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JUNE 2023

Anakonda-2016: NATO’s WW3 Rehearsal?

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 Anakonda-2016: NATO's WW3 Rehearsal?
Original published by Wprost; translation by J.Hawk
J.Hawk’s Comment: The text translated below comes from one of the reliable Polish establishment mouthpieces and ought to be viewed as a preview of how NATO might act prior to launching a military operation against Russia. One should note that the tactics attributed to the “Russian invaders” (for example, a food poisoning outbreak!) in the hypothetical scenario below bear absolutely no resemblance to how Russian forces actually operate, and moreover the notion that Russia would try tactics listed below against Poland is absurd. What, exactly, would they be intended to accomplish? Where is the political or military benefit to Russia? The only way by which the hypothetical events described below could become reality is as part of a NATO “false flag” intended to make it look like Poland is a victim of aggression. The fact that a major NATO military exercise of ostensibly defensive nature is using a preposterous scenario suggests the possibility that “false flags” are being actively considered in Brussels as a means of justifying some form of aggression against Russia. Which would be in keeping with the NATO and US tradition of using such actions consistently throughout the last couple of decades to justify military actions elsewhere in the world.There is also another, not necessarily alternative but certainly complementary explanation in that the exercise is mainly focused on the internal threats to the political regimes of NATO countries. It would appear that NATO is anticipating a major wave of internal unrest, possibly related to the refugee crisis or the EU’s dire economic situation (especially in Eastern Europe) or the emergence of Euroskeptic parties that threaten the Atlanticist hegemony. Under these conditions, blaming Russia for the unrest would serve the same purpose as  it has done in Ukraine for the last couple of years, namely legitimize the stepped up political repression, all in the name of “democracy.” However, it is remarkable that the Skolkan-1 script referenced in the article and described in greater detail at the link, is focusing on internal rather than external threats to NATO security. It’s as if NATO militaries are being gradually repurposed against their own populations, under the guise of keeping out the “little green men.”
Roaring combat aircraft, low flying helicopters, tanks, APCs, long trains loaded with self-propelled artillery, radars, and assault bridging equipment. And all of it is heading East. But there’s no reason to worry, it’s not a war but simply the largest military exercise in decades, codenamed Anaconda-2016.
There are groups of young men near the Olsztyn power plant. They observe, take photos, and disappear. Two weeks later these same groups are spotted at the train station. In another town in the Mazury region, Gizycko, a few young men are seen near the local military base. They are interested in gates, security, the soldiers. They seem to belong to a paramilitary organization.
A few days later someone destroys the power lines. Gizycko is left without power. Fortunately the damage can be fixed but only a bit later there’s an explosion at the city administration. It’s not clear what happened: a bomb or a gas line explosion? People in the city are becoming nervous. Especially since local hospitals are beginning to admit people poisoned by milk from the Gizycko dairy plant. Something bad is happening in the area. Are these events coincidental, or are they the result of enemy sabotage? The crisis reaction team assembles in the city. The local police chief remembers the bands of young men. –Should we activate the military? he asks an officer from the operations section of the 15th Mechanized Brigade stationed in Gizycko, who was sent by his commander to the crisis team. Particularly since Gizycko is not the only city in Poland which is experiencing such tragedies…
Vistulaland is history
This is how the beginning of a hybrid war or one of the Anakonda scenarios could look like. This year’s maneuvers will be exceptional. –We have never had an exercise preparations with such great energy and with such perfection, says Major Angieszka Kossowska from the Armed Forces Operational Command which is preparing the maneuvers. Everything will be exceptional, starting with the exercise script. The military will not be repelling enemy attack, as it had been doing since 2006, when Anakonda was organized for the first time. Now the army has to react to events below the so-called “war threshold”. It could be a terrorist attack, sabotage, externally promoted social unrest which destabilize the state.Until recently, however, the hypothetical geographical, historical, economic, political, and tactical background contained pretty simple assumptions: “Monada” and “Baria”–evil powers–attack the territory of “Vistulaland” on land, from sea, and from air, usually under the pretext of protecting national minorities. The military must stop their offensive and carry out an offensive counterstroke. But this time that scenario is absent. Instead we have, like in Ukraine, green men.–We have no designated aggressor in the scenario. We are assuming that paramilitary formations have penetrated our territory. They are observing important sites, performing sabotage. It’s the first time we are training pre-conflict procedures, says Lt. Col Piotr Walatek, the Operational Command’s spokesman. Therefore Anakonda will also entail checking the non-military crisis reaction system at the national level and in five selected provinces. The tactical background is also new. It will be the first time the Polish military will use the NATO exercise scenario codenamed Skolkan-1. Walatek does not want to reveal too many details of Anakonda. We do know that the exercise will be related to NATO Charter Article 5 which implies collective NATO response to an attack on a member state. Moreover, the soldiers themselves can’t know the actual scenario. –We want them to react to the situation on the go, says Walatek. This approach is praised by Gen. Roman Polko, the former commander of GROM spec ops unit and the former head of National Security Bureau. –We are often sugarcoating reality, and military exercises always must end in victory. That’s a big mistake. It made us lazy and didn’t teach us anything. In reality, if there are problems during exercises, it’s better for the troops. It allows these problems to be eliminated in the future.This year’s Anakonda will be exceptional due to its scale. It will involve 27 thousand troops, whereas in 2014 the total number of personnel was 12,500, including only 750 from countries outside Poland. But this time NATO allies will comprise more than half of forces engaged, from 19 NATO countries and six Partnership for Peace countries. US will provide 10,000 troops, the British about 1,000, the Spanish and the Germans will send several hundred each. This will demonstrate the alliance’s cohesion in the face of a potential threat. The exercise will take place on all the major training areas in Poland. To magnify the effect, the Baltops exercise will take place at the same time on the Baltic, with several dozen NATO ships engaged.
 Muscle-flexing before NATO summit
Even before the dust settles on the training areas, Warsaw will see the arrival of the world’s most important people for the July NATO summit. They will include NATO country leaders including Barack Obama and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. There is no doubt that the grand allied maneuvers will create the proper atmosphere for making decisions at the summit. In that respect, Anakonda will be a political exercise as much as a military one. Usually these exercises took place in the autumn, but this time, for the first time, they will be held in the spring. Therefore it will be a show of force, sending a message to the world: “We are united. We can also react to the changing security environment.”
We now know that after the summit, the decision to launch NATO combat unit permanent presence on its “eastern flank” will be announced. Nobody will deny it’s a response to the Russian threat. NATO heads have long resisted calling Russian actions aggression, but this time it will happen. Russia’s actions, even though they did not lead to a classical war, were deemed to be aggressive and dangerous to the global status quo. The change in mentality was gradual. After Crimea’s annexation, the later operations in Ukraine, and ultimately with what happened in relation to the Syria crisis, NATO’s patience was exhausted. –20 countries’ participation in Anakonda testifies to the political commitment, and the political dimension is as important as the political one, says Gen. Tomaszycki. It’s hard not to agree with it.
Hybrid War

Russia is very effective at a new kind of war, the so-called hybrid war. Michael Chertoff, a former Homeland Security Secretary, referred in one of his interviews to the events in Estonia in 2007. They included a massive cyberattack against the country. Government agency, bank, media sites were shut down. According to some sources, the hackers were linked to Russia. But there was no proof confirming that thesis. Chertoff also mentioned Georgia which in 2008 clashed with South Ossetian and Abkhazian separatists and the Russian military. –I think that the concept of gradual effort, gradual violation of sovereignty is part of the strategic landscape which Russia has been aware of for some time.
Hybrid war sometimes includes open moves, in other cases they are subtle, it can be economic warfare or cyber-warfare passed off as actions by independent activists. Or it can be a combination of all of the above, and I believe these tactics have been used with varying intensity for the last five or six years, adds Chertoff. Question is, can NATO effectively counter it? –NATO is effective at deterring large-scale aggression. It has to establish the ability to deter agression below the threshold of open warfare, says Gen. Stanislaw Koziej, the former head of the National Security Bureau. Anakonda will assess whether NATO already has that capability or still needs to develop it in the future. But even today we know that our soldiers will not stand by helplessly while Polish borders are being infiltrated by green men from the East.

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believe me, something is brewing. at first i did not believe the brussels attacks were false flags, until i seen videos of the ‘witnesses’ of both attacks: same people dressed differently! plus the airport bomb footage was from an event years ago in Russia. its all b.s. if nato cant goad Russia into invading then they will make up a series of false flag saboteur events throughout eastern europe and use it as an excuse to invade them. you would think it is so obvious that they wouldnt try it, but they got away with 911 didnt they?


There is zero reason for Russia to cross its boarders. If an unprovoked attack occurs it will be met with a massive response as per the amended russian military doctrine.


Ah, it was the aim of the Masters of the World (of those 62 individuals who possess 50% of wealth on Earth) clearly readable from the very beginning. Every single bird on the line knows all about it for long. After latest events on Crimea and Syria, I have no doubt Russians are well aware of it. I just want to warn those lunatics from the West as well as those corrupted misers from the Eastern Europe that Russia paid heavy price for fighting on her territory so many a war. On being attacked, this time, Russians shall respond with all they have at their disposal throughout the depth of the battlefield that includes Europe and North America for the first couple of hours will decide the outcome of the war.


Its true as long as they got away with 9/11, 7/7 London and 7/22 Oslo, these madmen are up for more and bigger event. ITs either we round them up and hang them or die ourself.

Zuzana Rehakova

idiots. a stash of KH102 will take out Poland. to destroy NATO groups there. Polish nation will perish as the first one in the hot WWIII.


Don’t forget babe that NATO also have nuclear warheads. If Russia start it then we will finish, simple.

Singh Sardar

The difference between chess & real life, is you can create new pieces.

Russia is not as vulnerable to invasion as you think.

It’s has less strategic depth now, that’s all.

Valhalla rising

An Mr. Chertoff , the “Devil” is of course a jew right ?

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