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NATO’s Commander Suggests To Deploy Troops In Romania And Bulgaria

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NATO’s Commander Suggests To Deploy Troops In Romania And Bulgaria

US soldiers take part in the ‘Decisive Strike’ military exercise in their camp at the Training Support Centre (TSC) Krivolak, near Skopje, on June 17, 2019.

Despite Western government’s alleged interest in negotiating with Moscow, NATO continues to escalate tensions in Eastern Europe.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant. 

Once again, NATO is on the verge of unnecessarily escalating tensions in Eastern Europe for the sole purpose of confronting Russia. According to recent statements by some of its top officers, the Western military alliance plans to deploy troops in Romania and Bulgaria as a way to strengthen the current “security scheme” for Ukraine. In practice, this type of attitude only tends to further increase polarization and discord between the states in that region, undermining any search for international peace and stability.

According to a recent report by Der Spiegel, NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, General Tod Wolters, suggested that the Western alliance should send military forces to Bulgaria and Romania. The reason for such maneuver would be the supposed need to face the growth of the Russian military presence on the western border. Basically, Tod Walters advocates that Romania and Bulgaria be included in NATO’s current defense scheme for Ukraine, whose remnants also include Poland and the Baltics. In that way, it would be possible to create an Eastern Europe almost entirely occupied by the alliance. Such an extended occupation plan has been called “Enhanced Forward Presence” and seems to be NATO’s bet in order to gain positions and undermine any Russian or Belarusian influence in Eastern Europe.

There is no doubt that such a plan would be harmful to the search for regional peace, but the big problem is that such a measure has also been called for by the Romanian and Bulgarian governments themselves, which seem increasingly misled by NATO’s narratives about supposed Russian plans for that region. States with less military and economic power and low international influence tend to be the most affected by the spread of this type of fallacious discourse and that is why there is currently a tendency among Eastern European nations to more and more demand a NATO presence in their territories. Romania and Bulgaria – as well as the Baltics and Poland – fear suffering the collateral effects of a possible conflict between Ukraine and Russia and have bet on the western alliance as an important ally in the face of this (non-existent) threat.

NATO has so far not provided any precise information about the possibility of boosting its troops in Romania and Bulgaria and has not commented about Wolters’ words. However, under pressure from the international media, spokespersons for the alliance said that the topic could be discussed in upcoming summits. Amid the current tensions on the Russian western border, any form of hardening opposition to Moscow is expected to be discussed, which worries security analysts around the world, considering the harmful effects of this type of attitude on the negotiation and rapprochement process that could start soon.

The recent virtual summit between Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin brought, despite the tensions and uncertainties, some kind of “hope”, as the meeting ended with a mutual promise of willingness for dialogue between the leaders of NATO and Russia. Moscow demanded an end to NATO military maneuvers in Eastern Europe as an elementary condition for a summit between Russia and the Western governments to happen. Now, with such a possibility of sending more troops to the region, the possibility of such a Moscow-NATO summit has diminished, further threatening the search for the pacification of the European space.

There are only two ways to interpret the deployment of new NATO troops at the present time: either the alliance is giving a clear signal that it has no interest in the summit or a peaceful solution to the eastern European situation, or it is giving the green light to the dialogue saying, on the other hand, that if its interests are not reached, the occupation of the region and the encirclement against Russia will increase even more. In both cases, NATO’s game looks like a big strategic mistake.

If Russia has no interest in invading or declaring war on any European country and NATO leaders and strategists know it does not. The Russian interest in the end of NATO’s occupation of Eastern Europe is to quell the violence and hostility that have remained for decades in the region, paving the way for a possibility of peaceful dispute between Moscow and the West to influence local states.

Russia is also interested in protecting its own borders, which suffer direct and collateral effects from the increase of enemy forces, but there is no “fear” on the part of Moscow regarding the presence of troops in neighboring countries, simply because there is no interest in the confrontation. That is why trying to play Russia using hostile forces in neighboring countries as a trump card seems like a big strategic mistake.

For the sake of peace and security of all states, the best thing for NATO to do is to decline any interest in escalating hostilities, focusing on the possibility of peaceful dialogue with Russia in search of a joint solution for the benefit of all sides.


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John Wooh

I know at least 10 NATO soldiers from 4 different countries, they promised to turn their guns against their masters when things become rough.

N.A.T.O./EU(Banksters) maybe u bought some shameless politician’s, but the ordinary peoples heart u will never get.
Ur days are counted, time is ticking away for u belligerent parasites…

Peppe il Sicario

John, I was going to let you in on something to confirm what you stated but it’s too sensitive. Someone on here is listening and watching and deciding what can be commented. In any case, I’ve had similar confirmations from here in Italy.

John Wooh

Greetings Peppe,

You Italians should first get rid of Goldman Sachs puppet Mario Draghi demonstrate in front of his private homes, annoy his family members.
Blockade the Infrastructure of big cities.
Support the people who loose jobs because of mandatory tyranny, stay strong and together.

Peppe il Sicario

Can’t say much, the pricks are censoring me, but thanks!! The strong will win!

John Wooh

Forza Italia

The end

Can’t help thinking over stupid Bulgarian and Romanian leadership, as being Slavs and by doing such move de-facto going into the direction of destroying their countries for western pennies… I am saying a long time now. In first wave against Russia, we send all politicians, generals, garbage media, war profiteers and all other wannabe hero and Nazi idiots. For my part, I am sure no one will miss them or even shed a tear after them…

The end

In the second wave, we send in smart people to make long term business with Russians.

jens holm

You dont have those people and a system for improved production and living standards at all.

The well ecucated middle class, which are the ones able to produce and distribute in Ours “West” dont exist.

They have that lacks too, so we help them for own cost benefit. I makes no sense just to give them things. They have to produce and by that buy Our stuff, but they also has tpbe able to.

jens holm

We diddnt collapsed them by making impossible strange systems which for good reasons collapsed them.

None in the whole world has forbidden them to do business with Russia.

Market economy is buying and selling stuff because its better, cheeper or even exist with no waiting lists.


The USSR version for LONG TERM was not only too long.

Lone Ranger

What goes around comes around.
Now Russia and China are on top and the west is collapsing.

Peppe il Sicario

Hey Jizz Hole, did you go down to the local sperm bank to make a withdrawal today???


The only withdrawal with Jens is when the Jews withdrawal from his rect um

Michel LeBlanc

If its choice, why does eu refuse cheap russian gas?

Its not choice its diktat.

jens holm

You are not thinking at all.

John Wooh

LOL Jens the thinker or Jens the Brain , everybody here knows that u are perverted old nazi/nato agent.

Raptar Driver

The Romanians only have a small amount Slav.
The Bulgarians are on average around 39% Slav.

George Kovachev

Yep, you can determine which side is going to lose in a military conflict by merely checking on which side the so called “bulgarian elite” is – these critters have the uncanny ability to side with the losers every time. Even in the Russo-turkish war of 1877-1878 (when Bulgaria was liberated from the Ottoman Empire), the then “bulgarian elite” sided with the turks.


They love to be buggered

jens holm

There we go again. A Nato member cant even have Nato troops inside it and its 250 km away from Krim.

If Putin has a black belt it must be for hie eyes. They are not Russia and never was.

John Wooh
Last edited 28 days ago by John Wooh
Peter Wallace

When the West has these countries balls in a vice and keep turning the screw until they plead for NATO troops it’s not a matter of being naïve but one of being prudent and pragmatic. If Germany and the rest can’t tell the US to FO what chance the former Warsaw minions.


Miss the Stasi fellows?

In the competition of systems which attract humans, yours’ lost.

This Saber rattling is none sense. NATO can post forces in any NATO country just like Russia can post forces anywhere it’s alliances allow. Small club, no?

If the Ukraine asked for forward based AA defenses, and ground to ground weapons for elimination of tanks, and technical specialists to assist in deployment, the U S could and should do that. NATO need not assist.

Vlad has won if he gains a concession barring Ukrainian membership in NATO. He should get that. And then make much commerce with Germany. That’s all. He keeps the Crimea oblast. Donbas remains in its current disputed status. Maintain actual lines of control.

But cut the crap about taking back Eastern Europe from is own people. No more Stasi.


Russia has to just totally destroy a NATO division placed next to it’s borders and after the howling and gnashing of teeth and licking of their wounds, NATO will dissipate and stop being the Zio jew cannon fodder

Karl Wolfe

Instigating Aggressive War is itself a Crime Against Humanity. Remember that you warmongering assholes out there.
If Justice will not be served against such crimes upon the Earth then it WILL be at the Judgment.
“The arm of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards Justice” the prophet Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, Jr…. the final prophet sent by the Creator SPECIFICALLY to warn THIS generation in power at this moment in history.
There will be no others. You have heard the Message from our Creator, what happens to you in the end will be from your own hands.

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