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Netanyahu: Israel And Russia Will Work To Remove All Foreign Forces From Syria

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Netanyahu: Israel And Russia Will Work To Remove All Foreign Forces From Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu has denied wrongdoing. Photograph: Ronen Zvulun/Reuters

Israel and Russia will work through a joint group to remove all foreign forces from Syria, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on March 3 at the weekly cabinet meeting.

“President Putin and I also agreed on a shared goal – the removal from Syria of the foreign forces that came in after the civil war erupted … We agreed to set up a joint task force which, together with others, will work to advance towards this goal,” Reuters quoted the Israeli PM as saying.

Despite the agreement with Russia, Netanyahu stressed that his country will continue to work against Iranian forces in Syria. Israel carried out hundreds of airstrikes on the war-torn country in the last eight years under this pretext.

“I made it unequivocally clear that Israel will not allow Iranian military entrenchment in Syria, and I made unequivocally clear that we will continue to militarily act against it,” Netanyahu told his cabinet, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Last week, Netanyahu visited Moscow and held extensive talks on Syria with President Vladimir Putin. This was the first face-to-face meeting between the two leaders had since the downing of the Russian intelligence plane over Syria in September.

Following the meeting, Putin revealed that the two countries are working to establish a working group with the aim of normalizing the situation in Syria after the defeat of the terrorists there.

“The idea is that with all interested parties, first of all, of course, the leadership of the Syrian Arab Republic, it may be the opposition, these are countries of the region, everyone who is involved in this conflict,” Putin said back then.

While Tel Aviv sees the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria as a top priority, Moscow and Damascus consider the presence of Iranian personnel in the country as a legal move because they are deployed under request from the Syrian government.

Furthermore, Damascus and Teheran are being engaged in a deep military technological cooperation. This means that the joint group is not likely achieve the withdrawal of all or at least any foreign forces. On the other hand, the group may become a useful tool to de-escalate the situation between powers involved in the conflict and to start working on some compromise decision on the settlement of the conflict.

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I’d like to believe this is an over exaggeration on Netanyahu’s part in order for him to come off as successful at home in Israel for obvious domestic purposes. The man (if you can even call him that) is in huge legal trouble and will do anything to make himself look like a “hero”.

Regardless, we need to hear to hear the Russian side in order to get a better picture of what is actually going on since the Israeli version (Netanyahu version to be more precise) is just too skewed to be viewed with any credence.

Simply put, we need more information.


It looks like Putin and Bibi try to swap: Removing US+Allies while also removing Iran+allies.
That Assad views Iran as a more important and reliable ally than Russia, and that Putin views Israel as more valuable that Syria (in the long term), is the background of this development..
How we should judge this .. i dont know. Removing US from Syria would be great, but without Iran and their support Assad will loose the biggest support he had, and would endanger everything. Plus Russia and especially Putin trusting Bibi would be a major error IMHO.. Even with US staying out of Syria, new Jihidist proxies could turn everything around back to shit without Iranian advisors and allies militias..
To me, this does not look too good. But take your pick..


Fair assessment and I agree that it would seemingly not look good, but we have to wait and see what the Iranians, Syrians, Hezbollah and Russia have to say conclusively about this supposed Russia-Israeli collusion to remove foreign forces from Syria.

I have, since the get go, viewed Russia as a more pragmatic player in the Syrian war. Especially with Putin at the helm, it is not an exaggeration to say that the Russians want what is best for Russia and what is best for Russia is to not get involved in the Iranian-Israeli show-down that has yet to occur in full. Russia factually has rather deep ties to Israel if I’m not mistaken, so there is come truth in the article, albeit you’d have to think outside of the box and more objectively rather than sentimentally if you know what I mean.

Although we could be over looking the possible reality that Bashar and the SAA are as of now, fully capable of keeping the territories they control under well, control, without the need of Russia, Hezbollah and Iranian forces. This could be a reality but truthfully I just don’t know whether this is the case or not, just spit-ballin’ here.

Lazy Gamer

Russia has already calculated that the threat is subsiding, that is why room for politicking goes up. But is Syria really out of the woods? Add to that the distinction that certain countries were invited/allies and Putin can double speak what Netanyahoo wants to hear. Defining clearly as the situation unfolds. Lol


If you’re asking me, the answer about Syria being in the clear is a clear cut NO. The thing with foreign sponsored insurgencies is that they can vary in intensity. You can literally fund your proxies and command them to go underground for a period of time, a slow burn if you will, all the while sending money and arms to them for next round of fighting. Naturally at anytime of your choosing you would nudge the groups you supported into targeting government facilities/personal and whatnot, then the whole process starts over again. It should stand to say that Syria has made great strides to reconcile with former militants so there is still that but securing the borders with Jordan, Iraq and Israel are very important in stopping the flow of supplies (which they’ve done well thus far). The US illegal occupation of Syria is a whole other can of beans that just sucks no matter how one looks at it.

To add on, It is a weird situation especially for those of us who have very strong feelings against Israel (me included). Personally I wouldn’t trust the Israelis one bit since It is more than evident they want to expand as a state. Legally they are trying to acquire the annexed Golan heights in full, with US backing in business sectors meant to profit off the lands stolen from Syria it is quite possible that it could happen albeit it would be unrecognized by the majority of the world.

Building any sort of meaningful industry in the Golan heights would be a mistake in my opinion though. Oil and water installations would be prime targets for strike if any sort of conflict were to go down between Hezbollah and Israel. The Israeli and American companies would be putting their workers in harms way just to make money. Idk what to say conclusively about that though. The US has historically backed Israel either openly or tacitly regardless of the endeavor. The Middle East we see today is a direct result of that misguided, reckless favoritism.

Lazy Gamer

And usually these underground groups can thrive in autonomous regions or border areas with other countries

Zionism = EVIL

Get real, Putin is a Jew and in Zionist pockets and he has the same hatred towards the hapless Iranians as Zionists. He has openly stated that he wants Iranians to leave Syria which has been defacto partitioned into three zones. If Iran has a proper nationalistic government it would have tested a nuke and developed an airforce that can hit back, like the Pakistanis.

Zionism = EVIL

Israel has openly acknowledged that it has hit targets in Syria more than 300 times since
2012 and maintains that it will continue to strike wherever it sees Iranian forces, the Shia militias and Hezbollah and their assets that pose a threat to its security.

Russia has typically supported the Israeli incursions by not activating its air defence systems or providing Syria with adequate means to defend its airspace,

Zionism = EVIL

Putin is a Jew bitch and in total collusion with the Zionists. What more information do you need. Google Russia gives Israel GREEN LIGHT TO ATTACK IRANIAN TARGETS IN SYRIA.


Mr Netanyahu this is the joke of the month. There can’t be join tasks of completely different concerns and intentions. In football terms its called throwing the ball out of the pitch.

Astrid Watanabe

It looks like a joke, or a hoax, somehow it just doesn’t fit in; but then – what do I know? I don’t know what Putin is thinking of.


neither I !


Don’t forget, for Putin Israel’s security is of utmost importance ! So I suppose that removing foreign forces from Syria does imply the Golan . Putin should be question about that.


What pile of rubbish your comment is.
Russia came to fight terrorists on Assads demand, not to liberate Golan.
Putin did save not only Assad’s arse but mighty Iranians and Hezbollah from CERTAIN DEFEAT !
Also Putin is leader of the world power entitled not to answer on questions of every insolent twat that comes to question him.
As world power Russia has independent foreign policy that doesn’t depend of Assad, Turks, Israeli, US, NATO or Iranian desires.
If they wanted to please Israel they would never come to Syria.

Hisham Saber

I think Hezbollah and the Iranians were just cranking things up, and a reversal would have taken place on the ground, where the heavy lifting was to take place against the terrorist Wahhabis and others at the time of Russia’s involvement in 2015. There is no way Iran, Hezbollah, and Iraqi militias, of which there are many would have let Damascus fall to anarchy. Russia did help enormously, but your opinion is way off.


You “think” they ” were just cranking things up” therefore that is valid proof?!
Well I am old fashioned, I stick to the facts only.
Assad called upon Russia because he was cornered, not because he wanted to…

I “think” that everybody is getting tired of this stalemate situation.
But that doesn’t mean that Russia should baby sit foreign armies in something they are suppose to do, on their own (with their assistance only).
If they can’t deliver than there will be no Syria the way it existed before.
Russia has other priorities and many enemies on her back to think about.


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Israeli strikes on Syria are illegitimate and unjustified.



And what is the purpose of that link?!
(Unlike you) I am definitely not the one who wants to “question ” Putin about anything.
I just believe that he knows much better what must be done and how….not you.


The purpose of the link was to prove my comment that for Russia,
Israel’s security is of utmost importance.Nothing else.


The purpose is to use that diplomatic curtsy phrase as a “proof” that Russia is on Israeli side and “Putin is in bed with Bibi”.
I am tired from people like you repeating always the same (low profile) pedaling Western propaganda meme.

Russian presence in Syria was never done because it was in Israeli or Assad interest
It was done above all because it is in Russian interest.
That was what normal countries do.
What story, petty characters like you will make out of it is obviously out of Russia’s reach to change.
“The dogs will bark while caravan passes”


I am also tired from people like you repeating 5 times a day Putinou Akbar.

Putin sign with Erdogan in september 2018 at Sotchi a deal .

Putin said all heavy weapons had to be withdrawn from the zone by
Oct. 10, according to Erdoğan’s proposal. This includes tanks, rocket
launchers, guns and mortars of all opposition groups.
The demilitarized zone, which will be 15-20 kilometers wide, will come into force by Oct. 15, Putin told reporters.

Almost 6 month later what happened ? BS
NO, In fact Turkey reinforced his position in Idlib. HTS controls Idlib. Every day syrian soldiers are killed. SAA in not allowed by Putin to enter Inlib. In a few weeks all terrorists will be magically transformed into pro-turkish rebels.

As I said already Russia military is first class but for me Putin is not at all on the same level. Money, money S400, nuclear power plants , South Stream.


So you have grievances ?
Putin is not up to your expectations how sad! :-)))
Russia is not doing enough for your Arab “friends”?
And you are not even Arab let alone Syrian…
The way I see Russia is probably trying their best . It is in their interest also to remove terrorists from Idlib as well .
That’s why they came to Syria in the first place.
So why would you want more Idlib to be liberated than they do?!
Russia has invested so much money and Russian lives already so accuse them for whatever you want who cares!
Why would they “sell” everything they invested in Syria for nuke plant or S-400 sale or “Turk Stream” for which they even don’t know if it will be connected to EU!?!

My guess is that you understand jack sh*t about whole situation!
Or simply any excuse is good for you to bad mouth Russia.


I am obviously not enough repeating “Putinou Akbar” since pathetic characters like you doesn’t stop to pretend to be “friends of Russia” while in the same time use every opportunity to spit on Russia.
For me you are just paid troll (soft version)


I admire Russia for its military and espacially Sergueï Shoigu, for Russia’s scientific level, technology but I’m afraid that Putin and his oligarch are undoubtedly pro-Israël and pro-money . Iran and Hezbollah are much more loyal to Syria than Putin.
How many more syrian ,iranian ans hezbollah soldiers will die to retake Idlib after Sotchi deal ?


OK (if true)you have very big PLUS for
Sergei Shoigu (installed by Putin :-)) from me.

Why on Earth would Putin be “loyal to Syria”?!
Russia is not vassal state of Syria!
They were INVITED (asked to help) by Assad.
It is business arrangement based on mutual interests of those 2 countries .
Not military alliance or anything similar.
No reason for Russia to invest too much there.

And WHY “Iran and Hezbollah are much more “loyal to Syria” ?!?
Assad is Iranian puppet president so Iran and Hezbollah fight for him,
not for “Syria” !
They are “loyal to Assad” only, not to “Syria”!
They couldn’t care less about majority Sunni’s or about Christians or other minorities !

“Sotchi deal” as you call it was made TOGETHER with Iranians !
They also AGREED with everything so stop pining everything on Putin!
And I am sure that Assad knows about every detail.
The situation is complicated and for some reason you keep underestimating powerful enemy…


Ok, I eventually agree with you that Russia doesn’t have to be loyal to Syria BUT I don’t understand why Russia switches off their jamming when Israel strikes Syria. That kills several soldiers who are fighting for their country. Maybe Russia hasn’t to be loyal to Syria but acting against Syria is not mandatory. Another possibility is that the jamming system is not very efficient.


Are you implying that they have conspiracy with Israel to kill few Syrians and humiliate themselves to be Israel’s bitch ?!!
For what purpose?!
What are they going to gain with that?
A total humiliation?
You are seriously confusing Russia with U.S. !
Russia was always going to the length to find compromise with Israel Because they love their world power prestige and influence in Middle East back like in Soviet times.
So they keep good relations with everybody.
They are playing nice even with the countries that are openly their enemies like Saudi Arabia(supporting openly terrorism in Caucasus and even on last Olympic Games in Sochi).
So why wouldn’t they do that with Israel?!
Over ONE MILLION people in Israel speaks fluent Russian!
Why wouldn’t they use that to their advantage when they can?
Not to angry Assad? They don’t owe anything to Assad apart from things already agreed.

Russian jamming system is very efficient but limited with the range.
Who told you that “jamming” bullshit anyways?
All the Russian “jamming” is around the Russian bases and that doesn’t cover all the Syria.
Israel who has spies all over Syria knows exactly where all military stuff is positioned ! So they go around it.
Russian contingent is too small to do everything!
That is the main problem!
Russia doesn’t print money out of thin air like US does!
They can’t afford even more every day expenses in Syria!


Depends on the system used (ranges differ)
Iranians have used some against US drones and they have captured few
U.S . most advanced drones thanks to the Russian systems.
This one is the most efficient I suppose.
That clearly shows us that they didn’t use them…
(If those are only existing in Syria)
Jamming systems around Russian bases are only used for the protection of those bases I suppose.
They tend not to use them often – not to discover frequencies and methods to the enemy (US-NATO-Israel)
They activate them only with the danger approaching bases.

Hisham Saber

‘ Don’t forget, for Putin Israel’s security is of utmost importance ! So I suppose that removing foreign forces from Syria doesn’t imply the Golan .’

What gives you that idea? Putin, the Russian people ( besides dual national Jewish -Russians), the Russian MoD, the Russian Foreign Ministry loath Israel. And Russians have not forgotten their bloody history at the hands of Jews.

Why on earth would Putin/Russia consider Israel’s security of utmost importance. Very odd .


When high country officials meet they say polite and nice things to each other
It is called diplomatic curtsy.
And word “utmost” is probably added by him or journalist.
I didn’t even bother to go there and verify the “proof”.


oh look its that lying pos netanyahu

Ricky Miller

The real reason, I’ve been informed, that the S300’s have yet to be transferred to Syrian control is that Netanyahu cashed in a favor from President Putin. Last year, during Russia’s election campaign President Putin had a meeting with the Israeli despot. Netanyahu threatened to unleash assaults on Iranian positions inside Syria at a pace not seen before. But President Putin stated that allowing that could be seen as weakness on the part of the government in Moscow by certain supporting elements of the Russian electorate. So Netanyahu held off and Israeli attacks remained somewhat slow boil. They picked up after Mr.Putin ran up his percentages and squashed his electoral rivals.

Fast forward to December and Netanyahu had to call elections because of his defense minister’s resignation and his encroaching legal troubles. Israel had performed, after a Russian imposed two month hiatus, several bombings of Iranian positions in Syria. The S300 crews from the SAA were well along in their training and Netanyahu called President Putin and reminded him of the election season chit owed to Netanyahu by the Kremlinites. So, S300 turnover delay and Israel, with a limited green light, and for reasons mostly to do with electioneering, picked up the pace of missile intrusions into Syrian airspace.

Except they quickly went too far. A failed daylight strike in January that was 100% intercepted by Buk’s, SA-125’s and Pantsir systems led Israel to throw a fit and do a wider ranging double tap strike during overnight hours. The attack was about 70% intercepted, mostly by the newer Buk’s and Pantsir S1’s. But it again crossed Russia’s red line; an attack of frequency or intensity enough to threaten Syria’s stability and provide encouragement to jihadi street gangs. President Putin, through Sergei Lavrov and a conversation with the Israeli Ambassador bluntly stated that the now overdue turnover of S300’s to SAA control was a favor and the previous overnight attack was taking advantage of that favor and beyond acceptable. Netanyahu can’t have an Israeli plane shot down this election season, he needs the legitimacy of an electoral mandate to stay out of jail. Hence, for more than a month now, no Israeli strikes on Syria and the SAA air defense units are still waiting and “training” on S 300’s that they do not yet have under sovereign control. That’s the real story. Israeli room to manuever in Syria will be constricted soon, right after the election.

It’s likely to prove useless to Netanyahu anyway. The Attorney General in Israel has signaled that he is going to bring charges and Netanyahu will be indicted. The election percentages are looking worse for Netanyahu’s coalition by the week. It’s been a big shell game, probably all for nothing. But President Putin tried to honor his owed favor and Netanyahu took advantage and thugged up. How unsurprising, on both accounts. They are who they are.,


…………reminds me a lot of the story about the scorpion and the frog who have to cross the river……………….and Putin’s the frog.


I actually think this is a very plausible scenario. Netanyahu wants to be leader of Israel, forever it seems. So making Israel look strong at home would help him get re-elected.


“Israel And Russia Will Work To Remove All Foreign Forces From Syria”. Those Shitskas in Tel Aviv must be laughing so loud that I can hear them in London. I’m beginning to wonder if Putin is suffering from dementia…………..Its like putting a serial Paedophile in charge of a Kindergarten. The man’s a fool, Israel ONLY understands a big stick, reasoning is seen as a sign of weakness………………Israel’s forefathers were responsible for the deaths of 30 MILLION Russians and other Slavs, and Putin is in a position to expunge Israel from this planet, they possess technology to wipe the US out as well, but instead he acts like a door-mat. The Vlad is losing my respect , and that of his own people and the Military.

Astrid Watanabe

I felt the same way, but don’t want to jump to conclusions before getting more information.


I think Vlad is working on the principle:”Keep your friends close……………..keep your enemies closer”……………I regret to say that this just isn’t going to bring anything good to the table and it will all end in tears.


Well what I can say…..

Ray Douglas

That sounds like election talk.


Considering Netanyahu’s entire political career has been built upon existential crises (and domestic persecution of Palestinians). This supposed collusion between Israel and Russia shouldn’t surprise anybody as it would help him win brownie points back home. Now how effective this latest ploy will be in the face of VERY severe legal troubles is anyone’s guess. I’d be more than willing to wager that Netanyahu is trying to desperately change the domestic Israeli narrative away from the legal issues he’s found himself in and double down on the existential problems. Simple divert the populace via foreign enemies, we Americans know this game plan all to well I’m afraid…

Nevertheless we have to wait and see what the Russians have to say about it this.

Ray Douglas

I will go along with that. I think the average Israeli doesn’t give a shit how many people will be murdered.

Zionism = EVIL

We live in the law of the jungle era created by the Americunts and Zionists, those who are weak and can not hit back will be devoured, it is that simple. Russia is a corrupt weak third world dump and is run by Jew oligarchs, ex-KGB and corrupt politicians who are lining their pockets and transferring the looted money overseas and also in total cahoots with the Zionists since the days of the USSR. Every Russian with money has property and children in the west and you guys expect Russia to act with dignity?

Ray Douglas

If what you say was true, and I don’t think it is, then Russia would have let Syria fall to the Israelis and US. Putin has been trying to get the Rothschilds’ bankers out of power in Russia with great success. However, the job is not yet complete but well on the way. By buying gold Russia is getting back to the Gold Ruble established by Stalin and destroyed by the traitor Khrushchev. When, with the help of China, Russia gets out of dependence on the US dollar then the job will be done.


………………..so long as they are Goys………………

Zionism = EVIL

Perhaps, but Iranian targets in Syria will be hit hard as agreed with Russia.

Robert McMaster

Isreal worries that the technical gap between it and Iran is narrowing. The the Iranians are making ever better missiles, radars etc. That their military is using Syria to train up their ground forces. And they are not going home anytime soon. Russia is in the way and not going home any time soon. So, Isreal can rant, fire off missiles so the Iranians can better practice shooting them down. How very obliging of the Isrealis. And Russia gets to see Isreali and US wherewithal up close to better prepare themselves.

Zionism = EVIL

You guys live in lalaland, the Jew bitch Putin has given the Israelis a complete green light to wipe out the pathetic Iranians in Syria. The dumb illiterate mullahs don’t have an airforce or any means of retaliation. Israelis have attacked Syria over 300 times so far with full Russian bitches collusion.
Iran is a fourth world embargoed country run by a corrupt illiterate mullah mafia and even they are at each others throats. The showboat CIA stooge Zarif just staged a major drama for his western masters. Iran has no airforce or means to retaliate and will be bitch slapped again.

An election is coming in Israel and Nethanyahu will stage a massive attack on Syria as agreed with Russian pimps. But when it comes to Israel striking Iranians in Syria, Ephraim Sneh,a former Israeli deputy defence minister told Business Insider he didn’t think the Russians “actually care too much Iran and would like the Iranians to leave Syria.”

Russia supposedly operates advanced air defences and an air force in Syria that have the ability to engage Israeli targets, but by all accounts, Moscow’s forces have repeatedly stood down when Israeli missiles started flying.


“You guys live in lalaland, the Jew bitch Putin has given the Israelis a complete green light to wipe out the pathetic Iranians in Syria.”


You’re an idiot. Exactly how sand box commander playing with your green plastic army men, is Israel going to kick Iran out of Syria? Show us your moronic Rambo plan of how the Jews are going to do this.

Hisham Saber

I completely agree. Iran is not going anywhere. Actually Iran is intensifying its involvement in Syria militarily at the behest of the Damascus authorities.

Besides their utterly useless random airstrikes, Israel will have to concede that Iran is in Syria to stay. Russia has no say in this. Iran and Syria share a very special relationship that no one can break up.

Israel will bitch and moan, perhaps conduct useless airstrikes, but that’s about it. In essence, Israel is trapped in a vice. Israel is in no position to launch a ground offensive , nor a serious defensive military posture against the Axis of Resistance.

If and when Syria decides that it wants to take back the occupied Golan by force, the IDF is in no position to stop them, especially with Iran being involved. Its a fait accompli for Israel. The myth of the mighty Tshahal ) Israel’s military ) was squashed in 2006, even though at that conflict with Hezbollah, they enjoyed total air superiority, but to no avail. Israel’s IDF couldn’t even take and hold small villages on the Lebanese side. It was a divine rout. 75,000 IDF troops, including the much touted Golani Brigades, and two armored battalions were effectively routed by some 4500 Hezbollah ‘ regulars ‘ , as Hezbollah has its Special Forces and Commandos stationed north of the Litani Line at the time of the conflict.

Add to this that the Syrian Arab Army, NDF, Hezbollah, IRGC and auxiliaries have 8 years of coordination and real live combat experience in urban, rural and desert warfare, and have by now been distilled down to perhaps the best fighting forces in the world.

One small mistake, or if Israel persists in its reckless posture, and the Zionist entity is in for a disastrous surprise.

Historians will chalk it up to Jewish arrogance and supremist fatalism that brought about the end of the Zionist experience and inhumane experiment in occupied Palestine.


The Jews are well aware of all of that. But they have nukes and just because the US and the other FUKUS miscreants haven’t intervened directly on Israel’s behalf, doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t if Israel was seriously outgunned in a future conflict.

If Russia is involved. The British and French might hide behind the US as part of an intervention on Israel’s behalf. But that’s highly questionable in my opinion. The US, as Jew infested as it is, is more of an open question.

As you know, my suggestion is to use a UN authorization for clearing the IDF out of the occupied territories and to police the implementation of all of the resolutions that Israel has been in violation of since it’s inception. There isn’t even a new resolution needed, all of the existing ones provide sufficient authorization. But if a new one can be gotten in place, great.

Hisham Saber

The Israeli’s are counting on the U.S., Britain and France coming to their rescue. Besides air power, which is in effect useless against a highly mobile and adapted axis of resistance forces, and cruise missiles, the U.S. et al are in no position, nor do they have the stomach for such a regional war. If they do send forces, they will be absorbed and annihilated. Even the regions Arab, Assyrian, Druze etc tribes will join the fight. It would be such a high number of very pissed off and highly determined axis of resistance forces that the U.S. coalition would be overwhelmed and quite possibly annihilated. This isn’t 67′ or 73′ when divisions fought divisions, and the Arabs used outdated Soviet doctrine and ultimately back stabbed by the Soviet leadership into cease fires when they all but had won, especially in Egypt’s case.

The U.S. / NATO cant even beat a bunch of guys , from one of the poorest countries in the world, riding motorcycles and armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s and maybe a few IED’s , wearing beach sandals and bedsheets in Afghanistan for 18 years now. How are they going to muster hundreds of thousands of troops , which is very time consuming logistically, to save the Jewish Zionist state occupying Palestine? They wont, and cant. They would be walking into a death trap.

In Iraq, from 2003 and on, the Arab tribes unleashed a vicious insurgency that in effect bogged down 14 of the total 16 battalions of the U.S. military. Entire armored columns were shredded, and snipers wreaked havoc and instilled terror among the ranks of U.S. soldiers. There’s perhaps 1 million veterans here in the U.S. who are either heroin addicts, to numb their pain, or suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by the sheer brutality they went through in Iraq and continuing in Afghanistan.

So Israel is either bluffing, trying to make a fearsome myth about itself militarily, or they are delusional and are making a fatal mistake. The ‘ writing is on the wall ‘ for Israel. Its only a short moment of time before the map of the Middle East is going to change, and not in Israel’s favor.

The U.S. Britain and France will be expelled from the wider Middle East, and China will be happy to come in and fill the void. For they are an honest, wise, and peaceful people, who inherently believe in a win-win for everybody. Not the hegemony and belligerence of the U.S. and Europeans.


You have an aversion to addressing the nuclear issue. I don’t. But before I do, I’ll address the conventional issues that you’ve raised. Without US or Russian involvement, Israel would be overrun in a conventional conflict against a regional coalition of any significance, we’re in agreement there.

In a conventional conflict where the US gets involved, but Russia doesn’t, the prospects of putting together a regional coalition capable of overrunning Israel are drastically reduced. Most or all coalition members would opt out. That’s what the Jews are depending on.

In a conventional conflict that includes Russia, the US may opt out, has it has every time in the past. That’s the Jew’s greatest fear. however, the Russians are unlikely to support an invasion of Israel without adequate justification. Simply for the purpose of extinguishing the Jew problem without legal and ethical cause.

That’s the conventional component as I see it. When you factor in nukes, things change considerably. A regional coalition without Russia would get nuked by the baby rapers. They would destroy coalition members homelands and the invading armies to prevent being overrun. That’s the issue that you consistently ignore, that can’t be ignored in any rational assessment. None of the coalition members have nukes, at least not declared ones, other than Russia. And if Russia isn’t a member. The possibility of US intervention rises considerably, and with it, the regional coalition shrinks or doesn’t form.

But just for analysis purposes, let’s play out your scenario conventionally with Israel and the FUKUS Jew 3 against a regional coalition. A combined regional coalition without Russia forms and attacks Israel for the purpose of destroying it. The US, France and the UK deploy to Israel to protect it. They occupy Shebaa Farms, the Golan and West Bank as well. There’s nothing that the Palestinians can do that they aren’t already. Because they’re disarmed.

So it’s army against army. Israel isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan, they’re mostly Europeans who are going to welcome NATO forces. There will be no insurgency in Israel. And the Jews will do the dirty work in the West Bank on an as needed basis. So that’s also a non issue.

NATO Forces aren’t going to invade Israel’s neighbors beyond setting up a buffer zone where most of the fighting will occur on Arab, not Jew, land. So there’s no need for the US to occupy the neighbors beyond that. Or deal with an Arab or Muslim insurgency.

Without Russian support, the Arabs get their homelands pounded conventionally. Yes Israel and NATO forces get hit in Israel and suffer varying degrees of damage. But it’s second world forces attacking first world forces holding a fortified defensive position with ample resupply. The Arab coalition would lose air superiority early on and would be taking a lot of damage to their forces and homelands. The attack would run out of steam and they would back off defeated.

But it would never play out like this. Because the Arabs and Muslims aren’t going to mobilize against the NATO occupation of Israel.

I’ve described numerous times what I think would work. And it requires Russian participation and avoiding the type of scenario that you advocate.

Hisham Saber

We can agree to disagree. The U.S., Britain and France et al will not be able to save Israel. Not even Israels nukes can save it.

You think Iran hasn’t taken all that you state into consideration?

Its not just ‘ Arabs ‘ ‘ armies ‘, but an array of Islamic coalition armies. Britain and France have no stomach for a regional war for Israel, nor do they have the will power, or the publics approval for such an upheaval. There would be a lot of whining and crying at the U.N. from them, but not anything significant. The U.S. would need time, and I mean a lot of time, to logistically mobilize an effective military force that would be needed to stem the millions of coalition fighters, tribes and just about everyone else that can carry a gun or RPG.

Israel’s Achilles heel is that it has no strategic depth to speak of. None whatsoever.

Even by conventional means, the action will be up and personal, rather quickly. There is an old Soviet doctrine that the Soviet armies used effectively against the Germans, in Stalingrad in particular. The idea is to get up close and personal to the enemy to render airstrikes, artillery etc ineffective, it was called ‘ hugging your enemy’ , or ‘grabbing your enemy by the belt’ . It was very effective. And we saw this in 2006 with Hezbollah’s tactics against Israel, who enjoyed total air superiority. It was then so effective Israels 75,000 troops and two armored battalion couldn’t even capture and hold the smallest of Lebanese border villages. Not even when they employed their much vaunted Golani Brigades.

Is Israel going to just nuke the entire Middle East and expect to survive itself? Will they drop nukes on the Golan, which has hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers squatting there, as with the Sheeba Farms, where Hezbollah has promised to take the next battle to, and possibly beyond ?

Look, Iran has ambiguity, and wisely put in place a ‘ Fatwa ‘ , or religious edict/ruling against the ‘use’ of nuclear weapons. But here’s the catch. Like all Fatwa’s, they can be overturned, reversed and/or effectively cancelled out by a panel of religious experts. Thus nullifying the said Fatwa on nukes. Iran was very clever in doing this Fatwa on the prohibition on nukes, as it shielded itself from international geostrategic pressure and has thus been able to carry on with great relations with many nations. The Iranian regime are not a bunch of suicidal morons. They are shrewd and clever and have ancient wisdom on their side, much like the Chinese, who enjoy spectacularly good relations.

If Israel were to go unconventional, and use nukes, in no time at all would Iran return the favor with tactical, smaller( as that’s all that’s needed ) nuclear weapons fitted on ballistic missiles. First waves would be conventional ballistic missiles, to overwhelm the Iron Dome, and that’s quite easy, as they are nothing more that glorified Patriot missile systems, and are not that effective. Second strike would be nuclear. To quote Newton, each force is met by an equal and opposite force. And Israel would be crippled permanently by just a few tactical nukes. If Israel decides on being suicidal to the max, and say , attack Tehran with nukes, then Tel-Aviv, Haifa et al would be annihilated.

Are the world’s body of international Jews willing to sacrifice say 6 -7 million of their own, and still lose their promised land, after all is said and done ? I’m certain that Iran has gotten the message of such a scenario over to the Israeli side through back-channels.

And I’m certain that Iran have the enriched uranium, plutonium in quantities needed , the warheads, and the delivery components to carry through.

So, in effect, a new regional war will be conventional. And the logistical nightmare of the U.S. et al coming to Isreal’s rescue will not suffice, as we saw in 2003 and after, during the Iraqi tribal insurgency, where 14 out of the 16 total battalions of the U.S. military were effectively bogged down in an unwinnable slug fest, and the insurgents were actually getting the upper hand. Then the U.S./Pentagon/CIA/Saudi Intelligence flew in freshly printed pallets of billions of dollars to pay off the insurgency so the could save face and largely remove themselves from that morass. The same offer was extended to the Taliban, but they refused it outright. Now, The U.S. Veterans Association is dealing with about a million or more vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, thousands yet hooked on heroin to numb their pain, all those amputees and horribly disfigured, mostly from IED’s shredding armored columns, and al those mentally ill and homeless vets scrounging around the inner cities.

The U.S. Officer Corp. will rebel against a regional war for a state that’s been asking for it for far too long, to the detriment of the rather strong Zionist lobby / Christian Zionists in the U.S. They , as the whole world know that Israel is in direct, and blatant violation of 70 U.N. Resolutions and all civilized norms and conventions. They will revolt before diving head-first into a quagmire.

Then you have the Chinese, who regard Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon as vital, crucial and integral parts to their gargantuan OBR Silk Roads. Forget the Russians. Iran and the allies /coalition aren’t going to need Russia, as they are unreliable when it comes to Israel. But remember when in 2006, when Israel almost got its naval flagship sunk off the coast of Israel, it was a cheap C-108 , a cheap Chinese made anti-ship missile. China will be more than willing to supply the coalition with lethal , cheap weapons, to see the U.S., Britain and lackey France expelled from the Middle East, only so that they can come in and fill the vacuum. Honestly, no need for Russia. Today, there is an Islamic army in Syria waiting for the go ahead, and they hail from all regions of the Islamic world, from Chechnya, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Arab tribes of the region, Lebanon to name a few. As far away as Malaysia and Indonesia too. All itching for a fight, and nearly all veterans and combat hardened and ready.

The ‘ writing is on the wall ‘ for the Jews. The second time in over two thousand years. They will continue to wander. Its what God Almighty has planned for them.


You’re mistaken. You under estimate the power of nuclear weapons. These aren’t 1st gen WW2 atomic bombs, these are nukes, it’s a whole different ball game.

Your millions of Islamic fighters would be a no show if the US gets involved and Russia doesn’t. If Iran uses undeclared nukes, they’d get nuked by the US and would be out of the fight. If neither the US or Russia get involved. Israeli nukes would stop an invasion.

Hisham Saber

You are the one who’s mistaken.

Ask yourself, would the world body of Jews risk 6-7 million of their own kind, and the loss of the apartheid state of Israel, just so they could use nukes on Iran or the forces of the axis of resistance? I think not.

If Israel were to use nukes, on Muslims, the entire 1.6 billion person Islamic world would literally hunt down Jews to the far corners of the globe, and it would be the end of them. No place would be safe.

Sampson option is a bunch of bologna, to instill fear in the world community of Israel’s supposed wrath. It’s a fantasy. You seem to think Israel is invincible. They are not even close, even given their nuclear weapons.

What do you think? The Iranians have been just sitting on the hands twiddling their thumbs? Believe me, when I say they have taken every possible scenario into consideration. I fully understand that todays nukes are programmable and not the vintage WW2 variety. Don’t insult my intelligence.

Israel is going to use its nukes, in such a tight theatre, will only bring them destruction from fallout, both radioactive and geopolitical.

Iranians are not suicidal, neither are Israeli Jews, thus, the coming showdown will be conventional. And the U.S. will not alter the course of events. Israel will be overwhelmed , forced to come to the table, and leave its arrogance at the door. Otherwise, its a doomed state. Which it is anyways.

Iran has even another option . It could wipe out the Dollar(Petro-Dollar) in minutes, thus destroying the Jewish monetary financial system that Jews have nurtured for centuries. Using its long range ballistic missiles, which it has in abundance, it could put the oil and gas infrastructures of the entire Middle East in ruins. Then whats going to prop up the U.S. financial scheme, which is reliant on the Gulf States buying trillions of dollars? Ever thought about that. This goes beyond the useless State of Israel. Its about more than that. If that wre to happen, the Chinese and Russians, and just about every one else would dump their dollars in an instant.

Look, if Iran was destructible, the nefarious Jews would have pushed the U.S. to attack it a long time ago.

In fact, every time the Pentagon has war games involving U.S./Israel vs. Iran, Iran comes out the victor.

Nukes are a deterrent, and not able to be used in todays world. The use of nukes by anyone would unleash Armageddon. Even for the squatter state of Israel.


“If Israel were to use nukes, on Muslims, the entire 1.6 billion person Islamic world would literally hunt down Jews to the far corners of the globe, and it would be the end of them.”

You’re going to unrealistic extremes with these type of statements that would never happen in real life.

“Nukes are a deterrent, and not able to be used in todays world. The use of nukes by anyone would unleash Armageddon.”

If you don’t think that Israel would use nukes to push back an invasion as a last option, you’re mistaken. They almost resorted to a first strike in 73 when they were getting overrun, until the US intervened with a massive airlift that allowed them to push back Egypt and Syria conventionally.

Yes there would be fallout, and it would dissipate just like it did in Japan and Nevada and other places where nukes have been used. And the Jews have civil defense counter measures to get through it. And if you think that Arab armies would keep advancing when they and their homelands are getting nuked. You’re also mistaken. They’ve been fought to a stand still and backed off every time so far. It would be no different if nukes where used.

None of the regional governments that would possibly be involved with the exception of Russia and Pakistan have nukes. And Pakistan has never been involved before and is unlikely to get involved in something like what you’re talking about.

” the U.S. will not alter the course of events.”

The US is quite capable of altering events. All that it has to do is enter the war on Israel’s side and deploy additional forces to Israel and put Israel’s neighbors on notice that they’d be targets of US air and missile strikes in response to an attack on Israel. Without direct Russian participation like what’s occurring in Syria. Most or all of the neighbors are going to opt out before the war even starts.

Russia isn’t going to join the type of war of extermination against Israel that you envision. The most that they would participate in is a regional force to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories and police UN resolution implementation.

Muslims aren’t all crazed fanatics like what you represent them as. A small percentage are. And Israel has dealt with them successfully for 70 years. I don’t think that Israel is invincible. But nukes are like bringing a knife to a gun fight. It would be no contest.

Israel has two things in it’s favor against a conventionally armed regional coalition, nukes and direct US military intervention. Either of which would get the job done. Without Russian participation, no regional coalition can prevail against this.

Hisham Saber

First off, in 73′ it was a Soviet backstab that stopped Egypt from overtaking occupied Palestine. Brezhnev called for a cease fire along with the U.S. at the infamous U.N., as the Egyptians had momentum and were unstoppable. Well, the Egyptians honored the cease fire and stopped their advance, only to see Israel immediately break the cease fire and go on the offensive, coupled with a massive U.S. airlift. Heck, Israeli air force pilots were getting shot out of the sky at alarming rates, due to SAM 6’s, that the Arabs used as an umbrella, especially the Egyptians.

Israel didn’t prevail on tactics or military genius, but by breaking an international cease fire brokered by the impotent U.N. And Israel is in direct violation of 70 U.N. Resolutions, blatantly and directly, with Resolution 2334 being the last one. So whats new huh?

Israel has survived for the last 70 years not because of Arab incompetence, or lack of determination or such, but because of tacit and unbashful protection from the U.S., where the Zionist lobby and U.S. Jews have enormous influence.

Muslims are not fanatics at all, for if they would , given that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, a miniscule number, perhaps 0.009% of them are irrational zealots of the Wahhabi/ Salafi creed. And most of them, being tools weaponized by the Saudi’s, CIA and as proof has shown in Syria, the Mossad. If Muslims were all fanatics, as many say due to their religion, then the world would have been destroyed centuries ago.

The U.S. , in 2017, dropped 24,174 bombs on majority Islamic countries, and 2018 was worse. Whats new huh? In Iraq 1.0 and 2.0 wars, the U.S. dropped the equivalent of multiple nuclear bombs. But Iraq is still there and right now, they are in a tenuous position as the Iraqi government, Parliament want the rest of U.S. troops to leave. In Syria they are not welcome either. In Yemen, the Houthi’s and resistance shout ‘ Death to America !’, ‘ Death to Israel!’ Curse be on the Jews!’ ‘ Victory to Islam!” after every hit and attack.

What i’m trying to say, is besides the government, who are seen as corrupt by their people, of a few Arab countries, the U.S. is not welcome and will find no peace in the Muslim world at large.

The U.S., once a proud , strong and respected country has turned into an idiot savant of international Jews, who believe they can use the U.S. as a bludgeoning tool to conquer/subdue the Middle East to their liking. International Jews are even behind the massive anti-Russia campaign in the west, by and large. Well, the idiot savant is showing signs of fracture and serious wear and tear. There are great problems facing it as it follows through with the demands of the Zionist lobby and international Jews in general.

Look, the U.S. , after attacking Iraq in 2003- onwards, faced a vicious, lethal and very costly, both politically and by way of hearts and minds, an insurgency by Arab tribes that effectively bogged down 14 out of the total 16 battalions of the U.S. military. It was out there for the whole world to see, the exploding daisy chained artillery rounds (IED’s) and shape charges that decimated entire armored columns, and Iraqi snipers instilling fear and terror among the rank and file of U.S. military personnel. One sniper, in particular, who went by the name Juba, which means ‘ African death dance’. This guy had hundreds of pin point head shots broadcast on YouTube. Literally hundreds of certain kills. And all the rest of the attacks that turned M1A Abram tanks, weighing tons into fragments, nuts and bolts. Just sheer devastation. All broadcast to see by the whole world on YouTube, and Arab, Islamic news channels.

The U.S. military was overwhelmed to the point of exhaustion. I personally know of one Iraq/Afghan war veteran who blew his head off after coming home. And in the U.S. today, every 22 minutes, an Iraq/Afghan war veteran commits suicide. Most are heroin addict to dull their pain, others are downright homeless as the U.S. Veterans Administration is unable to cope with the sheer number of vets with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

In 2017, The Joint Chiefs of Staff of the U.S. military informed Obama that the U.S. cannot engage in a medium/regional war until at least 2022, to rearm, retrain and recruit. And that’s at the earliest, but unadvisable. This is when Obama’s administration entertained conflict with Iran, or coming to Israel’s rescue should it and Hezbollah come to blows and things don’t go Israel’s way, as we saw in 2006.

Simply put, people of the Middle East are no longer in fear of the U.S. nor its military. In fact, on April 14th 2018, when the U.S. , Britain and France launched cruise missiles at Syrian targets (73 out of 111 were intercepted or steered off course and ended up in sand dunes, later to be given over to the Russians and Chinese to take a look at) , interestingly, as soon as news of the attack reached the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, or Hashd Al-Shaabi( who are effectively the Iraqi army), they went about surrounding the two U.S. bases in Iraq, one outside Baghdad, the other just north of Tikrit. And the U.S. base commanders were told in no uncertain terms, that if the attacks on Syria persisted, the bases would be destroyed. And the Hashd Al -Shaabi came with an impressive array of weaponry with them. They answer to Maj Gen. Sulamanei of the IRGC Al-Quds Force, who answers directly to Ayatollah Khamenei. The very next day, at the U.S. State Dept. daily press briefing, the leadership of the Hashd Al-Shaabi were declared terrorists.

The U.S. is feared no more. Just look at Afghanistan, where the Taliban are making progress by leaps and bounds. I’m talking one of the poorest countries in the world, with guys armed with AK-47’s and RPG’s, maybe a few IED’s, riding motorcycles or bicycles, dressed in beach sandals and bedsheets are embarrassing the very overestimated U.S. military. 18 years now and only hold a tenuous positions or two in Kabul. And this military is going to rescue Isreal? I think not. America’s invincibility has been laid bare for everyone to see. Kind of like the Wizard of Oz, and the guy behind the curtain turns out to be a crybaby.

Same with the ‘ Mighty Tshahal’, ‘ The Invincible Army of God’ , the IDF, when in 2006, 4500 Hezbollah regulars , as Hezbollah had its Special Forces and Commandos stationed north of the Litani Line, and saw no action. Anyways, these 4500 fighters effectively stopped and routed 75,000 IDF troops and two armored battalions. 400 Merkava ‘ Chariot of God’ MBT’s were involved, and 44 were totally destroyed. After that embarrassing fiasco and divine victory for Hezbollah, Israel stopped building Merkava’s. Israel also almost lost its naval flagship just off its coast by a Chinese C-108 anti-ship missile. A bunch of sailors were destroyed, and it nearly sunk, and was essentially written off.

No more was the Israeli military invincible. And if the U.S., Britain and France, and some corrupt Arab governments hadn’t interceded of Israel’s behalf, after Israel’s government were begging for a cease fire, lest Hezbollah gets its best and most effective fighters on the scene, the battle would have easily been in Israel proper. We all saw how the ineffective and cowardly Isreali air force, after failing to curtail the divine rout of their ground forces, went back to what the do best. Target densely populated civilian neighborhoods like what we saw in South Beirut. Shame. Just like they hide behind civilian airliners today over the region to cowardly launch missiles at Syria. Many , actually most of which are intercepted. And not hitting Iranian or Syrian targets of value. Whish they claim with a straight face.

Well, Iran and Syria are in the final process of changing the ‘ ROE’ , Rules of Engagement. From now on, every time Israel launches one of its cowardly attacks on Syria, there will be an immediate retaliatory strike back, using ballistic, short range, medium range and possibly even long range. Damascus airport is attacked, then Ben Gurion airport will be attacked. And we all know, Israel cannot survive a hot war lasting longer that a few months. It would collapse financially and everyone would be looking for the exits. Months ago, the Israeli’s launched an attack on T-4 air base, and Damascus airport, the response was 55 ballistic missile’s that struck sensitive targets in the Golan Heights. Military targets. And Jewish settlers in the Golan went ballistic at their own government for its recklessness. It will get worse.

You see, nuclear weapons are as destructive for Israel as they would be for anyone else. Its mutually assured destruction, in the Middle East. Israel can certainly use them, but it will not alter its own destruction, or change the fundamental dynamics of the situation. In the coming showdown, the forces of the axis of resistance are highly mobile, loosely configured and very lethal. No square meter/foot of Israel will be spared. The battle will quickly be centralized inside Israel proper, negating the use, and impact of nuclear weapons. In such a tight area, they are useless. Yes, maybe when Egypt, Syria, Iraq et al had conventional armies formed in division strength, I could see Israel’s use of such weapons as possible. To wipe out massive assemblies of Arab armies, that was the whole plan Israel had when the U.S. and France supplied Israel with the tech and weapons themselves back in the 70’s and 80’s.

But Israel’s foes are far different. You always return to the subject of ‘ Arab Armies’ as if that’s the enemies facing off with the Zionist state. But no, it’s an array of loosely formed , highly mobile, lethal and would brush aside IDF frontline defenses with ease. Then what? Who is Israel going to nuke? Iran? That option would be suicidal for Israel, with or without the U.S., as the U.S. would need an enormous logistical endeavor to mobilize the sufficient troops to hold back the tide of forces that would outmaneuver, outmatch(in actual combat experience, which cannot be substituted by silly training by the IDF), outsmart, and out flank the Israeli army. The forces of the axis of resistance will be right on top of them, circle them, and annihilate them.

There would be a lot of posturing and crying by the U.S. , Britain and France, but not much else, as it would be a lost cause very quickly. Remember, this is not about ‘ Arab armies’ as it is about millions of fighters and troops of various kinds and degrees. This war will not resemble 67′ nor 73′, Iran is the major stake here, and they have Israel all mapped out, for annihilation if Israel uses nukes, and by way of a vast array of forces at the ready, right there on Israel’s illegal borders.

I also told you about the ace up Irans sleeve. Their potential to destroy the dollar financial global scheme. By way of their long range ballistic missiles and some other undisclosed methods. Iran is a big country, in a very strategic location of the world. Anything within 2000 km of their long range ballistic missiles is able to quickly be destroyed. The Jews by nuking Iran is akin to someone committing a homicide and then suicide, as they are the culprits behind the unfair, unjust, shady, oppressive and downright brutal global financial scheme backed by the dollar. That’s why Iran hasn’t been attacked up until now, and wont be in the future. No matter how much international Jews, Israeli’s and Mr. Trump, Bolton and Sheldon Adelson want it to be. Its a vast country with 90 million people. And there are 194 million Shia in the world today, as well as multitudes of millions of Sunni’s who are , and will back her up.

China, Iran’s close ally, will shield it, not Russia. Forget Russia, they are somewhat cowardly when it comes to the nefarious international syndicate of Jews and Israel. Regardless of their bloody history at the hands of Talmudic Jews since the 10th century when the Talmudic Khazars wreaked havoc on the Orthodox Slavs until the Muslim Mongolian Golden Horde came in and destroyed the diabolical Kingdom of Khazaria. After which the Muslim Mongol leader of the Golden Horde, Burke Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan returned all the land stolen by the Talmudic Rabbinical Khazars back to the Russian Princes known as the Muskovites, hence the name Moscow. But that is another story, as is the genocide perpetrated on the proud Orthodox Russian Slavs, and Soviet Muslims as well by Jews following the Red Terror Revolution of 1917, where 85% of the junta were Jews.

The Chinese bought a 80% stake in the largest natural gas field in the world, located in Iran. The South Pars field. CNOC has massive oil contracts with Iran, and now the two nations, whom are ancient and wise, are linked together via cargo, and civilian rail lines. Straight from China to Iran. It is China that will guarantee Iran’s security, not Russia. It is China whom the 21st century and beyond will belong to at the helm for humanity, not the U.S., and its Israeli, Jewish allies. The Axis of Resistance will provide the manpower, and the Chinese will provide the sophisticated, cheap yet very lethal weaponry, for the struggle ahead to shake off the abomination known as Israel, that was created by deception, and U.N. fiat.

Iran, and its allies have been preparing . And the final pieces are being put into play, and place. And Iran has been preparing itself since 1979. So lets forget ‘ Arab Armies’ you mind keeps imagining as if we are back in the 70’s and 80’s.


“You see, nuclear weapons are as destructive for Israel as they would be for anyone else. Its mutually assured destruction”

This is a foolish statement, none of Israel’s adversaries have nukes. At least not declared ones. If they have undeclared ones. They’re probably black market Soviet surplus. That even if they’re still operational. Are very limited in scope.

Your stateless ghost army of Islamic irregulars advancing in the face of nuclear strikes or US involvement is fiction. Lebanon was bludgeoned with conventional weapons and war crimes into bringing Hezbollah into submission. The same thing would happen in any future conflict on a larger scale if necessary, involving nuclear weapons if it got to that.

Egypt isn’t going to participate in what you envision, and neither is Jordan. Hezbollah isn’t going to conquer Israel. And if they attack in any serious way the Jews will take it out on the Lebanese until they reign Hezbollah in like last time. Syria also isn’t going to support what your talking about. They just want the Golan back. And once that’s done they’l go no further without further provocation.

As far as your long spiel about the US military and Jew infestation in the US and elsewhere. Some of it’s obviously true with respect to Jew corruption. As far as the US military being a toothless paper tiger. That’s not true. The US military is a very well equipped and capable organization. But global invasion, conquest, and hegemony in the likeness and image of the US to advance Jew predatory vampirism is an impossible task when most of the world is against it.

Securing a postage stamp the size of Israel is well within the US military’s capabilities at this time. Barring a Soviet style economic and political collapse, which is a possibility and you can argue it as part of your scenario, the US military is easily capable of securing Israel without having to invade and conquer Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria beyond a small buffer zone that would quickly turn into a DMZ in the event of a war. Just like has been done numerous times already.

You put all of your hope in this millions of stateless Islamic fighters invasion force when no such force exists and isn’t going to be created. Israel has neighbors that would have to host this force for it to invade Israel. And none of them are going to do it.

The only thing that they might approve and participate in. Is some type of UN mandated regional force with Russian participation to clear the IDF out of the occupied territories and police resolution implementation of everything that Israel has been violating for the past 70 years. Which would be officially sanctioned and supported by Israel’s neighbor’s governments to get the Israel and Jew problem resolved.

Robert McMaster

Must be tiresome getting everything so wrong all the time. Do you consume ‘food’. Air, maybe? Just wondering clown boy.


Does anyone know exactly what the Russian president and government agreed to on this purported working group? This is a video on the topic. I don’t speak Russian and can’t find a transcript of the statement in English anywhere. So I don’t know what he said.

– Russia: Putin confirms plans to create Syrian working party with Israel –



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Astrid Watanabe

Thank you for the links


If you click on the CC icon it brings up the closed captions in Russian. If you then click on the gear icon, you can auto translate them into English. Which is what I’ve done for this sequence. It’s pretty clear that he’s qualifying the removal of all armed forces with the stipulation of restoring Syria territorial integrity. And that the armed forces that he’s referring to the removal of are the ones compromising Syria’s territorial integrity, not the ones insuring it.

Hisham Saber

Mr Lavrov has stated many times that Iranian forces are not considered ‘ foreign forces ‘ as they are invited by the legitimate government of Syria. As are Russian forces, who have signed a 50 year lease of Tartus naval base and the airbase they are using now. The Russians don’t plan on leaving Syria, nor do the Iranians. And Hezbollah has been invited too.


There is nothing on the Kremlin website about it:

– Meeting with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu –



my guess, educated one, is that pres Putin is planning to remove all squatters from the land they’ve stolen. such planning is in cooperation with turkey, with iran, with syria, with lebanon/hezbollah and iraq. possible that some further countries are involved. like saudi arabia although I suspect that mohammed bin salman is looking for jared kushner, so that he can be khashoggied for frivolously engaging saudi arabia and its persian gulf neighbours in a plot on behalf of israel against iran, a plot that would expose saudi et al to iran’s warring capabilities whilst saving israel the exposure of such warring. and in addition the failed nukes plan, another of jared kushner’s plots, is now down the drain which you can bet displeases mbs. so my guess, educated of course, is that jared is not today’s flavour in jeddah. lets’ hope mbs can lay his hands on jared, in the process to liberate the middle east of the squatters and that will be the last of jared in general or as senior advisor to the white house/donny!

Hisham Saber

MBS, Jared and Trumps ‘ Deal of the Century ‘ will be stillborn on its first declaration.


This had also better mean that Israel will use its influence on the US government to get US, UK and other Western troops out.


netanyuwho sucking wind.

El Mashi

This is a hoax. Syria would agree to the withdrawal of foreign forces as part of a comprehensive treaty with Israel. As long as Israel occupies the Syrian Golan Heights, it has no standing in Syria. If Israel wants all foreign forces out of Syria, Israel must get out of the Golan Heights. Otherwise, it is histrionics for votes.


Sounds like a big fat lie.

Jean de Peyrelongue

Making a deal with Israel is no better than making a deal with US. Both countries have a fork tongue and are lying all day long. They are just rogue states!


May I suggest that the first foreign troops to be removed from Syrian soil are the Israeli occupying force in the Golan Heights.


Find that moron’s claim to be false; lying scum Netanyahuto wants Iran out and incidentally the conflict in Syria is not a civil war but a war using proxy terrorists engaged by israel, US and NATO.


Great news!
Satanyahoo agreed that Israel is to be removed from Golan :-)




So, Israel and Russia want to remove foreign troops from Syria? Also the US troops? And Russian troops, too? :-o


Netanyahu is a gold medal liar, never believe a single thing he says.


I see you believed his story about receiving “gold medal” :-)

Zionism = EVIL

That is true, but he will stage a major attack on Syria with full Russian collusion and Iranians will be hit hard as they have no means to defend themselves. What kind of an idiotic country send thousands of young men to die in a foreign war with no air defence protection. It is like the Indian idiots sending a geriatric pilot in a museum piece MIG-21 against modern 4th generation F-16 and JF-17 Thunders of one of the world’s best airforces.

Hisham Saber

You repeat yourself over and over. And your arguments are far from reality. Sigh.


you’re off your meds obviously – get them started again.urgently


What can get Putin from the Nazi Jew will be nothing more than to avoid the accusation of being anti-Semitic because he does not meet him. Mileikowsky pushes with every kind of false accusation for the destruction of Iran, has financed and trained the ISIS and makes agreements with the strategic alliance of the Saudis who are carrying out the genocide in Yemen. The Americans do not leave and Israel will threaten Russia in Syria if it does not have to leave Iran alone?

Zionism = EVIL

One of the few sensible people here. Russians are typically in western pockets and weak. Putin is a Jew and has been supporting Zionist aims since day one. People with no historical perspective forget that Russia (USSR) was the first country to recognize the Zionist occupation of Palestine in 1948. Russia has always played the Arabs.


The “foreign forces” part is a little weird and open to interpretation. Russia’s definition would exclude Russia and Iran as foreign forces, while Israel may pay lip service to that because they are particularly intent on removing Iran from Syria.


better to remove israel or the squatters from the middle east for peace and prosperity in the region. squatters can humbly ask moronistan (aka usa) to be admitted there for mutual beneficial cooperation (which we’ve seen before but then only in the form of death and mayhem and starvation).


Copy-pasting the same genrric rant does not help your case. But frankly or ego is so inflated we’re all about to have the pleasure of watching a hollow head explode.

Lena Jones

This rubbish story AGAIN?! Nothing but more regurgitated fake news from the likud slimeball factory:

Joe Kerr

“While Tel Aviv sees the withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria as a top priority, Moscow and Damascus consider the presence of Iranian personnel in the country as a legal move because they are deployed under request from the Syrian government.”

Seems some anti-Putin posters can’t read.

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