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Neocons in Trump’s Foreign Policy Team Will Undermine His Entire Agenda

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Neocons in Trump's Foreign Policy Team Will Undermine His Entire Agenda

Gage Skidmore / Wikimedia

Written by Jon Basil Utley; Originally appeared at The American Conservative

Even before the Iraq War, John Bolton was a leading brain behind the neoconservatives’ war-and-conquest agenda. Long ago I wrote about him, in “John Bolton and U.S. Lawlessness,” “The Bush administration’s international lawlessness did not come from nowhere. Its intellectual foundations were laid long before 9/11 by neoconservatives.” I quoted Bolton, “It is a big mistake to for us to grant any validity to international law … because over the long term, the goal of those who think that it really means anything are those who want to constrict the United States.” In fact I set up a web page, the John Bolton File, containing various links about him and the neocons.

Nearly all of Donald Trump’s appointments to his transition team are very encouraging. Indeed, I have known many of them for years. But he could undermine his whole agenda by allowing neocons back into their former staffing and leadership role over Republican foreign policy. The New York Times reportedhow many are now scrambling to get back into their old dominant positions. And now National Review, which supported all the disasters in Iraq, has come out to promote Bolton for secretary of state.

I have written about the neocons for many years. Their originators were former leftists who later became anti-communists. After the collapse of communism, they provided the intellectual firepower for hawks and imperialists who wanted an aggressive American foreign policy. Having lived and done business for many years in the Third World, I thought they would only bring about disasters for America. What especially interested me was their almost total lack of experience in and knowledge about the outside world, particularly Asia and Latin America. I even set up a web page called War Party Neoconservative Biographies as I researched their education and experience.

Brilliant academics as many of them were, their “foreign” experience was at best a semester or two in London or, for the more daring, some studies in Paris or, for the Jewish ones, a summer on a kibbutz in Israel. They are above all Washington insiders. John Bolton is very typical. A summa cum laude graduate of Yale, then Yale Law School, time with a top Washington law firm, and then various academic and political appointments, but no foreign living or work experience. Also, as sheltered intellectuals, often in cluttered small offices, many found it exciting to imagine themselves ruling much of the world, like the old Roman proconsuls. Long ago Peter Viereck explained them with his observation about the vicarious “lust of many intellectuals for brute violence.” No wonder they urged Bush on to his disastrous war and occupation policies. Even before Iraq they were first urging dominance over Russia and then military confrontation with China, when a U.S. spy plane was collided by a Chinese fighter plane. It wasn’t just the Arab world which was in their sights.

I write about all this based on my own experience of studying in Germany and France, working 15 years in South America, and speaking four languages fluently.

Trump appointments so far are really showing his focus upon getting America back on track with faster economic growth, which has been so stunted by Obama’s runaway regulatory regime. To understand their costs, see analysis in the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s “Ten Thousand Commandments.” But more unending wars will continue to sap America’s strength and prejudice the world’s former goodwill toward our nation. Empires all eventually make a transition from where they are profitable to when they become destructively bankrupting. Few would now doubt that America has crossed this threshold. When it costs us a million dollars per year per man to field combat infantry in unending wars, we will face economic ruin just like happened with the Roman Empire.

The risk is that Trump’s foreign-affairs transition team becomes infiltrated. Much of the transition is being run out of the Heritage Foundation, which was a big promoter of the Iraq War. Mainly, however, Vice President Mike Pence, who heads up the transition team, was another war wanter and still supports the neoconservative agenda—e.g., he strongly supported the attack on Libya. He also wants much more military spending. Pence is great on domestic issues but not on foreign policy. Although a Catholic, he also is very close to those evangelicals who believe that supporting Israel’s expansion will help to speed up the second coming of Christ and, consequently, Armageddon. One must assume that he, together with the military-industrial complex, is plugging for the neoconservatives again to work their agenda upon America and the world.

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john mason

Those neocons are self destructive and should do all of us a favour since they believe in suicide then they should take a pill and stop prolonging the inevitable.

Brad Isherwood


In a recent audio net interview covering this book,…Engdahl comments about the Mob
history of the USA…that Vegas was designed to launder money.
From the drug racket of past decades wars to Netanyahu and Sheldon Adelson,
Crime racket,military industrial complex, CIA…and Foreign leaders involved in Crime.

I suspect the Turk Saudi play in Syria and Iraq is also about Crime racket.
The Gulen organization is history with CIA and past decades conflicts from
Chechnya to Balkans .
With the Mad Sultan running Gulen crime racket off,….Erdogan is signaling his Crime
Rackets turf will extend beyond Turkey.

The criminal networks from decades ago are very much in play currently.
Even the old gangsters who directed Central American death squads, weapons
And narcotics.


I hope I’m wrong, but Trump is just another tool of our elite. Like former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said, “American politics are now like professional wrestling – we’re all good friends and
the outcome of the event is determined beforehand. Everything else is just entertainment for the public’s consumption.” The Clintons and Trump have been good buddies for decades! Check out the 500+ photos of the Clintons and the Trumps released due to a Freedom of Information Act request served on Bill Clinton’s Presidential Library. Hillary Clinton has “paid her Dues” and it’s time for the U.S. to have a female president – the U.S. is one of the very few major countries left that has never had a female head-of-state. Since much, if not most, American voting is now done electronically, there is no way to do a recount and challenges to the outcome would be fruitless!

So it looks like Hillary didn’t make it (though if she can get just 10 electors to switch their vote to her on December 19th, she still has a chance). If the Electors don’t vote the way they’re supposed to (“faithless electors” – it’s happened before and Hillary has a petition with almost 4 million signatures, a scheduled “Million Woman March”, and the “fact” that she won the popular vote to try to persuade them), then we shall have Trump supporters in the streets fighting the Clinton supporters and martial law. If Trump is indeed inaugurated (he probably shall be), the elites have hedged their bets and (as we’ve seen already) Trump shall have a solid neocon/wall street cabinet. Either way, the elites win (though they shall fall even further behind and have to slow down in implementing their agenda). Should Trump decide to stray too far off of the “reservation”, he’ll be marginalized at best or be eliminated and be replaced by Pence (a confirmed neocon).

At best, we’ve slowed the “Deep State” down. They’ve been “pulling strings” at least since the time of JFK. If we want to eliminate it, we need to bring back the old “spoils system” so that a new President can replace ALL of the government bureaucracy with his/her supporters. At the very least, career bureaucrats shall largely cease to exist (unless they can prove that they’re willing to earnestly implement any new President’s agenda). True, there’ll be incompetent people filling some of those positions, but there are plenty of incompetents already doing so. And we can’t afford to fall “asleep at the wheel” again!


Trump is not a tool of the elite, the elites will become a tool in his hands.
Trump is going to become a dictator, then the US elites will be his subjects.
After all, most of the elites are Jews, having become elites because of globalization that facilitated the concentration of wealth into a few hands.


I suppose you noticed that Trump is moving his son in law, a Jew, into a position of power within his administration. I have a feeling that Mr. Kushner is there to be certain that The Donald doesn’t stray from the Hebrew fold. The verdict is definitely out on Trump, and he may well be just another shill for the Yids.


Kushner will be part of the Trump administration, however, Kushner is not a Zionist. The Zionists will not have a foothold in the Trump administration. Trump’s agenda and the Zionist agenda collide.


I’ve backed Trump with my time, money, and reputation. I can’t tell you how much I hope that you are right.


The only neocon the media is floating for a post in the Trump cabinet is Bolton. I believe he will be sidelined, Giuliani seems to be the first pick for Secretary of State.


I am just sitting back and watching. The US is past it´s zenith and if it does not act according to that, there will be hard lessons. Whomever thinks they can do what they want at this point, is crazy. Just my take on it. Have a good evening all.

Actually, that is why “We The Voters” know we have to democratically replace all the defected-elected officials with Trump like elect.
#1 Kelli Ward is running in Arizona: http://www.kelliward.com/healthcare?splash=1
#2 Paul Nehlen is running against Liberal-Paul Ryan: https://www.paulnehlen.com/
#3 Dr. David Duke: http://dukeforsenate.com/

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