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Netanyahu Shows Proof Of Iranians Lying About COVID-19 Deaths: It’s Hallmark Channel Series


Netanyahu Shows Proof Of Iranians Lying About COVID-19 Deaths: It's Hallmark Channel Series

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On April 1st, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu provided evidence to his Cabinet that Iran was concealing deaths from COVID-19 with a video showing corpses being thrown in garbage dumps, Axios reported, citing two unnamed Ministers.

Apparently, just hours later it become known that the video had little to do with Iran, and was rather a scene from the 2007 Hallmark channel mini-series “Pandemic.”

According to the sources, during a conference call, Netanyahu said he had seen a video of Iranian soldiers loading COVID-19 victims on trucks and then throwing them at garbage dumps.

Allegedly, his national security adviser, Meir Ben-Shabbat, had shown him the video.

Naturally, since Iran is Israel’s nemesis and such a chance to undermine Tehran’s reputation and influence couldn’t be missed, the ministers asked to watch the video, thus Ben-Shabbat sent it to the entire cabinet.

The video had been shared by Iranians on social media over the last week, and it was passed on to Netanyahu without any confirmation of its authenticity.

However, the Prime Minister’s office didn’t deny the story, but said that only three ministers received it, after requesting it and they were warned that it came from social media and its contents were unclear.

Purportedly, the video is this, due to its sensitive content, those who wish to find it can do so on this link, and viewer discretion is advised.

And the video very clearly shows scenes from the mini-series Pandemic, as well as some of the deaths part of Hajj, the Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca, which typically has dozens of fatalities each year. It is likely that scenes are from the 2015 “stampede” which saw upwards of 2,000 die.

The scene from the movie alone can be found here. And the entire “part 2” can also be found on YouTube, for those who would like to have the questionable honor of watching it, in its entirety.

Netanyahu is currently in isolation, after an aide tested positive for COVID-19. He, and his family were all tested, and the results came back negative, but he said he planned to remain in isolation, until there’s further instructions of the ministry of health.

In the political scene in the country, Israel’s leading opposition candidate, Benny Gantz, has agreed to form a unity government with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, ending a political deadlock that forced three elections in less than a year.

The unexpected announcement sent shockwaves through Gantz’s Blue and White party over the weekend, and comes after he warned former allies in the party that leading Israel into a fourth round of elections was not an option.

Gantz, a former general and Israel Defense Forces chief, had previously vowed he would never enter into a unity government with the rightist Netanyahu

Under the agreement, Netanyahu will lead the country for 18 months, then allow Gantz to take over as prime minister.

Earlier in March, Gantz’s Blue and White party won 33 seats while Netanyahu’s Likud party won 36 seats, but neither party could form a majority coalition.

“I am more at peace today than ever.” Gantz said in a Facebook post to his former allies. “I am at peace because I did what my nation needs. These are unusual times. Israel is in a state of emergency. Hundreds of thousands of families are hunkering down in their homes. There is a real sense of emergency in the face of a health threat that is taking human life and in the face of the threat of economic devastation.”

The draft of the coalition agreement permits funding for housing for both the prime minister and the so-called deputy, the role Gantz is to have for the first half of the proposed unity government, with Netanyahu filling it for the second.

Netanyahu was indicted in the corruption cases against him, but there’s very little to come out of it, since he’s still PM, and then he’ll continue being deputy PM.

As of April 2nd, Israel has 6,211 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 30 fatalities.




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