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JUNE 2020

Netanyahu: Military Power Is Best Answer To ‘Anti-Semitism’


Netanyahu: Military Power Is Best Answer To 'Anti-Semitism'


“The best answer to anti-Semitism is the State of Israel and the Israel Defense Forces [IDF],” Prime Minister as well as Defense Minister, Foreign Minister and Health Minister of the “only democracy” in the Middle East Benjamin Netanyahu stated commenting on a poll that showed over a quarter of Europeans believe that Israeli leadership itself fuels anti-Jewish sentiment.

“Once we were a leaf driven by the wind; they could slaughter us. Today, we have the power to respond” he added saying that the IDF is has a highl-class fighting spirit.

Earlier, the results of the CNN poll discovered that more than 28% of Europeans believe that anti-Jewish sentiments in their countries are mostly fueled by the actions of the Israeli leadership itself. Additionally, 18% said that anti-Semitism was a response to the everyday behavior of Jewish people.

The modern Israeli leadership has been openly denying that its own actions are fueling tensions in the Middle East, in partucular in the conflcits in Syria and Gaza. So, there is nothing new in that this appraoch is also employed toward the European audiency.

However, this situation shows that the combat against “anti-Semitism” narrative is becoming less and less useful for the Israeli leaders to justify its regional policy.



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  • verner

    and a steadily growing boycott divest and sanction movement is the better way to rid the world of boil that’s been a pain for the last 100 years and needs to be lanced and finished off post haste. can’t wait to see the israelites setting out on a new diaspora!

    • You can call me Al

      Just on that note; in Europe goods sold in the supermarkets need an identity of Country of origin – basically all the lower brands and goods. That is how they supply us food stuff – probably GM shyte as well.

      “Israel is an important trading partner for the EU in the Mediterranean area, and the EU is the first trading partner for Israel with total trade amounting to approximately €36,2 billion in 2017.

      EU exports of goods to Israel amounted to €21,4 billion in 2017. They are dominated by machinery and transport equipment (€9,1 billion, 42,8%), chemicals (€3,6 billion, 16,8%), and other manufactured goods (€3,1 billion, 14,6%).

      EU imports from Israel amounted to €14,7 billion in 2017. They are dominated by chemicals (€6,3 billion, 42,7%), machinery and transport equipment (€2,8 billion, 19,3%), as well as other manufactured goods (€1,9 billion, 13,4%).

      This trade needs eliminating.

      • potcracker2588

        This trade needs eliminating

        no….the jews need elimination

        • You can call me Al

          Bit harsh. We are talking about Israel, not the Jews.

          But whatever pleases !!. Get on with it as I sharpen the pitchfork.

      • verner

        now, and as you know, israel wouldn’t survive without large cash infusions from say the disunited states of A and from jewish groups in the disunited states etc and from jewish groups in England, in France, Italy, Sweden etc. these fundraisers are organised in the synagogues and by other jewish groups and transmitted to Israel and this cash is fundamental to the survival of israel. thus it is of paramount interest that these transfers are stopped and one such way is that the bds-movement gets some traction and opens the eyes of the various authorities in europe so that the practice is stopped!

  • ColinNZ

    Most red-blooded humans are not anti-semetic but rather anti-zionist as a result of the horrifically violent occupation, oppression and genocide that the zionist leaders and their supporters relentlessly unleash upon the Palestinians whose land the zionists brutally take and occupy … but the western establishment and anglozionists among them ensure that the term anti-semitism must include any criticism of what Israeli zionists do … thus it is a protection racket of the most despicable kind.

    • You can call me Al

      Spot on.

    • Rob

      At the end of 2019 there will be no Israeli terror camp in Palestine. The Israeli terror camp will be dismantled and all Israeli migrants will flee abroad.

  • Concrete Mike

    Those fuckers arent semites….there eastern europeean.

  • Lena Jones

    Military power is best answer to anti-gentilism actually!

  • John Whitehot

    bibi is losing the plot.

    military power means nothing alone, especially when everyone can’t stand you.

    the best way to reduce “anti-something” is to be friendly, open and helpful to others.

    this doesn’t seem to suit the current israeli leadership agenda though.

  • Garga

    The best answer to “antisemitism” would be eradication of Zionism, occupation and Israeli government’s insane actions, and to a lesser extend “crying wolf”.

    On the other hand, military power is the best answer against Zionism. Cowards don’t dare attack anybody who is able to defend.

  • Tommy Jensen

    All anti-semitism such as usury haters, people against shopping centres and gay movies inside Christian churches and people against 30 year prison to children for throwing stones against Israel, will now be met with Israel´s new nuclear capabilities.

    • verner

      in the unlikely event that israel would dare to use its nuclear bombs against anyone, jews would be slaughtered in the street where ever that street would happen to be – there is nothing that would stop such bloodbath on jews, there is just too much pent up anger against jews among ordinary folks to be stoppable. so, israel, get going!!!!

      • R PLobo

        The Iranians have already made the promise to exact complete revenge if the zionist baby killers use atomic weapons. The zionists are finished after the defeat in Syria. Nuclear weapons are a mute point and their use would not cause the resistance to surrender. The zionists now simply have no way out and their casino pimp occultist whore masters have no capacity for reason.

  • so

    Just continue to circle that Toilet bowl Benjamin. You created it, you own it. Hope the Israeli and Fukus people wake up before its to late.

  • Criticalthinker101

    Where are you Merjin? – some of your pseudo semistism is needed to stir up the comments!

    • Lena Jones

      Bait much?

      • Criticalthinker101
        • Lena Jones

          Are you dragging a Merjin sour grape from another thread all the way here?

          Shadow boxing: kinda boring, don’t you think?

          • Criticalthinker101

            Are you his corner person?

          • Lena Jones

            Dude, you sounded positively odd directing your hostile comment at M when M wasn’t even in the room. Know what I mean?

            In any case, this conversation is really boring and a waste of your time and mine.

            Be balanced. Appropriate. congruous.


          • Criticalthinker101

            MERJIN directs his against a whole cultural group!

          • Lena Jones

            Are we talking klepto, terrorist jews here?

            So what? Maybe they are. Have you read the talmud lately? LOL! You should! Discover for yourself the joy of vile anti-gentilism – if you can handle it, that is.

          • Criticalthinker101

            How many of them are in the room!!!! LOL. He’s a massive troll and should be ridiculed

          • Criticalthinker101
          • Lena Jones

            You missed motherfucker – I don’t touch jewy links lol!

  • slayern2

    “Once we were a leaf driven by the wind” awww how poetic, poor little Jews (like the Rothschilds);
    mass murdering war criminal poet Bibi…. at least he is honest (*first time in his life): if you don’t like them, they kill you.

  • Vitex

    Best cure for anti-semitism is the destruction of the Anglo-Zionist empire. Besides, most jews are ashkenazim, not semitic. Anti-semitism can be seen every day in Syria – where there actually are some semites.

    • RichardD

      First the UN turned on them, because they had the information that the Jew controlled media was hiding from the public. And now with the internet exposing their crimes, the public is turning on them also.

  • RichardD

    This is double speak. Jews are the biggest antisemites by far. And their crime and evil is the primary cause of antijudaism.