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Netanyahu Praises ‘Tremendous Firepower’ Of Iraeli Air Force, Sends Warning To Iran, Hamas

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Netanyahu Praises 'Tremendous Firepower' Of Iraeli Air Force, Sends Warning To Iran, Hamas

IMAGE: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has praised a “tremendous firepower” of the Israeli Air Force and sent a warning to Iran and the Palestinian movement Hamas.

The air force is as its peak today, with the best tools, technologies, planes and pilots in the world. With defensive and offensive capabilities and tremendous firepower, the air force has the ability to reach short distances and faraway destinations as required,” Netanyahu said at an Israel Air Force Flight Academy graduation ceremony at the Hatzerim Air Base outside Beersheba on December 27. “We are meeting major challenges in the north, in the south and in the east. On all the fronts there are centers and branches of radical Islam that have already caused a heavy calamity in our region, but now to our country. We are an island in this stormy region and have a clear policy of protecting our security.”

The prime minister continued saying that Israel “will not allow the forces of the Iranian army to establish themselves in Syria in order to harm us. We will prevent the production of accurate and lethal weapons aimed at us.”

The event was also attended by Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Gadi Eisenkot and Israeli Air Force Commander Maj.-Gen. Amikam Norkin.

Israeli officials have repeatedly blamed Iran for its growing influence in Syria and providing weapons to Hezbollah from Iran to Lebanon via the country and threatened to implement various measures, including military options, to counter this situation.

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MD Ranix

israhell is playing victim/oppressed repetitively – when it is in actual fact – the root of all evil on earth


Fuck you

Lena Jones

Tel Aviv is the global center for terrorism and usury.

No ‘fuck yous’ can change this fact.


There is a reason so many people hate the jews, dude. Think about it.


wow. what a highly intelligent comment!


hahaha.. you should pull off your head from your arse to see the truth .. Are you f***ing your own arse..? Lol..

Peter Bedijn

I have stil a litle gas for you!


well.. just save it for ur love of nutanyahood instead..


Maybe try on on Hezbollah or iranian soldiers… and see if it works.


Hah the Zionist thinks if he paid $1,000,000,000 per one f-35 he will do something with that shit of jets. Haha he made me laugh. When Damascus shot down your shit of F-35 with s-200 you can fuck off with that jets.Same as the US keep barking at countries that don’t have good sophisticated air defense shield. S-400 goes very expensive but imagine if Syria could have few of this batteries on the border with Israhell. If you Israhell dogs think that you have all the good things now the f-35s and all that why you don’t real test that TOY go fly over Latakia over the Russian base make a run or turn there test your Stealth, make up a story that you were chasing some terrorist etc. that will be good exercise for the S-400 that are there, guarded with Pantsirs and made Air to Ground missiles Shields. Go BB give a test try.

leon mc pilibin

lol,they couldnt even beat HEZBOLLAH after many attempts,,and they think they can beat HAMAS and IRAN ?HAHAHAHA,maybe thats why he didnt mention HEZBOLLAH,its too painful to remember the hiding they got last time.The zionists are behaving like a cornered RAT,and need to be put out of their misery,in occupied PALESTINE.


Take tour pills you fool.

John Mason

Another deranged lunatic, maybe he should not have created all of that chaos, now he is a worried man and trying to intimidate those who are against him and his regime. Time is coming when Israel and their mad leader will pay for their misdemeanors. Enemies on all fronts that they have created.


remember, he has bosses, too. i want them to also taste that medicine. then we can consider the world a safe place.

chris chuba

Israel is an air force of strike fighters that can drop about 2,000lb of bombs per flight. This can do damage but this will not cripple military targets.
So what is Netanyahu really saying?
1. He is delusional.
2. He is declaring that his strike fighters can carry nuclear weapons.
3. He is declaring that they will attack civilian infrastructure (unopposed strike fighters can certainly destroy power plants, refineries, dams, etc).
4. All of the above.

I have really grown to detest Netanyahu.


same why cant he just drop dead?

chris chuba

Because another would rise to take his place. People like him need to be publicly shamed so that their brutish ideas are defeated.


How do we achieve that?


I’d love to strangle him with my bare hands lol


It was Israel’s and Saudi Arabia support and financing of ISIS and other Islamic terrorists in Syria that brought Iran into Syria to fight ISIS. So Israel, Saudi Arabia and even the embedded swamp creatures in Washington are ultimately responsible for Iran’s presence in Syria.


Hhhmm, aircraft are good at targeting things but cannot hold territory. I’m a little surprised that so many muslims fight each other in the current situation.


“…so many muslims fight each other in the current situation…”

The Israeli controlled, US led “Terror Axis” countries, Turkey, NATO, Saudi, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Jordan etc. which includeS Putin – Russia directly controlled by Israel help to train and arm Muslims who are willing to fight other Muslims.


Both Putin – Russia and Netanyahu – Israel consider themselves to be “Best Friends” and “Partners” in all spheres including Business and Military.

Putin – Russia does its best to help the Israeli Air Force planes fly freely in Syria without any Russian S300/S400 intervention to freely bomb the Syrian Military which includes Iranian and Hamas units as well as drop supplies to IS Terrorists.


Firstly, what you are referring to is basic diplomacy – all countries without ongoing direct hostilities claim they are partners when engaged in any form of discussions. It is the most basic of diplomacy-speak.
Secondly your claim the IAF are able to,’…freely bomb the Syrian military which included Iranian and Hamas units…’, requires some obvious correction. It appears you didn’t get the Hamas memo. Hamas are a Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, ie Sunni fundamentalist, organization – the same Muslim Brotherhood that have always been the very backbone of the domestic Syrian armed Sunni opposition militants. Hamas officially sided with the Muslim Brotherhood based Syrian opposition way back in 2012 – and accordingly renounced their previous Syrian state affiliations and moved their foreign offices from Damascus to Qatar – the primary financial sponsor of the Syrian based Muslim Brotherhood Sunni militant opposition. So no, Hamas units are neither in the Syrian state military nor being bombed by the IAF in Syria – for the rather simple reason they sided with the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood based militant opposition and their Qatari sponsors against the Syrian state. You appear to be unaware of the basic facts and players in the Syrian conflict.


“…they are partners when engaged in any form of direct discussions…”

Allowing Israeli Air Force planes fly freely in Syria is not “direct discussion£, it is an unlawful action under International Law.

Putin is not a “Partner” of Israel, he is a slave, “Sayanim” of the Khazarim who own Israel.

“…Hamas are a Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood…”

Should be Hezbollah, its corrected now.

Statement stands as fact:

Both Putin – Russia and Netanyahu – Israel consider themselves to be “Best Friends” and “Partners” in all spheres including Business and Military.

Putin – Russia does its best to help the Israeli Air Force planes fly freely in Syria without any Russian S300/S400 intervention to freely bomb the Syrian Military which includes Iranian and Hezbollah units as well as drop supplies to IS Terrorists.


‘Should be Hezbollah, its corrected now…Statement stands as fact: …’

Err, no. You do not even know the basic difference between Hamas and Hezbollah – who are unrelated Sunni and Shia based factions from the separate countries of Palestine and Lebanon and have been on diametrically opposed sides in the Syrian conflict. So how exactly can your statements stand as facts – when your stated facts are completely and utterly wrong and require being factually corrected by others?! lol.


“…Err, no. You do not even know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah…”

Its not possible to wrote in your Yiddish mother tongue, so what part of a typo do you not understand in the English language.

It was a TYPO, it should have been Hezbollah.

Discussing differences between Aryans and Khazarim like you is well known.

The May 6, 2010 issue of Science, Journal of the American Academy of Sciences, has finally confirmed that modern human populations have significant Neanderthal genetic admixture.

This study by the Max Planck Institute of Leipzig under the overall leadership of Dr. Svante Paabo also included some researchers from the Harvard University School of Medicine.

The Khazar propensity of aggression, war mongering, creating conflicts, mendacious, avaricious, manipulative, conniving and paranoia behavior is explained by one of their own Khazarim, Michael Bradley.

“Chosen People From the Caucasus” by Michael Bradley.

Bradley writes of his research and controversy that erupted when many media outlets which had previously hailed his writing on the topic of the Neanderthals came to realize that his work pointed toward Neanderthal origins of the Khazars.

Neanderthals & Semites


Misspelling a word is a ‘typo’ – but confusing as to whether it is actually Hamas or Hezbollah that are active allies with Syrian military is a gross level mistake based on ignorance. Particularly given these two factions are on completely opposing sides in the conflict. Accept being corrected with dignity and try and actually learn something new.


Bob More
“…Misspelling a word is a ‘typo’…”

So sue me, LoL:)))

My lawyers are Shyster and Swindler, Herzliya, Israel, its the office next door to yours, HaHaHa:)))))


Aha.. Will that makes IDF & IF are zionist fundamentalist too..?!


Zionists are supremacists – not fundamentalists…

Eskandar Black

Small minds. Israel may have an army of Jedi, but the world is not what it was, even 10 years ago. Today, Russia prevailed in Syria, restoring an almost Soviet image of competence in ME affairs. United States stands in a difficult situation after 15+ years of nonstop war with mixed success and at a high cost both in terms of money and destruction. Iran however, used this time to undermine American interests covertly and cheaply near its border, and has taken advantage of American political opportunism to effectively seize control of Iraq, Lebanon and Syria. The former American allies like Turkey are playing the Iranian influence in the region vs Sunni concerns card to seize land and political influence as well as target their Kurdish enemies. Our traditional allies like the Saudis are overextended and involved in wars on several continents and are in no position to confront the Iranian ambitions.
Now lets talk about Israelis and their air force. Iran, Syria, Lebanon have been working very closely, and have been acquiring all sorts of Russian tech. It is impossible to say what would happen if there was a full scale collision between these forces. While IDF is incredibly capable, they would immediately run into ambushes and casualties when confronting the battle tested and hell torn earth hardened Syrian, Lebanese and Iranian warriors. Israel would also face increased sophistication both in form of missiles hitting Israeli troops and the home country. In light of all these things, the analysis quality of the israeli air force becomes only marginally relevant to the situation.

Simon Gould

“United States stands in a difficult situation after 15+ years of nonstop war with mixed success”
Try no success.


If Israel had capacity to strike Iran by air they would have done it already – they simply don’t have the capacity or available air routes with required in-flight refueling. Hence, why Netanyahu and the US based Neo-Con cabal are constantly badgering and braying for the US military to do the task for them.


Hahaha hahaha!! They know they are corneredd and FUCKED!! Even your F-35 is impervious to Syrian S-200 ???


IsraHell’s entire Air Force, entire IDF and 15,000+ of its reserve troops couldn’t dislodge Hezbollah (who only used 3,000 troops and no rescue) in the war (against Hezbollah and Lebanon) it planned and waged in 2006 but they intend on taking on Iran?

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