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NATO Secretary General Says The Alliance Prepared For War In Europe

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NATO Secretary General Says The Alliance Prepared For War In Europe

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Jens Stoltenberg speaks threatening words against Russia, claiming that the Western military alliance has plans for a war in Europe.

Written by Lucas Leiroz, researcher in Social Sciences at the Rural Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, geopolitical consultant.

Despite the dialogue, NATO continues to maintain an aggressive rhetoric towards Russia, promising a new armed conflict if current negotiations fail to reach a consensus. In a interview, the Secretary General of NATO stated that the Western military alliance is prepared for a situation of war in Europe if Russia does not collaborate towards a resolution of the Ukrainian issue. More than a warning, Stoltenberg’s attitude appears to be a true boycott against the negotiations and tends to make the pacification of Eastern Europe even more difficult.

Jen Stoltenberg, during a recent interview with the Financial Times, stated that his bloc is prepared for a new armed conflict on European soil in case bilateral negotiations fail. Stoltenberg’s words created an atmosphere of tensions and mistrust on the eve of one of the most important events in recent history between Moscow and NATO – in which terms for the peaceful resolution of the Ukrainian question will be discussed.

These were some of the Secretary’s words: “I am aware of Russia’s history. For centuries they have experienced conflict with neighbors (…) [But] Russia has an alternative: to co-operate, to work with Nato (…) It is possible to find together a path, a political way forward, and also to address Russia’s concerns… But there continues to be a risk of conflict (…) Nato’s deterrence is credible and strong… We have to hope and work hard for the best, but be prepared for the worst.”

Stoltenberg and the pro-Western analysts justify this type of speech based on the movement of troops operated by the Russians in recent months, mainly in regions close to the border with Ukraine. It is estimated that around 100,000 troops were deployed on the western borders, in addition to military vehicles and other equipment. For months, Washington has been promoting the thesis that this troop movement would be an indication of an alleged Russian invasion plan against Ukraine, which is why tensions increased in 2021, leading to the need to schedule a summit. However, this kind of justification sounds fallacious and weak.

First of all, it must be remembered that at no time did the Russian government try to allocate troops outside its own territorial limits. The moves took place strictly within the Russian State’s sovereign space, which in no way can be interpreted as any kind of international threat. Every state has the right to distribute its military forces throughout its territory in the most convenient and strategic way possible, and it is absolutely normal that a tense zone such as the western border is receiving special attention from Moscow.

Also, the very reason why Russia is acting this way is due to NATO’s previous attitudes in the region. Western maneuvers in Ukraine have been a real threat to the integrity of western Russian territory and the entire Moscow’s strategic environment. And so, it has been the same process for years: NATO allocates troops on the Russian western border and makes threats, which are responded to with mere troop movement (which is an elementary security measure) by Moscow, within Russian territory itself – and then the West promotes the speech that the Russian government is preparing its troops for an invasion of Ukraine.

Considering these facts, Stoltenberg’s words can be interpreted in only one way: the condition for NATO to reach an agreement with Russia on the Ukrainian case is linked to the imposition of limits on Russian troops’ movements within Russian territory. Moscow must give “clear signals” that it does not plan to invade Ukraine – and these signals cannot be the repeated declarations of the Russian government that such a plan does not exist, but something more: a true self-limitation of its own military power. NATO wants Russia to keep its western border insecure, allowing eastern European space to become an arena of western occupation.

This is just another attempt by NATO to subvert the negotiations in order to impose abusive conditions on Russia, trying to make its interests prevail unilaterally, using the threat of war. The problem with this speech is that Stoltenberg’s threat will be interpreted as a bluff. It is very clear to both NATO and Russia that Ukraine is not such an important scenario for the West to the point of justifying the beginning of a war on European soil, with the confrontation of antagonistic nuclear powers.

Stoltenberg just tried, in a very unsophisticated way, to impose the interests of his bloc to intimidate Russia before and during the forthcoming talks. Even if his words are not a bluff and he personally defends the idea of war against Russia, his plans would be frustrated by the governments that are part of the alliance, which would never consider Ukraine a sufficient reason for a new war in Europe.


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Let’s be sincere, Ukraine don’t have a change of holding it’s ground against a Russian massive attack. They can only wish US and friends come for their rescue but with Biden that likely never happen


NATO has no army to fight Russia with.

The USA can’t fight Russia without the permission of China who makes most of the parts the USSA assembles in America.

Even if China gave the USA permission to fight Russia the USA can’t beat Russia in a conventional war within 1000 km of Russia they can’t even beat the USA can’t even beat the Taliban. They can’t beat Russia in a nuclear war and in 3 to 4 years once enough S-550 are deployed Russia will have nuclear supremacy over the Zio empire.

Liberal guy

The resistance front has already have the supremacy over the empire

Chris Gr

USSA lol. Anyway, USA alone cannot do much. Probably they may have Ukrainians, Finns, Poles, Georgians and people like that.


Russia will soon crush the Zio Nazis in Ukraine with air power no Russian invasion will be needed Russia will help the Ukrainian people to over throw their Zio Nazi dictatorship using the Donbass Army as the nucleus of the new fighting force. I expect it to be over within a week at most maybe less. They will install a pro Russian government which will become a member of the CSTO and the Chinese belt and road.

The Zio Nazi government in Ukraine has the support of less then 10% of the population. They are ripe to be overthrown.

Chris Gr

China doesn’t recognize Crimea as part of Russia. Iran also doesn’t. India does.


If this lunatic thinks a war with Russia in Europe would be restricted to Ukraine he is deranged, the guy should be in a straight jacket,he sounds like Dr Strangelove.

Liberal guy

Comman name jens like the pro zio jens of Denmark who writes in South front

the end

I have no problem going into war, but Mr. Stoltenberg goes in before me in first wave. Then the people of Europe can decide if its OK to proceed with dead man’s fantasies….

jens holm

We already has decided. We do it by elections. You might have heard what elections are.

concrete mike

A popularity contest decided by billionaires not voters?

You cant say we in your sentence, because your a broke ass biotch.


Jen Stoltenberg will be in his bunker in New Zealand raping kids like Epstein’s other friends.


maybe you’re right, he is part of that cult


Of course he is that is why he has his current job as he is totally compromised like Prince Andrew and he is therefore controlled

jens holm

Not all are like Your family.


You mean like your Zio Nazi family??

jens holm

Its his ANSWER to the Putin speach. You have censured that away.

Lazy Gamer

It is easy to create or engineer depth. Missile speeds will increase by leaps and bounds that differences in time will be negligible in the mid future. OTOH Nothing can be done with auxilliaries so maybe better cooperation and partnerships should be fostered while simultaneously stirring up unrest elsewhere. lol Why are the chips existential for Russia while disposable by the other party? There is a wrong policy somewhere.


Both sides must prepare for all eventualities. Don’t blame the generals for doing their jobs.

But from a strategic point of view, war makes sense to neither side. That’s why each side is truthfully asserting that their military will respond only if the other side moves first. Neither side will move first.

Question: What is lost to either side if economic cooperation expands, trade and commerce expand, and all of Eastern Europe and Russia enjoys an increased standard of living? What am I missing? The benefits of cooperation so far outstrip the alternatives. Let NS 2 operate at full capacity and encourage further integration of economic interests.


Both sides must prepare for all eventualities.

There is only one side. NATO has no army. Its not 1990.

jens holm

Thats partly correct. After 1991 we have used the money and named them as “peace dividend” for civile matters.

Even before that it was a defence only.

Even today we spend less then 2% of Our budget for it.

concrete mike

Peace dividend? Da fuk you talking about.

Yougoslavia Iraq Somalia 9/11 Afghanistan Iraq, again Libya Syria Ukraine

There was no peace dividends, there never was and never will be.


yes exactly

Raptar Driver

My guess is that they’re not even prepared to change their diapers when the Russians come.


This nato puppet is a deranged, lunatic fellow. He must be thrown out of this position as soon as possible. Why should the west wage a war against russia for ukraine?


Spoken like the true pedo chicken hawk Jen Stoltenberg is. He will make sure he is at least 1000 km or more from the front lines .

jens holm

Typical hardly a comment from some dirty behind.


The Saker often says that the Russians don’t want a war but are ready to fight one whereas the Americans and by extension the Euros, want a war but are definitely not ready to fight one


jajajajaja ok stoltenberg has done a bad comic show

jens holm

He has given exact, what the contrast to Putin old day Russia is.


The comedian is Putin. Stoltenberg might be number two in this.

Putins real name was STOP IT.

jens holm

Thats the Russian version only. What Putin just has told to us and the whole world is not in that article at all. .

Im no spokesman for EU, Nato and USA but Our oppinions has not changed and we defend them being Our own oppinions. But I do agree very much even parts are not perfect.

They doctrines or decidings are very easy to understand and has not changed.

Countries has a right to decide their own destiny themself by elected representatives. By that they also has the right to devellop themself as well as defend themself.

We wish those new ones well and make it attractive to be affiliated with us(too). By that they again is not handcuffed by by Bolsjevics as well as Tzars. They can go anyone else and work with us and inside us, if we need them and they are unimployed.

Chris Gr

The Czars were not bad. lol

Peppe il Sicario

Jens Stoltenberg. Omen Nomen. In Italian, “stolto” means idiot, hence Jens The ldiot, just like the SF village idiot of the same name, Jens “jizz hole” Holms. Can it be a coincidence???

concrete mike

Maybe there the same robot?

Dick Von Dast'Ard

NATO only exists to subjugate Russia to Anglosphere will, member states joining are potentially sacrificing themselves in order for their politicians to retain power via American Empire corrupt practices and interference.


Stoltenberg is so full of it. “Russia has an alternative: to co-operate, to work with Nato (…) It is possible to find together a path, a political way forward, and also to address Russia’s concern”

A few years ago Russia was prepared to join NATO but no, and just last year NATO threw Russia out of the room as even observers.

This guy is a pathetic blatant MIC stooge. Take a rifle Jen, and off you pop and fight the Russians.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

With Nato bio-labs close to Russia’s borders it is probably time they were removed either peacefully or forcibly by Russia. They are clearly labs with evil intent.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

If a toyboy hairdresser says it must be true…


Yep Europe’s ready.

Everyone can dig a hole in the back yard, pull the door off the bathroom to use as a roof, throw some dirt on top of it then wait for the Americans to get their army across the Atlantic.

It shouldn’t take a month or two … barring torpedos, mines and anti- shipping missiles.

Jaap Wieringa

Well, most Europeans do NOT want a war on their soil. Most Europeans hate the European Union.

George Kovachev

The question is: is NATO prepared for missile strikes on U.S. proper? Because with the hypersonic missiles Russia currently have in her arsenal, she can launch strikes on continental U.S. from a very large distance.

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