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MARCH 2021

Navalny’s Novichok Poisoning Fairy Tales Collapse Under Pressure Of Evidence


Navalny's Novichok Poisoning Fairy Tales Collapse Under Pressure Of Evidence

Alexey Navalny

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has handed over to Germany a report on poisoning of Russian hardcore neo-liberal and pro-Western opposition figure Alexey Navalny, the organization said in a statement on October 6.

The statement confirms that Navalny was not ‘poisoned with Novichok’. Instead, it says that Blood and urine samples from Navalny contained a “cholinesterase inhibitor” with “structural characteristics” similar to Novichok chemicals, which are not even listed in the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention.

A statement issued on the OPCW official website says the following:

THE HAGUE, Netherlands—6 October 2020—The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) transmitted yesterday to the Federal Republic of Germany the report of the OPCW’s mission to provide requested technical assistance in regard to the poisoning of Mr Alexei Navalny, on 20 August 2020.

The results of the analysis by the OPCW designated laboratories of biomedical samples collected by the OPCW team and shared with the Federal Republic of Germany confirm that the biomarkers of the cholinesterase inhibitor found in Mr Navalny’s blood and urine samples have similar structural characteristics as the toxic chemicals belonging to schedules 1.A.14 and 1.A.15 that were added to the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention during the Twenty-Fourth Session of the Conference of the States Parties in November 2019. This cholinesterase inhibitor is not listed in the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention.

The Permanent Representation of Germany to the OPCW requested that the Technical Secretariat share the summary of this report with all States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention and make it publicly available.

The Director-General, H.E. Mr Fernando Arias, thanked the OPCW designated laboratories that supported the technical assistance request for their swift analysis. He further considered that these results constitute a matter of grave concern. States Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention have declared the use of chemical weapons by anyone under any circumstances as reprehensible and wholly contrary to the legal norms established by the international community. It is therefore important now for States Parties to uphold the norm they have decided to adhere to more than 25 years ago. He reaffirmed the Secretariat’s readiness to continue assisting them through independent expertise.

Despite the OPCW statement, Navalny and mainstream media outlets continues to blatantly push the claim that his analyzes have found a ‘Novichok nerve agent’.

The words of the OPCW about “structurally similar substance” also leads to an apparent question. How really “similar” it was to Novichok nerve agent?  For example, dichlorvos is also a cholinesterase inhibitor and “structurally similar” to many substances. The list of such substances is very wide.

Therefore, contrary to the mainstream narrative, the findings showed that Navalny was not poisoned by a chemical weapon. This substance can be anything, but it is not ‘deadly Novichok’ and not a chemical weapon, since it is all covered by the protocols to the Annex on Chemicals to the Convention. Therefore, any speculations about some ‘usage of chemical weapons’ and the vioaltion of the Convention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons are lie. Actions of the EU, NATO, the US, reports of mainstream media outlets and Navalny himself cant say what they want but the supposedly existing ‘evidence’ against Russia does not exist.

As to the mysterious ‘bottle with Novichok’ or other things of Navalny, which were transferred to the OPCW, they apparently also contained nothing besides a “cholinesterase inhibitor” with “structural characteristics” similar to dichlorvos.

Therefore, there are two main possible explanations of this situation:

  • Drug addict Navalny got an overdose of something that he has become used to eat, drink, sniff etc.
  • Mariya Pevchikh, which spent the night in Navalny’s room before the incident, poisoned him.

Now, the main question is how the self-proclaimed leader of the Russian opposition is going to return to Russia, and what moral right he has to do this. In the current conditions, it is also likely that the Navalny team and Navalny himself that continue lying about a ‘Novichok attack’ will face criminal cases for their libel actions. There is also a possibility that this was a false flag operation by Russian special services – a kind of ‘Putin-style two-move combination’ in which, Pevchikh was just exploited as a pawn.




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