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JULY 2022

Netanyahu’s Grand Pre-Election Promises: Annex Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea

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Netanyahu's Grand Pre-Election Promises: Annex Jordan Valley and Northern Dead Sea

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On September 10th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made the grand campaign promise to annex the Jordan Valley and the northern Dead Sea in the occupied West Bank if he were to win the upcoming elections.

Netanyahu also promised that these annexations of occupied land would be supported by the Trump Administration, and that US President Donald Trump would reveal his “deal of the century” plan, following a successful vote in the “only democracy in the Middle East.”

What he said was essentially the exact same he said four months ago prior to the elections he won and then subsequently failed to form a coalition and a government.

This time it was reinforced by promises that Trump’s “peace plan” would provide opportunity to annex the areas. It remains questionable how that “peace plan” would be acceptable, but time will tell.

It should also be noted that the Prime Minister of the “only democracy in the Middle East” is also the country’s Defense Minister, Health Minister, Minister of the Diaspora and since September 4th is the Welfare Minister, since former Welfare Minister Haim Katz resigned due to impending criminal fraud charges. Netanyahu was also Foreign Minister until early 2019. But, of course, there can be no tyrant in a democracy, and after all there’s “evil overlords” to compare to such as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who ironically only occupies the role of President of Syria.

The one-man-government said the following:

“Out of respect for President Trump and out of great faith in our friendship, I will wait with applying sovereignty until release of the president’s political plan,” Netanyahu said. “As much as it is possible, I want to apply sovereignty in the communities and other areas with maximum coordination with the U.S. … But there is one place where it is possible to apply Israeli sovereignty immediately after the election. If I receive a clear mandate to do so from you, the citizens of Israel. In recent months I have led a diplomatic effort in this direction, and the conditions for this have ripened,” he continued. “Today I am announcing my intention to apply, with the formation of the next government, Israeli sovereignty on the Jordan Valley and northern Dead Sea,” Netanyahu said, calling the area “Israel’s eastern border.”

The Trump Administration rushed to say that nothing was final, and at current there would be no change in policy towards approving further annexation, such as the case with the Golan Heights earlier in 2019.

“There is no change in United States policy at this time. We will release our Vision for Peace after the Israeli election and work to determine the best path forward to bring long sought security, opportunity and stability to the region,” a White House official was cited by Haaretz.

Palestinian former chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said the plan was “manifestly illegal and merely adds to Israel’s long history of violations of international law.”

Benny Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party and the Democratic Union, a left-wing alliance, petitioned the Central Elections Committee to bar the live broadcast of Netanyahu’s statement, arguing it may amount to illegal electioneering. Gantz is also Netanyahu’s principal “nemesis” in the elections.

Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh warned ahead of the announcement that Israel might declare plans to annex part of the West Bank as an election ploy by Netanyahu.

“The land of Palestine is not part of Netanyahu’s election campaign,” Shtayyeh said.

“If he believes that he will win votes in the short term by annexing the settlement blocs, then he and Israel are the losers in the long term.” Shtayyeh warned, urging the EU and others to quickly recognize a Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution.

In an attempt to show that he is needed, Netanyahu furthermore revealed information of alleged Iranian sites used to develop its nuclear program. Gantz accused him of using sensitive intelligence to forward his election agenda.

Netanyahu also faces charges of bribery and corruption later in the year.

During his speech on September 10th, Netanyahu was evacuated after a rocket attack originating from Gaza was launched towards the southern city of Ashdod and Ashkelon. The Israeli Prime Minister was giving his speech in Ashdod.

The Iron Dome defense system intercepted both projectiles. Just minutes after being evacuated, he returned to complete his speech.

In response, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) sent out fighter jets that struck 15 “terror targets” in Gaza, including an alleged weapons manufacturing site and a Hamas “terror tunnel.” The IDF blamed Hamas for the attack.

In a dramatic announcement, the IDF claimed that “nearly half a million” Israelis were threatened by the two rockets.

There’s been no statement from Hamas. But it could potentially be speculated that these two futile rocket firings were part of a play to present Netanyahu as such a fearsome leader that Hamas are trying to specifically eliminate him, along with “half a million Israelis.” All that with two rockets that were easily intercepted by the Iron Dome with no threat to life.


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Eventhough I think Israel did not work to stabilize the ME in the last 2 decades, I think this plan might bring prosperity in the middle-long term

Zionism = EVIL

The filthy Zionists rats are facing demographic and regional strategic doom and the flat head arsehole ugly Nutter Yahoo is pissing in Zionist mouths with these useless stunts. The Palestinians will be the majority population in all parts of their country in the next 5-10 years and what then? the real issue is to get rid of the treacherous Mahmoud Abbas who is as corrupt and senile as Nutter Yahoo.

Tiresia Branding

how to dig your own grave… Hamon-Gog wait its khazarian residents



How “the only democracy in the ME when you are supported by a foreign nation (US)?


There is word ك ف ر written on this guy forehead. If you know what I mean.

Lazy Gamer

Conflict is the path that the PM chose to take and this policy has sadly been confirmed before by a substantial portion of Israelis with no signs of stopping. Jews of Israel must really love spreading the hate against themselves. lol It would have been better at this early juncture to have consolidated and normalized relations with its neighbors rather than ensuring future conflict.



a starting point for the jews that wish to get out ahead of the other locusts, when the s..t hits the fan so to speak and the price for floating devices in haifa have gotten seriously out of hand and avenging arabs/muslims are out to get every last one of them and spike their heads from mount sinai to teheran.


Zionism and Israel have been a bizarre circus from the beginning. The solution to the problem is Jew extinction by outlawing and abolishing Judaism as an evil cult and criminal organization that mass rapes 1,000 children every week. And closing and demolishing the synagogues and yeshivas. And assimilating former Jews into s Jew free society.

Jim Prendergast

This is more provocation.


A regional military coalition armed with nuclear weapons needs to be put together to clear the blood sucking Jew baby rapers out of the occupied territories. And police all of the resolutions that they’ve been in bait and switch scofflaw violation of for Israel’s entire existence.


turkey, iran, syria, hexbollah/lebanon and iraq can annex the occupied palestine, return it to the palestinians and annex netanyahu and his nazi-cohorts right to the nearest lampposts.

Real Anti-Racist Action

The only funny thing about all of this is that, these people rode on Sherman-tanks in 1948 (the Sherman tank was always the Devils Chariot) and they stormed the beaches same as the stormed the European beaches. But Turkey and Syria and Lebanon and Egypt and Jordan hardly even fought at all. It is like the leadership was made up of all Jews in 48. Saudi Arabia did not even send anything. If they do not fight back against these Khazar’s which originally come from Norther Turkey, then Israel deserve to steal away what others don’t even defend. My advice is, try fighting a 3 year non-stop war against Israel and you will win.

Xoli Xoli

No wonder Germans used to cook and gas Israelis.Germans found them worthless time wasting creatures or USA Zombies.

Xoli Xoli

All the Israel leaders kills fellow humans to put fear in citizens to gain more vote.As most feared men all Israel kings and rulers made a example by killing saddusiars,philistines,Jordanians, Syrian.Biblical Apostle Paul also killed until God stop him on the way to Damascus.

Satanyahu doesn’t want to change until Trump fire him just as it happens to bad luck stick Bolton.


Totally illegal, of course and so desperate. “Once in a lifetime chance”… BS, they can always annex parts of Palestine… and face the consequences. Now, the only thing more absurd are the IDF tweets… “terror tunnel”… seriously, so now the mighty IDF is terrorised by a mere tunnel? Oh, oh….


The Zionists are probably going to lose the ICJ Jerusalem case. This annexation would have the same fate.

“THE HAGUE, Wednesday, May 15, 2019 (WAFA) – Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Riyad Malki submitted today to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Hague a memorial on the jurisdiction of the ICJ and the admissibility of Palestine’s application to the Court regarding the United States’ illegal relocation of its embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem in clear violation of international law and United Nations resolutions.”

– Foreign Minister submits memorial against US to ICJ –



Well, the opposition just need to say that they will annex Syria, Iraq and Iran as land of big Israel, and game over for Bibi.

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