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Netanyahu Gives Himself Broad Phone Tapping Powers To Fight “Invisible Enemy” Coronavirus

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

Over the weekend we noted with alarm that the Israeli government under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now tapping counter-terror forces and technology to fight the “invisible enemy” of the coronavorus – as Netanyahu put it in a Saturday address.

Netanyahu Gives Himself Broad Phone Tapping Powers To Fight "Invisible Enemy" Coronavirus


“We will very soon begin using technology… digital means that we have been using in order to fight terrorism,” Netanyahu had said. Among these new “emergency measures” include broader domestic phone tapping powers as part of the counter-terror technology initiative, as AP reports:

Netanyahu’s Cabinet on Sunday authorized the Shin Bet security agency to use its phone-snooping tactics on coronavirus patients, an official confirmed, despite concerns from civil-liberties advocates that the practice would raise serious privacy issues. The official spoke on condition of anonymity pending an official announcement.

Ironically enough the outbreak scare has emboldened Netanyahu to admit that much of his plan will “entail a certain degree of violation of privacy.” This extreme overstep action comes as Israel has reached over 200 confirmed Covid-19 cases and has thousands in mandated quarantine.

The technology, which according to the prime minister has “never been used on civilians” – a highly doubtful claim – will help track an infected person’s history of past interactions as well as current whereabouts, ensuring they don’t break isolation, according to the plan.

They are not minor measures. They entail a certain degree of violation of the privacy of those same people, who we will check to see whom they came into contact with while sick and what preceded that. This is an effective tool for locating the virus,” Netanyahu said.

Well at the very least he was honest about taking Israeli society down the road of Orwellian police state in the name of “protection” from the pandemic. However, we would note that it’s the first we’ve heard of a country openly touting its counter-terror technology and domestic spying as being used to fight the virus, with the exception of China.

Netanyahu said these are “means that until today I have refrained from using among the civilian population.”

In a clear understatement, yet deeply disturbing nonetheless, one opposition party leader from Meretz party, Nitzan Horowitz noted that tracking citizens “using databases and sophisticated technological means are liable to result in a severe violation of privacy and basic civil liberties.” 

Meanwhile, former US special forces soldier and now journalist Jack Murphy put it more bluntly:

Once these “emergency measures” are implemented, they will never ever be repealed. 

Likely soon to come to your country, and a neighborhood near you.

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Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

I know that Denmark has no interest for you, but “thanks” to CFCS (Center For Cyber Security) law, wich is under the military, not the justice department or police, allows the military to, without the courts approval, to gain (force) access to all of your data; mobile phones, tablets, cloudservices, servers (private and commercial), drives (HDD/SSD/SD/USB Keys etc.) and any other data.

And at a pressmeeting the primeminister said that their where 20.000 Danes in USA and 10.000 around the world. A reporter asked: How do you know where they are? PM: We just know Reporter: Tell me HOW PM: Through their simcard.

And “Thanks” to the staged corona situation, every citizen in Denmark can snitch their nabour and then the police can come, force entry and literally drag women, kids, old people, disabled people and men out of there and quarantine them, without any proof first.

I think that SF should take a look at how disgusting things are in Denmark, our “Grundlov” (Constitution) was spitted on when they introduced “Påvirkningsloven”, making it punishable with up to five years in prison for giving a negative impression and voicing negatively about NATO, EU, the danish government and the illegal engagements our military and goverment is doing abroad.

Back in september or october i warned on several platforms, including SF, that something big would happen around or after 1. february 2020; Several Danish army units was warned to get on a 12 hour QRF to react to anything within Danish borders. Its clear that it is related to Corona. The repsonds i got was (<– Intentially left blank)

Ive been told that He who has the power to help, has the obligation to help.

Im not just asking SF to help me on this, im BEGGING SF and the internet to help get this out, its been going on for years, but nobody listens.


It’s the same everywhere. Action, reaction, solution. With the internet we gave up our privacy but we don’t know it yet. Afghanis learned that you have to remove the batteries AND SIM from your phone to prevent the USAF from “Mavericking” you

Lone Ranger

Western Europe is a CIA colony. They are using nazi tactics since the CIA was created by nazis. Operation Paperclip wasnt such a good idea afterall… They are bashing Russia 24/7 but in Russia there is free speech. In the EU not so much.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Nothing personal, but it hurts me to agree with you.

Zionism = EVIL

Me too LOL


In Russia there is free speech except when you investigate one of Putins billionaire friends, then you get killed

Lone Ranger

Disney called they want you back…


Good post. Let’s face it, it’s more and more like a gulag!

Zionism = EVIL

What a surprise, that was the whole idea behind fanning the coronavirus, global police state with Jews selling surveillance equipment. Now it is out of control and backfired.

smoke and mirrors

We must tap all phones in case corona calls its buddy the bacteria to plot an even more nefarious pandemic


Jack Murphy’s comment at the end is very interesting. Question is: when government bring in draconian measures, laws, regulations, and intrusive new methods and technologies, why don’t those laws etc. have an end date? We must start demanding an end date with an automatic repeal! And not too far into the future.


Trump will follow the emperor king of the zionists..

Xoli Xoli

How can a civil society and humanity virus Satanyahu fight a invisible virus.Satanyahu is a virus.

Al Balog

Mr. Controversial up to no good again, as usual.

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