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Neither NATO nor Lord God himself won’t help Erdogan – Russian Expert


Today, anti-Russian hysteria and a kind of euphoria are observed in Turkish social and mass medias. The case runs after Turkey shot down the Russian Su-24. However, in Russia, the world hears dreaded roar.
Neither NATO nor Lord God himself won’t help Erdogan - Russian Expert

Originally appeared at Zvezda, translated by James Cooksey exclusively for SouthFront

The President of the Institute of Middle East Yevgeny Satanovsky told the TV channel “Zvezda” his point of view on the tragedy with the Russian Su-24. According to him, Turkey and Russia under any circumstances will not be able to sustain previous relationship.

“Erdogan seems to have forgotten that for such an actions Turkey had lost a considerable part of its territory in the last 400 years, and was left with just a shard, which he manages today.

We still have some serious fighting ahead of us. The question is how to conduct it while minimizing our losses and achieving our goals, making foes fearful, thus preventing them from attacking us. Today it is absolutely clear that Turkey is doing everything to save the terrorists of the “Islamic state” and other groups. Now Russian planes will be accompanied by fighter jets, and any attempt to attack them would be met accordingly.

To rely on Turkey and view her as a friendly ally in solving different issues would be a grave mistake. This means that the Russian $20 billion nuclear power plant construction project must be terminated. The idea of “Turkish stream”, which allows the Turks to blatantly blackmail us, should be revoked. It is well enough that today energy balance of Europe is going down a cliff. And this is after the Turks, exactly the Turks, “blessed” them with refugee crisis. It won’t come as a surprise that they were somehow behind the terrorist attacks in Paris.

Normalization of relationship may depend on realization by Mr. Erdogan that he soon may find himself not the Sultan of Ottoman Empire but the man who ruined his country, one which economy and world status he had spent so much time and vigor to establish. Erdogan must understand that neither NATO nor the Lord God himself will help him “, – said Satanovsky.

On November the 24th Russian Su-24 bomber was shot down by Turkish F-16 on Syrian territory by “air-to-air” missile. This was the statement given by Russian President Vladimir Putin. He has also called Ankara’s actions a “stab in the back”.



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