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NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant “F**K Joe Biden”

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NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant "F**K Joe Biden"

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Originally published on ZeroHedge

We live in a world where the degree of disinformation and outright lying of the corporate media has reached a pinnacle point where average folks are becoming well aware of this malarkey. 

The latest example of gaslighting by the corporate press occurred Saturday evening during an NBC News interview with the NASCAR Xfinity Series Race winner at Talladega, Brandon Brown. The reporter distorted offensive chants about President Biden and quickly spun them as chants for Brown.

During the interview, hundreds if not thousands of fans were in the stadium seating section of the raceway while Brown spoke with the reporter. The chants from the crowd increased in loudness and could be heard as “F**k Joe Biden.” The reporter, quick on her feet, told Brandon and viewers the chants were “Let’s Go Brandon.” Here’s the video so you can hear for yourself:

The reporter who acknowledged the chanting either genuinely misheard it or twisted reality for viewers at home by saying the chants were for Brandon.

According to RT News, the video went viral and was shared by NASCAR but then deleted without explanation later.

It’s hard to tell if the reporter was gaslighting or an honest mistake, but such anti-Biden chants have occurred nationwide over the last month, primarily at football stadiums. For the “most popular president ever” to receive such negative chants speaks to the volume of distrust for the most powerful person in the world.

In recent weeks, new polls by Axios/Ipsos found trust in the president continues to slide. The first real glimpse of Biden’s poll slippage was in late July when a Gallup poll found his approval ratings began to turn lower.

NBC Reporter Goes Into Damage Control After NASCAR Fans Chant "F**K Joe Biden"

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Compound the botched exit of Afghanistan, southern border crisis, and soaring food, gas, and rent prices; it is no surprise that the president’s ratings continue to tumble and the “F**k Joe Biden” chants grow louder, forcing corporate media into damage control.


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You have a Constitution that is satanic and based on lies. It guarantees we will degenerate under the rule of demagogues and be brainwashed by mass media.

The same people who are chanting will still pledge alliegence to what put us in this spot in the first place.

People are stupid and suffer from severe cognitive dissonance. They probably fly the rebel flag and the American flag on their houses, or worse they fly the American flag in their churches.


Hit the nail on the head. At this point, the American people have no clue whatsoever and the overwhelming majority don’t even know when they’re being had. At best, they are co-conspirators in the destruction of their own country…but are far too manipulated and stupid to see it. As far the US and CSA flags together…seen it everywhere, Trumpsters mainly, these people are even stupider than most, not even able to understand why it makes no sense. This is how totally beyond comprehension most Americans are. ALL sports events are propaganda venues and the gov wastes $M’s on this crap, while trying to dump SSA. Recipe for ‘patriotism’= military flyby, prayer and pledge of allegiance. The chant was likely more division instigation by provocateurs. A general rule…if it’s on television, it’s likely fake or a lie.

Michel LeBlanc

They aint that stupid if there chanting fuck biden?

Id say the same thing.

Fuck Biden.

There ya go, feels good.
You try it.

The end

Something happened on SF. No more best jobs on the planet marketing… too bad, in between every post was something bright and intelligent. Even jens’s blabber…


Regardless of the stupidity of the average american, biden is a known pervert and serial child and woman molestor. His “creepy joe” videos are on u_toob and other sites.


One SF commenter claimed “Who knew Idiocracy was a documentary”? Damn straight.

Ivan Freely

It’s NASCAR. Who do you think attend these events? Nothing-burger story.

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