Nearly 1,000 US Troops in Syria Are Currently Under Attack by Russians


Written by Darius Shahtahmasebi; Originally appeared at

According to the Guardian, an estimated 900 U.S. troops are embedded with Syrian opposition forces that are currently within strike range of the Russian military. Over the weekend, the U.S. military claimed Russian jets had struck Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) positions in Deir ez-Zor east of the Euphrates River. The attack allegedly wounded six of these SDF fighters, but no American personnel were harmed.

Nearly 1,000 US Troops in Syria Are Currently Under Attack by Russians

The attack came not long after these confident SDF fighters gave the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) a “red line” not to cross — the Euphrates River. According to Reuters, the SAA had already crossed it, anyway. Now that we know Russia is continuing to provide the SAA with air power as it advances throughout this oil-rich region, it is clear these increasing developments are capable of worsening conflict between the fighting powers.

According to Newsweek, the Russian Defense Ministry already warned its American counterparts about the operations it intended to undertake.

“To avoid unnecessary escalation, the command of the Russian troops in Syria revealed the boundaries of the military operation in Deir ez-Zor to the American partners through the existing communication channel,” the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

Further, as quoted by Russian-state owned outlet RT, Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Major-General Igor Konashenkov said:

“Within the framework of this operation, the fighters, armored vehicles, and objects of terrorists are being destroyed on both western and eastern banks of the Euphrates.

At the same time, the Russian Air Force makes pinpoint strikes only on reconnaissance targets confirmed by several channels in IS-controlled areas.”

Konashenkov added:

“Over the past few days, on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, Russian control and reconnaissance facilities have not identified a single combat of Islamic State terrorists with armed representatives of any ‘third force.’ Therefore, only representatives of the international coalition can answer the question as to how ‘opposition members’ or ‘military advisers of the international coalition’ managed to get to the IS-held areas in the eastern part of Deir ez-Zor without striking a blow.”

Even the Guardian noted that the “march by the SDF aims to prevent Syrian troops and their allies from expanding their presence along the border with Iraq.” Unlike the United States, the Russian military was formally invited into Syria by the country’s government — the same government that retains a seat at the UN General Assembly. While conducting its operations, the Russian military is also not attempting to claim any Syrian territory for its own uses, but instead, is attempting to aid the current Syrian government in reclaiming its own territory. This is not to absolve Russia or Syria of their duty to protect civilians – but that’s how international law works (or was supposed to work).

The U.S. does not have a legal basis to operate within Syria; even former Secretary of State John Kerry has admitted as much.

Never letting the nuisance that is the law get in the way of the American military, it seems as though the U.S. may continue pursuing this strategy, which will ultimately bring the American air force and the Russian air force together to bomb the same territory with complete polar opposite intentions while supporting rival forces on the ground.

This is easily one of the biggest geopolitical events in recent times, taking place right under our very noses. Yet it is not even headline news on any of the corporate media outlets’ home pages right now (seriously, check for yourself).



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  • John Whitehot

    and what makes 1000 US servicemen “currently under attack by russians”?

    SF is rather somber and moderate in its narrations, while the title of this “external” article, in addition of not being very coherent with the text, seems to be coming out from a brit pop tabloid.

    Since the article originally appears on, I reckon I’ll be very careful when reading news coming from those pages.

    • Mov BoBo

      They only blow up soldiers inside Turkey. But in Syria they only behave like gangsters. But hat is only because they are not the majority in most places they are at. A few thousand foreigners controlling a large militia force. Kind of like the US death squads in S.America.

  • wwinsti

    Uuuuhhh, SF attempt at humor!?! ??..?

  • G Jetson

    Its so hypocritical to hear Trump at the UN, speak about moral authority.

    Well, Mr Dump, have a look at what you are doing to countries who can not defend themselves with Nuclear Weapons – look at the misery and destruction you have brought upon those countries who had the temerity to say NO to your imperialism.

    Today, you stood in front of that UN lectern and preach to the whole world about your righteous values – how about practicing what you preached for a changed?

    • FlorianGeyer

      Trump read from a prepared speech. He struggled with some of the words that are not in Trumps lexicon of a 5 year old. :)

      • Kell

        Yeah you can tell when he doesnt like what the “You know Who’s” force him to read.

        • RichardD

          He’s trying to stay in office with a Jew world order swamp slave legislature opposed to the America First no war secure the border grow the economy platform that he got elected on.

        • FlorianGeyer

          Yes its so obvious that I am stunned that the Western MSM have not commented on it :)

        • EL ZORRO

          Kell: Donald Trump is under house ARREST, he is a PRISONER OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX AND DEEP STATE, the COUP D’ETAT have been a success. Trump’s foreign policy has been completely hijacked by the Neocon Zionists. The rapidly devolving situation in Syria shows how. As usual, it’s either the US Ambassador to the United Nations or the US Secretary of State who carries water for the Neocon warmongers. In the instant case, Nikki Haley was purposefully appointed as the “golden girl” of the Neocon Zionist cabal.

          • MarshaDHaggard

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          • Simon Gould

            Trump’s a crypto Jew whose family come from the Rhineland Palatinate, the epicentre of European Jewry. He didn’t need convincing- remember him kissing the Western wall. His kids are all married to Jews.

        • Neil

          One time he had to loudly say ‘Iran exports violence’ and check for Netanyasshole’s nod. It is really obvious.

  • Johnpd

    There’s an old saying: “Lie down with dogs, get up with fleas.”
    It works in war as well: “Lie down with terrorists, get a bomb up your a*se.”

  • Mountains

    The US are allies with ASSAD and have been that since the beginning and they also invited the Russians to enter the WAR after ISIS appeared. I believe they talked Putin to enter the Syrian war on their behalf.

    The US-Russians are buddies and very friendly countries don’t fall for the bravado and the same goes to North Korea and it’s mainly for distraction

    • Alex

      Yes of course they are allies with Assad, that’s why they have been funding the “rebels” to fight against Assad govmnt., imposing sanctions against Syrian govmn’t officials, running anti-Assad media campains and much more, just because they are such good buddies, right? And i haven’t even mentioned things they have been doing to hurt Russia. Just wondering, how do you come up with such statements, is it something that’s on the troll’s menu today or are trying to be creative?

      • Mountains

        It’s just part of the bravado and acting. They are friends it’s as simple as that

        • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

          Welcome to Fantasy Mountains, I am your host Mr. Pork and this is my Delusional self Nanoo Nanoo from the Planet Pork!

          • Alex

            I guess this is what low oxygen air high up in the mountains does to your brain. Clear sign of altitude sickness.

    • javier

      you are such an idiot

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Porky from “Planet of the Weird Tales and strangely unexpected Myths”, you are better to say just BLEE! BBLLEEE! BBBLLLEEEE! aw fuck it who cares ! That’s all folks!

    • FlorianGeyer

      Are you now taking alcohol with your meds Mountains or is just the time if the Month ? :)

      • Kell

        I think its just a jewish thing ie indistiguishable from either above

        • FlorianGeyer

          Mountains may well have Tay-Sachs disease :) He certainly displays the symptoms.

          • Mountains

            You need to get a life seriously. Btw what I said on the up is crystal clear just read what the CENTCOM dillion is saying his pro-Assad and have been that since they entered syria.. It’s as simple as that

          • FlorianGeyer

            Dillon had his brain removed when he joined the US military, so what he says is just theatre.

          • Brother Ma

            It is called disinformation!

    • EL ZORRO

      Are you under “PRESCRIPTION DRUGS”, and run out of it?.

  • so

    If my country has soldiers / agents inside the territorial borders of Syria then its time to leave or accept the consequences. I don’t see any foriegn troops on our soil.

    • Rodger

      And Nuremberg has shown that ‘we only followed orders’ is no excuse to commit war crimes, which their presence in Syria is. They went in freely and when caught they should be shot for being foreign spies/terrorists.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Russia now have 50.000 troops near baltic means that all US assets there can be wipe off in case of war between them!

  • Floyd Hazzard

    What are American soldiers doing supporting insurrection openly in contravention of international law?

    • palebluedot


      • Rodger

        has left the office a while ago, they are still there.

        • palebluedot

          Yes, but….ISIS has to be dealt with. Other than Trump idiotically buying the bogus chemical weapons attack propaganda, he has shut down the CIA program, and turned the war against ISIS over to the generals. In the face of deranged anti-Russia hysteria, he seems to be taking a back-seat to the Russians. Didn’t he send a representative to the latest Astana talks?

          Obama was the fool/war criminal who got us into this mess. 2012 DIA document lays it bare.



  • John Mason

    Russia should send more missiles and if it happens to hit US and coalition then too bad.

    • χρηστος

      yeah…..collateral damage

  • finding the truth

    fake news our troops were miles away…

  • Real Anti-Racist Action

    To bad FSB are not savvy enough to hunt down these Zio-invaders one by one.
    Just wipe them away from memory, and hey! You have American-Patriots asking you to take out the trash.
    Do it for the world.

  • DJ Double D

    SAA facing difficulties to develop momentum across the river. Stiff resistance from ISIS.

    • χρηστος

      well thats what they are paid to do(isis)…they are loyal dogs to their master

  • χρηστος

    the SAA will not be mercifull with the embedded us troops.they are inside a group that murders children, ruins the country. you played and you lost US….now deal with it…run for your lifes while you still can