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Neo-Ottomans On Globalists’ Service: Erdogan Ambitious Gaze Turns Toward Crimea

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Neo-Ottomans On Globalists' Service: Erdogan Ambitious Gaze Turns Toward Crimea

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In recent months, it’s been rather popular to talk about the various ambitions of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his various project throughout the Middle East, and beyond.

Erdogan’s ambitions in Libya, the Mediterranean Sea, Idlib, Northern Iraq, Northeastern Syria, Nagorno-Karabakh are well known.

Neo-Ottomans On Globalists' Service: Erdogan Ambitious Gaze Turns Toward Crimea

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Another interest that appears to be forming is that Turkey now also wants Crimea – and Ukraine is somewhat willing to support it.

After Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s meeting with Erdogan in Istanbul and against the background of the Karabakh conflict in Turkey, the topic of Crimea once again resurfaced.

Despite the assurances of the Turkish president in support of the territorial integrity of Ukraine and rejection of the ‘Russian annexation’ of Crimea, in Turkey itself, and especially among nationalists and ruling elites, a dissenting opinion is widespread regarding the fate of the peninsula. They consider Crimea not Ukrainian or Russian, but Turkish. Since it was part of the Ottoman Empire until the end of the 18th century. A notable article on relations with Russia appeared on the pro-government Turkish news portal Haberler.

One quote from it was widely circulated in the Ukrainian and Russian media as the author’s text from this site:

“Erdogan does not definitely consider Crimea Russian. But at the same time, he does not consider it Ukrainian either. In Erdogan’s eyes, Crimea is a territory that was unfairly taken by Russia in 1783 by the Ottoman Empire and must be returned to the heiress of this empire – modern Turkey.”

The publication in this case cites an excerpt from an article by Russian media Moskovsky Komsomolets, the author of which expresses his opinion on Turkey’s strategy in the post-Soviet space.

Haberler cited this quote as an indication of Russia’s concern about Turkey’s actions.

“Turkey’s actions in the former Soviet Union, without looking back at Russia, have caused concern in the Russian press,” Haberler comments.

Erdogan himself never spoke out loud about the “Turkish Crimea” and none of the Turkish officials raised the question like that, but the actions of the Turkish leadership and special services say more than loud statements. Also, experts say, this topic is being discussed from time to time at an unofficial level.

Independent Turkish political analyst Mustafa Karachay told Strana.ua that the very fact that a website close to Erdogan quotes such a quote means the authorities’ approval of this trend.

“This formulation of the question fits well with Ankara’s claims to restore influence within the territory of the entire former Ottoman Empire, which helps the authorities to maintain and increase the electorate. However, so far this is only at the behind-the-scenes level, Turkey is not ready for an open conflict with Russia or Ukraine. In the future, the Crimean card may still be played, depending on relations with Russia,” Karachay said.

“Many Turks really consider Crimea to be Turkish land, and all Erdogan’s statements are pure populism. Today he says one thing, tomorrow he’s another,” Yunus Erdogdu, a Turkish opposition journalist living in Ukraine commented.

“In fact, the authorities have strategy on Crimea, but it has not been disclosed. Erdogan, of course, would like to return Crimea, like the nationalist Turks with whom he flirts. In the meantime, the president is trying to maneuver between Ukraine and Russia, defending his own interests in the region. Officially Erdogan constantly repeats that Turkey does not recognize the annexation of Crimea. And what specific sanctions is he taking against Russia?

Why not close the Bosphorus to Russian military and commercial ships? Closing the straits vital for Russia could return Crimea to Ukraine in a week. But Erdogan is not doing this because Russia is very strong, including in terms of military and intelligence, especially in Turkey.

Some Turks think they can ride a horse and take Moscow, but the authorities understand that on the way to Crimea they will lose Istanbul. Now someone wants to bump their heads against Russia and Turkey. And who needs a war between Russia and Turkey, who needs to exhaust both countries with battles, especially given the tension between them and the West? Geopolitical interests are involved here.”

And this is not entirely out of the question, after all Kiev discovered that United States’ support would be limited, since the Zelensky government has proven ineffective in any of its undertakings.

As such, it is beginning to look towards Turkey, with deepening cooperation, a deal for Bayraktar TB2 drones, and even a part of their production being transferred to Ukraine.

These things do not come free, as experience with Turkey shows, with the examples of Iraq, Syria’s Idlib, Libya, and likely Azerbaijan.

Neo-Ottomans On Globalists' Service: Erdogan Ambitious Gaze Turns Toward Crimea

Click to see the full-size image

Neo-Ottomans On Globalists' Service: Erdogan Ambitious Gaze Turns Toward Crimea

Click to see the full-size image

It should also be underlined that many Ukrainian nationalists (sic), as well as Crimean Tatar radicals support Turkey’s policies. The conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh “Russia unleashed the hands of Armenia,” said Igor Miroshnichenko, leader of the Sumy regional organization of the neo-Nazi-styled party “Svoboda”.

“Russia is fighting against Azerbaijan, supports Armenia. Armenia has long turned into Putin’s tame dog. Therefore, Azerbaijan’s position should be close to Ukraine,” Miroshnichenko said.

Meanwhile, Refat Chubarov, the leader of the so-called Crimean Tatar People’s Mejlis, banned in Russia as a radical group, accused Russia of “aggression against Azerbaijan”.

“It is possible that fighters of the ‘Crimean self-defense’, led by Armen Martoyan, will fly out of the temporarily occupied Crimea to participate in hostilities against Azerbaijan, against whom criminal cases have been initiated in Ukraine – in connection with the tortures and beatings of Ukrainian patriots committed by Martoyan in February – March 2014. Armen Martoyan may have been involved in the torture and murder of the Crimean Tatar Reshat Ametov, who was later awarded the posthumous title of Hero of Ukraine,” Chubarov wrote.

The Meijlis “NGO” is a veiled organization mostly known for its strong links with Turkish intelligence services and on the Turkish payroll, which was even established by Ukraine’s Security Service – SBU. The organization and radical militants affiliated with the Meijlis were among the key supporters of the water blockade to Crimea. It is also affiliated to the blackout in Crimea in 2015, which was caused by a terrorist attack against enerrgy infrastructure on the territory of Ukraine’s Kherson Region. The current HQ of the Mejilis of Crimean Tatar People is somehow located in Kiev and the group is also quite supportive of Turkey protecting the al-Qaeda affiliated militants it backs in Syria’s Idlib, even accusing Russia of aggression against the “moderate rebels.”

While at the first glance it could look like Turkish actions in the Middle East, Eastern Europe and the South Caucasus go contrary to interest of its Western allies, first of all NATO, in fact, they are in conflict only with a few NATO member states and are being in general endorsed (or at least not opposed) by the Washington establishment. In particular, the ongoing Armenian-Azerbaijani war, in which Turkey plays a major role, contributes to the interests of the globalists that seek to destabilize the region as a part of their wider strategy against to destabilize and dismantle Russia. The growing Turkish presence in Ukraine and even its claims of Crimea also contribute to this goal. The Kiev regime lost Crimea in 2014 and has no chances to return it. In these conditions, Turkish claims over Crimea change nothing for the Western camp and simultaneously alienate Ankara with Moscow.

This is why the United States and the United Kingdom are turning a blind eye towards Turkish actions, while they themselves work to increase their military infrastructure in Ukraine. The US military has set up a ‘logistical point’ in the port city of Nikolayiv and is now ‘helping’ Ukraine to work on its port of Odessa (which will likely also be used by the US as a military facility). Meanwhile, the UK has been also working to create its military base in Ukraine. Together with the ongoing US-NATO military buildup in Eastern Europe, this creates pretty nice conditions for another NATO member state, Turkey, to play its own game in the region. The possible ‘ideological differencies’ have already been settled. Ukraine supports the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc in the conflict in the Nagorno-Karabakh region and cries foul about peaceful Turkish-funded al-Qaeda activists killed by coward Russians in Syria’s Idlib. The Turkish-funded network of NGOs working with Crimean Tatars has become the Kiev regime’s main friend in the field of the Crimean question. Even the ‘independent’ Orthodox Church of Ukraine (created to fight the canonical one under the pretext of opposing ‘Russian influence’) has no problems with Turkey’s decision to turn Hagia Sophia into a mosque and is happy to support any radicals or terrorists that would help it to achieve its main goal: to destroy the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate) and destroy its properties. If this help would come from Turkish-funded Islamist, the new ‘independent’ church of Ukraine will be happy to accept it.

The national states of Europe, which have been able to rescue at least a part of its sovereignty despite the globalist occupation, demonstrate more and more concern regarding the developments in Eastern Europe and the Southern Caucasus. New regional wars (like the one in Nagorno-Karabakh) and permanent hot points (like Ukraine) do not contribute to their national security. However, it seems that they have little chances to overcome the globalist/neo-liberal lobby in the current conditions and thus they are being played and pushed into the new round of the great geopolitical game as pawns of their masters. The outcome of this standoff that may lead to a new big regional war in Europe will be far from positive for Europe.


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Really? The Russians kicked the filthy Ottomans AKA Turks out of Crimea once and they will teach them a lesson again if necessary.


not with putin the jew bitch

Rhodium 10

Putin like Yeltsin are just Business managers of the Russian Oligarchy interest ( included Slavic, Etnic Turquic, Jews, Germans..etc..)…most of them have business with the most significant Geopolítical enemies of Russia… USA,GB, Israel, Turkey….but sometimes the Russian military staff make its own moves in case of extreme circumstances… I remember the seizure of Pristina airport by paratroopers backed by 2 Oscar and Akula class Nuclear Submarine in the Mediterranean…and recently the destruction of Turkish post in North Aleppo( 2016) and Idlib ( 2020)….and the entire Turkish AD Hawk and Koral EWS in Al Wattiya and later a Drone Hangar in Misrata air base carried out by SU-24& Mig 29 M after the ” Pantsir parade in Tripoli”….

Jens Holm

comment image

AM Hants

That is what I like about the museum in Crimea. Doesn’t it record every single person who gave their lives for Crimea, no matter what their nationality, friend and foe? Ironic there is not a single Ukrainian listed in the Museum and do believe it is a Turkish led museum.

Jens Holm

I allow me to take it again. Crimean was given in a trade, so they vpuld get a part of the USSR navy and USSR could use harbourfacilities only.

AM Hants

So according to you, Crimea was given to Russia in a trade deal, back in 1654, was it, when they could trade with the USSR Navy with regards harbour needs? Remind me, but, when was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics launched?

Or do you mean 1954, when the Ukrainian Krushchev, took it from Russia and handed it to Ukraine, to say thank you for their vote. No questions asked, but, that does not fit into a trade deal with Turkey.

Jens Holm

Erdo can only use it as propaganda just as the Macron thing. Its blur.

AM Hants

So, how does that answer my question? I don’t think I mentioned either Maccron or Erdogan.

Jens Holm

Thats only partly correct. Most of the time form they arrived about 1300 BC they were more or less independent and some kind of satrap in their much bigger Khanat.

comment image

They has bigger then the maps shows too


AD not BC! Only 2600 years difference.

Mehmet Aslanak

The dude probably meant the Turkish villages still present in the peninsula, but I doubt those villagers would support any Turkish intervention in their lifestyle, nor they would call themself Turk after 2 centuries.


I guess they probably Tartars and even they are ethnically very distant relatives with the filthy Turks they would tell them to fuck-off, like they have done with the Ukranian NAZI-Terrorist Scum + Putschists, because they have highly likely voted in favor joining the Russian Federation like the majority of the Crimean population.

AM Hants

Must admit, being completely ignorant about it all, I was seriously surprised at the condition of the Tatars, living in Crimea, when under Ukraine control. They had no running water or electricity.

What did the Bolsheviks, then Ukraine actually do for the Tatars?

Stalin, was cheesed off, owing to their support of Adolf and wanted them gone.
Krushchev, the Ukrainian Bolshevik, leader of the Bolshevik Party, did nought for them.
1991, when the Bolshevik Union fell, Ukraine did nought for them.

2014, what was the first thing Russia did for the Tatars, when Crimea returned to Russia?

They were rehabilitated. They could purchase their own homes, plus Tatar was to become an official language of Crimea, along with Russian and Ukrainian. Plus, I guess their internal sanitation requirements are now sorted, together with running water, they have electricity supplied in their homes. Plus, they are allowed to enter politics and so many other basic requirements. No wonder they are happy to be out of the control of Ukraine.

Jens Holm

When Russia took Crimea the big water channel from Ukraine there was 100% blocked. I dont recognize Your version but it can be true. Ukraine was chaos and partly still is. So the waterflow might have been stopped before Russians re-arrived.

Crimea was a part of a big trade. Ukriane got Chrimea as mainowner, because they also should have a % of the navy.

And Yes, just as fx East Berlin Putin do the best they can to promote themselves as saving the Ukrainiens. They also has the big brifgeprojekt, which delay so many needed projekts in the rest of Russia.

…Sure they were left alone too. Thats why I wonder why many here blame EU investing in most of the 20 new or ragained countries and give us bad names. We even has helped Lukashenko.

AM Hants

When Russia took Crimea?????

Water channel 100% blocked????

Waterflow might have been stopped, before the Russians arrived????

Ukraine got Crimea, because they should have a % of a navy????

Ask East Berlin Putin with regards saving the Ukrainians?????

Also have the Big Bridge Project, which delayed so many needed projects in the rest of Russia??????? Like the new towns, airports, railways, motorways, etc, etc, etc.

Sure they were left alone too. That’s why I wonder why many here blame EU investing in most of the 20 new or regained countries and give us bad names????? We even has helped Lukashenko to keep his museum intact as well as making improvements. Thats needed and for Crimea as well????????


Sorry completely confused with your answer and how it fits in with Russia acquiring Crimea, back in 1654.

How many lives have been lost, fighting for Crimea and why were none of them Ukrainian?

Jens Holm

Its seemes You dont know how many tatars was killed before Russia finally took the Crimea tatars. I think it started for real at Katherine the second. The Tzar before here only reached Azov Sea.

And the rest is true and to verify as well.

I see Crimea was into Ukriane and there was chaos in Kiev as well as the rest being divided in 3 incompetent fractions.

In that period a lot was fallen apart. So thats why I write Ukrainiens might not have kept the water supply to Crimea intact and not against anything on Chrimea.

AM Hants

Wiki for reference????? Really, I seriously must educate myself the Wiki way. Now remind me, but, why can you not cite Wiki?

With regards your previous comments, were your relating to 1654 Crimea, as I sort of got confused, owing to my single digit IQ.

Servet Köseoğlu

All Tatars living in Crimea happy..ı didnt see any single Tatar or Ukranian complaining about Russians there..

Jens Holm

Parrot copy paste from Your own dark version.

The main problem is, that most of the Tatars not even live at Crimea, because they are forbidden living in the rest of Russia as well as they are diaspora.

And again: Khazan in no Tatar land.

You are a no learner. Not even maps printed in to Your brain close to Your behind willchange that.

In not very well estimates it says 250.000 lives at Crimea and 450.000 Outside

Servet Köseoğlu

All father Odin…What happened to you? Looks like ı need to get tinfoil hat before having discussion with you…xD
comment image

Jens Holm

WE have no discussion. I just tell how the world is. If they read mine first, they wont die laughing.


comment image

Jens Holm

comment image

Lone Ranger

It takes only one nuke tipped cruise missile and Errordoggie is gone.
He knows that, he is smarter than that.

Mr T

yes end of world… for both

Jens Holm

I support that. Leaders making wars should be killed first and at least its worth trying.


No matter. Putin will overlook Erdogan’s attempts at influencing the Russia-hating Ukrainian regime and try more “business and partnership” with the Ziocorporate terrorist globalists, the Ziowahhabi Turks and even the whorehouse called Ukraine. The New World Order was completed at the end of WW2

Lone Ranger

Habet tempus, habet vitam…

AM Hants

Have you heard of diplomacy and deciding which battles you wish to fight? We might not see the bigger picture, but, I do believe the Kremlin does, and more importantly there timing is generally 99% perfect.

Putin Apologist

Well, as long as we’re taking about reclaiming lost territories I would suggest Christendom reclaim Constantinople, Thrace and Anatolia. Not to worry, any surviving Turks could move back to central Asia… and take the Kurds with you.


The first two would be well justified, the latter only at the margins like in Sevres (for Kurds also). Leave the Ottomans some enclave, even the Central Asians would not want them in hordes.


Bottom line:

10-28-20: 8.26 Lira: 1 $US

1-1-20: 5.95 Lira: 1 $US

And the Lira is steadily declining.

Jens Holm

Haha Turks are getting more and more money:)

Rhodium 10

When Erdogan has wanted to stick his nose beyond Turkey….he´s had problems with other countries..not only Russia!…..for example in Mediterranean has problems with France, Greece, Egypt…in Mid East with Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Emirates….now Turkey will have problems with Russia and Iran in NK where Syrian& Turkish backed terrorist are fighting side by side with AZ forces!…the only goal of Turkey was during 90s the creation of Pseudocalifates in the Balkans…Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo..and failed in Macedonia.

Johnny B. Allan

Your posts are nothing more then garbage. If anything Turkey has expanded but you will only post revision. Just go back to 2017 Turkey was only in Turkey but now they have territories in Iraq, Syria, Libya and NK.

You can jump up and down but facts still stand and Erdogan even warned today of further military action in North Syria. Perhaps expansion in the Kurdish regions

Jens Holm

I agree, but it hard to see a succes.

AM Hants

I was wondering when Turkey would turn up, again with eyes on Crimea, fully supported by Ukraine. The only problem Russia will have, is entry into the Black Sea, where Turkey is concerned. However, something will happen to Turkey, like history keeps repeating and they will be back to Russia, begging for help.

What was it Kissinger said? ‘He who controls Crete, Cyprus and Malta, controls the World’. Bearing in mind, US Ambassador to Ukraine, Geoffrey Pyatt (FU EU Nuland phone call), was sent to Crete and Greece. Cyprus, courtesy of Operation Gladio, Turkey invaded Cyprus, back in 1974 and took half of it. Part of the deal, when Nuland moved out of Ukraine and Pyatt turned up in Greece, was to hand over Cyprus to Turkey, if only they would turn down Turk Stream with Russia and cancel the S-400 defence system. A NATO base, in the North, controlled by Turkey would run in parallel with the Turkey base in the South. The Northern bases would be one of the two under the control of the UK. Prime Minister May, back in 2017, had no problem taking instructions from Nuland. Didn’t her special adviser Fiona Hill, end up going to join the US UN Team, under the command of Haley? It was all timed to take place in January 2017, before Trump was sworn in and just after the Burisma Board Meeting, Biden turned up to attend, in Ukraine, around the time that McCain and Graham were being awarded medals from Porkie, courtesy their loyalty and friendship to Ukraine, post 2014.

Obama, Kissinger and Nuland: Cyprus 1974 – Cyprus 2017…. https://www.konstantakopoulos.gr/2696/obama-kissinger-nuland-cyprus-1974-cyprus-2017

‘…In 1974 Kissinger was able to prepare his Cyprus coup first by deceiving everybody about his real intentions, including the Greek dictator Ioannides, Archbishop Makarios and Soviet FM Gromyko (when he met both of them in Nicosia weeks before the coup), the British government and even his own President Richard Nixon, probably exploiting his serious troubles with Watergate.

It was a masterpiece of deceptive diplomacy, even if this is something he cannot openly claim.

In March 1974 Major-General Ioannides the Greek dictator invited to his office the ship owner Aristotelis Onassis. He told him, according to one of the very close associates of Onassis, “Aristotelis, everything is fine with foreign policy. The Americans told me to get rid of the priest (Archbishop Makarios, President of Cyprus) and they will give us the island” (Cyprus to be united with Greece). Ioannides was a little bit mad and the only thing Onassis could think of saying to him was “And why they don’t do it themselves?”. Such a question was not enough to make Ioannides think, let alone deter him from what he was already planning.

When Ioannides realized after the coup that he had been deceived and that it was Turkey not Greece that was to be “united” with Cyprus, he ordered the Greek Armed Forces to defend the island by all means and attack Turkey on all fronts. Nobody did anything. The USA were controlling all the Greek military hierarchy. The Turkish troops invaded the island essentially without resistance, proceeding to ethnic cleansing of the Greek population from the zone they controlled. Cyprus lost 3% of its population during this operation, which is more than the Iraqi losses during the invasion of 2003…’

… From Kissinger to Nuland – from modernity to postmodernism (with Turkey invited to join).
Now Mrs Nuland wants exactly the same solution before she leaves the State Department. She wants to impose it on Cyprus through a new coup d’état, of a very different, less dramatic and more dangerous type. The coup d’état is to take place in Geneva, on 12th January…

… She knows that she cannot win a referendum under the given circumstances. She will therefore try to take everything she can from the powers of the existing Cypriot state, on a legal and political level and at the level of international law, before holding probably two and not one referenda, which is logical as there will be not one but two states in Cyprus after January 12. She will hold the promised referendum she cannot win under the circumstances only when she has changed those circumstances. And she will hold two, not one.

All of this is illegal, but if Anastasiades and Tsipras or Kotzias sign the agreements under pressure from her, there will be not be many people around even to protest, as they did during the Iraq war…’


$oro$ wishes to keep Russia out of most of the Oceans and Seas. However, Russia, works well with land and so that is just a slight irritant.

Erdogan, causing problems around Cyprus, in order to upset the Greater Israel Project or is he looking for a deal?

Middle East, Erdogan, desperate to have it all under his control, but again, how does this work with Israel? Is Turkey friend or foe?

Crimea – Istanbul – and isn’t that what the Atlantic Council and Erdogan want, but, neither wants the other in charge.

Is Turkey working with Israel or against it, considering the Zionists originate from Nomadic Turkic Tribes?

If anybody other than Russia, believes they will acquire Crimea, well for that to happen, there will be no planet, or Crimea, to haggle with.

$oro$ wishes to keep Russia out of most of the Oceans and Seas. However, Russia, works well with land and so that is just a slight irritant.

Erdogan, causing problems around Cyprus, in order to upset the Greater Israel Project or is he looking for a deal?

Middle East, Erdogan, desperate to have it all under his control, but again, how does this work with Israel? Is Turkey friend or foe?

Crimea – Istanbul – and isn’t that what the Atlantic Council and Erdogan want, but, neither wants the other in charge.

Is Turkey working with Israel or against it, considering the zionists originate from Nomadic Turkic Tribes?

If anybody other than Russia, believes they will acquire Crimea, well for that to happen, there will be no planet, or Crimea, to haggle with.


Last paras are repeated needlessly. Try an edit.

AM Hants

Cheers and happily admit to seldom editing my comments and technical grammar failures. As I go on and repeat bad habit.

AM Hants

Out of curiosity I wonder who is behind backing the voice of those who want Crimea to be part of the Ottoman Empire? Watch the voices get louder and the funding increase.

So Israel has designs on Crimea, for the Greater Israel Project and Turkey has designs on Crimea, for the rebuild of the Ottoman Empire. Who is going to win, when Russia has no desire to haggle over Crimea? Unless, answering by hypersonic response.

Jens Holm

Its Erdogan populisme. The same for those drawings. It keep focus away from his lack of succes.

As it is now none has succes. Only Trump might smile and say you have no solutions. Thats how it is.

I just looked at the bordrerlines between Turkey and Iraq and Syria. It represent well all are more stubbern then any Turkish tourist camel. comment image

Ralph London

AM, the yanks want a military base in Crimea, while the ‘jews’/(some) jews(?) claim that they were in that area for about 2000 yrs.
As a 2nd jewish homeland – NON-biblical, but fitting in with the ashkenazis etc.


The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee asked Stalin for it as a Jewish province after he deported the Crimean Tartars, instead he liquidated it and them.

AM Hants

Weren’t the Zionists after it, before Stalin said no and Plan B, Israel came up?

Ralph London

I don’t know, AM, but their ‘claim’ goes back about 2000 yrs.

Peter Jennings

Turkish gov’t officials obviously mean the return of Crimea after the US/nato successfully attack Russia.
Lots of luck.

Turkish military could find their newly acquired S-400’s launching on their own accord and head to Ankara.

Tommy Jensen

In reality Crimea belongs to Genghis Khan who appointed a successor to Crimea. The successor established the Crimean Tatar state existing from 1441 to 1783 total 340 years of independence.
Genghis Khan is Mongol China/Mongol Russia. comment image

Mr T

SF is pro Putin and pro Russia and this news is bullshit.

Turkish has no ambitions on Crimea, they want only the Tatar Turks to live in peace and free.

And yes Tatar see themselves Turks, myself a Tatar I see myself a Turk. Most Tatar in Turkey are the best nationalistic Turks.


I highly doubt you are but Tatars in Crimea, whom are small population overall of Crimea compared to ethnic Russians, live rather quite well also getting their own new mosque while Ukraine never did.

Of you are Tatar, then you are an example of another Muslim wanting a minority to have all the strength and power over a majority by crying how you do not have enough of freedom or whatever. Because unless it’s ultimate power, the rest will never be enough.


I hope bayrakdar hunt like dogs Russian solders as the useless Russian let the Armenian die


By Erdogan’s logic, we should ask him to surrender Turkey to Mongolia for annexation and Xi Jinping should also surrender all of China to Mongolia for annexation as well. The US should also return Alaska to Russia and ask for a refund.

I’d really like to see Erdogan try to annex Crimea.


Dog-face certainly covets historic Ottoman lands, but even he wouldn’t be mad enough to try Crimea. Russia is not some weak, small 2nd-rate state that can be bullied like Syria, Libya or Armenia.

The Tatars in Crimea are tiny portion of the population and will never hold enough power to influence the region democratically. Even if they were, Russia could easily stomp them out anyway.

This is mostly just puppeteering and cheap propaganda by Erdogan. He gets a weak vessel in Ukraine and keeps his Turkic supremacist/revisionist cred with his ignorant supporters at home.

Ben Hillhorst

Who feels any sympathy with the Tatars?.
A history full of slaveraids and slavetrade, nothing to be proud of.
Oh, and during WW2 siding with the nazi’s and assisting them with their killings of Russians,

Ida Acobian
Jens Holm

Basement Ottoman.

Trap Is Not Gay

I told you about Turkey


Feed the (Grey) Wolf, and it and its appetite will only grow bigger and stronger. We saw it already more than once before in history.

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