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NATO Supports Explusion Of Russian Diplomats, Reduces Number Of Accredited Russian Officials By 10

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On March 27, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg announced that the military alliance will reduce the number of Russian officials accredited to it by 10. The move is justified by the alleged Russian involvement into the poisoning attack on the ex-Russian intelligence officer Sergei Skripal and his daughter in the UK city of Salisbury.

“This sends a clear message to Russia that there are costs and consequences for its unacceptable and dangerous pattern of  behaviour.

And it follows Russia’s lack of constructive response to what happened in Salisbury.

Our actions reflect the serious security concerns expressed by all Allies, and are part of the coordinated international effort to respond to Russia’s behaviour.

They are proportionate, and in line with our legal obligations,” Stoltenberg stated.

On March 26, the US, Canada, Albania, Norway, Ukraine and some EU countries announced their decisions to expel about 100 Russian diplomats in connection with the so-called Skirpal case.

U.S. Announces Expulsion Of 60 Russian Diplomats, Over Dozen Of States Follows. What Is Behind?

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They expelled 7 russian diplomats AND reduced the allowed number of russian diplomats from 30 to 20. that means russia must remove 3 diplomats more.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Then they should reduce the number to 16 as it is more in line with their population as they can rely on other nations in the west for the same services but quicker.


they can. In Prague ruskies have 150 personels in embassy. there should be 10-12. Czechs could expell 140 spies. :)


I understand solidarity however this is nothing short of a gang of criminals covering each others backs. And these people are managing our governments and protect us? God forbid!


The world needs a great alliance against these evil governments and organizations.China needs to step up, work with Russia and other honest nations to crush this rising evil. Else the world is doomed .


Well they are, they are a team, both doing what they do best. Whilst Russia is defeating the US militarily, China is defeating the US economically. The US is a lot closer to total economic collapse than most realize.

AM Hants

Wow, Russia is shaking in their boots. Not as though there was anything for them, working with NATO.


The whole Scripal Affair is a concentrated effort by the Neocons and the EU Bureaucracy Nazis to pull a geo-political coup that will end in a nice big Middle eastern war – again – but one that will dwarf Iraq debacle. In essence, UK that’s allegedly exiting EU in an unfriendly maner – asked those same EU politicians they are fighting tooth and nail for good Brexit terms – to just believe them the Russia used super secret nerve agent not even OPCW after 2 decades of full excess to Russian CW sites, knew existed – to kill an ex-con pensioner living in Salisbury. Friendly EU bureaucrat types – that otherwise threaten to gang-rape UK with atrocious Brexit terms – on behest of US decided to take UK claims at face value and proceeded with hermetic isolation of Russia the likes of which we haven’t seen since 1917 revolution. On the other side of the pond Trump just appointed a murdering psychopath for a CIA boss, a raving lunatic for a Sec of State and a lying, aggressive warmonger for national security Adviser. One thing that all 3 have in common – they’d much rather have Iran Nuke deal revoked and Teheran carpet bombed than win the lottery. And with EU barking at Russia and busy expelling Russian diplomats – instead working with them to counter another US aggression – the 3 riders of the apocalypse will have their war in just a few months…

Pave Way IV

The Israelis want Russia isolated and destroyed because Russia keeps kicking them or the US in the nuts every time either they or their Coalition of Evil cronies try something stupid. Plus, Israel is harboring hundreds of pissed off ex-Russian Khazari Mafia millionaires that were interrupted by Putin before they were done looting the Russian people. Putin has no problem with Jews, but he seems perfectly willing to bitch-slap the Khazar Mafia – either inside or outside Russia – when they get out of line. The London and Washington D.C. Khazars will have none of this, and don’t want Russia interfering with their attack on Iran. Like Saker said, this is bound to get much, much worse.


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Perhaps you already read it….but the U.S. & NATO will be like Clowns on the Battlefield…they probably know it themselves too…



lack of constructive response they say… and the UK hysterical propaganda and refusal to share information (or provide any evidence for their lies) is somehow ‘constructive’?


Gee if the Bear pulls all their Diplomats except the janitor back from each Nation, it would give them quite a scare.


Well of course leutnant fuhrer Stoltenberg will follow orders from General Scaparrotti with a click of the heels the usual salute and a shrill scream of jawoll mein kommandant.

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