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Navy Pushes Ahead With 500-Ship Plan To ‘Counter China & Russia’ In Wake Of Esper Firing

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

In the Washington beltway world of defense spending and expansion, there’s always room to “spend more” no matter which administration or DoD leadership is at the helm. This trend is on display following last week’s Trump firing of Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, and his replacement with Christopher C. Miller.

An ambitious plan to greatly expand the number of ships in America’s naval arsenal put in place by Esper will not be impacted by the latest dramatic turnover in top Pentagon leadership, as Military.com reports:

Plans to build a 500-ship Navy are still intact as the Trump administration ushered in a host of new leaders at the Pentagon this week – though the top admiral overseeing shipbuilding says challenges remain.

Battle Force 2045, Defense Secretary Mark Esper’s ambitious plan to nearly double the size of the Navy fleet, is still underway. Esper was fired by President Donald Trump’s this week, and several new civilian leaders were installed to replace him and other top policy staffers.

Navy Pushes Ahead With 500-Ship Plan To 'Counter China & Russia' In Wake Of Esper Firing
USS Roosevelt via US Navy

Esper’s plan calls for an active 500-ship fleet by 2045.

Vice Adm. William Galinis, the head of Naval Sea Systems Command, recently told reporters that nothing will change in terms of Esper’s plan for naval expansion:

“I don’t see any change to that right now,” Galinis said. “We’ll have to see how things play out over the next several weeks here, but I don’t see any change.”

“The underlying analytics and the requirements [of Battle Force 2045], I think, remain sound,” Galinis said at a Thursday defense conference. “How we meet those requirements, that’s a topic for further discussion.”

Esper’s ambitious plan also calls for the construction of three Virginia-class submarines per year, including 140 and 240 unmanned ships, which in prior statements he said was necessary to counter growing Chinese and Russian maritime expansion of their fleets.

Adm. Galinis said there may be “capacity challenges” in terms of such rapid ship-building:

“In terms of the industrial base’s ability to build those ships, I think there are some capacity challenges out there,” he said. “… Especially when we start talking about maybe going to three Virginias a year, and what it takes to transition from to two to three per year.

“There’s some capacity issues not just within the shipyard, but the supply base as well.”

In September the now former Defense Secretary Esper touted that the US maintains complete naval superiority over China and that the latter will never close the gap.

He said at the time time“I want to make clear that China cannot match the United States when it comes to naval power.”


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Usa could lose this cold war against china.


(period) incestry cia ideology has no future either way with or without trump,usa gone kweer!




It is absolutely certain that the United States and China are moving relentlessly towards a violent conflict. China has invested heavily in a variety of long-range systems designed to attack or disrupt the flow of U.S. forces, particularly at key hubs such as the sea and airports.

China’s military strategy and operational planning will be based on their efforts to delay the deployment of US forces and to challenge every step of US power show. and win and keep the initiative.

If I were in the US, I would make sure that business planning and power planning put a lot more emphasis on resilience than efficiency!

Because In a long war between two forces … a decisive role for domination over the enemy plays the ability to how quickly you can replace your lost ships, the damaged ones inside you.


Those ships would be absolutely useless if the US mainland gets destroyed which would be without any doubt. Ships with no home base are easier targets.


wrong thinking. The old way of thinking is now … outdated. !! A war between the USA and the Kna will last a long time …. even if there is a winner … there will be a second round of conflicts immediately. Do you think that the war in the Caucasus is over ???? NOW EVERYTHING BEGINS.


No future in fascism nor lgbtq,usa would be destoyed in world record time particulary under pro biden (period) Need to pull its heads of one anothers ass and get towards defending constituates not world bank p00fs,no moral= no courage=no resolve = stop stealing from taxpayers to try to prop up incests sickening jealousy syndrome:


What does all this have to do with …. WAR ???

Harry Smith

In case of nuclear war it will be fast and devastating.


Yes in case of nuclear war, everything will end very quickly …. but then the planet will be uninhabited !! So only conventional weapons will be used.

Ryan Glantz

the benevolent et’s have made sure no nations will be able to use the “Mutual Assured Destruction” technique.

Harry Smith

Not exactly. https://youtu.be/GeLrKDAn1x8

Ryan Glantz

haven’t you heard? the nuclear war is never going to happen. Only kinetic impact weapons or non-radiation weapons might be able to be used, like the rods of god orbital weapons the US space programs have… USA has some serious assets in space already.

Harry Smith

What not nukes? Who will prohibit to use it?

Ryan Glantz

more advanced starcousin civilizations who want to see us grow up. That’s who.

Harry Smith

What if there is NO starcousins?


All wars were won on the lands anyway,regardless of speculations usa is too weak,burdeoned in debt,only time will see to such lunacy being put on hold,considering these losers can’t even have a fair dinkum democratic election system,which is why there is no hope for these insolent degenerate kweers of todays!

Ryan Glantz

obviously the deepstank wants a ww3 between china and usa. now ask yourselves why.


US industrial capacity would be challenged for the task, what is more important is the development of ship borne long range surface to surface missiles approaching hypersonic capabilities. Building naval platforms with mediocre armaments relying on carriers and WW 2 concepts will be of little use.

Ryan Glantz

you know they run on saltwater now? they have gauss and lazer / directed energy weapons? I’m surprised they still make them for the ocean and not the stars.


” US industrial capacity would be challenged for the task, ”

The exceptional US industrial planners have already considered that. They will seek to outsource their warship building to , um, mainland China :)


And buy Russian missiles!


Of course. Soviet era ones though. Thay are still better than many current US missiles :)

John Brown

The USSA focus on obsolete carriers reminds me of those who focused on battle ships when carries came out making them obsolete.

The development of ship borne long range surface to surface missiles approaching hyper-sonic capabilities.Yee using small corvettes and frigettes with such missiles as Russia is doing is best along with building more submarines. You wants many small ships with big hyper sonic missiles that can take out big ships.

The corrupt Zio USSA wants ships to make contractors rich, not for fighting ability. Just like the F-35.


The small ships have a limited endurance for blue water operations. Russia has a few capital ships they are modernizing equipped with the latest weaponry and a few very capable frigates. Conventional subs with better APU and nuclear killer subs will constitute a strong deterrent against anybody.

John Brown

The small ships have a limited endurance for blue water operations

Yes, but they make up for it in numbers so they don’t have to be at sea for a long period of time as they can take turns on readiness stand by at sea, there are immense cost savings and having many small targets rather then a few big ones makes them much more able to survive in 21st century naval warfare.

I will take 30 small frigates and corvettes for the same price as one big missile cruiser any day. Even a corvette can fire 4 Kaliber missiles or torpedoes, each of which can take out any size ship.

Also in concert with drones corvettes can be used to make powerful sonar pings which can pick up any sub no matter how much steath thus giving away the position of the target sub and the corvette with its corvette drones.

Then the 4 billion dollar sub shoots it out with 1 to 4 one hundred million dollar corvettes.

In such a battle such a battle I won’t mind to trade 1 to 4 corvettes for each 4 billion dollar submarine sunk.

Big surface ships will likely trade at 1 to 1 against such armed corvettes. Corvettes can also guide long range bombers with hypersonic missiles to sink large surface ships as well.

If you want to have big missile ships and since they can now be sunk so easily one may as well convert a cheap freighter as a launching platform and save the money of making an obsolete big capital ship.


Insolent kweers can’t even prepare a single ship to respond the others advanced emp/super/hypersonics no wonder these arrogant wankers have no excuse for butchering the levy to hell! Don’t insult intellect creeps,there is no future in fascism nor your new wave master of the lgbtqs:

Godfree Roberts

While China for example has many more total naval ships than the United States, the US Navy is still unrivaled in the total size and technological advantage of its force, given it has nearly a dozen large nuclear-powered fleet carriers

China’s fleet is much bigger and carries much more powerful, accurate weapons. Aircraft carriers are anachronisms.

Fleets win battles, but economies win wars–and China’s manufacturing economy is 50% bigger than America’s.


China has a greater industrial and financial capability than US, thereby capable of a sustained naval build up for decades. One of their shipyards produced three advanced destroyers in a matter of less than two years.

Ryan Glantz

see, the world was run by people who think they’re above humans, they drained USA dry of money and intelligent people. Where did the money go? Underground and offworld. They built cities and tunnels, highspeed trains all underground. Space fleets and space stations, offworld bases and complexes. They want to have us destroy eachother now while they hid out in their lavish underground sanctuaries, then return to conquer an already defeated enemy. Too bad we destroyed much of their underground buildouts, and the galactic councils have punished and eliminated many of them in the heavens already. In case you haven’t known, Earth has been quarantined and there is a war for the surface of Earth and the future of humanity, taking place right now.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

With the size of national debts the U.S. faces going deep into the future, it should be thinking about decommissioning ships not building new ones.


They’re living in a fantasy world. The USA didn’t understand the threat they faced in the corona virus and they still don’t get it. Most of the USA believes they’ll come up with drugs and a vaccine and the pandemic is basically over ….. the truth is Covid-19 is just getting started. They are already $3T in the hole just from printing money …. how much more are they going to have to print come March. vaccine isn’t going to be available until April at best and they it’ll take months or even a year to be distributed and take effect. If you can even convince Americans to take it that is.

This is going to bury the USA economically.

Ryan Glantz

First off, rona virus is a karmic retribution virus that targets specific dna imbued in the timeline wars. Second, all that 29 trillion went offworld or underground to buildout the “elite’s” hideouts and penthouses. Third, there is a war being waged right now for the future of humanity on the surface between our star family that wish to see us free from this insanity and break this cycle of servitude loosh farm once and for all. Take this or leave this, know that when the time comes I told you these seeds of truth.

Tommy Jensen

Corona is a UN WHO drill, planned in the first decade of 2000-2010 tested and rolled out in 2015-2020. 194 UN countries signed into the exercise.


I think your tinfoil hat is on too tightly…


I think that China and Russia would be happy to de-commission the US fleet for the yanks. :)

Ryan Glantz

You speak as if China has Russia’s best interest in mind.They live right next to them and know of their history firsthand.

We all know China Russia and USA work together in intersidereal efforts.

S Melanson

Greetings, I published Part 4 out of a 5 part series on SouthFront and it has quite a bit to say about US naval plans and China – this is the link: https://southfront.org/a-return-to-containment-kennan-and-the-responsible-use-of-power-part-4/

Appreciate any feedback SJM


I will read it now. Thanks.

Potato Man

“There’s some capacity issues not just within the shipyard, but the supply base as well.” The cost of it???

Tommy Jensen

US has the money machine. Its a belief system. If you are willing to give your work, energy and solid assets for some printed paper then the machine works. Starikov wrote a piece about it.

Ryan Glantz

when they use their falseaigod digital magik, numbers generated from thin air, that somehow helps too.

Potato Man

Sorry my bad, I was talking about how much each ship gonna cost and what types they gonna build. i.e. is it gonna be like USS Zumwalt…that got cancelled, because it was over priced. Cost: ≈$3.5 billion to 4.4 billion.

“Its a belief system”…true, I have bought gold for last ~4 years now…

Ryan Glantz

So just like the Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit project, where for every so many B-2 Bombers with conventional ramjets, they created about 20 or so versions with anti-gravitic technologies, and so too with this production line, they will create one ship for every so many advanced intersidereal vessels. And that’s why the B-2 program cost $44.75 billion in 1997 dollars or 2.13 billion per aircraft. https://aviationweek.typepad.com/ares/2007/05/baby_b2.html

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