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Netanyahu Loosely Confirms Israel Carried Out Strikes In Iraq

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Netanyahu Loosely Confirms Israel Carried Out Strikes In Iraq

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On August 22nd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to admit that Israel attacked allegedly Iran-backed militant positions in Iraq throughout July and August.

“I don’t grant Iran immunity anywhere,” he said to Channel 9. “Iran is a state, a power, that has sworn to annihilate Israel. It’s trying to establish bases against us everywhere. In Iran itself, in Lebanon, in Syria, in Iraq, in Yemen.”

Then, Netanyahu was asked the following question:

 “In other words, if necessary, we act in Iraq also?”

To which he replied:

 “We’re acting not only if necessary, we’re acting in very many theaters against a state that seeks to annihilate us. Obviously, I’ve given the security forces the order and the operational freedom to do what is necessary in order to disrupt these plots by Iran. And obviously I’ve also led, and in many ways continue to lead, a global effort against Iran. And there were years when I stood alone.”

Just days earlier Netanyahu made similar remarks, on August 19th.

“Iran has no immunity, anywhere,” he said. The Iranians continue to threaten Israel with annihilation and are building military bases across the Middle East intended to carry out that goal, Netanyahu said, blaming the 2015 nuclear deal for Iran’s increasing aggression. “We will act — and currently are acting — against them, wherever it is necessary,” he declared.

“A state that says, ‘We are going to destroy you and we will build bases to fire missiles and to send terrorist cells against you’ — as far as I’m concerned, has no immunity,” he told reporters. “We will act — and currently are acting — against them, wherever it is necessary,” he said while visiting Ukraine.

Separately, the New York Times cited anonymous senior US officials who said that Israel carried out several strikes in recent days in Iraq.

Most recently, on August 20th an ammunitions depot exploded the area near Balad Air Base, 60 kilometers (37 miles) north of Baghdad. Initial media reports claimed that it was a result of a drone strike. The depot is operated by Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units (PMU).

The PMU also operated another weapons depot that exploded on August 12th at al-Saqr military base near Baghdad. The incident left 1 dead and 29 injured.

A PMU checkpoint was attacked just days earlier Syrian-Iraqi border at Albukamel, nobody was harmed.

Earlier than that, two Iranians were reportedly killed by a blast at a base in Amerli, in the same area of the al-Saqr military base on July 19th.

Pro-Iranian al Mayadeen TV quoted Iraqi member of parliament Karim al Alewi, who belongs to the parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, as saying that Israeli planes were “responsible for two previous ammunition dump explosions at Amerli and Saqf” during the past month.

Alewi also alleged that “the U.S. controls Iraqi air space” and that “no planes, including Iraqi jets or helicopters, can overfly the area without U.S. knowledge or permission.”

Following all of the incidents, Iraq’s national security adviser, Falih al-Fayadh, said that Iraq wanted to avoid taking sides in any struggle between Iran and other countries and being “pushed into a war.”

“The Iraqi government and especially its security agencies and armed forces will take all measures necessary to protect Iraq and its people and to deter any attempts at destabilization,” he said.

He said the government had yet to determine who was behind the attacks, despite accusations of some MPs.

Jamal Jaafar Al-Ibrahim, the deputy chief of the PMU, blamed “American and Israeli aircraft” for carrying out “repeated attacks” on the groups’ local headquarters.

It is possible that Israel is, in fact, carrying out the attacks, with the US largely keeping quiet about it, with “anonymous” officials confirming them.


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This is the same scofflaw Yinon plan provocation that Israel has engaged in for it’s entire history. Judaism needs to be abolished and Israel replaced at the UN with a unified Palestine. The sooner that the planet is Jew free the better that it will be for everyone.

A regional military force armed with nuclear weapons needs to be stood up and deployed within the parameters of international law to clear the blood sucking Jew pedophile mass rape cultists out of the occupied territories. And to implement all of the resolutions that Israel has been in violation of for it’s entire history. Including holding a referendum on Israel’s dissolution and decommissioning the IDF.


Who are/will be this “regional military force with nuclear weapons…occupied territories”? Russia is not an antagonist to Zionist,Turkey is not an antagonist to Zionist despite its big mouth, Iran cant even feed its own people now,


You can start with Israel’s neighbors that Israel has attacked, which is all of them, probably Russia, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and go from there. It depends on how the Syria war defeating the baby rapers Yinon plan regime change terrorists ends. Which isn’t looking good for Israel.


“UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Wednesday adopted a resolution that urges protection of the Palestinian civilians, after rejecting a US demand to add a condemnation of attacks on Israel by Hamas.

The Arab-backed resolution passed by a vote of 120-8 with 45 abstentions. …

Initially sponsored by Algeria, Turkey and the Palestinians, the resolution got sponsorship from more countries shortly before its vote. …

a Kuwait-drafted resolution on the same topic and with almost identical text, was vetoed by the United States though wining 10 votes in favor in the 15-member council.”

– UNGA adopts resolution on protection of Palestinian civilians –



True, but some here can see the world only though their narrow ideology. ” Russia is not an antagonist to Zionist” is a truth that does not fit into this world view. Even though Putin said, that those who hate on Jews are sick, and only project their own self-hate on other” Source: Vladimir Putin in the “Putin Interviews” Series


The UN is dead. it is a Tool of the imperialist nations. ME nations do not need biased UN any longer. step 1: annihilate the Zio state step 2: eject US from ME


And how do you suggest doing this?


PMUs + Hezbollah

Xoli Xoli

Israel doesn’t know socialism there all the headchoppers must be send to Israel. Israel Jews believe someone must die every day or the rabbi must be kill or Satanyahu must attack Syria, Lebanon or Iran.

Real Anti-Racist Action

NETANYAHU is bragging about launching an air war against two nations who are fully equipped with Russian military hardware, and yet being totally unhindered by Russian weapons. Israel has truly surpassed Russia in tech. Syria and Iraq cannot even track Israels best tech let alone down any of them.


Hmmm, remember the israhelli “UFO” that fell in Cyprus a couple of months ago ?


Iraq isnt fully equipped at all with the the latest Russian tech they dont even have the S400 yet, the notion that Israel has surpassed Russia in hardware is a joke.


In fairness, the Israelis do employ a lot of Russian weapon designers.

Where do you think Iron Dome came from, a Brooklyn employee!


If they are utilising Russian engineers then Russia already has the same capability.


Russia is years ahead, these were emigres from Russia who went to live and work in Israel.

Free man

Another Russophobic response from a real Iranian racist.


The US run and arm Iraq, and Syria doesn’t fly outside of Syria you muppet.


BS, you got it all wrong, Soleimani runs Iraq. The US knows it.He is the most powerful man in the entire Me because he also influences Syria and Lebanon via the PMU’s why do you think the iraqi PM can promise help to the Iranian in case of a US attack…


The US runs Iraq.

They are there, legally. Iraq can’t just say Leave, and they would just go. Unfortunate, but reality. We know how Iraqi citizens could wipe the US forces out quickly, but what price are the Iraqi citizens willing to pay? The US can make it another Syria, Libya, or Afghanistan, all they need are proxies or just defendable airbases.


The US is on its way outta the ME. It has less influence in Iraq than the Iranians. After 15 years of bombing Iraq, all the US achieved was to hand Iran influence in Iraq and allow the IRGC to be on Israels border and save Syria. If that isn’t the height of idiocy, then what is?

Maninder Singh Batra

Russia and Israel have a deconfliction agreement . Second ,Israeli position is strong and Russia does not want to be entangled in a war with USA-Israel-GCC


Iran – Hezb – PMU- Syria does not need Russia to wipe out the very shallow Israeli strategic depth. perhaps after wiping their arses with Israeli cannon fodder, they can take out Cow-worshipping Piss drinking Indian nation state and help the pakis and kashmiris..

Maninder Singh Batra

Iran,Syria, Hesbollah won’t collaborate with you fucking wahabbi mullahs to help the wahabbi extremist cause in Kashmir you fucking camel piss drinking wahabbi.


LOL. Methinks you confuse Cow worshipping, piss drinking, monkey f*cking (gae pujarI , moot peene, bandar ka Lund choos ne wale log) Hindus such as yourself with Muslims. I do know that piss drinking is a Hindu religious rite…..but Muslims drinking camel piss…well that’s something new. Anyhow, the rape capital of the world was humiliated by tiny Pakistan and had their monkey f*cking pilot captured and 2 aircraft shot to pieces while bombing a piece of vacant real estate in Pakistan all as a election ploy for modi that went horribly wrong.your country is busy breaking up – did you think that sucking British dick was gonna help you keep post colonial India together? Pakistan won’t have to do a thing. Sikhs such as yourself will retire to Khalistan and the 500 other ethnic groups will each carve out their piece of India. Now, as the country with the most prostitutes in the world, mostly forced, don’t you have a sister to sell or even your mom?

Maninder Singh Batra

Modi killed 300 Porkis you camel piss drinker and islamics drink camel piss


And rape in islam four male witness are needed else its adultery. Refer to hudood ordinance you rapist camel piss drinking mullahs.



Why are rape victims often punished by Islamic courts as adulterers?

Under Islamic law, rape can only be proven if the rapist confesses or if there are four male witnesses. Women who allege rape without the benefit of the act having been witnessed by four men (who presumably develop a conscience afterwards) are actually confessing to having sex. If they or the accused happens to be married, then it is considered to be adultery.


Quran (2:282) – Establishes that a woman’s testimony is worth only half that of a man’s in court (there is no “he said/she said” gridlock in Islam).

Quran (24:4) – “And those who accuse free women then do not bring four witnesses, flog them…” Strictly speaking, this verse addresses adultery (revealed at the very time that Muhammad’s favorite wife was being accused of adultery on the basis of only three witnesses coincidentally enough). However it is a part of the theological underpinning of the Sharia rule on rape, since strict Islamic law does not recognize rape if there are not four male witnesses or a confession.

Quran (24:13) – “Why did they not bring four witnesses of it? But as they have not brought witnesses they are liars before Allah.”

Quran (2:223) – “Your wives are as a tilth unto you; so approach your tilth when or how ye will…” There is no such thing as rape in marriage, as a man is permitted unrestricted sexual access to his wives.


Netanyahu brags a lot but delivers very little. Israeli days of having a Techno Airforce edge over its neighbours hinge on the F-16 + F35 + US electronic warfare suites – the technology gap is closing rapidly with China, Russia and eventually Iran unveiling cheap, asymmetrical neutralisation weapons against these multibillion dollar pieces of Flying Junk. Then it will depend on Classic boots on the ground warfare – something neither the pu$$y Yanks nor the B!tches in tel Aviv and their mommy’s boy girly IDF crying wankers will be able to stand up to. Hence Nasrallah’ assertion that the next war will not only produce Israeli refugees, but will see an invasion of Israel coming


Iraq’s Air Defence Command is currently comprised of an estimated 3000 personnel, which operate a number of short ranged Russian Patsir-S1 combat vehicles, 9K338 handheld anti aircraft missiles and ZU-23-2 anti aircraft guns – does anyone seriously believe this will stop air strikes!

Zionism = EVIL

IRAQ IS OCCUPIED BY AMERICUNTS since 2003! let’s get real. Abadi is a CIA puppet.


PLUS, soon to be deployed BAVAR 373


And Russia agreed, too.

Russia also want the retreat of Iran in the region.

Here is the end of false drems of stupid dreamers, that Russia will defend Iran. :) Never, boyos!


stupid – russia has not agreed to anything, particularly since russia refused to distance itself from Iran earlier in may (?) in meeting with madhatter bolton and netanyahu in tel aviv. on the contrary Russia that sent a representative of somewhat less standing than either the unhinged states of A or the squatters and made it clear that the collaboration between russia and Iran will continue unhindered of threats from either the unhinged states of A or the squatters. moreover, Russia is in deep with Iran on other issues than Syria, e.g. bartering of oil and goods (Caspian Sea deliveries) and other stuff as well. in fact I guess that this collaboration is what hinders the squatters from doing something more decisive if you think of when russia sent 16 ballistic missiles on syria from the caspian sea, which truly told netanyau that if syria is in reach from the caspian so is tel aviv so the message was clear – behave!


This was a trilateral agrement (RU-US-IL) about these stikes. Of course, the SF will never write about these facts.


True, but dont expect this part of the truth to be wanted here. ;)


no no – russia emphatically declared its collaboration with Iran and that Iran is in Syria till the business is finished which is to clear Syria from foreign troops. so there never was and never will be a tripartite agreement with russia being one party and the unhinged morons and the squatters the other two. russia and iran have the same aim in syria and both countries are in for the long haul which is the end of the war in Syria and all foreign troops either mashed to pulp or on the run.

what happens after that is anyone’s guess – I think it’s possible that Iran and Turkey decide to evict the squatters from the land which isn’t theirs. Erdogan hates israel and so does Iran and add to the brew Hezbollah, and Iraq and hopefully this group can finish off the israelis for good!


Funny Werner, but a fail:

Russia sees every country as Partner, Syria and Iran, but also Israel, Turkey, Saudi Arabia. Even with the US Putin has now better ties, in reagard to Syria at least. Putins plan is to be a meditator in the middle east, as he declared again and again.

And he also numoerously declared that Russia only acts for her own interests, and a warm relationship to Israel and Turkey if obviously at least as important as with Syria and Iran.

Plus even if you missed it, Irans forces have more or less been removed from Syria, just like the US and Israel wanted. In turn it seems, that this aggreements in turn enabled an understanding about Syrias future, which will enable Russia to work towards a political settlement.

To believe that Turkey will attack Israel is pretty nuts, but wishfull thinking guides all of your post and your world view. Hope dies last, i know.

Tudor Miron

I’m affraid that you don’t actually realise what is going on. Very few people do. What is happening is Bibi leading his people right to the slaughter. Remember my words in few years from now.


100% true…I think the Zio fools know it is too late…so expect some desperate crap happening IOW, a HOT Nuclear war against Lebanon, Syria and Iran. expect the destruction of the Gulf monarchies in retaliation and the annihilitaion of the Zionist apartheid state.. finally.


Bullshit. Iran and Hezbollah have redeployed because they are expecting an imminent US-Zio attack – maybe by the end of 2019. Judging by the Syrian Army’s latest escapades against the last Terrorist strongholds, Iran and the Hezb are no longer needed.

Zionism = EVIL

Russia is even more in Jew pockets than US, actually Putin is totally ingratiating himself with his idol Nutter Yahoo, there are 2 million Russian and Ukrainian pretend “Jews” in occupied Palestine that are linked to Putin and the Jew oligarchs plunder of Russia.


I do not think that matters.. Russian jewish-Generals in the Russian armed forces etc etc pose no threat to Putin. Politics is about economics. If an attack on iran means Russian-Chinese economic disruption, both nations will climb in. However, to defeat israel, Russia and China are not needed. I am 10000% certain of the allegations that Iran has +250 tactical nuke warheads purchased from Ukraine and elsewhere plus a homegrown means to deliver it. That + Hezbollah + Shiite PMU in Iraq will be sufficient to obliterate the Zio state.

Wolfgang Wolf

so they were definitely flying over Jordan, because they are zio-asslickers… and NOT over Syrian airspace….


It seems some points here are:

1. Israel uses F35. They were not tracked by the S300 and the other short range airdefense hardware like Pantsir it seems that Iraq has. so it seems the F35 indeed DOES have its value, despite many here claiming not.

2. While it may be possible for Russia which has a much more able and integrated radar network to track F35 much more easily, this seems not be true for Iraq.

3. It was also alleged, that Israel partly flies their F35 in Iraq under US flag and with US identification signal. Maybe this also played a role.

We will only know for sure, when Iraqi parliament seriously investigates this.

Good thing is: Now that Israel and US has more or less confirmed it, the pro-US parts in parliament will be under pressure. Give it some time, and US will pay the price for it and will be under pressure to crawl back to their Gulf state bases.


Even if the S300/400 can track the F35 its another matter to get a solid missile lock so it may be quite difficult to take down.


Israeli F35 was seriously damaged by Syria S200 last year in a “bird strike” over Lebanon…F-35 is not the wonder jet it was made out to be. It could not avoid a “lock-on” by an S200? Why do you think Irsael was jumping made at the prospect of Syria acquiring s300?


NuttyYahoo at least knows that it is the Shiite PMU (million man army) that will end the existence of his shitty racist genocidal settler colonial apartheid state. As mentioned elsewhere, the Syrian-Russian-Iranian-Hezbollah clawback of Syrian Territory is prioritised on a need-to-do basis. Once all the “need-to-do” stuff is outta the way, israel will be squarely in the crosshairs of Iran and her million man army from which israel will have no defence. Hence Syria’s seemingly complacent behaviour in the face of repeated Israeli attacks. How many idiots on this SF forum claimed Syria and Russia were too scared to confront Turkey… well, what just happened this past week with a Turkish “terrorist-aid” convoy being harassed with Erdomonkey not as much as making a peep. Now he is off to Russia to work things out with Putin – If the Turks had the muscle and balls, there would be unilateral action on their part. Eventually, the US troops will be forced to leave or will be massacred. Israel is not even worth consideration as an enemy of the axis of resistance since they cannot even prevail over a guerilla force like Hezbollah. Nuttyyahoo is digging his own grave by spilling PMU blood. The Shiite PMU’s will claim a 10 to 1 retaliation for every man lost. If Iran’s Bavar 373 is anywhere as good as what they claimed it to be (S300 + performance), and it is 100% locally manufactured + possibly having F-22 and F-35 detection capabilities, then consider Israel defeated as soon as these get deployed in Lebanon and Syria.

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