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Neocon Panic And Agony

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Neocon Panic And Agony

Written by TheSaker; Originally appeared at TheUnzReview

There are clear signs that the Neocons running the AngloZionist Empire and its “deep state” are in a state of near panic and their actions indicate they are truly terrified.

The home front

One the home front, the Neocons have resorted to every possible dirty trick on the book to try to prevent Donald Trump from ever getting into the White House: they have

  • organized riots and demonstrations (some paid by Soros money)
  • encouraged the supporters of Hillary to reject the outcome of the elections (“not my President”)
  • tried to threaten the Electors and make them either cast a vote for Hillary or not vote at all
  • tried to convince Congress to refuse the decision of the Electoral College and
  • they are now trying to get the elections annulled on the suspicion that the (apparently almighty) Russian hackers have compromised the election outcome (apparently even in states were paper ballots were used) and stolen it in favor of Trump.

That is truly an amazing development, especially considering how Hillary attacked Trump for not promising to recognize the outcome of the elections. She specifically said that Trump’s lack of guarantees to recognize the outcome would threaten the very basis of the stability of the US political system and now she, and her supporters, are doing everything in their power to do just that, to throw the entire electoral process into a major crisis with no clear path towards resolution. Some say that the Democrats are risking a civil war. Considering that several key Republican Congressmen have said they do support the notion of an investigation into the “Russian hackers” fairy tale, I submit that the Republicans are doing exactly the same thing, that this is not a Democrat vs Republican issue, but a “deep state vs The People of the USA” issue.

Most experts agree that none of these tactics are going to work. So this begs the question of whether the Neocons are stupid, whether they think that they can succeed or what their true objective is.

My guess is that first and foremost what is taking place now is what always happens when the Neocons run into major trouble: they double down, again. And again. And again. That is one of the key characteristics of their psychological make-up: they cannot accept defeat or, even less so, that they were wrong, so each time reality catches up to their ideological delusions, they automatically double-down. Still, they might rationalize this behavior by a combination of hope that maybe one of these tricks will work, with the strong urge to do as much damage to President-Elect Trump before he actually assumes his office. I would never underestimate the vicious vindictiveness of these people.

What is rather encouraging is Trump’s reaction to all this: after apparently long deliberations he decided to nominate Rex Tillerson as his Secretary of Defense. From a Neocon point of view, if General Michael Flynn was bad, then Tillerson was truly an apocalyptic abomination: the man actually had received the order of “Friend of Russia” from the hands of Vladimir Putin himself!

Did Trump not realize how provocative this nomination was and how it would be received by the Neocons? Of course he did! That was, on his part, a totally deliberate decision. If so, then this is a very, very good sign.

I might be mistaken, but I get the feeling that Trump is willing to accept the Neocon challenge and that he will fight back. For example, his reaction to the CIA accusations about Russian hackers was very telling: he reminded everybody that “these are the same people that said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction”. I think that it is now a safe bet to say that as soon as Trump take control heads will roll at the CIA.

[Sidebar: is it not amazing that the CIA is offering its opinion about some supposed Russian hacking during the elections in the USA? Since when does the CIA have any expertise on what is going on inside the USA? I thought the CIA was only a foreign intelligence agency. And since when does the CIA get involved in internal US politics? Yes, of course, savvy observers of the USA have always known that the CIA was a key player in US politics, but now the Agency apparently does not even mind confirming this openly. I don’t think that Trump will have the guts and means to do so but, frankly, he would be much better off completely dissolving the CIA. Of course, that could get Trump killed – messing with the Fed and the CIA are two unforgivable crimes in the USA – but then again Trump is already very much at risk anyway, so he might as well strike first].

One the external front

On the external front, the big development is the liberation of Aleppo by Syrian forces. In that case again, the Neocons tried to double-down: they made all sorts of totally unsubstantiated claims about executions and atrocities while the BBC, always willing to pick up the correct line, published an article about how much the situation in Aleppo is similar to what took place in Srebrenica. Of course, there is one way in which the events in Aleppo and Srebrenica are similar: in both cases the US-backed Takfiris lost and were defeated by government forces and in both cases the West unleashed a vicious propaganda war to try to turn the military defeat of its proxies into a political victory for itself. In any case, the last-ditch propaganda effort failed and preventing the inevitable and Aleppo was completely liberated.

The Empire did score one success: using the fact that most of the foreign forces allied to the Syrians (Hezbollah, Iranian Pasdaran, Russian Spetsnaz, etc.) were concentrated around Aleppo, the US-backed Takfiris succeeded in breaking the will of the Syrians, many of whom apparently fled in panic, and first surrounded and then eventually reoccupied Palmyra. This will be short lived success as I completely agree with my friend Alexander Mercouris who says that Putin will soon liberate Palmyra once again, but until this happens the reoccupation of Palmyra is rather embarrassing for the Syrians, Iranians and Russians.

It seems exceedingly unlikely to me that the Daesh movement towards Palmyra was undetected by the various Syrian, Iranian and Russian intelligence agencies (at least once source reports that Russian satellites did detect it) and I therefore conclude that a deliberate decision was made to temporarily sacrifice Palmyra in order to finally liberate Aleppo. Was that the correct call?

Definitely yes. Contrary to the western propaganda, Aleppo, not Raqqa, has always been the real “capital” of the US backed terrorists. Raqqa is a relatively small town: 220,000+ inhabitants versus 2,000,000+ for Aleppo, making Aleppo about ten times larger than Raqqa. As for tiny Palmyra, its population is 30,000+. So the choice between scrambling to plug the holes in the Syrian defenses around Palmyra and liberating Aleppo was a no-brainer. Now that Aleppo has been liberated, the city has to be secured and major engineering efforts need to be made in order to prepare it for an always possible Takfiri counter-attack. But it is one thing to re-take a small desert town and quite another one to re-take a major urban center. I personally very much doubt that Daesh & Co. will ever be in control of Aleppo again. Some Neocons appear to be so enraged by this defeat that they are now accusing Trump of “backing Iran” (I wish he did!).

The tiny Palmyra was given a double-function by the Neocon propaganda effort: to eclipse the “Russian” (it was not solely “Russian” at all, but never mind that) victory in Aleppo and to obfuscate the “US” (it was not solely “US” at all, but never mind that) defeat in Mosul. A hard task for the tiny desert city for sure and it is no wonder that this desperate attempt also failed: the US lead coalition in Mosul still looks just about as weak as the Russian lead coalition looks strong in Aleppo.

Any comparison between these two battles is simply embarrassing for the USA: not only did the US-backed forces fail to liberate Mosul from Daesh & Co. but they have not even full encircled the city or even managed to penetrate beyond its furthest suburbs. There is very little information coming out of Mosul, but after three months of combat the entire operation to liberate Mosul seems to be an abject failure, at least for the time being. I sincerely hope that once Trump takes office he will finally agree to work not only with Russia, but also with Iran, to finally get Daesh out of Mosul. But if Trump delivers on his promise to AIPAC and the rest of the Israel Lobby gang to continue to antagonize and threaten Iran, the US can basically forget any hopes of defeating Daesh in Iraq.

Our of despair and spite, the US propaganda vilified Russia for the killing of civilians in Aleppo while strenuously avoiding any mention of civilian victims in Mosul. But then, the same propaganda machine which made fun of the color of the smoke coming out of the engines of the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov (suggesting that she was about to break down) had to eat humble pie when it was the US navy’s most expensive and newest destroyer, the USS Zumwalt, which broke down in the Panama canal and had to be immobilzed, while the Kuznetsov continued to do a very good job supporting Russian operations in Syria.

Over and over again, the AngloZionist propaganda machine has failed to obfuscate the embarrassing facts on the ground and it now clearly appears that the entire US policy for the Middle-East is in total disarray and that the Neocons are as clueless as they are desperate.

The countdown to January 20th

It is pretty obvious that the Neocon reign is coming to an end in a climax of incompetence, hysterical finger-pointing, futile attempts at preventing the inevitable and a desperate scramble to conceal the magnitude of the abject failure which Neocon-inspired policies have resulted in. Obama will go down in history as the worst and most incompetent President in US history. As for Hillary, she will be remembered as both the worst US Secretary of State the US and the most inept Presidential candidate ever.

In light of the fact that the Neocons always failed at everything they attempted, I am inclined to believe that they will probably also fail at preventing Donald Trump from being sworn in. But until January 20th, 2017 I will be holding my breath in fear of what else these truly demented people could come up with.

As for Trump, I still can’t figure him out. On one hand he nominates Rex Tillerson in what appears to be a deliberate message of defiance against the Neocons, while on the other hand he continues to try to appease the Israel Lobby gang by choosing a rabid Zionist of the worst kind, David M. Friedman, as the next US ambassador to Israel. Even worse then that, Donald Trump still does not appear to be willing to recognize the undeniable fact that the US will never defeat Daesh as long as the anti-Iranian stance of the Neocons is not replaced by a real willingness to engage Iran and accept it as a partner and ally.

Right now the Trump rhetoric simply makes no sense: he wants to befriend Russia while antagonizing China and he wants to defeat Daesh while threatening Iran again. This is lunacy. Still, I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but somebody sure needs to educate him on the geopolitical realities out there before he also end up making a total disaster of US foreign policy.

And yet, I still have a small hope.

My hope is that the latest antics of the Neocons will sufficiently aggravate and even enrage Trump to a point where he will give up on his futile attempts at appeasing them. Only by engaging in a systematic policy of “de-neoconization” of the US political establishment will Trump have any hopes of “making America great again”. If Trump’s plan is to appease the Neocons long enough from him to be sworn in and have his men approved by Congress – fine. Then he still has a chance of saving the USA from a catastrophic collapse, but only as long as he remains determined to ruthlessly crack down on the Neocons once in power. If his hope is to distract the Neocons by appeasing them on secondary or minor issues, then his efforts are doomed and he will go down the very same road as Obama who, at least superficially, initially appeared to be a non-Neocon candidate and who ended up being a total Neocon puppet (in 2008 the Neocons had placed their bets on McCain and they only infiltrated the Obama Administration once McCain was defeated).

One way or another, we are headed for a crisis, the only open question whether the USA will come out of this crisis liberated or doomed.

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But Trump is a zionist and is surrounded by them..here comes the neo con war….just another scum bag elite twat

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Let’s not forget that Obama was elected President with the blessing of the Bilderberg gang…



B: Trump pulls out of the middle east entirely and lets everyone else sort it out…

This is actually the most plausible scenario given that trump is a business man, see’s the whole middle east situation in a business perspective and….

Sees it as a total waste of time and money… Therefore triggering a total pullout and letting russia deal with the mess.

Brad Isherwood


Make a deal triggered the war as France bid for open blocks in Syria in 2011 And Offshore* The Saudi /Qatar Pipeline route became tension afterwards…with Assad refusing. Numerous gas fields and oil not** in operation in these blocks*


I think there may not be quite as much sophistication in the neocons’ play: as to the Russian hack scheme – after it was confirmed by recount in Wisconsin that there was clearly no hacking of voting machines and the vote was accurate – the hype appears to exist mostly to prevent prosecution of Hillary, Obama and Bill Clinton. That the hack hype would change the electoral college – I doubt it. Doing so would undermine every trust in the American system. The voices that it was a leak, not a hack – i.e. insiders to the DNC and Podesta server/Hillary campaign who leaked the data – is getting louder. Any false accusations of Russia will be easily debunked, at which point the very hype that was to bring Hillary to power will confirm her corruption and criminality: it would further her incarceration, not avert it. Trump was a Zionist supporter from the start. That he chose an arch Zionist as ambassador could also be to keep the peace on that front – it will in time lead to a single state solution, which is the only realistic solution at this point anyway and Netanyahu won’t be able to object, as he, Lieberman and the new US ambassador will have brought it about themselves.

AS to Syria, Iraq and Iran – i agree with the Saker: Trump will have to accept the sanity and realism of Iran and its strength as a bulwark against expanding terrorism. The appointment of Tillerson is great. He can also advise Trump to change his standpoint on Iran – as he will be talking to Russia and Putin will make that necessity clear. Trump wants world trade – i.e. join the Chinese silk roads rather than to destroy them. That by necessity needs a good understanding with Iran. Peace with Iran is more lucrative for the US than war. The neocons want war on Iran and the Repub hawks. So for the time being, Trump appeases them. It is a diversion so the peace in Syria can be restored by cooperating with Russia. That automatically includes Iran.

There is no doubt that until Jan. 20, Obama will do everything he can to hurt Russia and to undermine the Russian success in Syria. The US even destroyed Russian tanks and weapons left behind by the Syrian soldiers who had to flee from the overload of ISIS in Palmyra. Yes, the recapture of Palmyra by ISIS is a setback. But setbacks happen in a fluid situation and with the Syrian army stretched thin from fighting on so many fronts. But if it can secure Aleppo and in time eliminate al Nusra/ISIS in Idlib, Syria will in essence be restored. Raqqa and Deir ez Zor depend on the western part of Syria for food and services. That Iraq would take over is unlikely, due to the river that separates them and the trouble in Iraq as it is. Also, that the US will “liberate” Raqqa in the month before Obama leaves is unlikely, as Obama has to concentrate on liberating Mosul on his watch to save his legacy and an illusion that his policy would have worked but took longer than anticipated. That gives the Syrian army time to secure Aleppo, march on Idlib and free some troops to reconquer Palmyra. Putin will likely talk to the Kurds so that they and the Syrian army can cooperate in the liberation of Raqqa. That will then be the end of ISIS in Syria. The Kurds will become an autonomy within Syria to reassure Turkey and Iraq will be a Syrian ally again, together with Iran and Lebanon, the bulwark that protected the EU from ISIS and migrants! Yes, it could all have been done without all the killing and suffering. But the US just cannot accept to solve problems in diplomatic ways. Hopefully, Trump will do better at that.


All the hype is an expression of neocon and globalist outrage for having lost control of the White House, and quite likely the Senate and the House. Trump is going to run the country as a business, in business the bottom line is of utmost importance. Trump might have supported zionists because they were the people he had to deal with as a businessman, now as a President, they are not going to be a factor in his administration or the affairs of the country. What I see Trump doing on foreign policy issues, in the Middle East he will cooperate with Russia and deal with ISIS effectively, he will negotiate a peace settlement in the Middle East, at this point I do not know if his interest in Russia is to isolate China, however, his entire goal will be control the world through agreements and alliances with leaders of various countries, not wars. Globalists will not be relevant, and if they try to oppose him, they will loose in many ways. Globalists and neocons will have to be subject to his power.


The russian hacker case could also be a false flag operation to cover up to-day information on US participation and support of terrorist groups in Syria.

George King

Hillary’s behind closed door speech revealed exactly how scared this criminal cabal fears a Trump presidency with her remarks that “they will all go to jail if he is elected”. Waiting for another shoe to drop come January.

We don’t need the bleeding of trillions for ME gas and oil wars, pipeline across the Bering Straight (narrow 35 miles and shallow) to Alaska and down through the lower 48 states will redistribute the players and their roles in the energy market/s eliminating the need for never ending oil wars in the ME.

Of course this Bering Straight design could include the US in the “New Silk Road Project” as well.


“That is one of the key characteristics of their psychological make-up: they cannot accept defeat or, even less so, that they were wrong….” Of course, these are the key indicators of group sociopathic behavior.

These neocon sociopaths are evil people. Yes, there is pure evil in the world, and said evil is all too often cloaked in words of liberal altruism. The truly sad thing is that, as a rule, the masses almost always allow this altruistic evil to enslave them. Trump may attempt to change the mindset of the American people, but I doubt that he will be successful. American gullibility, and greed will murder the world, and shriek in self righteous joy while committing the crime.

Pave Way IV

There’s a huge element of this in American politics that Saker misses: the dismissal of the current neocon cabal an their influence does NOT mean the end of a mostly similar U.S. foreign policy in the future for the Middle East. All the warm-up wars – Libya, Iraq, Syria, etc. – are done. Of course Trump will not repeat those mistakes – they’re over. The only one left is Iran, and Trump WILL create the conditions/excuse for a war with them. He has said as much several times, and WILL provoke a war with Iran at Israel’s insistence.

The current neocon personalities will be gone/replaced, but Trump’s replacements are not substantially different in their approach. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong on that. They will be harder to convince to attack Iran (among others), but they CAN and WILL be convinced (they mostly are already). They will just not ask the former Democrat neocon ‘experts’ who they mostly hate, but they will ask a new favored group of foreign policy ‘experts’ that they do like, and those experts are nearly all Israeli-firster Republican conservatives. Trump’s Republican conservatives prefer non-military solutions (like sanctions and covert ops) but they are not completely opposed to military intervention when they feel strong enough about such use.

The original group of Washington D.C. elites that embraced neocon policies were ALL consummate Israeli-firsters, beholden to all the usual Israeli lobbying organizations. Some were Jewish but some were not – that’s not the point. This isn’t about religion, it’s about weaponized Likudniks and rabid Zionists usurping the U.S. constitution through the legislative process and administration. The neocons originated from and were driven by Israeli-firsters, and that explains their foreign policy approach far more than the label ‘new conservatives’. The Republican conservatives were always Israeli-firsters and they will continue that tradition in Trump’s cabinet.

Dmitry Pees on Talmud!

it is a known fact that Zionist want to create reverse migration from Israel to Ukraine. See: http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/leaked-report-israel-acknowledges-jews-in-fact-khazars-secret-plan-for-reverse-migration-to-ukraine/


“In light of the fact that the Neocons always failed at everything they attempted” – Oh I beg to differ.

They successfully destroyed the middle east, south america and forced their will on half of asia and the EU. They have murdered hundreds of millions of innocent people and gotten away with it. They put the USA 19 trillion dollars in debt and the money they’ve stolen for their black ops will never be known. They are quite successful at running illegal arms, drugs and child sex rings. Until recently, their regime change record was perfect.

I wouldn’t say they failed at everything. We only wish they had.


Wait and see with Trump. He has too many Israeli relatives to suit me.

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