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JUNE 2020

Netanyahu Plays Down Hezbollah Missile Threat After Month Of Propaganda Campaign Over Issue


Netanyahu Plays Down Hezbollah Missile Threat After Month Of Propaganda Campaign Over Issue

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On December 6, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu played down Hezbollah missile capabilities and claimed that the Lebanese group has only several dozens of precision-guided missiles.

“According to Hezbollah’s plans, they were already supposed to be equipped with thousands of missiles, but right now they only have a few dozens. The reason that they only have a few dozen is, among others, sitting here in this room,” Netanyahu said at an award ceremony for exceptional Mossad operatives, according to the Times of Israel.

Netanyahu went on to claim that the efforts of the Israeli military and intelligence prevented Hezbollah from accruing a higher number of precision-guided missiles.

“It is the combination of the Mossad, the IDF [Israeli Defense Forces], and our entire security system. We are depriving them of that weapon as well, not absolutely, but to a very impressive extent,” said the Israeli PM.

These remarks contradict with most of the previous statements on the issue released by top Israeli officials. The Israeli PM himself had participated in a propaganda campaign to show Hezbollah’s missile capabilities as the threat to the regional security for a long time. A part of this campaign was designed to justify Israeli actions in Syria.

Now Israel is apparently working to justify a military operation against Hezbollah positions inside Lebanon by promoting a new threat – “cross border tunnels.” In a clear sign of this new policy, Netanyahu said a day earlier that the Israeli military may have to operate in Lebanon in order to destroy the alleged tunnels of Hezbollah.

Facing these new threats, Hezbollah placed its fighters on a constant state of alert and surveillance. An official of the Lebanese group vowed that there will be a response to any attack from Israel, a policy that Hezbollah has been implementing since the 2006 war.

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  • Jesus

    Precision missiles aside, a swarm of several hundred unguided missiles coupled with mortar and artilery rounds would easily overwhelm Iron Dome defenses, and accomplish their purpose.
    As far as Mossad infiltrating Hezbollah network, Bibi can have his dreams.

  • Promitheas Apollonious

    well nutyahoo go for it.

  • hvaiallverden

    The ability to hit an target depends on some few basic skils, sutch as exspirience and range.
    What you fire with also depends on the target, an stationary one is not an challange with whatever you have, only fast moving objects are.

    The second thing is urban war fare, and down there its packed with vilages, its an night mare for an attacking force, when the enemy or defenders are armed with the same shit as the attackers, and when we know whom is and have thru years gone thru the real thing, in Syria, that, even IDF knows is priceless, you simply cant match real combat epxirience, no way, and Hezb, have it all, and even an freak like this Lithuanian sewage rat, knows when the oposition is capable to punch back and punch hard.

    I dont even lost an chalory to this hype, its for internal abuse only, let them scare the shit of eatch others, never interupt in your enemys ability thu arrogance and now total ignorance in destroying or creating massive cluster fooks by them selfs, ISISrael, is an dying nation.
    It, as the imperial banana republic, will be wacked from within.
    In an sence it may sound weird, but I feel an slight pittyness for the delutional morons whom calls them self Jews, and their biggest fear, is peace, nothing scares them more than peace, they loose their criminal enteprices, their mafia conections, the political corruptions, etc, of course they will fight to hold it as long they can, and that is their ineviatable selfinflickted doom.


    Boycot the terrorstate ISISrael to oblivion, the only desent thing to do, wack it out of existence, make one country of it all, and give back its rightfull name, thru milleniums, Palestina, give the selters some bucks and throw them out and then the real owners of the land can get their compansation from the theft this scums have done thru 70 years of terror regime and genoice.
    That, is the only viable solution, kick em out, and put up an election, and reconsile and move on, the prospects regarding the benefits for them all and us, is unlimited.

    I cant understand why this is an problem, do you.


  • Syria insider

    Kill Lebanese pigs after you finish the zio bastards in israhell.
    Death to Israel.
    Death to America.
    Death to Hezbollah.
    Death to Iran.
    Death to Europe.
    Death to Russia.
    Death to Syria.
    Long live myself I should be president.

    • FlorianGeyer

      Yes Mr Trump, SIR.

      • Syria insider

        I ain’t no fuckin zio bastards, Just a joker.

        • FlorianGeyer

          I know :)

          • Syria insider

            Great, everybody here like family.

        • H Eccles

          Calling for the genocide of every nation you can think of is hardly comedy..

    • Lena Jones

      Bashar stays and Putin wins so eat shit and die wahabi-jew-Russiaphobe motherfucker lol!

  • BlueInGreen

    Ok now this is a VERY worrying sign.

    What Netanyahu is doing is downplaying Hezbollah’s capabilities in order to calm down the masses if a shooting war starts. Essentially he is grossly underestimating Hezbollah purposefully in order to gain public approval for a new war.

    This is not good at all.

    • d’Artagnan

      There is less than snow ball’s chance in hell of the criminal Zionists attacking Hezbollah, the SAA, Iranian and resistance axis victory in Syria and Iraq has changed the regional power dynamics. Any attack on Lebanon will have suicidal implications for the Zionist regime and they know it. Hezbollah is better armed than most NATO armies and the best battle tested fighting force in the region with a full time armed cadre of over 100,000 ferocious soldiers now. It can also mobilize large numbers of allies from the region and fight a asymmetrical war for years with very sophisticated weaponry, the Zionist baby killers have never seen or faced before.

  • d’Artagnan

    So-called “Israel” and its criminally corrupt “leaders” are full of hollow bluster as they fully understand the devastating consequences of an unlimited war against Hezbollah and the regional fall out that will spell the end of the totally fabricated Zionist regime illegally squatting in Palestine.

  • Sinbad2

    Hezbollah will not fire missiles on Israel, unless Israel starts bombing civilians in Beirut.
    If the IDF invades Lebanon, Hezbollah will cut them to pieces.

    Now a normal person would say this is bad for Israel, lets not do it, but Netanyahu is not normal.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Nutter Yahoo is a fat turd, Ever seen his pot corrupt fat belly stick out in a T-shirt? He looks like a bloated pimp and his ugly parasitic wife is even worse.

  • Abdul Majeed


  • Lena Jones

    Nasrallah said on several occasions that the Hezb already has all the missiles they need and that they in fact don’t need many to defeat/destroy israel :-)

  • Lena Jones

    Keep dumbing down the genocidal jews of israel. Keep giving them a false sense of security, mister netanyahu. This is a most excellent state of mind for the jew enemy to be in.

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    First Israel will bomb Shia, then Christians will be drawn in to help defend Monotheist Lebanon!
    Then lastly, the Sunni will finally do some waking up like as if they have been asleep for too long, and tens of thousands of Sunni will perhaps join in the defense of their Monotheist brothers!
    I can see it so clearly, almost like a vision.

  • Zionism = EVIL

    haha Nutter Yahoo is so pathetic scumbag that he is sounding more like Baghdad Bob in his cowardly rants. Hezbollah will tear the Zionist cowards a new arsehole if they ever have the guts to attack Lebanon again :)

  • H Eccles

    “…. only several dozens of precision-guided missiles”

    Sure, but that’s all they need to send the illegal sqatters running for cover. Hamas never had any, yet sent the squatter scum packing.

  • verner

    doubt netty dares to do anything against Lebanon, as he knows that will start something he can’t win and very likely would be the end of israel. its population swimming for distant shores as well as they can. problem with swimming is that you can’t carry a knapsack full of stolen goods so they would have to leave it behind so the existential question would be, stay and protect the stolen stuff and die or abandon it and live. for israelits, that is one hard question to answer.

  • Davki

    Netanyahu is playing with fire. He knows it’s risky but he tries to save his … post. Whatever Hezbollah would do in response I don’t know, but I’m sure it will come as a surprise…

  • Aen RaBeon

    Nyahu needs an immediate diversion from his corruption case. Anything will do. Even eating back his word and PowerPoint presentation.