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Netanyahu Says He Will Meet Putin Soon To Discuss Syria

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Netanyahu Says He Will Meet Putin Soon To Discuss Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin (R) shakes hands with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a meeting in Sochi, Russia August 23, 2017.. (photo credit:SPUTNIK/ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN VIA REUTERS)

On October 7, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that he and Russia’s President Vladimir Putin have agreed during a recent phone call to meet soon to discuss cooperation over Syria.

“We agreed to meet soon to continue the important security coordination between our armed forces,” Netanyahu said at a cabinet meeting in Jerusalem according to Reuters.

Furthermore, Netanyahu stressed that Israel will continue its military operations against Iranian forces and Lebanese Hezbollah in Syria despite of the tension with Russia.

“Israel will constantly act to prevent Iran from entrenching itself militarily in Syria and transferring deadly weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon,” Netanyahu said.

The Russian-Israeli relations witnessed a major setback in mid-September, when a Russian Il-20 intelligence plane was mistakenly shot down by Syrian air defense fire during an Israeli airstrike on the Syrian city of Lattakia. Back then, Russia held Israel responsible for the incident and said that its airstrike was unprofessional.

Following the incident, Russia decided to supply Syria with advanced S-300 long-range air defense systems in order to insure the safety of its service members deployed in the country. This led to further tension in the relations between Russia and Israel, which vowed to continue its operation in Syria.

The Israeli leadership hopes that the upcoming meeting between Netanyahu and Putin will likely ease the tension between the states. Thus, Tel Aviv will be able to avoid further consequences of its recently demonstrated “hostile” approach towards Russia.

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Is “discuss” a euphamism for “Israel will demand that Russia lets them attack Iranian sites in Syria”?


S300 does it´s job.


Benjanyahu is a US and UK gang commander. The US and UK use terrorists like benjanyahu to achieve their goals.

Now he will negotiate on behalf of other countries. He is a child butcher and a terrorist.


Right Ahmed, and the world is flat too right? Moron…

Zionism = EVIL

Mikey crikey the moron. Zionist scum are running scared,


I know. But I don’t get it?
Is Netanyahu dictating to President Putin Now seems like it.


Nonsense! Actually, they’ve proven to never do their job against every single IAF mission where they were present…

Zionism = EVIL

Zionist scum are all criminals. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s wife, Sara, appeared in court on Sunday for the first hearing in the fraud trial against her, in
which she is reported to have misused state funds in ordering catered
meals and other luxury items for personal use. Most of Israel’s budget is derived from foreign aid, mostly US funding.

Val Shadowhawk


Zionism = EVIL

Nutter Yahoo is running scared and taking swimming lessons since the Zionist cowardly shooting down of Russian IL-20. The SAA will be able to cover all of Syria and Occupied Palestine. The Zionists cowards have stopped all air operations near Syria and Iran has been building up its defences and forces.


Until Israel ceases its criminal acts in Syria, why should Russia cede an inch. Otherwise, Russia will be complicit in the crime.


What evil scheme has this satanic demon got up his sleeve?He is a world renowned liar and the father of Isis.Putin should give him his marching orders,or advise him to take swimming lessons.


I wonder if Satanyahoo will say the names of the II-20 crew members he killed and confirm the Russian account of the incident. Lieberman’s cronies failed in that regard, Assad has a modern air defense network because of it.

Nah, he’s just going to make more veiled threats towards RF personnel and tell VVP how cool his invisible airplanes are.


…..and yo mauma a world class pros-t!tute. Why do lancets lmfested monkeys like you always insist on mumbling pathetic statements without any knowledge or a brain….

leon mc pilibin

You must have forgotten to take your medication today,,scumbag.

Val Shadowhawk

I simply block twats like him.

S Melanson

Yes. we cannot help him as he needs professional help – his post below suggests a psychosis involving issues of sexual and gender identity.

Val Shadowhawk

That and other deficiencies of the mind and spirit. A rather unclean and imbalanced state.


mike-kike is hasbara troll, look at his profile: United with Israel, JerusalemPost, Bibi fanboys… invasion of IDFags on this thread.

leon mc pilibin

BTW,drogba would smash your hook nose into shape pretty fast,,


Don’t know drogba, but if you had any balls I’d b!tch slap you any day of the week Ahmed

Zionism = EVIL

Potty mouth hasbara troll Mikey. You Zionist scumbags need to increase swimming lessons :)


The NETANYAHU Israel is a lost cause,

Putin just has to wait and contain it patiently until it’s fall by it self

the day the US and Dollar will implose….

John Whitehot

“The NETANYAHU Israel is a lost cause supported by lies and Tales”

and by certain political, financial and religious circles who are deeply rooted inside the Mossad and other security organizations.


Developed Countries don’t have religions anymore,
political and financial is going to change too…


This is just for Netanyahu to give further orders to his little acolyte Putin. The whole s300 business is just for Putin to make it seem like he is acting against Israel for killing his soldiers but in the end he does not give a damn about their deaths. All soldiers are mere expendables or peasants in the big freemasonic chess game.

You can call me Al

Oh please, go bang you head on the wall.


What’s your opinion then?


My opinion is, is that your opinion is in deep space.

BN is going to Moscow, because for a few weeks since the incident, Israel can’t do squat anymore. BN is trying to get some wiggle room from Russia. I doubt they will get anything that will extricate them from the mess, into which they have inserted themselves. Despite the statements coming from Israeli leaders of late, they are really in the doghouse now.

In comparison to the big boyz, Israel is just peanuts in the wind and this visit to Moscow is clearly demonstrating this. Otherwise, all would have been comfortably resolved in a mere phone call, which was not the result. My take.

John Whitehot

the only way to extricate themselves is to stop bombing other countries indiscriminately and start working at a table with your supposed enemies towards peace. PM Rabin did just that.

The concept seems to completely miss the consciousness of Netanhayu, Liebermann etc though.


I agree.

It is the little guy that does the traveling to meet the boss, not he other way around. I used to like BN many years ago. I see him now as just a murderous politician, who along with his cohorts, have themselves in a real pickle atm. VP is not going to play with him in private. BN and Co. need to stop the attacks, stop the rest of the violence and negotiate.

I agree with you that they don’t have an honest clue on how to go about that. Class could be in session for them during the Moscow visit, if they are lucky. A good one to you John.

John Whitehot

there is surely much that isn’t publicly know, and the reasons for israeli warmongering are found in that dark areas.

this “party” has been put in power after Rabyn’s murder, alongside the empowerment of the neocons in the US.

To make it short, the only deduction that one can make is that these people are on a world (or large part of) domination crusade.

Promitheas Apollonious

For them what that implies is to accept total defeat and with drawn into their own borders and begin instead of scamming the globe with phony FIAT money and IOUs actually pay.

Beside downsize their ambitions of been the global leaders with every one their slave. So dont hold your breath on what you suggest, it will not happen. If it does at one point it be for them to buy time and backstub who ever is stupid enough to believe them. Defective DNA is only one way to correct it and that is recycle it.


You know that Russia is exacting extremely soft on this don’t you? No sanctions no punishment of any kind, only a PR stunt. Do you truly believe that Russia’s economy is not run by Zionists?


I don’t believe in anything you are stating. Again, I think you are way off mark.


Well try to study this further and see where you. World politics will make more sense to you: http://www.theeventchronicle.com/finanace/three-countries-left-without-rothschild-central-bank/


I don’t need homework from you. Your comments have already showed this to me. How about you start with a nice read of Adam Smith’s work, The Wealth of nations. That might get you started in the right direction.

Promitheas Apollonious

Let me translate for my very polite friend. When you suck, you do it on your knees, or bending over?


I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings. I know it can be hard to accept that there is no messiah especially not among “world leaders” .

Promitheas Apollonious

hurt my feelings? your self flattery show the very low level you base your assumptions on.


So what are you so mad about? Is it because you believe Russia is a free country and controls it’s own finance?

You can call me Al

I think it is the opposite of yours.


He’d rather bang your mom Ahmed

You can call me Al

He can if he digs her up.

AM Hants

Thought it was the US President Johnson, who celebrated the loss of his Forces, when Israel took out the USS Liberty? Not Russia.

Thought it was the UK Prime Minister Blair, who stood up in Parliament, lying to the nation, when he sent the UK Forces to take out Sadam. not Russia.


Of course they did, but what is your point?

John Whitehot

the point is that to accept losses caused by Israel and care nothing you must be american, british or french.


Yes for sure but also Russian. Just to make it clear for me. You belive only the western world is controlled by Zionists?

John Whitehot

“You belive only the western world is controlled by Zionists?”


And neither you or your syphilis brigade will never ever be able to convince me otherwise.


So you believe that the West would just create the Soviet Union, with finances, technology, production and everything and then just leave them to it without any further gain?

John Whitehot

“So you believe that the West would just create the Soviet Union”

were you dropped head down as a baby?


Okay sorry I will leave you to it. I didn’t know you were not aware of this. If you do at some time in your life want to go further down the rabbit hole, just let me know.



Tommy Jensen

We will continue to support our ally Israel in its flights for Israel´s freedom all over Syria no matter how many S-1100 Russia pull up…………………LOL.


You must be American

Promitheas Apollonious

nope, just a retard.


Better then being the moron you are..

Promitheas Apollonious

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Promitheas Apollonious

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Your Mom’s the one getting fouled by donkeys hence why you’re here spewing your Shiite….

You need to help your poor mom out and take some of that load off her :)

It’s onky fair lolll

Promitheas Apollonious

I will never dream to deprive your mom from the only income she has and slave herself on her knees for you to have your dosage of the day. Relax no competition, there. tell me your father manage to get the rainbow queens tittle he so set up about all his life did he use the string I send your mom to give him or she kept it for herself?


Please do not feed the trolls Promitheas.
You are giving mike exactly what he is after.
Nobody cares for reading this BS. :(

Tommy Jensen

You guys cant do a shit. We also own Putin………………………………………LOL.
comment image


Lol believe me, you are just as much owned, but you are right Putin is as owned as Trump is.

Tommy Jensen

WJC´s instructions to Putin……………………………………………………..LOL.

John Whitehot


according to jews, Putin takes orders from them.

idk how people fail to grasp the geniality in your post and don’t give you 1 million of upticks in 2 seconds.

Tommy Jensen

I´ll start worry then :-D.

John Whitehot

we are all owned by the universe.

some people though believe to be owned by jews for one reason or another. that includes your various schizotipes.


Blah, blah, blah ……….. LOL

Don Machiavelli

World police, already acting.


Putin may ease up but his military says no … as their military men died with widows to look after .

John Whitehot

must be hard to be cast in another dimension, the one made with all the zionists wet dreams.

try getting back sometime, it’s gonna feel much better.

Ole Johansen

Lets hope the Syrians and Russians takes the oldest shit they got like S 125 etc and makes that the frontline against the Jewish trash. If the F 35 comes to use then and some old stuff takes it out, Lockhead Martin is doomed.


Don’t be so overconfident. I hear the new Israeli bird repellent is thoroughly epic. ?


Despite Netanyahu’s ongoing bellicose rhetoric over Syria, he will be traveling to Moscow.

Lena Jones

Bibi giving false hope purely for israeli domestic consumption. It’s what politicians do to their panicked population.

Aen RaBeon

I believe Putin doesn’t take orders from him.

Emanual Macron

I understand everybody here hates jews, but why do you all support syria and radical muslims?. You see what Muslims have done to mother Russian in the past and other Russian bloc countries. Is your hate for the jewz so much that it allow you to love murderous muslims?

John Whitehot

on my part, i don’t hate jews, nor anyone else – it’s just i can’t stand dickheads.

that said, it’s not easy to establish how many of them are among a given group of people. There is no doubt that a large proportion of jews occupying leadership positions in political or financial circles lay within that definition for me.

Emanual Macron

i don’t care about the jews part, I want to understand why you all support a people who are against Russia. this is my need to understand

John Whitehot

if you fail to understand that supporting Syria and it’s people is pretty much the opposite of supporting jihadists, any explanation would be a waste of time and keyboard presses.


I am a European and Russia is part of European Culture since “ever”,

Muslims always been my friends,
The Omeyyades from Damas in Andalusia
were probably best Human Civilization existed…

US/UK/NATO/Israel presence in Syria is unacceptable !


I can tell your only friends are lslamist lncest lnfested retards, your lack of intellect is at par….


mike-kike, eat shit and die you braindead IDFag troll.


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Now go eat a banana with the rest of your siblings filthy worthless piece of excrement !!


mike-kike you rotten pile of diseased diarrhea from Bibi’s dirty anus, you’re just a slimy, retarded pathetic shiteating IDFag troll with zillion accounts, no life and no brain… – yes, “you’ll take thousands”, even millions of arab bananas… 6.000.000.
Then go eat 6.000.000 godzilion tonnes of feces and burn in hell….comment image


You dislike d!ckheads? Look in the mirror. Ask your mom though, she absolutely loves the fireman’s hat carried around by Jews and can’t have enough of them:)


Comment number 1 and it is a dud. You understand nothing and your post, is the one that is full of hatred. Go jump in a lake.

Emanual Macron

so teach me, I want to learn. You have all the wisdom so share it


You are a rock. There is a first lesson or you. Ponder upon the rock grasshopper.


Learn french first. It’s “Emmanuel”.

Promitheas Apollonious

Hate…… such an over rated word. Do you hate shit, or a virus? Learn to use your brain before posting. You dont hate shit though probably you been full of it must have become accustom to it, but still dispose it few times every day.

Unless of course you dry it and keep it for a rainy day. If this dont cover your stupid question I be clad to make the answer even simpler, so you get it.

Peter Bond

You must be a paid troll with no real job, you spend all your time shltting on Israel, do you have time for your wives and kids? Ur brain dead comments are just so many, South Front could have paid off all its outstanding costs if people like you get banned for life! You must be one sad little boy, did an Israeli rhape your mum? Why the vile hate, pratt?

Sudhir Tirkey

Nobody hates Jews. We hate the war mongers and their arrogance. Taking advantage of weakness of a country; Israel has no right to violate it’s air space at will. Do diplomacy; I will support them


Sorry sudhir,

Diplomacy can only be had with people who respect your existence and don’t part take , aid, finance or allow others to use their sovereign territory to invade or attack yours!

Israel had a 40 year quiet border with Syria so long as Assad kept it such!

The rule is:

If you allow anyone to use your territory to attack mine or undermine my security, you are held responsible!




« Doigt dans le cul », « Fist Fucking » : La lettre ouverte décapante de Michel Onfray à « Manu » Macron

par Vera Mikhaïlichenko

vendredi 5 octobre 2018

Michel Onfray n’a pas digéré sa mise à l’écart par France Culture, et semble y voir la main d’Emmanuel Macron. Sa riposte, dans une lettre ouverte au président de la République, publiée le 4 octobre sur son site personnel, est cinglante. D’aucuns diront même excessive, voire suicidaire, tant le philosophe se lâche et enfreint toutes les règles de la bienséance. Mais, selon Onfray, c’est Macron, par son attitude, qui autorise, voire appelle ce ton hautement irrévérencieux.

Fin septembre, Michel Onfray annonçait qu’il renonçait à sa participation à l’Université populaire de Caen, dépité par la décision de France Culture de ne plus diffuser ses conférences l’été prochain. « Je n’ai même pas été prévenu directement. C’est mon éditeur, Patrick Frémeaux, qui m’a transféré un mail qu’il avait reçu de la directrice de France Culture », explique-t-il au Figaro. « Sandrine Treiner met fin unilatéralement à [cette] collaboration sur la chaîne qu’elle dirige – avec pour tutelle un ministre nommé par Emmanuel Macron », écrit-il dans son communiqué, laissant entendre que la décision est de nature politique.

Contactée par Le Figaro, la directrice de France Culture a réagi vertement aux propos du philosophe :

« Il n’y a aucune pression politique, c’est ridicule. Nous l’avons énormément soutenu, mais il n’y a pas de passe-droit à France Culture et, en termes de pluralisme, la question se posait de diffuser chaque été un seul et même essayiste. Notre antenne est libre de tout pouvoir, du pouvoir politique, mais aussi du pouvoir de Michel Onfray. »

« Évidemment, personne n’admettra de pression politique », soupire Onfray, qui estime que la liberté d’expression est en péril dans notre pays. « Certains en ont marre de Zemmour ou de Finkielkraut. Quand il y a une pensée critique, on préfère déconsidérer le penseur plutôt que d’affronter sa pensée. Il faut qu’Éric Zemmour soit raciste. Je ne sais pas ce qu’on va me trouver », lâche-t-il, moqueur.

Ce 4 octobre, le philosophe publie un écrit qui fera date. Pour le meilleur ou pour le pire. Certains jugeront que c’est le signe manifeste de sa déchéance, de sa dérive populiste, tant il va loin, tant il fleurte avec l’homophobie par exemple, d’autres se réjouiront de le voir larguer les amarres, rompant définitivement avec le politiquement correct. A vous de juger.

Bonne lecture…

Lettre à Manu sur le doigté et son fondement

Votre Altesse,

Votre Excellence,

Votre Sérénité,

Mon cher Manu,

Mon Roy,

Mais aussi :

Mon Chéri,

Je me permets en effet cette familiarité, mon cher Manu, car des photos t’ont récemment montré partout sur la toile aux Antilles enlaçant un beau black, bodybuildé en prison, luisant de sueur tropicale, ce qui semblait te ravir jusqu’au plus profond – si tu me permets l’expression… Ton sourire béat montre en effet que ta dilection va plus facilement à qui accompagne son selfie avec toi d’un doigt d’honneur qu’aux intellectuels qui n’ont pas l’heur de te plaire parce qu’ils ne te font pas la cour. Décidément, tu sembles n’aimer que ceux qui te font savoir leur amour d’une façon qui ne prête pas à confusion : il faut t’enlacer torse nu pour te plaire, essuyer sa transpiration sur ta chemise blanche, et passer plus de temps en salle de sport qu’en bibliothèque. Je comprends dès lors que le philosophe Etienne Balibar, avec lequel tu dis avoir rédigé un mémoire universitaire sur Machiavel, n’ait plus le souvenir de toi. Il n’est probablement pas assez couvert de sueur, trop âgé et trop intellectuel à ton goût.

A ceux qui voudraient augmenter un peu leur culture, ce qui n’est pas de trop ces temps-ci, consultons l’encyclopédie en ligne Wikipédia, soyons fous ! Elle nous donne cette signification du doigt d’honneur : “Le majeur dressé autour des autres doigts baissés évoque un phallus et le reste de la main, un scrotum”. Traduction pour qui ne maîtriserait pas toutes ces subtilités lexicales, il s’agit tout bonnement d’un “doigt dans le cul”. Le doigt, on voit bien à qui il appartient, le cul, on se tâte – si je puis dire ! Est-ce le tien personnellement ? Auquel cas c’est ton affaire, mais n’en fais pas un étalage public : un président, ça ne devrait pas faire ça comme dirait l’autre… Ce cul, est-ce le nôtre en tant que tu incarnes la souveraineté populaire ? Est-ce celui de la France dont tu es le corps mystique ? On ne sait. Mais cette fois-ci, ça nous concerne. Et permets qu’on puisse ne pas jouir d’une pareille intromission dans notre intimité sans notre consentement. Demande à madame Schiappa : c’est la définition légale du viol.

Quoi qu’il en soit de ce fondement et de son propriétaire, c’est proprement manquer de doigté envers la République que de se laisser mettre de la sorte en arborant ce sourire radieux qui témoigne de ton contentement. Pareil goût relève de ta vie privée qui est celle du second corps du roi, elle ne devrait pas affecter ton premier corps qui est politique et républicain. Ce sourire, c’est le même que tu arborais sur les marches de l’Elysée le jour de la fête de la musique en compagnie d’une brochette d’individus, eux-aussi férus de ce très subtil langage des signes. On ne dira pas que tu caches ton jeu. Il n’y a que les crétins pour feindre que tu dissimules. Tu es du genre à nous le mettre bien profond, pour dire clairement ce qui ne devrait pas te choquer sous forme de mots, puisque la chose te ravit quand elle se trouve exprimée sous forme de geste. Mais mettre ou ne pas mettre, là est la question…

Or, cette question, tu l’as franchement résolue. Car, depuis quelque temps, tu montres en effet que, toi ou tes services, vous n’avez pas grand souci de la légalité (je ne parle plus de moralité, on sait désormais dans quelle estime tu tiens toute morale…), je parle de légalité. En adoptant cet angle de vue, on voit bien comment tu nous la mets, tu nous le mets, tu nous les mets…

D’abord, premier doigt, il y eut cette étonnante évaporation de tes bénéfices en tant que banquier chez Rothschild : tu sembles en effet avoir habilement fait disparaître cette somme considérable de ta déclaration de patrimoine avant les présidentielles. Quid en effet des cinq millions d’euros que tu as engrangés comme banquier pendant huit ans et dont personne ne retrouve la trace ? (source : “Cinq millions d’euros en huit ans, où est l’argent, Emmanuel Macron ?” dans Economie Matin du 16 février 2017). Cinq millions, ça en fait des billets de cinq euros que tu voles dans la poche des étudiants qui reçoivent l’APL !

Ensuite, deuxième doigt, il y eut cette soirée de levée de fonds à Las Vegas qui a permis, via des facturations de Havas-Business, le prestataire de service de cette soirée apparemment effectuée sans appel d’offre, donc illégalement, de dégager de considérables marges, en dizaines de milliers d’euros, pour le candidat que tu étais alors. Qui organisait ce genre de soirée fort peu légale ? Muriel Pénicaud, ton actuelle ministre du travail (source : “Déplacement de Macron à Las Vegas : la très chère soirée organisée par Havas” dans Le Parisien du 8 juillet 2017). Fillon est tombé pour trois costumes : cette seule soirée t’aurait permis d’acheter des pardessus et des pantalons pour tout ton gouvernement et leurs cabinets pendant de longues années. Or, ce ne fut pas la seule soirée ayant permis des largesses à ton endroit.

Troisième doigt, devenu président, il y eut l’affaire Benalla. Chacun a eu le loisir, durant ce feuilleton de l’été débordant sur la rentrée, de voir combien et comment tu couvrais qui te couvre. Entre mensonges, stratégies de communication, enfumage, intoxication, désinformation, instrumentalisation, bien malin qui peut désormais savoir où se trouve la vérité. Dans cette affaire, je veux n’en retenir qu’une. C’est une affaire dans l’affaire. Quand ton petit protégé s’est retrouvé en garde à vue, la police n’a pu effectuer une perquisition à son domicile pour cause de légalité : elle n’intervient pas la nuit. Comment se fait-il qu’une équipe ait pu être diligentée pendant ce temps-là au domicile de Benalla pour ouvrir son coffre et faire disparaître son contenu, dont des armes à feu ? Qui a dit quoi, et à qui, pour que ce forfait qui entrave la bonne marche de la justice ait été commis ? Et par qui ? Il faudrait demander à feu Gérard Collomb et lui demander si ça n’a pas un peu à voir avec sa récente démission… On ne fera croire à personne que ce faux cambriolage ait pu avoir lieu à cette heure, dans ce lieu, dans cet endroit de l’appartement d’un homme que tu protèges contre vents et marées, sans que tu sois un peu au courant ! Qu’y-a-t-il entre lui et toi pour que se trouvent détruites les preuves des coups tordus de cette affaire ? De quels doigts et de quels fondements symboliques, ou non, est-il ici question ? (source : “Affaire Benalla. Compagne introuvable, coffre-fort disparu… les zones d’ombre subsistent” dans Ouest-France du 23 août 2018)

Puisque nous sommes dans la cambriole, ajoutons un autre forfait, ce sera le quatrième doigt, nous ne sommes pas bien loin de toute la main. Chacun sait désormais que la communication de monsieur Benalla, qui mettait tant dans l’embarras monsieur Collomb (un nom qui, je le jure sur ta tête, n’entre en rien dans ma métaphore filée du doigt et du fondement…), est pilotée par la Reine Mimi.

Qui est Mimi ? Laissons parler les éditions Grasset qui publient bientôt une biographie non autorisée du personnage. Voici la quatrième de couverture du livre en question : “On l’appelle ‘Mimi’. Michèle Marchand, la papesse des paparazzis, la gardienne des rumeurs, des secrets de la politique et des affaires. Elle collectionne les scoops sur les puissants mais elle a compris que le plus utile n’était pas de les vendre. Les posséder suffit. Et en parler, ici ou là. Elle ne dispose d’aucun titre officiel mais ‘Mimi’ se rend tous les jeudis à l’Elysée. Son agence de presse, Bestimage, a l’exclusivité de l’image de la Première Dame et de celles, privées, du couple Macron. (sic !) Une manne. Et une première. Jamais un couple présidentiel n’avait concédé un tel passe-droit à une ‘petite marchande de photos’. Comment ‘Mimi’ a-t-elle pris le contrôle des secrets de Paris ? Pourquoi lui est-il accordé tant de privilèges ? Que sait-elle ? Que tait-elle ? Difficile d’enquêter sur cette femme, puissante et redoutée. Ses amis se taisent et ses obligés ont peur.” Et puis ceci, qui ne manque pas de piment : “Garagiste, tenancière de boîte de nuit, mariée à des braqueurs puis à un policier, championne de ski, reine de la presse people… avant d’arriver au cœur du pouvoir. La vie de ‘Mimi’ est une énigme et un vertige.”

On comprend que ce vertige en donne à d’autres. Voilà pourquoi, fort étrangement, l’appartement de l’un des journalistes a été cambriolé. Par qui ? Toi seul le sait me semble-t-il. Ou Monsieur Collomb, qui a récemment fait ses valises… comme un voleur ! Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j’ai l’impression que l’équipe de monte-en-l’air qui a œuvré sur le coffre fort de Benalla était aussi de service chez l’un des biographes de la désormais fameuse Mimi. (source : “Un des biographes de ‘Mimi’ Marchand mystérieusement cambriolé” dans L’Obs du 26 septembre 2018).

Pour les besoins de ma démonstration, je sais que tu me comprendras, j’ai besoin d’un cinquième doigt. De sorte qu’ainsi, nous pourrons franchement parler d’un “Fist Fucking” – autrement dit, pour ceux qui se trouveraient autant déroutés par cette expression formulée dans la langue de Shakespeare que par les subtilités lexicales du corps humain, voici une libre traduction de mon cru : “La main, puis tout le bras dans le cul”. Tu m’excuseras toutes ces variations proctologiques, mais c’est toi qui m’y contrains, après avoir commencé aux Antilles…

A plusieurs reprises, celui qui te sert de Benalla pour tes discours, Sylvain Faure, a fait savoir que tu n’appréciais pas un certain nombre d’intellectuels – dont ma pomme ! Il fut dit un temps qu’un genre de “cellule riposte” allait être mise en place pour répondre aux idées “nauséabondes”, bien sûr, de ces personnes dont j’étais et dont je suis. Notre Sylvain avait alors sorti du chapeau les noms de Michel Serres et de Pierre Nora : tu voulais du sang neuf et rajeunir la société française, ces académiciens totalisent 174 ans à eux deux, c’est réussi. (source : “Le devoir de mémoire de Macron” dans Le Parisien du 11 juin 2017).

Tout le monde a pu voir que tu étais capable de changer la loi pour récompenser Philippe Besson qui est à ta personne ce que Heidegger fut à Hitler, Sartre à Staline, Sollers à Mao puis à Balladur… Tu as en effet décidé de faire voter un texte permettant d’ouvrir une vingtaine de postes de consuls généraux supplémentaires à des fonctionnaires comme à des non-fonctionnaires afin de rendre possible ce hochet à offrir à ton ami avec l’argent de la République. (source : “Ce décret qui permet de nommer Philippe Besson consul à Los Angeles” dans Le Parisien du 30 août 2018).

Un homme qui est capable de passer par-dessus la loi pour récompenser un intellectuel qui le…, qui le…, disons, qui chante ses mérites, n’aurait pas à se forcer beaucoup pour faire savoir combien il lui plairait que ce philosophe, qui lui déplaît, cesse de voir ses cours diffusés sur le service public ! Je dis ça comme ça ! Après la fraude fiscale, trois doigts, les cambriolages, deux doigts, la promotion d’un ami comme avers d’une médaille dont le revers est l’éviction d’un ennemi, cinq doigt, voilà, le compte est bon : la main est passée tout entier, le bras peut suivre…

Voilà un an que Votre Altesse, Votre Excellence, Votre Sérénité, Mon cher Manu, Mon Roy, mais aussi : Mon Chéri, tu es au pouvoir. Et tu nous régales chaque semaine avec de nouvelles aventures. Il te reste quatre ans de règne.

Je t’annonce une bonne nouvelle : comme je dispose de plus de temps pour moi depuis que mes cours à l’Université populaire sont passés dans la moulinette de ton rectum citoyen, je me réjouis de pouvoir t’annoncer que je t’écrirai plus souvent que je ne l’avais prévu lors de ma première lettre. Cette perspective nouvelle me donne le même sourire que toi, mais pour d’autres raisons : je suis ravi !

On sait que le sage montre la lune et que l’imbécile regarde le doigt : pour ma part, j’en prend le ferme engagement, je ferai part égale entre la lune et le doigt…

Salut Manu

Michel Onfray


“why do you all support syria and radical muslims”. Pathetic strawman and logical fallacy by ziotroll… Syria is fighting AGAINST radical islam, while ISISrael support muslim terrorists in Syria. So why do you support radical, murderous muslims?


The radical Muslims work for Israel, Israel has stolen land from Syria, and steals water from Lebanon. Religion is neither here nor there, Israel is a thief and racist fascist state.
Hitler was enough, and Bibi is Hitler Mk2.


PS the rise in antisemitism is directly attributable to the actions of Israel.


After all the hype S300 is nothing,now Netanyau has cooled his head and resulted to diplomacy.It looks like the have known the danger posed by S300.If I were Mr Putin I would reffer him to handle Iranians @their territory,hezzibolla the same.The business in Syria is to fight terrorism by all parties.


Too much fun on this thread. I have laughed quite a bit over the comments.

P.S. I hope BN is enjoying his time on the hot seat.

hope springs eternal.

Why can’t Putin tell BN “‘ Sorry, you have killed my service men, and I don’t want to meet you.””
I am sure the Russian public and Min of Defence will not be happy with Putin hobnobbing with this killer.


Why? Your dad still shook jacks hand placing your mom on her knees cupcake


Your feral. Go play by yourself.


Pootin called to a meeting with his boss, controller and God……Satanyahoo!

John Whitehot

lolololololololololol, own comment double uptick


It’d be nice if Putin refused to talk to any Israeli for a little while but diplomacy and finishing the war in Syria are far more important for Russias legacy. In all reality the Israelis will most likely attack Syria again since Iran will now be more safe to transfer weapons to Hezbollah (Hezbollah has full stockpiles of weapons currently, I guess future shipments will be more precise missiles).

The Bigger question here since the war in Syria has been won. Is what happens next? With the reports from various “sources” in the US saying that Israel is getting more free F-35s, it would stand to say that Israel will indeed attack and prod the newly beefed up Syrian AD network. Personally I’m more worried about Israel attacking Lebanon again since that is what they’ve been planning do to for a while now.

The run up to the end of this year will be interesting undoubtedly.

al quaida

How is the war won if it’s not finished?


The war effectively “won” with most of the land taken back and many rebel/terrorists either squashed or reconciled with. Idlib with most likely be settled through diplomatic means and the US held part East of the Euphrates is a shame but there isn’t a war against the US formerly. SDF and Syria can still reconciliate and the US can’t stay in Syria forever.

al quaida

“the US can’t stay in Syria forever.”

17 years and counting in Afghanistan…


It might be futile to say it given the duration the US has stayed in Afghanistan but 17 years isn’t forever and the US is a declining world power.

Sooner or later they will face money issues and internal unrest that will necessitate then bringing their assets back home. Also a technical level there is only 2000 or around there US troops in Syria. They don’t pose all that much of a threat tactically speaking. With the large shipments of Russian AD to Syaad that US forces ability to push its will should be atleast marginally mitigated.

al quaida

“They don’t pose all that much of a threat tactically speaking.”
Wouldn’t that depend on the tactics?
2000 advisors is all they need when the US “boots on the ground” is their proxy SDF. Backed by US firepower, they are occupying Syria east of the Euphrates – denying Assad of the crucial oil and gas fields (and al-Tabqah damn) – and there’s nothing Syria can do about it militarily. Not to mention the zone at al-Tanf, which is obviously a blockade on a crucial Iranian supply route.
It’s difficult for me to view this as a “win” for Syria at this stage.

Aron Marduk

First Israel has nothing to do in Syria. They managed to get Saddam of the power, Gaddafi and now Assad in Syria. Why you think? Because then they can do what ever they want with Iran.
If Putin even speaks to this worm he sure will fall to the lowest level.
I know Putin hates betrayal the most why then even speak to the worm?

Promitheas Apollonious

Did you hear any russian official confirming what this khazar worm, is claiming?


Netanyahu thinks he can establish an MO of the things Israel can still get away with in Syria, because while the Russians are mad that doesn’t mean they give a rip about what the Israelis do to the Iranians.


True, but deliberately killing Russians was a stupid mistake.
Israel has a habit of pushing boundaries, now they will have to sacrifice some of their own, and publicly eat humble pie. But we all know they won’t do that, so they no longer get to bomb Syria.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Why even give these damned Jews the time of day?


Putin should refuse to meet with this criminal. Where is Russia dignity here ?


The dignity is in making Bibi come to Putin.
He might keep him waiting, or be preoccupied with his dogs during the meeting.
Maybe he will tell Bibi to squeal like a pig?


Bibi will wear his bright red lipstick for the meeting.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

The Israeli PM should be congratulated for assisting the Russian (karakurt) spider in adding layers to it’s Syrian web.

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