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Netanyahu Evacuated After Rocket Attack, Israeli Air Force Strikes Gaza In Response (Video)


Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was evacuated on September 10 from a campaign event he was holding in the southern Israeli city of Ashdod as a result of a new rocket attack from the Gaza Strip.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli PM was rushed off the stage by his bodyguards when rocket sirens went off in Ashdod. Netanyahu resumed his speech at the event 20 minutes later.

The Israeli military confirmed on Twitter that two rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip. Israeli sources said that the Hamas Movement had denied responsibility for the attack.

“Nearly half a million Israelis came under rocket fire moments ago when 2 rockets were fired from Gaza toward the Israeli port cities of Ashkelon and Ashdod … Thankfully, both rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome Aerial Defense System,” the army wrote on Twitter.

In what appears to be an initial response to the rocket attack, Israeli warplanes destroyed four positions of the Hamas Movement in the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli military has not released any details on the airstrikes, so far. However, the Shehab Agency reported that the targeted positions were located in the northern and central parts of Gaza.

The last two weeks witnessed several similar incidents with both sides de-escalating the situation due to the pressing internal problems they are facing.

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