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Neocon Insanity and “Political Madness”: Hillary Clinton and the Dangers of Nuclear War

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Neocon Insanity and “Political Madness”: Hillary Clinton and the Dangers of Nuclear War

Written by Joachim Hagopian; Originally appeared at Globalresearch

As we move into the final month prior to this year’s presidential election, the tempo of dramatic world events and developments that are breaking daily is mind boggling.

Every single day we are seeing more outrageously desperate actions on the part of the globalists and their US government minions. Among the latest unfolding developments this week all fast tracking towards world war against Russia is NATO’s violation of international law deploying AWACS (Airborne Radar Warning and Control system) in Syria despite only Syria and Russia possessing the legal right to control the embattled country’s airspace.

With both US and Turkish boots on the ground in northern Syria and US led coalition airstrikes regularly invading the sovereign nation’s airspace, recently targeting Syrian soldiers and plans to kill more, along with former acting CIA director Mike Morell’s recent call to begin killing Russian soldiers, the latest warpath rant comes from Army Chief of Staff General Mark Milley who is now threatening Russia (as well as China and Iran) with nuclear war. Spoken just like a true grade school bully on a playground, he boasts, “We will beat you harder than you have ever been beaten before!” This is the kind of moronic leadership that rises to the top of the Empire food chain? I’m afraid so.

The most likely next commander-in-chief is Hillary Clinton. She’s already made it very clear that any real or perceived cyberspace attack on America coming from anywhere in the world constitutes an act of war and a military response against the cyber-perpetrators’ country.

After already vowing to bomb Iran and with her constant accusations blaming Putin for everything gone wrong in her life, including exposing her DNC corruption scandal responsible for rigging her presidential election, she is also all but promising to launch World War III against nuclear powered Russia.

Incisive insider Paul Craig Roberts and even Putin have both said so. The neocon insanity that she represents is committed to perpetrating both suicidal and genocidal mass murder.

With a total of 7,100 US nuclear warheads as of August 2016 and an estimate reported two years ago of 2,150 operationally deployed nukes, America could destroy itself four times over while Russia’s 7,300 nuclear weapons would likely carry the same tremendous overkill power.

When we’re all dead, it hardly matters who has what?

As the Benghazi ringleader who gave the stand down order that sealed the fate of four murdered Americans would say, “What difference does it make?”

The sheer madness in control of our planet right now actually believes the elite can simply hunker down in their underground luxury bunkers, take a long nuclear winter’s nap and a few years later emerge like Rip Van Winkle unscathed in their grandiose fairy tale. Talk about madness!

Meanwhile, a whopping 40 million Russian citizens taking US threats very seriously are currently undergoing a WWIII practice drill in preparation for the real thing that the US megalomaniacs are bent on igniting. But unlike the US, Moscow is also taking care that at least12 million of its citizens in their capital will also safely submerge into a subterranean world when the SHTF.

Demonized Syrian President Bashar al-Assad succinctly summed up US foreign policy accurately this way:

Today the United States is waging wars with the only goal to cement its project of total control by launching attack on everyone who opposes its dominance.

Assad is reminding the world that the US Empire refuses to accept a balance of power sharing hegemonic interests with the two most powerful other nations on earth Russia and China.

And invariably just when the curtain is lifted exposing the US crime cabal government that’s created and to this day still supporting al Qaeda and ISIS terrorism around the world, the wag the dog propaganda frenzy goes into overdrive to falsely vilify Putin and Assad for actually being the two biggest fighters of terrorism on the planet.

But then peace and harmony is not what the New World Order agenda’s about.

The globalist puppet masters pulling Washington’s strings are simply setting the stage to destroy the West in an orchestrated West versus East showdown at the doomsday corral in order to obfuscate the collapse of their house of cards, theft-based, debt-based economy that will be sure to usher in their long plotted one world government tyranny.

Do Americans really want to place their lives in the hands of Hillary Clinton, a political liar who possesses the capability to push the nuke button that would end the world?

Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at:http://empireexposed.blogspot.co

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John Whitehot

good article.


It is sad day when this article is only appearing here. It should be shouted out to the millions of Americans who have no idea where we are going. This war could easily be our last war. It amazes me how all my life I found truth is stranger then fiction! As a kid I watched Dr. Strangelove and thought how crazy the movie depicts the end of the world. But now if this is the way we go out, it will be so again that reality tops fiction for stupidity and strangeness.


Even if you managed to project it many Americans are too brain washed to understand. They are no different to dimwitted military leaders that spout nonsense. Many of which have never been in combat. They are no more than pen pushers that will scuttle off to bunkers when civilization is terminated.

George King

The likelihood of actually reaching any bunkers is in doubt, “actually believes the elite can simply hunker down in their underground luxury bunkers” as the people on the streets know what is coming or during the first impulse that shuts down all electronics will put the elites on foot among the people.

That is not a scenario from which many elites will escape lamp posts still standing, just saying…….


True, but many of the “rats” have already deserted the sinking ship – Bahrain and Singapore are now bustling with the elites.


When the nukes go off that will probably cause the melt down of many of the 400 or so nuclear power stations and cooling ponds around the world. Radiation levels will spike and stay there for decades.


The East and the West are both posturing without realising that such posturing itself is dangerous and is precisely what Russia is trying to tell the American Establishment.


The meek shall inherit the earth


The East and the West are both posturing without realising that such posturing itself is dangerous and is precisely what Russia is trying to tell the American Establishment.


Maybe the dangerous thing isn’t that we can kill ourselves 4 times over. Maybe it’s that actually, we can’t. There are about 35,000 cities and towns in the USA, of which about 4000 have populations over 10,000 inhabitants. So actually, assuming the Russians have the same number of active warheads as the USA, they only have enough firepower to hit half of them. And they probably will not want to do that – the will want to use most of their weapons to destroy military targets so the USA can’t follow up the exchange with an invasion of Russia. So most of the population live in settlements that won’t be hit. This may lead to a dangerous belief on both sides that the war could actually be won.

Gue Bjuen

i personally think trump has a better chance now. i mean, they are now harrassing him “too much”.

was there ever any election that was one sided like this one?

they want to be sure that hillary gets the presidency 150%,

or is it to make sure 150% “trump” doesn’t get elected.

what is it…. is it because hillary made a certain promiss to them?

or, is it trump who wants to do “his own policies” rather the ones a president is being told to do?

whatever he did, he really pissed them off, eventhough he was an old buddy, and his children have converted to judaism…

i think trump has a good chance and it’s getting better. in order to avoid trump becomming president,

they are crossing the line everyday. i mean it’s getting worse and worse. they are harrasing him abusing him and that will turn the voters for trump’s favor. they just don’t get it. if you bully somebody that harsh, people feel sympathy. opinion poll? you could make up anything to your benefit.

if they continue what they are doing now, trump will success.

whatever, if they are so much desperate of putting hillary on the seat,

anyone besides hillary would be the best choice.

an interesting viedo. it would be a shame not to look at this history because, they were the last ones who fought against them before putin is doing now. it could help preventing another defeat.

according to this person, not only putin is a valuable asset to humanity but also trump. hhmm… trump not only wants to normalize russian-US relationship, but also wants a change in china-US trade policy. that could make him indeed a dangerous man “for them”.

whether pro or anti national socializm is not what i would focus on. i would rather focus on what to learn from the past. and my personal view is that putin so far is doing it much better. he is fighting them in a totaly different way which sometimes amazes me.


Real Anti-Racist Action

Trump is the anti-war president. Hillary is the pro-zionist-wars president. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bfd04134c5500eff850b8e9ce7dea737c421b1a77fe0e33bd49f32625c9fabf5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a1e205df196ca1508a737efc41f07b0337ca1bf4cfa9ac4314404c214891dc22.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/958837cb42eaec6f7149cedc6c30627f3ca8efba6906a5ae26f60567c0ac5554.png

Real Anti-Racist Action

https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3365f186d6625b9a00eb661953883b73450f56514879338b4e5690a24faa8bf8.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e2aa89ef9434d0538bad37fdd2db76d917961b0ca1861d54d0205283739ecba.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/014457ddc13d108acaca7ddb6b5846e06dd8b05e742fa442149f3d0de0c9d3bc.jpg

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