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Negligence Or Sabotage? Iran-Iraqi War Poster In Iran’s Shiraz Shows Israeli Troops


A billboard in the Iranian city of Shiraz meant to commemorate the country’s eight-year-long war with Iraq appeared to feature an image of Israeli troops.

The embarrassing mistake of the local administration has already drawn attention in the blogosphere and media once again showing how a neglect of some middle-level staffers may lead to notable consequences.

It’s interesting to note that the original photo included a female soldier, who was removed for the post. The original background was also replaced So, it’s hard to suggest that the “designer” of this poster did not understand what he or she was doing.

After the billboard appeared to be in center of a media scandal, it was removed.

Iran is currently in the middle of its Sacred Defense Week, a week-long holiday meant to commemorate the Iran-Iraq War (1980 until 1988).



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  • Peter Krueminch

    I wouldn’t read anything into this. Graphic Designer was just using stock photos or more likely searching for suitable images on the internet. That is pretty standard. They probably didn’t even know the soldiers were Israeli. Likely to be a quite junior person a couple years out of art school, working in the PR department somewhere. Unfortunate for their career prospects though.

  • Miroslav Beran

    It is difficult to distinct Khazar soldiers from Persian soldiers, if they have their european looking faces turned back. Yes, Khazaria Empire was in Europe, so their part in European footbal matches and EuroVision is OK