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NATO Spreading Anti-Russian Misinformation Among Ukrainian Officials

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NATO Spreading Anti-Russian Misinformation Among Ukrainian Officials

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NATO Spreading Anti-Russian Misinformation Among Ukrainian Officials

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NATO Spreading Anti-Russian Misinformation Among Ukrainian Officials
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Anders Fogh Rasmussen alleges that NATO’s intelligence agencies have concrete information about a possible Russian plan to invade Ukraine in 2022.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro; geopolitical consultant.

Once again, NATO is endorsing anti-Russian paranoia and building defense plans for Ukraine based on a possible “imminent threat” from Moscow. According to a report by an important official of the Western Military Alliance, there is concrete information in the organization’s intelligence data pointing to the possibility of a Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory in the first days of next year. As a result, it is expected that Ukraine will not only adopt the speech as a true premise, but also accept that NATO build an entire defense plan in order to deal with the situation.

Former Danish Prime Minister and ex-NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, in a recent press conference to the Denmark’s TV2, stated that there is a three-phase plan by Russia to operate a military invasion of Ukrainian territory. Despite constant accusations in this regard by NATO – and statements in response by Moscow denying them -, this time, Rasmussen presented more concrete details about the possible plan, which was a clear attempt to express credibility about a visibly doubtful content.

According to Rasmussen, Moscow plans to act as follows: in the first phase, the Russian armed forces will be allocated at the coast and block Ukraine’s access to the Black Sea, completely impeding naval flow and supplying basic goods; then Moscow will launch a major bombing operation, mobilizing its heavy artillery to neutralize the main Ukrainian military bases; and finally, in the third phase, there will be the definitive invasion, with a long march of Russian troops through Ukrainian territory towards the capital Kiev.

Interestingly, Fogh Rasmussen provides even more detailed “information” about the case, stating, for example, that around 175,000 Russian soldiers would be mobilized for this mega-operation and that the date of the possible invasion would be early next year. Despite supposedly possessing so much information, he has not been able to report the data collection methods used by Western intelligence agencies to obtain such precise details, which undoubtably undermines the credibility of his entire speech. Obviously, there is confidentiality among intelligence agents about the techniques used for data collection, but this does not prevent partial information from being provided, without major details, just in order to prove that in fact a serious research work was carried out and that the exposed data are not mere speculation and narrative.

However, apparently, Rasmussen himself doubts that such an operation will take place, as we can read in some of his words: “So there are completely concrete plans, but we do not know if Putin will realize them (…) Now the Americans and the EU fully agree that there will be very strong sanctions against Russia if Putin enters Ukraine. So, the price could be too high for Putin, both internally and externally”.

The former head of NATO did not at any point question the credibility of the NATO information, only stating that he is not sure that an operation to invade Ukraine will be viable for the current situation of the Putin government, considering that it would generate many consequences both internally and externally. However, this type of speech sounds like a way to escape a possible error: NATO denounces that there is a plan but disclaims responsibility for a wrong prediction if this supposed plan does not materialize, stating in advance that it is not sure that Moscow will lead to idea ahead. This is simply a way to avoid a frustrated prediction: if such an invasion does not happen, Rasmussen will say that he had already predicted that Moscow would cancel the plans.

To any prudent geopolitical expert, however, this kind of situation sounds like a real joke. The possibility of NATO getting so much detail about Russian military plans is almost null. Only an amateur government would allow its greatest enemy to gain access to information such as the phases of a war plan and even the number of soldiers to be called up for the mission. This is not the kind of information that can be obtained by conventional intelligence methods. If this type of work were so simple to operate, NATO would also have obtained information in advance in 2014, when there was the Russian intervention in Crimea, for example. During the interview, Rasmussen said that the Russian operation in Crimea at that time was a big surprise for NATO, whereas an invasion next year would not be surprising. But this is once again a weak speech: how would obtaining information about the plan of a simple intervention be more difficult than obtaining data about a mega-operation of war? All these points make Rasmussen’s speech extremely inconsistent and doubtful.

What matters, however, is how much this type of situation will impact the Ukrainian government. Given that Kiev currently adopts as a true premise any anti-Russian misinformation spread by NATO, Rasmussen’s “report” is likely to boost joint “countermeasures” between Ukrainian forces and the Western military alliance, which means that further military exercises and provocative operations on Russia’s western border may be on the geopolitical horizon of the coming months.


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Lone Ranger

U.S. economy has collapsed its running on borrowed time.
Thats why they want to destroy Russia and China to achieve global full spectrum dominance.
But they forgot one thing.
Empires go to Russia to die…

Last edited 1 month ago by Lone Ranger
Chris Gr

It is not only Russia and China. Other economies are also rising.


US/UK bankers control the banks, so they can make almost any country into another Lebanon

Chris Gr

The bankers yes but the nations there should rise up.

Lone Ranger

Not really.
They are running on debt.
Similar to the UK or Japan.
Contrary to Russia and China.


OMG :d Coming from THE same people that invented the most ridiculous WW2 hoax STORIES.

To learn who rules over you, learn who you are not allowed to criticize; to learn who is being oppressed, learn who you are not allowed to support.

You confuse jews with “Anglos”.

Jewish Contributions dot com | Within the 5 decades from 1970 to 2020, Jews headed the Federal Reserve.

You don’t understand anything about race and how this is key to the rise and fall of civilization, you just assume everyone is equal in spite of all the biological/intellectual differences among races now and throughout history.

You have a confirmation bias, the exact opposite of Critical Thinking:

[Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values. People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes.]

Last edited 1 month ago by Sauron
Chris Gr

It is the Anglos that are oppressing not Jews. These are British Jews and American Jews.

People from Federal Reserve are money hungry. People from every nation can be this.

Races are equal but civilizations are not.


Yet those shabbos goys are traitorous to their own people. Besides, those same jews are closely aligned with Russia and China as well.

worldtruthvideos. website/watch/the-martinez-perspective-aug-6-2021-eurasian-saviour-nonsense-russia-amp-china-jew-ties_mXJT2rplWxKm5tx. html

odysee. com/@ApollonianGerm:a/globalism-is-a-global-problem-discussing:b

“Races are equal but civilizations are not.”

thuletide. wordpress. com/2020/11/20/indo-european-influences-on-the-early-dynasties-of-ancient-china-christopher-beckwith/

Why then are IQs widely divergent among the races? Why are their bodies, including their brains possess biological differnences?

Why has Sub-Saharan Africa had no civilization without the ancient Egyptians, Arabs and Europeans?

The Surprising DNA Studies That Sent Egyptology Into a Tizzy:

archive. vn/FlybV

Why has 90% of scientific achievement occurred in Europe and North America?

informationliberation. com/?id=58130

Why was America safer when it had a higher White demographic? Why was Europe much safer 10 years ago before importing 3rd-world migrants?

Why are the US and Europe safer than Latin America?

Why are Haiti and Jamaica the worst countries in Latin America? Why were they more functional under White rule?

Why were South Africa and former Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) much more functional in the past under White rule than they are today?

Last edited 1 month ago by Sauron
Chris Gr

SF doesn’t let me answer. Give me your email.


Okay, it’s a gibberish name I made today:


Sana’a Friday Sermon By Houthi Scholar Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Ubeidi

— Al-Eman TV (Houthis-Yemen January 15,2021

@3:27 odysee. com/@exit.2021:c/JEWS-Stealing-The-Deed-Of-The-World:9

Chris Gr

I will send. Anyway, Yemenis are dark people.




US does not have real “economy”. That is why they are so indebted. The US is importing more than they export. They are dependant on others providing for them. The rest of their international policies is extortion (which they call sanctioning) and intimidation, plus bullying of military weaker countries. Piracy and open theft of resources from places they occupy with their military is a recent step they had to do to prolong their financial breakdown.

John Wooh

NATO is lead by Weaklings/Nerds who would got beaten up in any public school, but their rich parents spoiled them to go private schools.

So this filthy scum is full of lies and has lost sense for reality.

Instead of killing each others, Americans(from Alaska till Patagonia) Africans, Eurasians(from Iceland till Indonesia) should hunt the Elites/Demons down, who are responsible for the Suffering of this World.
Our Planet suffers because off them, our Environment/Flora/Fauna all kinds of Animals and of course we Humans.

99% suffers because of this 1%,
race/religion/ethnicity etc. this are their tools to separate us to rule over us.


It is subservient to jews who screw us over, deliberately hollowing it from the inside out like the termites they are. A tree cannot stand without its roots, they are severing everyone but themselves from their roots.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sauron

“Americans(from Alaska till Patagonia) Africans, Eurasians(from Iceland till Indonesia)”

Most Americans are Europeans and Whites aren’t Asian, the term “Eurasian” is disingenuous since we do not have common roots. It is more applicable to the Aryans (Yamnaya, Cimmerians, Scythians, Alani, Parthians, whatever) who subjugated much of Asia and constructed empires there which fell from grace through race-mixing. India for instance is but a glimmer of what it once was.

John Wooh

I meant it geographic, America as one Continent from Alaska till Patagonia is one Landmass, same goes for Eurasia…do u understand it now?

Chris Gr

America belongs to red.

Chris Gr

Scythians were Mongols.

John Wooh

Who told u this lie ?

Chris Gr

Look at the burials. They were kurgans.

andre zulu
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