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Neo-Liberal Air Force: U.S. Military Orders Removal Of ‘Potentially Offensive’ Unit Emblems, Mottos

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Neo-Liberal Air Force: U.S. Military Orders Removal Of 'Potentially Offensive' Unit Emblems, Mottos

U.S. Air Force photo illustration by Senior Airman Michael Smith/Released

You can read this article in German. LINK

The administration of US President-elect Joe Biden has not entered power yet, but their allies within the country’s highest government bodies have already launched an advance on the vestiges of symbols that do not fit the new trend of the total dominance of neo-liberal and globalist values.

The purge of sources of the ‘wrong ideology’ took place not only in social media, where accounts of the acting US President Donald Trump and his supporters were targeted, but also in the US military.

Commanders of the US Air Force have been ordered to review their unit emblems, morale patches, mottos, nicknames, coins and other forms of unit recognition in order to eliminate ‘potentially offensive images’.

The order was announced in a press release published on January 5:

The Department of the Air Force directed commanders to conduct a comprehensive review of official and unofficial unit emblems, morale patches, mottos, nicknames, coins and other forms of unit recognition and identity to ensure an inclusive and professional environment within 60 days from Dec. 23, 2020.

Commanders, at the squadron level and above, will remove any visual representation, symbols or language derogatory to any race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, age or disability status to ensure an inclusive and professional environment.

The directive came in the form of a memorandum from Secretary of the Air Force Barbara BarrettAir Force Chief of Staff Charles Q. Brown, Jr., and Chief of Space Operations John W. Raymond.

“It is critical for the Department of the Air Force to embody an environment of dignity, respect and inclusivity for all Airmen and Guardians,” the memo stated. “Our core values demand we hold ourselves to high standards and maintain a culture of respect and trust in our chain of command.”

According to Air Force Instruction 84-105, “Organizational Lineage, Honors and Heraldry,” emblem designs and mottos should reflect favorably on the United States Air Force, be original, distinctive, dignified, in good taste and non-controversial.

“Their continued use (of derogatory symbols and language) ostracizes our teammates undermining unit cohesion and impeding our mission readiness and success … Our diversity of experience, culture, demographics and perspectives is a force multiplier and essential to our success in this dynamic global environment … We must ensure all our Airmen and Guardians are valued and respected,” the memo emphasized.

Commanders should consider emblem and motto guidance in AFI 84-105 and consult their historians, staff judge advocates and equal opportunity specialists during the review.

Neo-Liberal Air Force: U.S. Military Orders Removal Of 'Potentially Offensive' Unit Emblems, Mottos

Click to see the full-size image

Neo-Liberal Air Force: U.S. Military Orders Removal Of 'Potentially Offensive' Unit Emblems, Mottos

Click to see the full-size image

Neo-Liberal Air Force: U.S. Military Orders Removal Of 'Potentially Offensive' Unit Emblems, Mottos

Click to see the full-size image

This move comes directly from the ongoing push to rewrite the US history and remove & cancel all historical figures and symbols that may be described as ‘offensive’ for the globalists, neo-liberals and various minorities that dominate in the US public politics and media. For the US military, the push started with the removal of Confederate imagery on military property and the names of its installations.

Taking into account the existing trend, it would take little time to fully rebrand the US armed forces, including the Air Force and the Navy, to new the neo-liberal force. In the previous year, the US administration was invading countries and supporting coups in the name of ‘democracy’. Now, military interventions and meddling into internal politics of other states will likely be justified by the need to fight ‘oppressors’ and create a minorities-friendly environment.


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    1. FlorianGeyer says:


  1. <> says:

    Anyone who has ever been in the army knows the meaning of a “unit pride”. Removing mottos and symbols is a bad idea, it has legacy and many good men gave up their lives for that symbol. A big mistake.

    1. LRcaptain says:

      its really more common than you think most dictatorships do it, manly before a civil war. It is done erase a units history. So if incase of any of soldiers defecting to rebels the more loyal soldiers can put the traitors into ground.

      in such a system to be unique is to be loyal

      1. Harry Smith says:

        You don’t need to remove patches or mottos to erase units history. You can dismiss the unit and organize the new one using different units personnel. Like Bolsheviks did.
        I think they just want to eliminate the not loyal elements from army to protect themselves from coup d’etat.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Rewriting history. (again)
          All trace of the Confederacy must evaporate. The Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal decree’s it.
          The South was correct, and Rothschild can’t stand that. The history has been rewritten several times already, the original “Official” history was total bullshit to start with. Each rewrite “forgets” a bit more, inflates, and convolutes a bit bigger, and more varied twists to further vilify the South and add any crimes the North forgot to blame on the South.
          Monuments, Cemeteries, battlefields, statues, names of Southern Officers, hero’s, and all mention any of it ever existed.
          A third of the people think this is wonderful, assisting the cut, and paste of the actual, facts that are the history of the country, and substitute it with “Fantasy Island.” Then teach this fake shit as history. The actual history of the world has always been covered with layers of bullshit, but it could be found. People will believe the lie, no matter what, never check to see if it’s true. Guaranteed.

          1. Harry Smith says:

            Who controls the past controls the future. (c) 1984.

      2. <> says:

        You’re right LR, but it would still be a stupid move.

    2. Harry Smith says:

      Yeah. No unit pride, just pride it has to be now. ROFL

    3. Jens Holm says:

      Well, You could replace it with other symbols. Even “we killed more then 10.000s” might be better.

  2. JIMI JAMES says:

    No constituates,brings no valour honour nor grace(period) Don’t insult intergrity.

  3. namulit emperor says:

    But they can still kill scores of people all around the world, right?

    1. occupybacon says:

      Yes, with drones

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Haha. Drones against Covid, so to speak. And we only will neet Emmigrants by and Skype TV too;)

        1. occupybacon says:

          Emmigrants before they become Immigrants.

    2. Jens Holm says:

      Its mainly for internal use. A start for changes are to remove or reduce symbols from ancient times times fx not covering USAtoday and also keep values, which is not there.

      Its a dilemma. When You do so, You also remove Your own history for high and low.
      We fx has several very large famous buildings and museums with expensive things in.

      Those partly are paid by slave money. Statues in the open is same thing.

      Im more for each of them should have an explantion for, what those people did in the contexts from those days. We have well known song, which now is “no mee too”.

      Im sure different names also changes how people see themself and the world. Others do the same. At leasr that quagmire in changes bring som kind of hope.

      I allow me to remind things are the other way too. On these sites USA almost always are desciebed as very bad people runned by Jews and the rest hard working ones almost starving in the streets.

      USA is not like that. If so they would have collpased many years ago or had not existed.

      So many here dont understand USA was made by emmigrants as poor as people can get as well as many didnt like their faith(religion). They by good reasons didnet trust the state and because of that it was a right to arm and defend themself.

      Before USA it actually also was colonies by Britts, French, Spanish and Dutch, which also plundered them.

      Here people always remeber the indians and the slaves mainly from Africa.

      Its forgotten that there after that was an internal very dirty war aming the whites ones, where a main issue for the Northern States was no more slavery. After that there was no slavery be definiation but the slaves diodnt get the same rights as the rest.

      So it has to be modified all americans supportered slavery. The North States – the winners – did not and changed in buy and sales of people.

      Its also never mentioned so many “whites” died under the emmigrations all the way to nothing and most of them was not licky goldiggers

    3. FlorianGeyer says:

      Of course the US can, and all under the Gay Pride flag.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        Gays are the best. They have time for having a well paid job and by that pay a lot of tax. They also makes no children, we has to support.

        Hip hip for the gays.

        1. Decatur Guy says:

          Government “workers” don’t pay taxes.
          So-called government “workers” consume the taxes others pay.

    4. Andreas says:

      Yes, their ideology gets ever more twisted. No such society will survive for long. It will collapse under its own cognitive dissonance.

  4. Phoron says:

    Meanwhile, the globohomo program to redesign bombs, bullets and missiles from a vaguely phallic shape into ones resembling vaginas and anuses isnt bearing much fruit

    1. Jim Allen says:

      Kinda’ like that, yes.

  5. Ivanus59 says:

    What about that one unit that has a drone and target over China as it’s patch?
    Realistically they should all have skulls and bones with a $ dollar sigh as a main motive as their symbols as they are there to spread death in the name of big corporations that rule the US.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      Dont worry. Your nightmare or hopes are not like that.

      https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b52edc71c490fafa89b64f550717c38ecc99c799544db25ee241631a3fc7968c.jpg If it was Turkey the changes would be from Grey wolves to cats and Tigers for cats too.

  6. zman says:

    Gotta love SF. There are times when their articles are so far off it’s not funny. They give zero examples of these ‘patches’ they are so unhinged over. I especially like the way they give one the idea that gay emblems are OK. They’re not. Just to educate them…the USAF has been infiltrated by Evangelistic so-called Christians since Reagan. They brow beat their men to attend their Zionist churches and wear their little ‘fish’. The AF was supposed to deal with this, but never has. Who do they think was involved with the theft of nukes from B-52s out of Minot? But, hell, instead lets run the tired crap we’ve all heard before. Why do they apparently think that Confederate symbols belong on a US base? Do they even know that the south was in bed with the English industrialists/bankers? The same ones in CoL? 90% of Americans don’t either.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      I think You has to learn a lot Yourself too. USA has 350 mio inhabitants in 40 states. EU has 28 states and 423 mio inhabitants.

      So how much do Swedes know about old days in Spain or Greese and their connections in good and bad things.

      And how poeple fi´t in and becomes this and that has to be mentioned too. USA was an expansion, so the americans pr where they came from are not same thing at all.

      Their conditions by that also today are different. Even today in little Denmark we see profesionel soldies comes from the poor parts as well as country music. So You arepartly right, but You dont add important stuff such as where people came from and where they live or lived today.

      Its also well known, that exact the same is for many other countries, where You alos find Regans. As we just have seen on maps USA is still “read and blue”.

      I would say they should learn much more in their schools about other countries then they do. The danger might be they have more succes abroad:)

      Things are very visble here. Russians and Arabistans dont know much about Europe, has no idea about our good and bad sides – and not even has a language for the vitals which make us as we are and why we make big GDPs and only spend 2% of Our money for military strenght.

    2. Jim Allen says:

      Reagan, like the other US Presidents did as their master’s directed. Singling out an individual President as being the cause for something you don’t like is absurd. Reagan doesn’t stand out for whatever you think he did, he stands out because he was going against his masters to one degree, or other.
      They attempted to assassinate him.
      US Presidents are Illumaniti blood lines. They’re members of one of the 12 tribes represented by Rothschild. Or, the Zionist Khazar criminal Banking Cabal. They don’t take killing family lightly, but they do kill, if/when one goes too far against the Cabal.
      The Kennedy’s, Joe, JFK, RFK, attempt on Ted, JFK Jr. The family weren’t fans of at some of the shit the Cabal was up to.
      There’s other examples, the “reasons” given as cause are aren’t the reason they were assassinated. Except very early on.
      The bankers tried twice to assassinate Jackson, and failed both attempt’s. Most are related to Rothschilds bank being the reserve bank. Illegal under the Constitution, and the founders despised Rothschild, yet he managed to weasel his bank into being the reserve. Alexander Hamilton was a key player in facilitating this, he was the mole in Washington’s Cabinet. Washington didn’t care for Rothschild either. I don’t know how Rothschild got to Hamilton, blackmail seems likely, some kind of leverage, wouldn’t think Hamilton sold out his country, and countrymen, though it is in the realm of the possible.
      Rothschild was powerful, often more powerful than Kings, and Queens. Just not the King of England. He enjoyed a long, and close association with his King, and had the the Kings ear. The banks charter would expire in 1814, Rothschild got word the charter was not to be renewed. That charter was worth billions even then. High profits, Rothschild ain’t letting go.
      Rothschild sniveled to the King about this, demanding he send his Army’s back to US, and put a whuppin’ on the founders ass again. Eventually the King agreed, he also agreed Rothschild would pay the bill.
      The Kings Army’s dutifully returned, and repeated the ass whuppin’ administered before, and Rothschild got to keep his bank.

      1. zman says:

        When I said Reagan I was referring to his admins, but since you mention it, Reagan personally began the love affair with the evangelistic Christians, no one else. The Repugs have had them in their pockets ever since. That’s where his influence made a difference. Reagan soon found out where he stood the night of his primary win. He had said that he would never accept Bush as his VP, but after a little talk back stage he came out and named Bush as his VP. He knew by then what was up. This is when the neocons came to full power. We all know what flowed from there. As far as I am concerned Reagan was expendable, a symbol to be used. However you might try to insulate Reagan, he knew what was up or he would have to be an idiot. He still ran for another term, even after apologizing for violating the constitution…then we decided to re-elect him. The rest of your post has nothing to do with my original post…although mentioning that all US presidents are Illuminati, proves your point how? That he was part and parcel? No, I didn’t particularly like a lot of the shit that came from his admin…first $1T budget, massive debt increase, FDA bloodbath on his 1st day in office, the October surprise, which was likely treasonous…and the list don’t end there.

        1. Jim Allen says:

          Reagan was a ZIonist puppet performing as directed. As all US Presidents are. The Office is a front to provide the ignorant, emotionally driven citizen a target to vent their outrage on. Preserving the two party illusion.

          1. zman says:

            Then why even mention they tried to kill him? Didn’t you say before that he opposed them? Was he in on that as well?

  7. N/A says:

    Who cares about all that? That country has been fucked since Reagan took power if not after 1963. Neoliberal economics and the zionist lobby is destroying it bit by bit and the longer these two things linger, the worse it will get. No point in taking sides between DNC and RNC, both of them lie, cheat, steal, and kill innocent people.

    1. Jens Holm says:

      If You are a friend, they prefare enemies. Most people in the world think Regan was a good President for United.

      They even elected their President theself. Thats not possible in many countries. They also removed him. Thats also not possible in many countries.

      1. N/A says:

        Who asked you? No one……………..

        1. Jens Holm says:

          I dont have to ask. This is not a part of Your childcarecenter.

          1. N/A says:

            And this is coming from someone who hates Russians and anyone from the Middle East…..

        2. Tommy Jensen says:

          If anyone has an idea on how to “neutralize” ignorant gluing sucker stalkers, please let me know.

    2. James Adams says:

      Its the Left not the Right dude

      1. N/A says:

        Reagan wasn’t left and neither was Clinton. Do some reading on Neoliberal economics before respnding any further to this thread.

  8. Aleks Noir says:

    Its lunacy. A significant amount of post on this page is dedicated to mocking, and denigrating the US, but sometimes, US does it to itself. Warriors are offensive, war is offensive, violence is offensive.

  9. SnowCatzor says:

    “Our diversity of experience, culture, demographics and perspectives is a force multiplier and essential to our success in this dynamic global environment”. OMFG I’ve never read a bigger load of complete nonsense in my life. The only reason they’re even considering this move is precisely BECAUSE of diversity of culture and demographics.

    1. FlorianGeyer says:

      Mixed race units have never really been potent military units at most times in history. Add to that the current globo homo fad that creates an uncomfortable atmosphere.

      1. Jens Holm says:

        We do see examples. In WW1 it manly was people from India and Pakistan with Britts, which took the MiddelEast from the Ottomans.

        When France was retaken by De Gaulle a lot of that was more or less mixted in the last parts of it.

        I allow me to say, its more as if its not tryed very much, so we dont know.

        I also allow me to say being homogenized is nothing in itself. ISIS are not homogene ones and fight very well. Others there are very homogene and are vedry bad.

        So the unification very much is about same and good context named education. But there are important differenses in culture. The Assad version is the Obeying sheep version, which the soldiers are raised with from birth or even before that, where the Leadership also often is very bad because of that.

        The infection is exact the same for most production. That goes for Iraq or most of it as well.

        1. Albert Pike says:

          ‘When France was retaken by De Gaulle a lot of that was more or less mixted in the last parts of it.’

          Jeh – the mixed thing came at a price. De Gaulle had to promise them one German city for rape an plunder, otherwise no fighting by his colonial troops:
          ‘Agony of Freudenstadt. In April 1945 the city was severely affected by bombing and artillery shelling by French troops under General Jean de Lattre de Tassigny. German troops in advance had set up a roadblock in the Murg Valley, and shot some French tanks. Freudenstadt was pounded by about 16 hours of artillery. It was also hit by American bombers. The main water line broke and there was not enough water available to clear the many fires that broke out. Approximately
          600 buildings, 95% of the total core city were on the night of 16th to 17th April 1945 by direct or indirect influence destroyed and 1,400 families rendered homeless.
          During the subsequent invasion by the French troops, there was considerable violence, rape and abuse. Many of the buildings that had been spared were claimed by the French occupiers. Many families lived in makeshift basement. Freudenstadt is just one example of the serious mistreatment of the civilian population by the colonial troops of the British and French. Götz Aly pointed out, that “every village in southwest Germany would report rape by black soldiersm” They were “no different than the Russians”

          ‘ISIS are not homogene ones and fight very well.’ They were also into rape and plunder – so there are no good points for the multi culty thing when it comes to war. And a multi genderchanged transgender army will not fare much better…

          1. tonia says:

            As my family is from the south of Germany, I know for sure you are right about Freudenstadt and all south Germany (it didn’t only hit Freundenstadt). In Stuttgart, only the most abhorrent, atrocious forms of rape were prosecuted at all, if they were prosecuted.
            It was the generatin of my grandmothers that was affected.
            Those who survived never talked about it, but my mother (who was a child then, fortunately too young to be interesting as a prey, or probably she was just lucky) told me the village doctor “silently removed all the consequences”.

      2. Tommy Jensen says:

        Its by purpose. Its anti-human and anti-life by excell sheet design. As the ignorant Jens in his stupidity write, gays and women in power make less costly children.
        Children which are life giving and continuation of life, cost the bankers money.

          1. KD1989 says:


  10. Tommy Jensen says:

    Secretary of the US Air Force Barbara Barrett, US Air Force Chief of Staff Anne M. Jones, and US Chief of Space Operations Liza C. Silverstein.
    Civil Servants Charles Q. Brown Jr., John W. Raymond, and William B. Zinski were serving tea at the meeting.

  11. cechas vodobenikov says:

    LGBT navy burns own ships; diversity army frags officers; LSD airforce crashes 257 planes in 20 years. patriot/thaad engineered by Homer Simpson, LSD jens color design
    bacon public relations mockingbird marketing employed to create new LGBT patch, antifa broken window award, a HIV+ spreader patch, the prestigious genocide wedding party patch, etc

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