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Netanyanu Tweets Then Quickly Deletes He Is Seeking “War With Iran”

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

During the middle of the day Wednesday the official verified twitter account for the Prime Minister of Israel stated that PM Benjamin Netanyahu was in Warsaw attending the US-led Middle East summit with an aim to “advance the common interest of war with Iran.”

Netanyanu Tweets Then Quickly Deletes He Is Seeking "War With Iran"

Image source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

It was tweeted in a thread focused on Netanyahu’s meetings with Arab delegates at the US initiated conference which was originally touted as focused on the “Iran threat”. The AP also confirmed the Netanyahu tweet, which quickly generated multiple headlines focused on what appeared essentially a declaration of war.

The AP noted the statement was published just after the Israeli PM’s meeting with Oman’s foreign minister:

Israel’s prime minister says he plans on working with Arab countries at a U.S.-backed Mideast conference in Warsaw to focus on the “common interest of war with Iran.”

The full deleted tweet read as follows: “What is important about this meeting. and it is not in secret, because there are many of those – is that this is an open meeting with representatives of leading Arab countries, that are sitting down together with Israel in order to advance the common interest of war with Iran.”

Netanyanu Tweets Then Quickly Deletes He Is Seeking "War With Iran"

After being up for about an hour the tweet was hastily deleted, and replaced with the same statement, but instead of “war with Iran” the new tweet was switched to “combating Iran”.

Though there wasn’t an immediate statement from Netanyahu’s office, Tablet Magazine’s Yair Rosenberg tried to paint it as an unintentional snafu.

“They posted a bad English translation to his Twitter account, and now his spokesman is correcting,” claimed Rosenberg.

But it appears news editors saw at the very least a crucial and very revealing Freudian slip, and the headlines ran with the original “war with Iran” statement.

In perhaps the understatement of the day, the AP’s report concluded with the lines, “The U.S. has billed the conference as a gathering about regional peace and security. But Netanyahu and Gulf countries are eager to focus on Iran.”

Netanyahu’s now deleted tweet is a very dangerous sign of things to come, and while we wonder if Tehran’s is buying the claim that the thrust of Bibi’s message was merely “lost in translation”, we doubt it.

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Wait I have never understood in my life why does the Zionist Regime hates Iran so much, what in fact Iran did do to Zionist Israel to be hated so much tho, never ever understood. And Zionism Israel is a Occupied Country of 8 Million or so, Iran is over 80 million, no need the army, just at least 1 volunteer from 5 families to come against Israel, well make the math. Why is Zionist Israel so scared from Iran, why when Iran is on table the Zionists cannot stop shake their legs.????


Because Iran is the last major rival to Israel’s hegemony over the Middle East, one over which they have no influence and which still professes open hostility to them. A country with an economy that actually can work, as opposed to most Arab countries, which only depend on oil, or foreign aid. A country capable of producing advanced weapons that can actually hurt Israel. And a country that helped create and arm the only military force that successfully stood up to Israel, Hezbollah.

I can understand that all of this makes Israel very nervous by itself, but it is in Israel’s psychology to go after and eliminate ANY perceived threat to itself, the ‘No More’ mentality.


“…which still professes open hostility to them”
Care to explain this?


Almost all Arab countries in the region have either signed peace treaties with Israel, or are VERY chummy with Israel behind the scenes. Egypt used to a major rival, signed a peace treaty, Jordan signed a peace treaty, Saudi Arabia and Israel basically share best friends forever bracelets. On the opposite side Lebanon is a minor country, Syria is still in the dumps, as is Iraq, that leaves only Iran as a major regional country that still talks the talk of confronting Israel and actually backs it up.

Good enough explanation?


Thank you. Yes and no.
israhell is killing Iranians and Iran is verbally professing open hostilities.


you should change your name to 6969. You are obviously looking at the issue ass about face – actually, you are staring up Zio ass, thats why you cannot tell that Israel is the odd man out in the Middle east and needs to leave – preferably back to the Polish ghettos these rats come from


Are you lost in translation or low on comprehension?
No offence taken.

Rafik Chauhan

search for the Battle of khayber u will come to know why Zionist is afraid of battle of khayber part 2. that’s why they are resort to kill every followeers of Muhammed/ Imam ali.secretly.


when you read about what israel hopes to achieve (entirely through others) it becomes screamingly obvious that israel must be discontinued as soon as possible and that the war criminals, like netanyahu, liebermann und zu weiter, must be strung up in the nearest lampposts.

there is no peace as long as israel is allowed to be the festering puce causing untold horrors to millions and millions of people in and around the middle east – there is an urgent need that the surrounding countries form an anti-israeli league and clean the puce of the map, one way or the other, but israel must go. now.

the anti-israel league would consist of

iran, syria, iraq, turkey, lebanon and as a backstop, russia from the Caspian Sea. there is also in all probability saudi arabia (that by now must have realised that kushner tried to set up saudi to lead the way in attacking iran,saving the israelis the trouble, needless to say, mohammed bin salman didn’t fall for the ruse) and the gulf states and egypt. all in all, the more than likely end of israel is nigh. what cheerful prospects and
what a larf.


Yeah, while we know what this Lithuanian sewage rats is capable of delivering total bullshit humped with an massive amount of bollock, I am more curious about the Polaks, hummm, and what on earth was this, congregation doing, and how rotten is the Polaks, huh, nationalistic my ass, they are just whores as much as the even worse German politicians, rotten to their core, the fact this happens in Poland isnt an surprice, and since Khazars are from the region the scums tend to cluster, and Poland, like the Land of the Orcs Ukraina, is an people you never can trust, they have been scums since the managed to create their shithole Poland, like the Orcs dump, created from smaller regions, to an since they never have had as their at all, and now they act like “empires” sucking up to the scums of this earth, huh, whom on top of it claims He is uh….. semitic, because, of course, since I am critizising this scumbag, I must be an anti-semit, right Polaks, I dont even trust the Hungarian little assliker, stinks of been an suck pupet.

The shoah must go on.



netanyahu would best be viewed dangling at the end of a rope from a lamppost! that would be a sight for sore eyes.

meanwhile take a look at this article from sputnik news and it clearly is what the world needs to see more of.



Why? Because he is ugly himself? Doesn’t matter that much to women, especially when a man has money, power and an alpha male mentality. I reckon he can get laid quite easily. He’s got all three of those attractors.


But you need a bigger than 1 inch dick…so I guess he is stuck with ugly by his side.

Zionism = EVIL

Bibi’s wife is as corrupt and ugly as he is. Jews are the most repulsive scum to begin with, but Nutter Yahoo’s sick family takes the cake. Just look at his pimp retarded son who was begging for bribes

comment image

Chris Chuba

Oh come on, it was a mistake. If you have every heard him speak English it is obvious that it is his second language and that he has problems picking out the correct words [sarcasm he could pass as a native born American].

R PLobo

The read from this is that Bibi and the zionist occultist gang are totally desperate and out of control. Why else would they turn to the Arabs for help? Even the most corrupt and vile of the Arab whores would turn on the hebrews in a flash if they could get away with it – including the most vile of all KSA.
The reality is that the Arab puppets are also at the end of their rope. Even with US backing there is no way that they can sustain power in the long term. Iran is too strong and the US is incapable of fighting wars against an enemy that can fight back.
Syria – the ultimate merc murder fest – has failed to deliver hegemon to the occultists – taking on Iran would be the end of the entity.

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