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Netanyahu Kicks Off War On Hezbollah ‘Attack Tunnels’ In Northern Israel

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On December 4, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced that they had launched Operation Northern Shield in order to “expose and neutralize” alleged Hezbollah cross-border attack tunnels heading from Lebanon to Israel.

According to the Israeli side, the IDF eliminated at least one Hezbollah tunnel – a 200m-long construction, which reportedly penetrated 40 meters into Israel near the northern town of Metulla. Currently, the IDF operation is ongoing on the Israeli side of the contact line. However, the IDF openly stated that the military effort might be expanded into Lebanese territory.

On the evening of December 4, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Operation Northern Shield is aimed at targeting an alleged broader push by Hezbollah the Israeli leader is being accused of corruption to capture parts of Galilee from Israel.

He described the IDF actions as a part of “a wide ongoing operation”, which will not end until all its goals are achieved.

On December 3, Israel’s Defense Minister, Health Minister, Foreign Minister and Prime Minister travelled to Brussels to meet US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Fortunately, for Israeli taxpayers, all four of the officials are, in fact, Netanyahu. So, the government saved lots of money on the delegation’s hotel and airline spending. Netanyahu was accompanied to the meeting by Mossad head Yossi Cohen; National Security Council head Meir Ben-Shabbat; and his military secretary Avi Blot.

Netanyahu said that he spoke to the US diplomat about imposing additional sanctions on Hezbollah in light of what he described as “this new aggression.” The US, according to Netanyahu, has given Israel its full backing.

It is interesting to note that the Prime Minister’s “short victorious war” on “Hezbollah tunnels” followed a recommendation by Israeli police to indict Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife on allegations of corruption. This is the third occasion when the Israeli leader is being accused of corruption in 2018 alone. The accusations are of bribery and fraud in various forms.

It’s possible that Netanyahu sees the operation against alleged Hezbollah infiltration infrastructure is a way to ensure a quick win that would show the Israeli people that their Prime Minister is, a top class leader and his government brings stability and security. Thus, he would be able to ease pressure caused by the corruption accusations and to remain in power for another period.

However, if Netanyahu orders the IDF to expand its operation into the Lebanese side of the contact line, this will immediately lead to an escalation with Hezbollah and in the worst-case scenario – to war, a scenario in which no Israeli or Lebanese citizen is in fact interested.

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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

Netanyahu seems like a bit of a sadistic warmongering knt


Warmongering, yes . . . he certainly does love a good monger. Actual warfighting, so far not so much; luckily for the world, the jury is still out on whether he has the stomach to actually go to war.

H Eccles

There’s plenty more of that type in Israel..


The people of Israel learned to see around them enemies. Even those who like them ,they do not trust them. This is the most powerful weapon of Israeli political leaders. He wants the political leader yet another term, he invents dangerous enemies that threaten the security of Israel, hunts them and wins votes. It is a state that has a curse from God never to feel safe and peaceful. Even if all states make peace with Israel again they have to invent dangerous enemies because their psychology is such ,when they have no enemies ,then it will be a people that everyone will ignore them ,because they have no history like all the other peoples on the Earth. Neither culture to convey to other peoples, and show their superiority. It is in the class of Gypsies, no property no land, my property is that what you have and my land is that what you have and your house is mine and the water is mine and the food is mine and you must die because I must live.

Chris Chuba

I’m surprised the U.S. MSM hasn’t picked up on this story yet. They will usually echo any claim by Netanyahu as if it was spoken by the prophet Daniel but even they haven’t touched this story despite it’s obvious appeal, standard bad guys, victims, heroic just in time action. Maybe Russiagate is a blessing in disguise, except for the possible war with Russia.

Pave Way IV

I’m still waiting to see one video that convinces me there IS a tunnel there. Should be simple enough if the terror tunnel extends 40 m into Israeli territory. Have the backhoe dig down to intersect the tunnel itself, and then send a couple of guys down a rope and camera. They don’t have to crawl around inside the tunnel, but they should be able to toss a flare in either side so there’s no question of an existing one there. Israel seems to be doing everything it can to avoid showing that the excavation and tunnel exist where Israel says they exist.

So far, we have seen nothing but some old tunnel video from somewhere, and then other new video of some earth moving equipment scratching around by the border. The two are presented by the MSM as if they are at the same location, but we have no idea. In fact, the odd LACK of clear evidence for this Israeli claim sticks out like a sore thumb. How hard can it be to show there’s really a 400 m tunnel going under their damn fence?


If are any tunnels I totally agree to be destroyed and Hezbollah to pe punish .. I hope Israel says the truth …. MAY PEACE BE IN THE WORLD

Hisham Saber

Hezbollah doesn’t need tunnels. To, penetrate Israel. Hezbollah are unique as they operate in small, highly maneuverable elite teams composing of specialists of various kinds. And as we saw in 2006, they get up real close to the Israeli armored battalions, thus rendering effective air strikes by the Israeli air force useless. Hezbollah units have gained 7 years hardcore experience in Syria, fighting an overzealous bunch, heavily armed and ready to die. In urban, rural and desert terrain, they have achieved great victories allied with the Syrian Arab Army.

The IDF doesn’t even come close in combat effectiveness compared to Hezbollah. The IDF are soft, mostly exchange students from the U.S, Russian Jews, usually on the run from justice in Russia, and LGBTQ types. Hezbollah units will run circles around them. A war now would be a disaster for Israel.


The IDF are soft because for 40 years or so they’ve been bullyboys whose job is oppressing powerless victims more than they’ve been an actual fighting force. Where they originally come from is probably not very relevant to that, and how many of them are gay still less so. IDF service is universal except for the orthodox and most non-Jews, so presumably the actual makeup is pretty much a reflection of the Israeli population as a whole.


To repeat what I have said on at lest one occasion; “Israelis have a DEATH WISH”

I would assume some, out there , in addition to myself, are willing to OBLIGE

Melville Pouwels

should south palestine attack across the border,in lebanon, it would only be a matter of time before russia would supply the s400 [i hope]….

H Eccles

So.. to sum up

Leader of the illegal squatters faked an issue, ie Hezbollah tunnels, just so he could sit down with the US and apply more sanctions on Hezbollah.. with the added bonus of providing a distraction to his upcoming corruption charges.

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