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Netanyahu: Hezbollah Tunnels Were Part Of Plan To Occupy Part Of Northern Israel

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Netanyahu: Hezbollah Tunnels Were Part Of Plan To Occupy Part Of Northern Israel

On December 4 evening, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israeli efforts to destroy cross-border tunnels build by Hezbollah were “not an isolated operation, but a wide and ongoing operation”.

Netanyahu claimed that the operation, entitled Northern Shield, is aimed at targeting an alleged broader push by Hezbolalh to capture parts of the Galilee from Israel.

“The aim of Hezbollah has been to dig tunnels into our territory. It is part of an effort with a breadth and depth that we have not seen before,” Netanyahu said during a televised speech at the Defense Ministry in Tel Aviv. “Hezbollah knows very well that anyone who attacks Israel will pay a heavy price.”

Netanyahu spoke alongside Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot. The prime minister officially declared that the operation will continue until until goals achieved.

Earlier, Netanyahu met with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. The Israeli prime minister said that he spoke to the US diplomat about imposing additional sanctions on Hezbollah in light of “this new aggression.” The US, according to Netanyahu, has given Israel its full backing.

On December 4, the IDF said that it had “neutralized” a 200m-long “attack tunnel” near at the Israeli-Lebanese border. A part of the tunnel, which was allegedly created by Hezbollah, was located near the Israeli town of Metulla.


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Jenny Lancaster

the sooner they lock him up for corruption the better!

Tudor Miron

In all honesty I can’t imagine that they will do something against him based on corruption charges. Jewish people do not consider it a crime actually.

Zionism = EVIL

Actually Jews are worse than savages and as Shakespeare acknowledged in the Merchant of Venice, Shylock the ugly hooked nosed Jew cut off a pound of flesh from a gentile child to pay for the father’s high usury debt. Jews are worse than parasites and hated by humanity historically.


Maybe you should read the Merchant of Venice?


Tudor, It’s not a crime if gentiles are scammed, based on Talmud it’s Jews’ god-given right to rob goys. If the scam is done on Jews, it’s the worst crime imaginable, g’vald, oy veh!

This fuss about tunnels is just because a couple of days ago the Israeli police said they should arrest him. If it doesn’t work he will start something else.

Promitheas Apollonious

hallucinations and nightmares like the ones nutyahoo has, can only come from heavy self medication.

Tudor Miron

Another possibility is that he didn’t take prescribed meds and it shows.

Concrete Mike

Another theory: he has brain cancer like ole uncle McCain

michael Harrison

Their plans in Syria didn’t work. I’m interested to see what their next attempt to create a “greater israel” will look like. If I know anything, its that it will be full of media propaganda,deception and false flags.

Promitheas Apollonious

it is their motto and way so none will be surprised. Looking at the face of the military guy next to him I bet that guy is thinking how stupid all they say and claim sound like. He dont look very comfortable is my impression.

Shy Talk

looks like he needs a sh1t

Promitheas Apollonious

now you said, it yes you are right.

Zionism = EVIL

The Zionist scum are still holding 33 kms of Lebanese territory of Shebba Farms at the base of Mt.Hermon and villages near Bint Jbeil where they lost to Hezbollah last time. They have moved the border wall 2 kms into Lebanon.


thievery typical of netanyahu and his ilk. but not to worry, he will have to swim soon enough when the nearby neighbours decide that they have had enough of israel and the ethnical cleansing of all Palestinians.


It looks to me we have all the scripts for a new updated version of Monty Python, … Lets call it: ”Nutts Say Yahoo!!!”


Before anyone deplores the actions of one side or another, remember these two have been more or less at war for decades. It’s just the next iteration of the conflict…

John Whitehot

there’s no another one side to deplore when bibi comes out with “hezbollah wants to occupy north israel” garbage.


And what did you want to say, wise smaug, the gaul?

Concrete Mike

Gaul?? Acadian you know what that is?


Suere. Asterix´s folks. :)

I wrote only because simply rhymed. :))


Like I said in another article, Israel uses Lebanese airspace as if it owns it, to attack Syria from. But supposedly Hezbollah digs a tunnel into Israel and its OMGZ HOW DARE THEY? AGGRESSION AGAINST ISRAEL! HOW DARE THEY INVADE OUR SOVEREIGNTY!

Considering what Israel did to Lebanon over the past decades they are basically owed some massive payback. I usually say that as a rule of thumb whatever the West accuses others of doing, it itself does the same, only 10x more. In the case of Israel you can basically add a few more zeroes to that.

Tudor Miron

Smaugy, you don’t have a say here. No one is asking if Americans wish to serve Israel or not – you just have to keep doing it.

Concrete Mike

Cousin a Asterix??


I’m trying to figure out how anyone can open tunnels to get sabotaged in the Metulla area. It’s as easy as throwing 5-10 rockets from the opposite Kfarkela and doing more damage than losing your time in the tunnels. I think the Prime Minister is trying to rebuild public opinion because of the loss of the defense minister’s resignation.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

Hezbollah exists to defend Lebanon from Israel. Of course the goddamned Jews consider that an unimaginable “aggression.”

Zionism = EVIL

Nutter Yahoo is a indicted bribery felon and only trying to deflect attention from his corrupt practices. In any case Hezbollah does not need tunnels to whack the Zionist cowardly scum who are hiding behind 6 meter tall walls on stolen Lebanese lands of Shebba Farms.Hezbollah will fight the next war in Zionist occupied Palestine.


You are so right,

Carlos Correia

bibi is shaken…


US and Israeli criminals (and NATO stooges) have prepared scenario against Syria and Lebanon To get rid of Iranians and Hezbollah above all….for start…And getting rid of Assad and Russians later on also.

Promitheas Apollonious

yes that is their wet dream. The question is how they going to do that because they need to have foot on the ground for that and doubt they ever will. Beside the fact for the first time in their lives they be attacking seasoned warriors that have the means and the ways to give them more damage, they can inflict.


Did you read articles about U.S. preparing something called “U.N. non-flaying zone”? They have intention to use U.N. to ground Syrian and Russian airplanes and take over of the Syrian airspace… Probably by using NATO aviation as U.N. “peace keepers” to bomb hell out of Iranian and Hezbollah (terrorists) while patrolling the Syrian sky and protecting the “peace”… To get approval in U.N. ..They probably intend to avoid Security Council of U.N. (because of Russian and Chinese vetoes). They’ll use general assembly of U.N. instead.. At least that is my guess, how they plan to do that. The main objective is to get rid of Iran and Hezbollah ( and Assad and Russians later on ). US, Israel and NATO stooges are not capable to win over Russian & Co. so they now try to even use U.N. for wining a war!?!!

Concrete Mike

If that goes to a un vote, my bet i that there will be a record number of abstentions.

It is chilling though that its even being considered and option

Promitheas Apollonious

YES…………. no i did not hear that, but then I want to see them not only taking it but also enforcing it. As for using UN they have done that since they created it. Have you ever seen UN forces to go any where and enforce anything that is not UK/USrael interest?

And always go where they send them after a failed attempt of conquer from western and allies forces never to enforce anything that is good. If the russians accept something like this without reacting with force then they be deserving what ever comes to them. I dont mean they go head first the american way but reacting yes I do expect them to.


Agree with all. I don’t expect that Russian’s will sit back and watch. They will fight that with their diplomacy and Russia is quite respected country among plenty of countries of the “second and third” world. I hope that China and India will categorically oppose such nonsense also. U.N. must not have an authority to decide a half-measure that puts only in advantage NATO invaders of Syria. If U.N. is to impose anything than that can only be an integral PEACE process in Syria. Nothing more and nothing less! Not some “U.N. non-flaying zone” that will give only opportunity to NATO to bomb Syria into the stone age. We all have seen results of that in Libya and I do not expect that world will buy that U.S. plan this time.

Zionism = EVIL

Only if it was that easy :)


Let’s not forget who invaded and is occupying Golan and illegally selling oil and mineral rights there.

Tudor Miron

” Plan to accupy part of Israel”(c)??? Bibi clearly didn’t take his meds that day. If he truely believes that someone is going to buy into it than he’s not just insane bloodfirsty rat but a really dumb one.

Luke Hemmming


Zionism = EVIL

This fat flat head ugly Zionist scum is trying to deflect from his corruption probe.


about as sloppy a salute as the ones hitler used to flaunt!

As a devout follower of Immanuel the living Christ, I understand that Hezbollah are among the only friends that Christians have in the middle east. Without Hezbollah, Lebanon would be an anti-Theist Zionist run land with a strip club at every corner with organ trafficking and drug trafficking being the norm. Monotheist-Unite!!!

Jim Prendergast

Nice bit of propaganda.

Lena Jones

Dumb israelis! Hezb intends on LIBERATING the Galilee, not “occupying” it! Nasrallah has made this clear on multiple occasions – it’s never been a secret! Besides that, Hezb tunnels have been on the dig since 2006 so why suddenly now the focus on them? Is it because Bibi’s in the Knesset shitter with his psycho government members all wielding knives at him? You betcha!

R PLobo

Since when would Hezbollah need tunnels. The iof infantry is a joke and any air attack would cause Syria to light up its air defenses. Not to mention ballistic missiles raining down on the baby killers straight from Iran. The zionists are done and soon Bibi will be the only one left in government of the gangster state.

Lena Jones

It’s a jew-on-jew psy op lol!


I’m thinking it’s Israel who destroyed their own tunnel before Hezbollah open it up to public

H Eccles

“Hezbollah Tunnels Were Part Of Plan To Occupy Part Of Northern Israel”

If true then this is good news. At least some is gearing up to go after the illegal sqatter scum whose arrogance knows no bounds.

Thumbs up to Hezbollah!


Israel is drilling bores, probably water, but they might be after gas. What ever they are drilling for, belongs to Lebanon, and Israel is stealing it.


agree with earlier commentators here in – the idea is not to occupy the northern part of what is now called israel, the idea is to liberate the entire area and force the occupiers to swim or drown and return the stolen land to the Palestinians and release the inmates from the world’s largest prison – GAZA!

and however much whining and lying Netanyahu screams and kicks he’ll be out on his ass together with the other occupiers. Meanwhile, join the BDS-movement and know that for each israeli-made product there are thousands and thousands with far better quality/durability/price uzw!

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