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Navalny’s Alleged Poisoning Constitutes Chemical Weapons Usage According to NATO And OPCW

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Navalny's Alleged Poisoning Constitutes Chemical Weapons Usage According to NATO And OPCW

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On September 3rd, the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) said that the alleged poisoning of Russian opposition figure Alexei Navalny with a toxic nerve agent constituted a use of banned chemical weapons.

“Any poisoning of an individual through the use of a nerve agent is considered a use of chemical weapons. Such an allegation is a matter of grave concern,” the OPCW said.

This is relevant, since he was allegedly poisoned with Novichok and it was banned by the OPCW in 2020.

Russia rejected accusations that Moscow was to blame for the poisoning of opposition leader Navalny.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow rejected any suggestion that Russia was responsible and warned other countries against jumping to hasty conclusions.

He said there was no reason to discuss measures against Moscow after German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Germany would consult its NATO allies about how to respond to the poisoning.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that the member states were united in condemning the alleged attack.

He added there was “proof beyond doubt” that a Novichok nerve agent was used against Navalny.

But Russia has dismissed the diagnosis given by doctors in Germany, where he is being treated.

Speaking after an emergency NATO meeting, Stoltenberg said the Kremlin “must fully co-operate with the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons on an impartial international investigation”.

“We also call on Russia to provide complete disclosure of the Novichok programme to the OPCW,” he added.

Stoltenberg stressed that Navalny’s poisoning, which took place in Russia and not in a NATO member state, was different to that of the Skripals.

“We strongly believe that this is a blatant violation of international law [banning the use of any chemical weapons], so it requires an international response, but I will not now speculate about exactly what kind of international response,” he said.

But several senior Russian MPs have rejected NATO’s demands.

“Until experts have either confirmed or denied the use of chemical substances subject to the Chemical Weapons Convention, calls for involving the OPCW appear, in my view, politicized,” said Konstantin Kosachev of Russia’s Federation Council.

Since the incident, the EU has demanded a “transparent” investigation by the Russian government. The US National Security Council, too, has pledged to “work with allies and the international community to hold those in Russia accountable”.

It should be reminded that approximately 17 years ago, David Kelly died in the UK while going on a walk in Oxfordshire, where he lived.

Kelly was the distinguished government scientist who hunted down weapons of mass destruction of the kind used by the Blair government to justify the 2003 war with Iraq.

It turned out that Saddam Hussein’s government had none.

The BBC began reporting on the matter, and it was eventually revealed that it was Dr. David Kelly who was the hidden source behind the reports.

He died shortly thereafter. His death was investigated and it was concluded that it was suicide.

The inquiry found that Kelly died after cutting an artery, had taken an overdose of painkillers and had heart disease which left his arteries “significantly narrowed”. Thus, said experts, less blood loss may have killed the scientist than that needed to kill a healthy man.

This happened before he could officially give testimony on whether there really were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

This is quite similar to claims that Russia is using some sort of chemical weapons, and it also keeps failing to kill its alleged assassination targets. It is also showing how far protecting the narrative can go.


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So SF is saying that if US can poison Kelly, Russia can poison Navalny? How is that even related, they haven’t met each other:))))

Tommy Jensen

Dont you follow the news man? A conspiricy theorists who never see TV news. That means you know nothing of what is going on in REAL life! Everybody knows Megyn Kelly was poisened by the driver, not US. Stop trying to blame America for everything when you dont know a fart about it. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/73e2452a8f8620a5b59ce4e2a07f4e9b76e00f60f011cb82ed4e09491827f693.jpg


haha. good one. but i haven’t watched tv for years


Then we should sanction NATO since clearly they are those responsible.

Ivan Freely

Are there still people that believe anything OPCW say?


OPCW is nothing but a propaganda tool for Nato and the CIA, unfortunately misinformed people in the West still believe these corrupt and compromised organizations like the OPCW, Human rights watch, Amnesty international etc, and sheepishly assume the propaganda they produce as legitimate information.

AM Hants

Who funds Amnesty and Human Rights Organisations, besides $oro$ and the NED?


By and Large Jews fund and lead those orgs.

Tommy Jensen

I believe what my government tells me. They know more than we do about it, and they are just doing their job so we can sleep well at night and have a peaceful life.

If you think the opposite, then YOU can take their job if you think you are better than them!

Jim Bim

Well spoken from a sheeple.


LOL!! just like millions of Germans believed Hitler,are you really that fucking stupid?

AM Hants

Darling, I have more belief in Santa and the Tooth Fairy than my Government (any party).

George King

I have suspected for some time that Tommy was either a troll, ill informed or suffering from a form of grotesque self deception.

“Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing tactics, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” — Mark Twain

AM Hants

I think Tommy is a troll, but, he can also be funny.


hey bud, there are no flying pigs.. or elephants..

Davide Herzog

This is a joke . It’ s not possible in the real world could exist anybody so de-brained and ignorant .

AM Hants

Not since Bolton, US UN Ambassador of the time, threatened the Director of the OPCW children. When they were trying to get the Iraq War up and running. Looks like nothing has changed, apart from senior management having no balls.


you wont have any balls either if it was a high 6 figure income with an expense account or your families welfare..

AM Hants

Actually, my balls are missing. Something to do with mother nature.

Most people have a price and agenda, however, would I allow myself to be in that position? I seriously believe I would not.

Would I go to the electorate, expect their vote and hope an oligarch takes a shine to me? Or would I join some dodgy club, knowing all actions will be recorded for future blackmail? Would I focus on a science of choice and make sure my expertise was in demand?

Lone Ranger

Than CIA and MI6 should be sanctioned. Since they are the culprits. Same as in Iraq Saddam using chemical weapons against Kurds sold to him by the U.S govt(Rumsfeld). Syria using chemical weapons against Syrians and blaming it on Assad. Litvinenko, Scripals, Navalny…


Interesting facts to Litvinenko he became a proffessional ‘Blackmailer’ to the numerous Russian crooks [AKA Oligarchs] who robbed + looted Russia + the Russian Population blind and fled to west with their illgotten stolen plunder mainly to London and the US after Putin became head of state and gave them a very hard time. Litvinenko made a good living in the west in ripping them off and made a lot of enemies as well. He got probably what he deserved, the infamos pic with shaved head was ‘Staged’ to sell the narrative better to the MSM it was a suggestion by a Buddie of his a crooked Oligarch himself who hated Putin for obvious reasons – All a sham from the start.


I believe you are talking about Berezovsky,he also had an accident.


What a refreshing ‘Coincidence‘. No Honor – What so ever – among ‘THIEFS‘ ;-)

AM Hants

Litvinenko, whose family was represented by PR Management Company Bell Pottinger, run by an adviser too Maggie Thatcher, the late Timothy Bell. Tony Blair gave him a lifetime peerage.

Tony Blair, a Member of Common Purpose, same as Brown, Cameron, May, Major, possibly Maggie (all UK Prime Ministers) and so many politicians. Common Purpose, founded by brother David Bell, who also heads Cambridge University Press, Media Standards Committee and so much more.

Bell Pottinger were given $500 million from the Pentagon, in order to run the PR to invade Iraq, courtesy the WMD fairy tale.

Why is Common Purpose running the Shadow Goverent? Why did Maggie Thatcher have a Hampstead Heath flasher as her special adviser?

What are PIE and Stonewall activist links to Common Purpose?

What was Cambridge University famous for in the 60s, with regards spy scandals? Why is the grandson of the leader of the US 30s Communist Party, Bill Browder running the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Russian Media Disinformation Operatives?

How does Epstein, Maxwell,. Murdoch and the Bell Brothers all fit into the picture? Does it connect to the Tavistock Institute, set up by David Rockerfeller, and the left and right media barons, Earl Roth ere and Earl Northcliffe?

Are we all being played, century to century?


50% of Porton Down’s annual budget is bankrolled/financed by the Pentagon. A pure ‘Coincidence‘ for sure ;-

AM Hants

How much does the US spend on bio-chemical labs, with complete diplomatic immunity? With over 400 bio-weapons labs to run and heavy investments in third party bio-weapon labs. Yet, they cannot afford to cut back, in accordance with UN regulations, their chemical weapons programme.

Just been reading the Daily Mail and somebody is paying a lot to get the Statecraft/Integrity Initiative/Open Information Partnership/Belingcat/77th Squadron trolls out on the Navalny Story. Forgot, it is the UK tax payer, courtesy of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth aka City of London Mobster Branch.

AM Hants

UK happily used chemical weapons on a London Underground experiment, Porton Down carried out.

I wonder why the US invested $70 million in Porton Down?

Jim Bim

Anything that comes from the corrupt OPCW has to be taken with a grain of salt.


It should be taken with a metric ton of salt….at least.


a spade or shovel of salt!

Traiano Welcome

The OPCW has no credibility since Ian Henderson and others exposed it’s faking of Syrian chemical weapons attacks.

It is an obsolete and defunct entity.


OPCW has been compromised and Russia should get out. Russia should put the blame onto Germany.

Arthur Deodat Jr.

It is realy heartbreaking how OPCW degraded its reputation. From golden standard and truth seaker it became a neocon US pet. Worthless. I am so sad because I worked a lot in this field and I saw it is fall… I am sure there are still good scientists that remain silent.

Jim Bim

Those scientists that remain silent are either cowards, bought or black mailed. They could at least be anonymous whistleblowers.

Tommy Jensen

whistleblowers to who? all media are censured. all government administrations are infiltrated and blackmailed. those media who bring whistleblowing do it themself to blackmail favours or money. the system itself is rotten.


Before the Iraq War a Brazilian guy was head of the OPCW,they didn’t come up with the correct findings re WMD in Iraq,so John Bolton phonedthe guy up and threatened him,he said we know where your family live,Bolton represents the type of Mafia thug we are dealing with,https://theintercept.com/2018/03/29/john-bolton-trump-bush-bustani-kids-opcw/

Jim Bim

The Director-General was José Bustani. Also the weapon inspector Hans Blix was threatened.


Indeed,we are dealing with common gangsters in the US Government,they make Capone look like a part timer.

Jim Bim

yes the US admin. is run by gangster, working for a criminal syndicate.


yep bought and paid quislings and the buyer is the entrenched/embedded jews residing in the disunited states of A. truly shameful, selling it’s national interests to a third party and the beneficiary being the jews illegally occupying palestine!


The OPCW lost any credibility they had after the Douma fabrication they tried to cover up.

AM Hants

OPCW is not exactly neutral these days, is it? Joint Investigative Mechanism of the OPCW was sponsored by 12 of the 193 UN members and not including the €4.3 million euros from the EU. Who took over, when the Jim contract ended? How much did same nations, all linked to NATO and the Nanzi Atlantic Council sponsor a branch of the OPCW?

Syria and Russia gave up their chemical weapons, written off by the OPCW.

US has 400 bio-weapon labs, with full diplomatic immunity, but, they cannot cut down on their chemical weapons programmes, because they cannot afford it. US invested $70 million in Porton Down. Plus, when the Skripals left hospital, why were they sent to a US controlled, bomber base in Gloucestershire?

Bill Browder’s, Nanzi led and controlled Atlantic Council. Why is Bill Browder running UKs Integrity Initive/Statecraft/Open Information Partnership, funded by UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office? Remember Boris Johnson, was Foreign Secretary when Skripals were poisoned. In charge of UK Intelligence and the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Bill Browder, grandson of Earl Browder, the leader of the US Communist Party, back in the 30s. He worked with Allen Dulles and SS Intelligence Officer Reinhard Gehlen, deciding who would make it onto the first exercise of the CIA in 1947. ‘Operation Paperclip’, providing safe passage for Nanzi and Bolshevik elite. Same year Israel was founded.

1961, Allen Dulles gets thrown out of the CIA, now why was that? Wasn’t he then involved in setting up the Atlantic Council, NATOs Think Tank? Stuffing it full of his ‘Operation Paperclip’ friends? What happened next?

GERMAN military Doctor, under NATO Command, decides that Russia poisoned a social junkie, who was trained by the CIA to work against the Russian Government of the day. Russia, provides emergency healthcare, to somebody that is meant to have been poisoned by a military grade nerve agent, whose formula you can get off Amazon. Next Russian sends victim they have poisoned on a flight to Germany, to be treated by German Medics???? Really?

Novochok, a Soviet Military Strength Nerve Agent, with a success rate of zero. Even the 19th strength of Covid, kills off more than a Soviet Strength Military Nerve Agent, that was created in a Soviet Chemical Weapon Lab, under the control of the US for the past 2-3 decades. Isn’t the scientist, who gave us Novochok living in exile in the US and selling books, publishing the Novochok formula, over on CIA controlled Amazon?


Once again, spot on, Hants.

AM Hants

Thank you Mike. I hope all is well with you.


Why would Russia continue to use the nerve agent west accuse them of using if it doesn’t work to kill people?


It’s easy to understand why most major western media are removing comments on published articles. They absolutely hate to see people questioning what they push which is mainly lies and propaganda supported by the US and NATO. It amazes me to watch the level of exposure given to the Navalny story who is not even close to be a threat to the Kremlin. Yet, like the Skripals, they bring in Novichok and without a shred of evidence. For the Skripal’s, England did its utmost to prevent Russia’s World Cup to take place and their hatred and jealousy was in the paper for all to see. The Skripal’s were just a tool hoping the world would not participate in the World Cup. Of course, they failed miserably and the tournament was a huge success which was another slap in the face. Now, it’s Nord Stream 2 that is the target. The US and NATO cannot prevent Russia from completing the final stretch of the pipe-laying to Germany so they used Navalny to hopefully get what they want. Another huge failure as Germany stated that they will not stop the project.

I wonder what they will try next time?


back in novichok country.. Great Britain but now its vacationing in Germany.. with side trips to poland and baltics..

Tommy Jensen

Putin and Assad at it again. They werent able to keep their chemical attacks to innocent Syrian civilians who begged for a little freedom. Instead of freedom, they were drowned in toxic chemical substances against all International conventions to maintain dictatorships.

Even inside Russia, England and in Germany Putin is willing to spread deadly chemical weapons against innocent freedom fighters for democracy in breach of all International usury rules.

Putin and Assad must be punished for this. Putin’s cheap Northstream gas must be closed off, as we will not fill up the coffers of secret dictatorship societies. Assad’s food crops in Syria must be bombed with agent orange to show Assad we mean it when we say something. That will show him how it feels when innocent people get Novichok. Thats why we are doing it!

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