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Netanyahu Threatens Lebanon With Invasion. Syrian, Russian Forces Rescue Civilians In Euphrates Valley

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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that there is a “reasonable possibility” that the Israeli military may have to conduct operations inside Lebanon territory. This move will go in the framework of the ongoing Operation Northern Shield, which is aimed at discovering and neutralizing Hezbollah cross-border tunnels.

Netanyahu also revealed that Israel will call for a U.N. Security Council meeting soon to demand a condemnation of the alleged Hezbollah actions.

“Israel expects an unequivocal condemnation of Hezbollah, the imposition of additional sanctions on Iran, a condemnation from the Lebanese government and a demand that it stops giving its approval for the use of its territory for these attacks against Israel,” Netanyahu said.

So far, Operation Northern Shield has been carried out on the Israeli side of the contact line only. However, Hezbollah already put its forces on high alert and warned Israel that it’s ready to respond to any aggression.

Meanwhile, in Syria, the Syrian-Iranian-Russian alliance continued its efforts to restore stability in the government-held part of the country.

In the region of Western Ghouta, government troops discovered a large number of weapons and equipment abandoned by militants. The weapons included a Soviet-made RPG-29 anti-tank weapon, several rounds of the US-made SMAW shoulder-launched rocket weapon, a Yugoslav-made M79 Osa anti-tank weapon with several rounds, assault rifles, heavy machine guns and loads of ammunition of different calibers.

In the province of Quneitra, local reconciliation committees handed over a number of US and Israeli-supplied medical equipment and other supplies to government forces. Most of these supplies had been provided by Tel Aviv and Washington to the White Helmets organization, members of which fled the area after its liberation from terrorists.

In the Euphrates Valley, Syrian and Russian forces evacuated hundreds of civilians, mostly women and children, from the ISIS-held pocket of Hajin where US-backed forces are conducting their own operation against ISIS. The humanitarian operation was reportedly carried out through the al-Salihiyah crossing on the Euphrates River.

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You can call me Al

Same ol playbook.

Tudor Miron

Bibi is looking to repeat their 2006 “victory”.


What victroy ? Israel could do not anything against hezbolah a that time. In fact , Israel made the ridiculous.

Tudor Miron

That was sarcasm from my side, have you noticed commas? They got their a$$ kicked and that’s what Bibi is going to experience if he dares to repeat it. Sad thing is that Lebanon civilians would suffer – that’s what IDF is very good at.


Good, I did not notice it..


Tudors sarcasm skills in English improve every day. Sarcasm in a foreign language is very difficult to master.

He must have a good tutor :)

Hisham Saber

Yup, the Israel’s bombed extensively populated civilian neighborhoods of South Beirut when all else seemed to fail . That’s what they are good at. And they use internationally banned munitions like white phosphorous and cluster bombs.


Yeah, “invade” 5km into Leb territory and get their asses handed to them again. NuttyYahoo is having another Zionist wetdream.


The infernal and eternal victims :)


Hisham Saber

I really do hope Israel makes that blunder. It would get severely punished. Hezbollah are now stronger than ever, especially now with about 8 years of real live , hardcore combat experience in rural, urban and desert environs from their participation in the Syrian conflict. And that goes for the Syrian Arab Army , NDF and auxiliaries , IRGC Quds Force too. Put together, they have been distilled by now to perhaps the best fighting forces in the world. There’s even 35-40 thousand Afghan volunteers in Syria waiting for the go ahead from IRGC Quds Force Gen. Sulemani, who answers directly to Ayatollah Khamenei. Add to them the thousands of Russian Chechen volunteers and ones working directly for the Russian MoD.

if the U.S., Britain, France think they can save the day for the genocidal Zionist entity, Israel, they are in for one giant surprise. They cant even overcome a bunch of guys on motorcycles, armed with only AK-47’s, RGP’s and a few IED’s , whom wear bed sheets and beach sandals in Afghanistan, the Taliban. One wonders how they would fare in a regional war against the vast number of the forces of resistance. Even the Iraqi Army, the Hashd Al- Shaabi (PMU’s) are going to join in on the action.


the UK would never send troops to help save Israel, they haven’t got enough to spare and Israel is unpopular in the UK amongst the people, the situation is not like it is in the US, I could see the US sending troops though


“I could see the US sending troops though”

This will not be a repeat of the 1973 (Yom Kippur) war – when the US sent massive supplies to Israel and saved that malignant tumour.

Hizbollah has accurate rockets that will target Israeli shipping ports and airports. There will be no way of reinforcing the Israelis. That is why they wanted Crimea so badly. They need to move somewhere else.


Bibi replaced Lieberman’s barking and tail wagging, attempting to be relevant and stay in the news since they have been snuffed out in Syria. Maybe the delivery of Pantsir and Buk M3 to Lebanon would shut him up.

Hisham Saber

What Hezbollah need are missiles and more missiles. And now they are all outfitted with sophisticated Chinese original, Iranian duplicated, accurate guidance systems. And Hezbollah is estimated to have 150,000 of such missiles.


Too many missiles become a logistical problem, Iranians are next door in Syria and they can pass more missiles if the Hezbollah inventory starts depleting. Hezzbollah needs a lot of cheap RPG’s and and cheap ATGM’s to deplete the reactive armour and the Trophy APS on Merkavas, and then finish them off with a Kornet.


The only sure thing Satanyahoo and isrealhell should expect is some bullets to all the gov’t members thick empty skull!!@

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Hezbollah have been teasing the Israelis like naughty children but not acting like children. Since the Iranians proved how good their new guidance systems are with those 2 SRBM strikes against Isis, the Israelis have been sh-t-ng their pants, they’ve seen heaps of shipments from Iran to both Syria and Lebanon, and they’re getting worried. Now Hezbollah has become emboldened and started threatening the Israelis even making a video for the purpose. What they’ve been saying is this, look what we have now, we have those nasty new Iranian guidance systems, that will turn our old rockets [with a few new parts and mods] into guided missiles. Now when we shoot them at you they won’t just fall into empty paddocks most of the time, now they’ll hit you where we want them to every single time, what are you going to do about it, just try it and see what happens. After the last confrontation between them when Hezbollah neary gave as good as it got in their mini war, the Israelis would have to be very worried that Hezbollah, now with a massive edge, would do even better the next time, and that would really have to worry them insanely.

Hisham Saber

Also, Hezbollah has 8 years of real-time/real life experience in fighting in rural, urban and desert combat with their steady and assured participation in the conflict in Syria. Surely the Syrian Arab Aram, NDF, IRGC Quds Force, Hezbollah Iraq, Iraqi Hashd Al Shaabi (PMU’s) and auxiliaries wont stand idly by and be merely spectators. Hezbollah came to Syria’s aid, so Syria will come to Hezbollah’s aid.

It would be a regional war, sucking in the U.S., Britain and France, whom will be destroyed as they will be in the land, homes of millions of angry, determined, hard nosed fighters that are, and have been itching for a chance to get revenge on the Zionist entity Israel, and her idiot savant’s, the U.S., Britain and France et al.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

You’re right about everything but I wish you weren’t, the last part about sucking in a lot of the other regional actors would be devastating, that’s something the region doesn’t need right now, that scenario would mean a catastrophe for the whole region no matter which side prevailed. The Iranians boasted just the other day that they actually had MRBM’s now that could reach Israel from Iran itself, can you imagine that, hezbollah on the ground, aided by Iranian MRBM precision strikes assisting them, just these 2 forces alone could probably take out the Israelis by themselves, if they were allowed to that is.


the genocidal apartheid failed fake country if israel that begs every country with more than two coins to rub together for money to sustain it’s fraudulent existence, that only exists via fraud, blackmail, bribery, theft and murder, cannot go more than 6 months without attacking one or more of it’s neighbors!


This is a game of feathers. There are so many feathers in the air its like an exploding chicken. the west wants this and that and Here comes Russia. With arms that Makes Americans cry. This is an exploding chicken…. god bless those who get the pun. Please stop America, You have done to much.


Bibi and Vlad are talking. This bodes well for maintaining the status quo.

Turkey is arming up in Idlib to discourage adventurism across the DMZ. This bodes well for maintaining the status quo.

It appears Russia will not stand down from its expansionist policy in Ukraine. First Crimea, next the “republics”, and next ….? Let’s hope a status quo can be found and maintained so the historically blood soaked soils of the steppe are not re-baptized.

Hisham Saber

BS, Putin and Netanyahu are not talking. Everything that needed to be said has been said. Do you think the wise Russian leadership don’t know about Israel’s deep involvement in the Georgia conflict, enticing Georgia to attack and that they have Georgia’s back. Only to run off to Tel Aviv when Russian Air force and tanks pounded Georgian positions. Or do you think the Russians don’t know that the Maidan Coup was a Jewish coup from start to end. And that a Jewish junta/cabal are pushing for conflict with Russia, hoping to drag in NATO/U.S. into a war. A war that would have Russian tanks inside Kiev in a matter of a few days, while Russian airborne divisions secure the Capital in a mere hours.

And the Russians know that all the sanctions and financial, political pressure emanating out of the U.S. and Europe is an asymmetrical attack on Russia by international Jews.

Incidentally, the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917, which brought with it the genocide of the Red Terror, 85% of the Bolshevik government were Jews. Russians know full well that it was nefarious Jews of the highest order who ordered the execution/ annihilation of the Romanov Tsar and his entire family and servants. Ordered by Jews, Jews were the killers, and it was done at a Jews house.

Oh, The Orthodox Slavic Russians know, and have a bloody history with the Talmudic Rabbinical Khazar’s of the pre- Middle Ages-Middle Ages. The Barbarity of the Khazars knew no bounds. And when Burke Khan , a Muslim commander of the Muslim Mongol Golden Horde heard about their atrocities, occupation of Slavic lands, and fierce subjugation of the Slavs, Burke Khan invaded and utterly destroyed the Kingdom of Khazaria, and went about placing Russian Orthodox Slavic Princes in charge of their lands and people. Burke Khan was said to be an admirer of Orthodox Christianity and had a respect for it and the Slavic hard working people.

Now, using the U.S., Khazarian Talmudic Jews want revenge on Russia, that’s whet we are seeing today.


Hisham I see from your prior posts, in which you called me a kike, and from a review of your comments on this site, you have a deep hatred not only for Israel but for Jews. I thank you for your honesty in that regard, but I also suspect that you know that this level of hatred disables you from bringing an open mind to the discussion.

Anyone not blinded by hate will ceaselessly hunt for peace.

Putin is not blinded by hate.

Although he is committed to advancing Russia’s strategic advantage, he will do so with the regard all Russians bring to the prospect of war: they hate it because it has been so terribly costly to them. That said they do cling to a greater Russ vision that includes Kiev, the original Capital, in a greater Russia. Accepting that mindset and knowing that Russia appreciates consequences historically on both sides of its border, bleeding from Moscow to Berlin, I am convinced Putin will avoid adventurism.

He also appreciates Israel’s right to exist and the fact that the largest ex-pat community in Israel comes from Russia.

Russia wants to consolidate its gains in the Levant. It will wisely do so and that means avoiding putting Israel to an existential choice.

You obviously command a substantial intellect. If you were motivated by love, not hate, the world would benefit from that mental horse power, not suffer from it.

This is only a test

This thieving apartheid fascist netayahu is going to get US labeled a war criminal state


C’mon israhell, Make Their Day!…been told you sodomites like gettin their ass busted ahaha

Titel Gogurion





Why is it, that they have still not gone after BN with some sort of elephant tranquilizer dart. He is completely off the scale mad at this point.

You know, wether or not I like or dislike the descendants of the tribe of Judah, it doesn’t matter anymore. They are in real trouble and in real danger, at the hands of this madman. The Nov 30 attempt on Syria by Israel apparently was completely shoved back up the exit orifice, so now BN is going to try and light a fire some place else. Israel needs to wake up NOW. My take on this insanity.


why can’t the Israelis find the tunnels on their own side of the border? I thought they were supposed to be so clever


disqus_42yCoqw50z what


Those weapons probably have come from the balkans or baltics, they’re the only states with access to large cache’s of both.


All together now, “Ooh-aah Hezbollah, say ooh-aah Hezbollah”!


Yes, and if the Lebanese and Hezbollah are lucky, the House of Rothschild will be leading the “Charge” accompanied by Nutty himself :-)

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