11-inside-job-conspiracy-blown-wide-open-with-hard-evidence-indicting-the-usual-perps/#more-68038

  • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

    The Dutch government is either extremely naive or completely controlled by the US, where these kinds of practices are run-of-the-mill affairs. I suspect it is the latter.

    • zman

      I would say they are controlled by the Zionist terror organization, as is the entire western world. Even the US receives it’s marching orders.

      • Johnpd

        & the Zios are a Rothschild (&PALS) project.
        Book: Pawns in the Game, William Guy Carr.
        John Doran.

      • #’~A*QXm(>NRmm]w?dU4v!=^

        You could be right. There are no obvious neocons in the government itself, like in the US, but the Jewish/Israel lobby has become a lot more influential over the past decade or so.

        And since the ZioNazi cesspool controls US objectives & activities in the Middle East, they (in)directly control the Dutch government’s activities there.

        It is striking that the Dutch government was at the forefront of boycotting white supremacist apartheid South Africa, yet it does not support BDS against apartheid that is orders of magnitude worse in that ZioNazi garbage dump.

  • AM Hants

    Has anybody seen the RT article, alleging the ‘White Helmets’ have sent their friends in the MSM the latest ‘CW’ Video Production?

    I bet the MSM will not be mentioning this story, of showing the photos of just where the ‘CWs’ were produced? Published April 2018

    Proof: Intel Drop UPDATED Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed
    Germany, Britain, America, Israel – VT provides proof of chemical warfare and war crimes.
    “The Syrian Arab Army and with the help of Russian captured a shipment of chemical weapons destined for the Eastern Ghouta. These were British weapons produced at Porton Down in Salisbury.

    ‘…Russian suspects that the Skripal incident is related as by their records, Skiripal was working at Porton Down as a chemical weapons trafficker in partnership with a Ukrainian firm. Russia denies attacking Skripal but admits he was under surveillance for his activities involving support of terrorism in Syria and arms trafficking.

    Russia also confirms that there are British, American, Israeli and Saudi intelligence officers who were caught by the Syrian army in one of the heavily fortified operations rooms during the invasion of the Syrian army and its allies of the East Ghouta.”


  • Henk Poell

    Interesting point in the article was that the Dutch justice department has completely different thoughts about the same factions receiving money… Crazy situation: some rebel group gets financial aid from the Netherlands, and someone gets accused of supporting terrorism for joining it.

  • JPH

    Dutch probably thought they delivered military uniforms, a few hundred pick-up trucks an communication equipment to extreme moderates who would never even consider to such equipment in combat.

  • Merijn
  • AM Hants

    ‘…This decision comes amid a journalist investigation by two Dutch newspapers – Nieuwsuur and Trouw. According to their report, 22 armed militant groups were subjects to receive supplies through the NLA program. The “non-lethal” goods supplied by the Dutch government included satellite phones, uniforms, assorted equipment and even Toyota Hilux pick-up trucks, widely used by various militant groups in Syria…’

    Well done the two Dutch Newspapers. So hope the media, in the other nations who sponsor the ‘White Helmets’ take note.

    • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

      Any chance of our UK “journalists” waking up from their zombified state?
      Oh wait, uh what is that nose I am hearing from our media? Sadly, it is the noise of collecting arse-licking of the UK elite.

      • AM Hants

        Did find myself laughing at the DM. The article on the Russian Chinese Military Exercise. They were so surprised, it caused them to be balanced. They could not publish enough photos, plus videos, of the exercise. Not forgetting, they also mentioned the two Presidents over at the economic forum, enjoying each other’s company, together with the tr ade deals. First time I have seen a balanced article, relating to Russia, on the DM.

        300,000 Forces, 36,000 land vehicles, not including ships, subs, planes and missiles.

        What is the largest exercise Nato has tried to achieve? No doubt on Russia’s borders? Wonder if it will influence the idiots, so desperate to go to war with Russia?

  • Luutzen

    Finally the Cheeseheads learn some sense.

  • JustPassingThrough

    “The reason was the inefficiency of the program.”

    the program was inefficient because it was discoverd.

    toking at the wrong end of the bong, again.

  • enriqueferro

    Interesting, it proves impossible to tweet any SF article…