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NATO Sabotages All De-Escalation Attempts: Russian Defense Minister

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NATO Sabotages All De-Escalation Attempts: Russian Defense Minister

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The relations between Russia and NATO, and by proxy, the security situation as a whole are steadily deteriorating with each passing year, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said.

According to Shoigu, NATO isn’t and isn’t even attempting to minimize the existing threats.

“Our partners, naturally led by the United States, are coming out of more and more agreements, and the security space is becoming narrower and narrower, and the threats that existed before that – it seemed to us that we had possibilities and opportunities to move along minimizing them even further. Unfortunately, this is not only impeded, but it is getting worse every year,” he said.

He said that Russia was ready to continue cooperation and discussion with NATO.

The NATO states, at the December 3rd-4th summit, once again, called Russia one of the main threats to their security and called for strengthening its deterrence and improving dialogue with it.

Shoigu said that Moscow’s proposals for cooperation with NATO lacked any sort of response. This includes anti-terror operations in Syria, among other things.

“On our part, all doors are open. We are ready for such cooperation,” Shoigu said.

At the same time, NATO member states are looking for all sorts of justification to carry out more “defensive” military drills, these are also tied to accusations that Russia moving troops to the Arctic is a sort of preparation for possible aggression.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Sulberg said that Russia is allegedly engaged in the construction of the northernmost fighter air base in the world. It will allegedly be located on Franz Josef Land, approximately 1000 kilometers from the North Pole.

The base will be called “Nagurskoye” or “Nagurskaya”, the Norwegian television channel TV 2 reported with reference to Danish military intelligence.

From this base, according to Danish intelligence, Russian planes will be able to reach the north-eastern border of Greenland, and with the help of missiles carry out an attack on the US’ northernmost Thule Air Base.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Sulberg told the channel that Russia’s construction of an air base in that region “fits into the already well-known picture.”

“Russia is strengthening its military power, including in the north, it has become faster, more mobile, it has more equipment and capabilities. But in essence it doesn’t change anything for us. We just need to create a defense system that, taking into account our membership in the alliance, would be enough to restrain aggression,” said Sulberg.

She added that Norway regularly reports to its NATO allies about the growth of Russian armaments in the Arctic.

“Our task within NATO is to be the eyes and ears of the alliance in the north,” the prime minister added.

In May, Danish Minister of Defense Klaus Jort Frederiksen did not rule out that Copenhagen would transfer fighter jets to Greenland if Russian military aircraft, which are planned to be deployed on Franz Josef Land archipelago, violate Greenland airspace.

In addition, Denmark announced that it is tripling military spending on military programs in the Arctic region against the “Russian threat” and the growing split between the United States on the one hand and Russia and China on the other, which could lead to a military conflict in the Arctic.

Denmark is increasing funding for Arctic programs from the defense budget over a three-year period by 1.5 billion Danish kroner (220 million dollars), which is three times more than previously planned.

According to Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen, these funds will be used to strengthen the country’s defensive capabilities in the Arctic region against the backdrop of an “increasing Russian threat.”

The bulk of the allocated funds will be used to monitor airspace and organize tracking of Russian submarines near Greenland.

Earlier, Copenhagen accused Moscow of conducting active military activities in the Arctic, which significantly “aggravates the situation.”

Finally, for Defender 2020, the NATO exercise that will see the deployment of 20,000 US troops to Europe, in addition to 17,000 NATO troops already here, the US would deploy most of its personnel to the Baltic States.

“A battalion of paratroopers will land in Latvia. Another battalion will also be delivered to Estonia by sea, which will take part in the Spring Storm exercises with the first and second brigades. If a total of 20,000 people are expected to arrive as part of the Defender Europe exercises, 1,500 of them will be to Estonia,” said Colonel Mati Tikerpuu, head of the training department of the General Staff of the Estonian Defense Forces.


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Again, more fuzz for nothing, but they need an enemy, and thats why they whine, and Norways, Hag from Hell SolBerg is just yapping, while Her Gov is exposed as rotten to their core and packed with incompetent shitheads, every day we get news about how much this cokcervative scums and our eminet elite despices their own people, counteless people have had their lifes ruined, thrown in jail because of an incompetent byroCrauts whom got this jobs because they are ex-polticians and have runn orgs as our health care down the drain and the only lacking is that they blame Putin for it all. The Danish, well, Greenland is basically on the other side of the globe and have no strategic imprtance other than the reason the Imperial banana repub. wanted to buy it for, to have an so called legitim borderline to the artic zone, apart from Alaska, witch is more or less on the wrong side.

But the Bannin of Russian atlelets from partisipating in OL for 4 years, every single one, and on top of it, the Russian Anti-d agencys own boss, admitted some muddy water, and nobody did anything to this man, and the org He runned, and now you whine, and we all know why this happened because of the propaganda war against Russia, and despite all this, because of the Canadian Gov and UssAs, you did nothing, how pathetic is it then to listen to the Russians whine when your own Gov is hiding behind their deasks and refused to do anything, absolutelly nothing, and all we get is mumbling and that is halfway confirming the alegations by complyance and silence, and I pitty the clean ones because of their own Gov spineless handling and whipming, it dont matter what you say, when you are to coward to do something.

This is course we can argue more about but again its just become an word game when they contol Wada, like about the Nrwegian ashma madication, witch is legalising Steroids, since its steroids that make Ashma medication de facto work, and the second fact among others are that we all know AmeriCunts are doped, from tennis to spirnters, but again, the thing is, your Gov is simply so coward its an sin, back crawling infront ot the world and humiliating you for the coming years and dont for an second think this will end, after 4 years you bet more is coming, and to be honest, for me, it means jack shit, I dont watch sports anymore, not skiing, biathlon, summer games, winter games, nope I simply dont care because I know the AmerCunts and the Norwegians is doped to their eyeballs, biathlon witch was the last things I bothered to watch is rotten to the core, and like skiing in an competition in Sweden last year, when the 9 Norwegian skiiers competed, they took 9 of the top places, and that, as they explanied was because we are used to winter, yup, nobody else, not Sweds, Finns witch are acused equally much about doping as the Russians, in Norway where they are extatic right now, actually jumpin up and down in total ephoria. And again an entire nation banned, because of some few.

How to deal with it, the thing is, again the propaganda war and hate campagnes will not stop, until YOUR Gov actually reacts, since this is an Canadian, I would sugesting throw out every Canadian official, every Canadian Company, everything witch have an Cannadian flagg attached to it, out, because this is done by Canadian Gov and their corrupted officials, and then take another nation, like Norway, ban everything, abolutelly everything, from Oil to fish, for as long this propaganda campagne continues because its that, and then start to do something or similare with the UssA, throw out everything, from Banks to Oil, throw out the Ambasys, etc to where there is nothing left. If not, as I asume, because if there is one thing that is becoming obvious, is how week Putin really is, talk is cheep, when it comes to this scums, action is completelly lacking, and makes your nation look like this was and is an true story, because silence in this barbaric times is regarded as complyance, weekness/cowardness is confirming the alegations, and so far I dont even understand how come this Russian anti-dope f….. isnt rotting in Jail, huh, is he a friend of Putin. The Russians cowardness is nauseating.

The only looser in this is You Russia, cowardness never pays infront of the scums of this earth.


Tommy Jensen

Appeasement only make it worse. A punch in the face is the only tool to make sociopaths behave.


they can carry out all the drills they want to while all the time praying that they’ll never have to fire a shot because it will be the last one they fire.

this meeting shows the tremendous disarry in this coalition of clowns. overpaid, under achievers in and out of uniform parading around as if the sun rises and sets in their collective a**.

the more they threaten the less they say.

Icarus Tanović

Well, they have all rights to build that base.


yes denmark has always favoured the warm embrace of the unhinged states of A and will continue to do so no matter what. so I guess that rather than selling greenland to the yanks they they will be granted a free hand to do whatever they wish there -nukes and b52s and patriot missile systems like a hedgehog

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