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Near Collision Between US and Russian Warships Filmed In Arabian Sea

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Near Collision Between US and Russian Warships Filmed In Arabian Sea

The USS Farragut. Click to see full-size image

On January 9th, the Arleigh Burke-class destroyer USS Farragut was “aggressively approached” by a Russian warship.

According an official statement by the US 5th Fleet, in the North Arabian Sea, and the US warship had to sound “five horn blasts” which is the international maritime signal for danger of a collision.

The Russian warship apparently just gave the US warship a fright and collision was avoided, as well as any other sort of incident.

The Russian warship took action and rectified its course, but “the initial delay in complying with international rules while it was making an aggressive approach increased the risk of collision.”

In response, the Russian Defense Ministry denied the statement by the US military regarding the dangerous rapprochement of a Russian ship in the Arabian Sea with an American destroyer.

“The statement issued by representatives of the 5th fleet of the US Navy about the alleged “dangerous “rapprochement between the Russian ship and the USS Farragut destroyer in the Arabian Sea does not correspond to reality,” the Russian Defense Ministry told Interfax.

“It was the destroyer of the US Navy, coming from the left of the Russian warship, which was moving forward, on January 9th, 2020 that flagrantly violated international rules for preventing collisions of ships at sea by performing a maneuver to cross its course,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

“The unprofessional actions of the crew of the American destroyer are a deliberate violation of international shipping safety standards,” the report said.

“The crew of the Russian warship acted professionally, taking a maneuver that prevented a collision with the intruding ship,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Russian military stated that the Convention on the International Rules for Preventing Collisions at Sea of ​​1972, Regulation No. 15 defines:

“When two power-driven vessels are crossing, the vessel which has the other on the starboard side must give way and avoid crossing ahead of her. The saying is “If to starboard red appear, ’tis your duty to keep clear.”

According to the Russian side, the US warship had its starboard towards the Russian ship, so it should have given it right of way.

The fact of violation of the rules by the US military was recorded by video frames from the American destroyer of the 5th fleet of the US Navy, published on Twitter, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Thus, the video that the US 5th Fleet provide as evidence of Russian misconduct, actually specifically proves the position of the USS Farragut.

The video shows that to the right (starboard) of the USS Farragut destroyer is the new project 18280 reconnaissance ship, of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, the Ivan Khurs, commissioned in 2017.

This is the second near-collision between Russian and American warships in the past seven months.

The prior incident happened June 7 when a Russian ship came about 50 to 100 feet of the USS Chancellorsville in the Philippine Sea, US officials claimed.

The Chancellorsville had to “execute all engines back full and to maneuver to avoid collision,” according to the U.S. 7th Fleet.

The Russian military accused the Chancellorsville of suddenly changing course and crossing into the path of the Admiral Vinogradov destroyer.


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And where was exactly that “Near Collision”?! The videos are edited and cut where it suits to US for their story. Only amateurs who know nothing about video editing can fall for that

From videos it is impossible to say if US,ship was catting route, direction of the Russian ship which is AGAINST all international regulations. One can only see scene when US ship is already in front of Russian ship… so that they can present their story as “victims” More US Hollywood bollocks, nothing else to see there!

Mehmet Aslanak

Catch me if you can…


Even before reading the article, in the Video can see the Russia ship has starboard priority. They should have sounded the horn 5 times to request US ship to later course.


Yes, indeed. It was immediately clear from the video that the US ship was in contempt of International rules.


As always, Davki.


Anyone know what the Russia ship model is and what its role is?

Angelo Cinarelli

USA cancer of this World!!

Marius Dumitriu

Common, this is dangerous only for Americans, For Russians ‘dangerous’ means less than 1cm. US ship overreacted :)


“The Russian warship apparently just gave the US warship a fright”. Nothing else to expect from the Ruskis, then they claim NATO is the problem. That’s the best they can do though, they won’t ever dare to shoot at any USS. P.S, Putin is coming this month to Israel, hopefully we tell him politely to fuck off. Russian officials are not welcomed here.

Gary Sellars

Fuck off shlomo liar.


I’m not even wasting my time on you, blocked.

Gary Sellars

Shekel-grubbing oven-dodger….

John Wallace



Russia is not a trouble maker. Russia did not start shooting without being shot first. And if Russia has started firing, Russia will not stop until its target is destroyed. IsraHell? Are you serious? Russia sees Israhell as seeing a stupid little child, if Russia is really serious about Israhell then the Palestinian land that you stole only 20000+ km2 will not last even a day. Russia just isn’t taking israhell too seriously, that is the reason why you are still breathing to this day. Do you know how much destructive power a Satan II has for the size of an area? And that’s just one type of weapon. You have to look at the map often and think about it. Ok okay, try saying fuck off to Putin when he is there. good luck with that .. xaxaxaxa


I don’t care what missiles you have, I also don’t care you always try to claim the U.S are the problem. You arm our enemies, then expect to come over here and act like nothing is wrong? when we do hit some weapon shipments that are intended to kill Israelis, Russia is standing next to Syria and Iran. On top of that, you’ve kidnapped an Israeli girl in a connection flight and you keep her hostage in a prison using fake charges, the Israeli public is not viewing your government in a good way, but I also guess it’s mutual.


Iron they dont have anything but old Soviet junk

This gets built by corrupt state enterprise outfits who steal money from the poor Russian citizens who are yet again getting more poor

Russia never learns!


I know bob, still I’d rather see Russia taking a more balanced side in the ME. What we Israelis see from here, is a Russian leadership that helps and protects our biggest nemesis Iran, including political support at the UNGC.


They’re a spoiler, thats what people think of as some sort of Putin genius 4,5,or 10 dimensional chess!

Well its none of those, Putin is basically weak, he’s approaching the end of his shelf life, now he may try some sort of ninja move to stay in power but it won’t do much for Russians

He’s had his chance and blown it for the average Russian

Shlomo Shekelstein

Yet he will live longer than you bobitch, your monkey brain is already 100% dead and decomposed ? Only your mouth still moves… while trying to lick Zionazi butthole again and again…

AM Hants

The man is in his 60s and pure alpha male. I wonder if you are? How would you make out, if having to take on Dr Vladimir Putin in either an intelligence or fitness competition? Would he be wearing NATO stock stilletos, to keep his bosses happy?

Russia: See Putin’s best moments of 2015 on his 63rd birthday… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOYdLZXxcC0&t=32s

AM Hants

Forgot this one, which made me laugh.

The difference between Putin and Obama – You’ve got to see this… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiUYlm7M6vc


Do you keep a photo of him under your pillow?

AM Hants

No, just respect where respect is due. Something you would never understand.


Respect for what?

Respect for Putin for keeping a useless dictatorship to survive in Syria, a bunch of scum who were looting the country,killing and tortured their own people,oh but i forgot, they probably weren’t the ‘the right sort of Syrian ‘!!!!

Respect for his support for an intolerant thin skinned cheating theocratic dictatorship,who no doubt will get your childish juices flowing because they buy more Putin shit, which can’t protect Syria,…Mathias Rust, remember him, what a joke!I

Respect,respect??? Are you joking he’s presiding over an economy which is crawling along on its belly, he’s gonna blow in more money building useless stuff, probably much of the money will be stolen,or not even spent as those in charge don’t want to be accused of stealing!

The mans a total fraudster, he’s kept his own oligarchs in power, and soon once he’s gone they’ll fight like rats in a barrel for top rat position

AM Hants

Presiding over an economy that is crawling along on it’s belly. Really? Thought that was the US, who if they do not get war this month are bankrupt. Heavy going having over $23 trillion national debt to try and pay off.

Meanwhile Russia, can provide free healthcare and education, including University Level to it’s people. Before you slag off Russian Healthcare, remember the little girl with a very nasty birthmark, which resembled the logo of Batman on her face, could not be treated in the US, owing to not having a surgeon with the decent skills, she had to be treated in Russia for a fraction of the price any decent US surgeon, if capable, would have charged.

Then you have the fact that what little debt Russia has, she can easily pay it off with her currency and gold reserves. One of the few countries in the world, with zero debt, when everything is taken into account. They only retain minimal debt, owing to benefitting them. I know Savid Javid, dreams of having an economy like Russia, whilst he tries to balance the books, over in Westminster with over 88% GDP debt.

Not forgetting they are in complete control of their natural resources, which really winds up the old bankers in the West. Didn’t President Putin also throw out Rothschilds, when not only did they pay off all the $45 billion Soviet Union debt, with no help from the other 14 members, together with the $16.5 billion Russian Federation Debt, and then paid the compensation the Soviet Union owed the Balkans, again with no help from the other 14 members of the Soviet Union. Remember, it was the Bolsheviks who overthrew the Russian Empire and then went onto launch the Soviet Union, which included 15 nations?

You do also realise that the UK defence budget, give or take a $billion, is similar to Russia’s but, we cannot even provide the Navy with any working ships, not even a RIB from Portsmouth to the Isle of Wight, have not got enough Army personnel to man their own bases and don’t get me started on the RAF. So what do we spend out defence budget on, besides procurement, when Russia is a nuclear triad superpower, with working hypersonics and can defend an 11 time zone nation, on the same money that we spend on defence? Not forgetting the $750 billion US Defence Budget, that again goes mainly on procurement and purchasing weapons and systems that do not work.

By the way when Dr Vladimir Putin (PhD in Economics) first took over Russia, back in 2000 it was bankrupt and controlled by the same crowd that now run Ukraine. Funny, how Ukraine is also now a failed state, thanks to those who turned up and took all they could. How US politicians and their children made a hefty sum out of Burisma Holdings?


Yeah, whatever

Didn’t Putin get that PhD by plagiarism?

AM Hants

Darling, he has proved beyond doubt he is worthy of his PhD. How many Dr’s of Economics do you know that have managed to turn around a bankrupt, 11 time zone nation and bring it back to superpower status?


Well actually none, including Putin,who’s basically kicking the can of inevitability down a long road of oblivion, Russian oblivion!

He thinks the other guys are gonna fold, wow he couldn’t be more wrong, as America is going to become the predominant nation of this century,its just people like you can’t see it as you’re obsessing about legacy tech, old fashioned wiz bangs that frankly have more in common with Nazi V1/2 tech

You’ll see my friend,information and computational power are the future and their conection to open free markets, things the Russians can’t compete with, they’re on the wrong side of history and Putin knows it

AM Hants

Shows how little you know about Russia or President Putin. Still, you have always got your Maddie Albright videos to keep you entertained. Not the normal type for General Harding trolls is it?


Don’t forget the hand bag and lipstick sweetie.

AM Hants

Riddle me this, but, was Iran including the times of the Persian Empire up and running in the Middle East, long before Israel, that turned up in 1947?


Riddle me this,

Why is it such a shit hole now?

AM Hants

NATO turned up in the Middle East uninvited. Still, Iran managed to keep the Rothschilds from setting up camp there, now didn’t they? Hence the demand for a NATO invasion.


Do the Rothschilds use tents?

Maybe the Iranians can divest them of their property?

The Iran theocratic dictatorship seems pretty good at blowing up tents, oh, as well as killing civilians!

AM Hants

Waddesden Manor, do believe it is made of bricks, just like their other estates. From the days of bike rides and sandwiches, when went cycling on sunny days, down the reservoirs, as a young child.


Russia never learns from YOU! That’s for darn sure. And thank God for that!


No Russia doesn’t learn!

Russia steals its tech

During the cold war, and during much of the Soviet history they took technologies from the west and adapted them for their own low level of production

I’d suggest you read Professor Anthony C Sutton who wrote a three volume study, probably one of the best about this,plus much of the Warsaw Pact took loans from the West to try and drag themselves up,the irony was they took loans from the west then used the money to buy western capital goods, the intention being to increase their industrial competitiveness which failed miserably

Even western Marxists couldn’t believe how wrong the Soviet system was and fran disowned them, correctly identifying the Soviet system as a form of authoritarian state capitalism

By the early eighties many of these countries were bankrupt, i mean properly bankrupt, like Poland, which was 80 billion dollars in debt by 1981!

the economy collapsed and shortly afterwards so did the entire Soviet/Warsaw pact

Now what is Russia currently doing?

More state capitalism, more corruption, more cronyism, big stupid national projects,etc,etc

It’s the Russians who’ve actually learnt little

AM Hants


Sorry, but, who implemented ‘Operation Paperclip’ in order to get the elite Bolsheviks and Nazis, particularly the scientists on a safe passage cruise out of Europe?

Who sent the first man into space?

Who was the first nation to come up with hypersonic weapons?

1877, Russian peasant and self-taught inventor Fyodor Blinov completed Zagryazhsky’s unfinshed task and created a wagon that moved on caterpillars. This invention gave the green light to production of tractors and, subsequently, of tanks.


1874-1876 Fydor Pirotsky – The invention of an electrically-powered railway wagon was a precondition for the transport revolution that spurred the development of towns and industrial centres.


1950 – Alexander Poniatoff (Poniatov), a student of the founding father of Russian aviation Nikolay Zhukovsky, started the Ampex company in the United States and worked there in the 1950s. The company succeeded in producing the first quality video signal recorder. Ampex kept its lead in the market for professional magnetic recording of video for half a century and global electronics giants had to use Poniatoff’s patents to produce home video equipment.


1985 – Alexander Popov, a professor of physics, announced the invention of a system for wireless communications at a lecture at St Petersburg University in April 1885 and displayed the world’s first radio set.


1910 – Igor Sikorsky was another Russian inventor who created the prototype of a rotor-driven device, which successfully got off the ground. In 1912, he created the first hydroplane in the world and then the first multiple-engine aircraft.


1880 – Russian physicist Alexander Stoletov that we enjoy television today. In the late 1880s, he produced a theoretical justification of photoelectric effect through a series of experiments. Photoelectric effect formed the basis for the production of solar cells,


1882 – Pavel Yablochkov and physicist Ivan Usagin, Russian electrical engineers invented transformers. You cannot have a power grid without transformers.


1910 – Although cultured milk products appeared centuries ago, it wasRussian scientist Mechnikov who first theorised their positive impact on longevity. Back in 1910, he suggested that, in order to live longer, a person should consume fermented milk products, which reduce putrefactive processes in the intestines. Yoghurt.


1891 – Vladimir Shukhov,created the first industrial petrol cracking unit in 1891.


1910 – Russian chemist Sergei Lebedev. He obtained the first specimens of synthetic rubber in 1910.


1868 – Andrei Vlasenko ran an estate in Tver province. In 1868, he invented the world’s first grain harvester.


Russian innovations:

Indigenous inventions, like airliners, AC transformers, radio receivers, television, artificial satellites, ICBMs Products and objects that are uniquely Russian, like Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Matryoshka dolls, Russian vodka Products and objects with superlative characteristics, like the Tsar Bomba, the AK-47, and Typhoon class submarine Scientific and medical discoveries, like the periodic law, vitamins and stem cells


Yep, see what you mean about Russia or was it the US stealing the ideas of others?


Its a shame they then tossed it all away, with their childish self destruction and self imposed decade’s of stupid communist rule

But of course you’re right, now please excuse me as I’m off to the shops to buy myself an AK 47 and Typhoon sub, oh plus a few hypersonic wiz bangs!

I’m not sure how they’re gonna make my business more competitive though?

Perhaps i can threaten my competitor’s?

Shlomo Shekelstein

blah, blah, more pathetic mantras, idiotic hallucinations and verbal diarrhea from your filthy whore mouth full of yankee feces and IronZionazi dick…

The truth is, you little dumb turd: Russian missiles are vaasaaastly superior, they even have hypersonic missiles, American ICBMs are 30 years old junk, they are absolutely inferior, old and broken crap (just as your monkey “brain”). Perhaps they should resurrect nazi scientists like von Braun to help them again lol.


Keep trolling bobitch while I laugh how incredibly clueless, stupid, pathetic and butthurt you really are ha ha ha ?

AM Hants

Is that why they can easily take down the US drones and reverse engineer them?

is that why a Russian whicker basket, full of Iranian technology, managed to shut down a destroyer in both the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, together with an aircraft carrier, out in the Baltic Sea. Sorry, think they used a Russian submarine with Iranian technology to shut down the two ships that were without power in the Baltic Sea.


Yup Russia isn’t a trouble maker,right ok!

What is Russia?

A failing state,built from the wreckage of a failed state and failed system

What does Russia do?

It supports failure,Syria

It supports failure, Venezuela

It supports failure,Iran

It’s oligarchy supports Putin so they can loot Russia!

Russia isn’t going anywhere its just a big lump of Forrest and oil

corrupt state enterprise outfits making crap wiz bangs

which will certainly be well worked out by Israel, and thats why Putin sucks up to Israel, because he doesn’t doesn’t want this known as its very embarrassing

Personally Putin should walk away from Syria but he’s stupid


It is entirely laudatory to root for the underdog who has been wronged, humiliated, betrayed unanimously, but remains metaphysically right! God bless Russia! God is not mocked.


I’m a Brit we’re famous for rooting for the underdog, however when the underdog is infested with parasites and dangerous diseases like rabies, the bast thing to do is put the wretched thing out of its misery

AM Hants

So are you saying you want somebody to come and take us out?

We seem to breed rabid politicians, who infest us with flees, parasites and dangerous diseases. We got rid of rabies, but, hasn’t it come back, thanks to the policies of our politicians, who are so easy to coerce or blackmail, owing to their lifestyle choices?


Who’s gonna take us out?

Not the Russians that’s effectively a self imposed death sentence as it would activate Article 5 of NATO which would be the end of Russia, so I’m not particularly impressed by such a stupid thing to say, but then I’m not impressed by anything you’ve got to say

You’d be another secret goose stepper in another time

You should be ashamed, but you can’t be, just another 5th columnist traitor

AM Hants

Lol, considering they have made NATO obsolete, owing to what is in their toybox.


You’re obsession with wiz bangs is pathetic

NATO will hack into all this junk and render it useless, just like the garbage which got shot out of the sky over Syria last year, you know that old steam driven Russian so called spy plane

I’m REALLY trembling in my old army boots if this is what they got!

AM Hants

It supports nations with no Rothschild controlled central banks or Rothschild debt.

It supports nations that the Western Crowd seek to pillage, courtesy regime change programmes.

It gives us a sense of hope, that there are nations willing to stand up to the bullies.

it also believes in keeping its traditions and cultures safe from outside influence.

What was it Madelain Abright said?

‘The death of 500,000 Iraq babies and children was well worth the price’. That was back in 2003 and how many millions of deaths, including babies and children followed, courtesy the US Regime Change Programme?


They weren’t the ‘right sort’ of Iraqi children though!

They were the children of those opposed to the Saddam regime, hence expendable

That’s what nasty dictators do,kill their own citizens then blame it own on sanctions

AM Hants

Only one hell of a sick b*star* could mock the death of 500,000 babies. Hate to be in your stilletos when karma comes to collect.


I didn’t kill them, they were Saddam’s responsibility, oh i bet you also have a photo of him under your pillow, to go with the other idiots you glorify

AM Hants

So if that was the case, why was Albright bragging about it being well worth the price of their deaths? Surely, she would have been spinning it around Saddam, not wearing it as a trophy to be worn?

By the way, why did we go to war with Iraq, back in 2003 and why did Blair lie to Parliament, to get us to invade?


She wasn’t bragging !

And I’ve seen that video loads of times

Frankly she looked totally sidestepped by the question, i don’t think she actually knew what she was saying

Besides still Saddams fault!

AM Hants

Nice to see you enjoyed the video and watch it often. With a face like hers, surprised you noticed any expression. Guess she is the pin up you keep on your walls or under your pillow.


Were you born upside down! every nation/state that you mention has been lambasted using stirred up nonsense, stirred up by western so called intelligence agencies for decades, it has been common knowledge that CIA spend billions of dollars wrecking reputations and stirring up coups for regime change (Nation theft). our governments have been complicit in disenfranchising any nation that does not want to be like us, your venom over Syria is vile! Syrians love Assad Vanessa Beeley has shown us how much we have been lied to, and you are one of them.


She’s the epitome of the saying useful,idiot!

Oh and doesn’t the Assad regime know it,they roll out the red carpet for the silly bitch!

She should try being on the other end of the Assad regimes hospitality!

She even admitted on her face book the Assads had tortured people,she admitted FFS!

Then she works with Peter Ford former ambassador to Syria, and all around good guy, who often appears on RT International blathering about the inhumanity of it all, he never mentions he’s also the top man in pro Syria lobby group payed for by one of Assads closest relations,i think its Assads farther in law!

No they never tell the public about their true relationships with the Syrian regime do they?

no conflict of interest is there,pretending to be some how just good honourable citizens,just concerned ruth tellers,what bollox

Frankly the only people who are vile is Beeley and Ford who are basically parading their over blown egos around whilst sanitizing the actions of nasty dictatorship,twats!


And if you think that torture is the yardstick of who should be Demonized then you are in a Pickle indeed, Britain et al have butchered experimented on tortured and disenfranchised Aboriginals American Indians, Asian Indians, Chinese, Africans Canadian natives it goes on and on, then it gets covered in a tarpaulin of History once called educating heathens, Civilizing, and now bringing Democracy.




They handled that P8 in the Black Sea great.

Shlomo Shekelstein

Putin shouldn’t go to ISISrahel, nothing there but zionazi mass murdering genocidal criminals, degenerated fags and lying shiteaters like you. Now politely, Fuck off – back to Bibi’s anus where you belong.

Oh, please, pleeeeeease don’t block me you pathetic little bitch ?

AM Hants

Puts Netanyahoo in his place and believes diplomacy eventually brings peace and still worth trying, whatever the problem.

Toni Liu

We know american arrogant in the sea make them hit a tanker in the past, so no wonder why they so stuborn to move safely when got signaled

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

just being friendly

V. Mecki

Yield to the right! That´s the rule. I don´t understand, what the US boys are bitching around with their international rules.

AM Hants

It could have been worse, such as the US getting caught in the middle of a Russian exercise, over in the Black Sea.

Russian Kinzhal hypersonic missile launched amid drills in Black Sea https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=RyMea4DbglU&feature=emb_logo

Russia, China, United States race to deploy ‘blazingly fast’ hypersonic weapons… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUf0bfaK4V4&feature=emb_logo

Now which nation is in the lead and was playing with their hypersonics, over in the Black Sea? When Trump was taking out Iranian Presidents on Diplomatic missions, over in Iran and trying so hard to kick start WWIII?


Putin, Spooked by Trump Almost Starting WW3, Holds War Drills with Hypersonic Missiles in the Black Sea When Iran fired missiles into US bases Tuesday evening, much of the world went to bed wondering if WW3 has finally begun. Apparently this included Mr. Putin. Watch the video from RT below, these weapons are awe-inspiring…


How many nations has the US isolated, owing to it’s demand to rush into a thermo-nuclear WWIII and how many leaders have woken up and started to realise just what is at stake and ask themselves if they wish their eulogy to focus on their desire to take out the planet?

Damien C

Far too many of these naval incidents happening, whether they are tug collisions tanker collisions or sub collisions they all seem to have one thing in common, a US naval vessel in the wrong


Crybabies. All kinds of stuff used to go on and nobody said a word. Our forces have turned into whimps.


US Navy warship crews are heavily staffed with women who routinely ram some of the most nimble vessels into the sides of giant freighters.

Xoli Xoli

Any Israel and USA war in Iran will automatically involve Russia.Emergen USA electronic warfare was jam Israel terrorism fighter jets were ground by natural disaster. Who could have stop the Russians if there was full blown war in Middle East.


Any Israel and USA war in Iran will automatically involve Russia.

forget it, boy

Xoli Xoli

Please visit Iran and find out yourself. You will be shock.


And? How is connected my visit of Iran and thhe fact, that Russia and China never let be involved in such conflict.

Xoli Xoli

All the nuclear facilities are built by Russians all the refineries and gas chambers including military facilities are built by Russians. IT is just like USA soldiers in Iraqi bases.After Soviet collapse most Russian expert, Engineers,intelligence,soldier,Doctors settle in Iran.That is why USA and Israel used to killed all train Iranian nuclear engineers experts.

You touch iran you touch Russia. Dont talk about China their are free riders shielding behind Russia. Knowing without Russia USA will keep on hunting them.Therefore China will assist anyone who can resist USA their prime enemy. Your visit to Iran is for you to familiarize yourself and have first hand informative trip and enjoy peaceful Iranian hospitality very friendly people.Their untouched oil fields and gas plus natural resources makes them USANATO enemy. While Iranians were friends of USA,France and British during Iraq Iran war .Just to bright strong bound and destroy each one on certain time.British,Israel and France agenda is devide and rule and instigate USA in there trap.

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