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Netanyahu Threatens All-Out War After 90 Rockets Fired From Gaza

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Monday witnessed significant escalation over Gaza as Palestinian Islamic Jihad sought to avenge the deaths of three commanders killed in Israeli air strikes on Gaza and Damascus the day before.

Israeli media counted some 90 total rockets fired at Israel from the Gaza Strip throughout the day since the attacks began Sunday night, with the IDF claiming its Iron Dome defense system had intercepted the vast majority which came near populated areas.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had earlier threatened to initiate broader war if the rocket fire didn’t cease. Despite an Islamic Jihad spokesman announcing a unilateral cease-fire by the early evening, the rocket fire was reported as continuing later into the night Monday.

Netanyahu Threatens All-Out War After 90 Rockets Fired From Gaza

Israeli airstrike on Gaza City on Monday, February 24, via AFP/The Times of Israel.

“We are now hitting with planes, tanks, and helicopters,” Netanyahu said while inspecting an Iron Dome unit in the south. “I’m talking about a war,” Netanyahu, who is entering a final week of campaigning before Israeli national elections, had further told Israel’s Army Radio station. “I only go to war as a last option, but we have prepared something you can’t even imagine.”

He also appeared to threaten to kill the heads of Hamas and Islamic Jihad if the rockets continued, saying:

“We will continue to strike until the calm returns. If there isn’t quiet, you’ll be next.

Some 30 rockets were initially fired out of the Gaza Strip on Sunday night, and it continued to escalate through Monday.

In a developing stand-off, Islamic Jihad appeared to threaten its own continuation and step up of attacks, blaming Israel for not stopping its aggression.

“The enemy did not commit itself into stopping its aggression we we resumed based on the fire-for-fire principle,” Islamic Jihad spokesman Abu Hamza, said.

Pundits were quick to point the finger at Iran for allegedly supplying increasingly sophisticated rockets to militant groups in the strip, which are reaching deeper into Israel.

Meanwhile, Israel is reportedly sending tanks, armored vehicles and troops to its southern border in what could become the next round of major fighting at a politically sensitive moment ahead of next week’s election.

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Pave Way IV

Good luck in elections, Bibi. Here, try some of my delicious bat soup. Kosher? Um, yeah… sure. Go ahead. taste it. Good, isn’t it? Hey! Don’t cough on me, superspreader!


he’s really itching for a war and he can clobber the defenseless women and children of gaza while the world stays mum – just one thing to do – the alliance of turkey, syria, iran and iraq/pmu and hezbollah must put a stop to the nazis occupiers on palestinian land and send the hymies to kingdom come, 6 feet under pushing up daisies. all favours the world was ready to bestow on the jews is gone, forfeited and like a rabid dog, you put it/them down,

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionists are no good at urban warfare that chews up manpower. They tried a few years and Hamas beat the diapers off them. Today, Hamas and various factions are stronger and have at least 200 Dehaleveih ATGM and will impose a very high cost. Zionist scum are cowards and will never go for street fighting as the Palestinians have an extensive tunnel network spread over 100 kms.


of course not if they can use the jets supplied by the disunited states of assholes aka americans, they can bomb kill women and kids with impunity.

soon time to make anti-semite something to be proud of – after all the murderous and thieving jews occupying palestine are far worse than the worst pogroms so they have lost the high ground.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

“I only go to war as a last option, but we have prepared something you can’t even imagine.”
So this scenario has been the plan all the time?

Israel is actually benefitting from the rocket attacks.
All they need is a few dead civilians, and the western world will approve what ever Israel wants, no matter the means or methods.
The MSM only shows whatever Israel approve of.
A few dead civilans and Israel have de facto a carte blanche from the west to invade Gaza.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

do not even need dead civilians, just show a couple of balloons and kites and western MSM says it is fine

Assad must stay

he should go give another speech and then run away when a rocket attacks it again hahahaha

Zionism = EVIL

BTW, the pimp Mobarek who sold out the Syrians and Palestinians with his master Sadat just died. The arsehole should rot now and Nutter Yahoo is next,.


Don’t worry he’s just barking again for his supporters here, he’s a useless traitor. We fix it on Monday.

Zionism = EVIL

Believe me, the Zionist cowardly pussies will do fuckall but bomb unarmed women and children in besieged Gaza, their balls are too puny for a ground war in an build up area. The Zionist are scum. PERIOD.


yep women and children latest jewish style – they are one up on adolf and his henchmen when the women and kids of gaza are shot to pieces. and the world will stay mum.

the jews in palestine, the squatters, must go,must be terminated once and for all – jews are the sludge left over when mankind was shaped into form by a superior force.

good american

Another excuse to genocide the Palestinians.


Turkey and Israel one and the same.

[Imgur]comment image)

[Imgur]comment image)


And where have successive attacks on Gaza led the ziofascists? Nowhere, but they keep hoping this time it’ll be different. ROFLMAO ?

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