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Netanyahu Evacuated After Rocket Attack, Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza In Response (Video)

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Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was evacuated on September 10 from a campaign event he was holding in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod as a result of a new rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli PM was rushed off the stage by his bodyguards when rocket sirens went off in Ashdod. Netanyahu resumed his speech at the event 20 minutes later.

The Israeli military confirmed on Twitter that two rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip. Israeli sources said that the Hamas Movement had denied responsibility for the attack.

“Nearly half a million Israelis came under rocket fire moments ago when 2 rockets were fired from Gaza toward the Israeli port cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod … Thankfully, both rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System,” the army wrote on Twitter.

In what appears to be an initial response to the rocket attack, Israeli warplanes destroyed four positions of the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military has not released any details on the airstrikes, so far. However, the Shehab Agency reported that the targeted positions were located in the northern and central parts of Gaza.

The last two weeks witnessed several similar incidents with both sides de-escalating the situation due to the pressing internal problems they are facing.

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Too bad the rockets did not kill everyone inside the building, the main shithead NAZIZioScum and its followers. Remember everyone, Jews are just people like you or me, ZioSum is just human trash, parasites of our planet.

You can call me Al

I say this was a false flag as it gave Nutty maximum exposure to the people.


If that is so, he missed the propaganda opportunity to shake his fist at the sky,Al. :)

You can call me Al

He did not have time as he was whisked away before he cracked up laughing.


I as hoping that he would have eaten his tie, Al. If he wore one of course.

You can call me Al

hahaha… I think those lot do that and …….. no FG I shall stop there.

Very late here.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)


Zionism = EVIL

Exactly, I have never stopped laughing since I saw the full video of the shitty Avivam “barracks” and the lice infected unclean stained bedding the Zionist rats were sleeping in. Even in the worst military such filth would not be accepted. Even the faggot Bolton is gone now, Nutter Yahoo is next :)

Pave Way IV

Sounds like another bullshit Netanyahu false flag used as a pretext to terrorize Gaza – again. He started yapping again 20 minutes later? Is that even enough time for security to waddle his fat ass to a shelter somewhere? And ‘Confirmed by the IDF on Twitter’? Well then… it MUST be true [snicker]. Call me skeptical, but I’ll wait for Debka File and Bellingcat’s ‘confirmation’ (with some useless, fuzzy-assed ISI imagery) before all doubt is removed from my mind.

You can call me Al

Just said the same thing above. So bloody obvious to give the twat maximum exposure to get elected.

Dirty Zio-swine.


These ZIoSCum are such scum, lies lies and lies

R PLobo

Bibi clown festival in occupied Palestine.

Zionism = EVIL

haha these filthy Zionist scumbag fuckers are going to “fight” Hezbollah lions and the Persian Super Lion. ROFLMAO, they even left their toilet paper behind at the lice infested Avivam “barracks”….


Israel is proving more of a straw man every day and Nethanyahu is corrupt to the core and running a scared regime which has used up all its bluffs. Unless the Zionists control their hubris, they will face a bleak end, like their Apartheid and Nazi templates.


The election stunts keep coming – Netanyahu can’t help himself – his core instincts are those of a cheap salesman.


Netanyahu also announced plans to annex the Jordan valley in the West Bank.


That will give the Zionist regime even more opportunity to rape , pillage and murder even more Palestinian civilians and heir protectors.




He will do whatever is needed to become reelected to evade prosecution.

Saddam Hussein

The iron dome is just a meme.


Anyone hear that SAA withdrew from N.Hama because of F*ing Russia , seriously wtf hundreds of lifes wasted just to follow erdogan in the end , can’t imagine how this betrayals from Russia are taking its toll on SAA and local populace and decreasing their liking


Putinski is in with kikes dude….


Who is Kikes ? xD


Yids, kikes, hebs…big nosed…liars…..


Ah thanks lol



Christian S

Saa only withraw from morek , be patientce, saa and rusky going tactical give em 5 km and take 25 km


Only the settlement near the Turkish Observation base that is now surrounded has been vacated. Russian servicemen will ensure the safety of the Syrians and also the Turkish base.

It takes away any pretence of an SAA attack on the Turkish base that could be used by Erdogan to further inflame the situation.

It makes good sense to me.


and zionism=evil is working away pretending to be an anti-zionist whereas he as a matter of fact most likely is a name behind which the tel aviv troll factory a) writes negatively about israel and b) besmirches russia, and iran and turkey, which is the primary target since negative views on israel is staple stuff on southfront while russia, turkey and iran are hailed as saviours and thus need to be belittled as much as possible – a stratagem straight from tel aviv

Christian S

Will the real jews please stand up..please stand up..please stand up

Xoli Xoli

Satanyahu is Trump Judas iskariot.

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