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NATO Running Out Of Weapons For Kiev Regime

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NATO Running Out Of Weapons For Kiev Regime

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“If this [increased weapons deliveries] does not happen, we won’t be able to win — as simple as that,” Dmytro Kuleba, the Kiev regime chief diplomat warns.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

Months before Russia launched its counteroffensive against NATO’s crawling encroachment on its western borders, the political West started sending massive amounts of weapons and munitions to the Kiev regime. Initially, the deliveries primarily included tens of thousands of man-portable missiles for various purposes, including ATGM (anti-tank guided missiles) and MANPADS (man-portable air defense systems) weapons. Even then, it already became clear that NATO’s stocks couldn’t provide enough weapons for a long-term conflict, while it would take years to ramp up deliveries by expanding production lines. This was further exacerbated when the Kiev regime started asking for more advanced weapons and systems amid mounting battlefield losses.

Many NATO member states were (and still are) forced to send weapons and munitions which were already in short supply for their own militaries. This is particularly true when it comes to former Warsaw Pact member states of the belligerent alliance, many of whom were forced to give up their Soviet-era weapons. Old NATO powers promised to send their weapons to replace these older arsenals of the alliance’s Eastern European members, although this process proved to be quite slow. On the other hand, the Kiev regime’s ever-growing demands are putting additional pressure. As NATO’s current production capacity simply cannot meet these requests, the Neo-Nazi junta’s battlefield prospects look grimmer by the day. “If this does not happen, we won’t be able to win — as simple as that,” Dmytro Kuleba, the Kiev regime chief diplomat warned during a recent meeting.

On November 26, the New York Times reported that approximately two-thirds of NATO members have effectively run out of weapons by sending them to the Kiev regime. Even the more prominent alliance members with big MICs (Military Industrial Complexes) are having major issues keeping up with the Kiev regime’s demands. According to an unnamed NATO official, 20 out of 30 member states are “pretty tapped out” in terms of additional weapon and munition supplies to the Neo-Nazi junta. While members such as the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy still have the ability to arm the Kiev regime with basic weapons, even they are refraining from sending specific weapons systems requested by the junta.

The demands include various types of strategically impactful weapons, including surface-to-surface guided missiles such as ATACMS, a weapon with a 300 km engagement range. The US officially rejected such demands, supposedly “out of concern” the missiles could be used to attack targets deep within Russia. However, the more likely reason is that the Pentagon is fully aware of the fact that it would take years to replace its current stocks of such missiles and it’s not very keen on expending them all without certain replacement. The same is true for many other types of weapons and systems which are equally needed to maintain optimal military power.

Artillery is especially important in this regard. As soon as the Kiev regime started burning through its Soviet-made stocks, many of which were also destroyed in Russia’s long-range strikes, NATO was forced to provide both artillery pieces and shells. As the alliance’s post-(First) Cold War doctrine shifted toward a more interventionist style of warfare, artillery became less important, resulting in ever-shrinking stocks.

According to various reports, the enormous demand for artillery munitions is putting tremendous pressure on NATO members trying to meet the Kiev regime’s requests. At present, the Neo-Nazi junta forces are firing at least five thousand shells per day, but the US, by far the most heavily armed NATO member state, can only produce 15,000 shells per month. Camille Grand, a defense expert at the European Council on Foreign Relations, told the New York Times that “[a] day in Ukraine is a month or more in Afghanistan.”

On the other hand, the soaring demand is extremely profitable for the Military Industrial Complexes of the political West. “Taking into account the realities of the ongoing war in Ukraine and the visible attitude of many countries aimed at increased spending in the field of defense budgets, there is a real chance to enter new markets and increase export revenues in the coming years,” according to Sebastian Chwalek, CEO of Poland’s PGZ, a corporation that owns a number of weapons manufacturers. However, the US MIC has been experiencing by far the largest windfall in this regard. Arms industry giants such as Lockheed Martin and Raytheon already made billions in the opening months of the Ukrainian crisis.

Back in May, during a visit to a Lockheed Martin plant, US President Joe Biden stated that the US would ramp up weapons production, but that “this would not come cheap.” However, most US officials and experts agree that this is not only a question of funding, as it will take years to increase production in order to meet the current demand, which is expected to grow exponentially in the foreseeable future. “If you want to increase the production capability of 155 mm shells. It’s going to be probably four to five years before you start seeing them come out the other end,” according to Mark F. Cancian, a former White House weapons strategist and current senior adviser at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

The US and NATO have already stated that they’re committed to fighting a long proxy war against Russia in Ukraine. In October, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin openly admitted this is the plan that Washington DC and its satellites have. He said that the US and NATO would “boost Ukraine’s defensive capabilities for pressing urgent needs and for the long term.” However, as the US is profiteering from the crisis, especially at the EU’s expense, the bloc is becoming increasingly frustrated, a feeling even the most senior officials in Brussels are now ready to express more freely than ever before.


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Hypersonic Tsar Bomba 2.0 locked on DC

Slovakia just sent an old tank right from the museum to the AFU, the so called “Antik Power” lol


And we aren’t in real winter yet in the EU – no snow I mean, it’s not yet really cold. Biden has prevent MOSTLY the result on his economy by faking his anti-EU policies as “climate change policies”. Either he reverses these policies again, these LAWS, or the EU will retaliate. If they don’t, opposition parties will grow in all net elections, like in Italy – despite the post-fascist Georgia Meloni being rather pro-US atm (not her coalition partner parties anyhow). In other words: The EU must either oppose Biden/USA very soon or accept the fall of the present pro-atlantic/pro-US governmental parties.

Assad Defeated Zionists

It’s so embarrasing. The US, EU and NATO countries have a combined GDP of over $41 trillion and yet their proxy war is being battered by Russia and its $2 trillion economy.


Russia hasn’t faced a single one of the 3.5 million NATO troops, or one of the 6000 combat aircraft/helicopters. Yes, 30-40 year old surplus gear was sent by NATO and I’m sure HIMARS seems advanced compared to Russian artillery but you haven’t faced the good stuff yet.

Last edited 4 months ago by John

Well said my friend but the folks here read lots of comic books , and they say there S-10000 is the best . Lol


Serbian army lost 13 tanks in 1999. against 1.000 NATO planes.

Captain Hohol

They never will, all the progressive westcucks who dream of a conventional exchange between NATO and Russia are doing just that, it’s a dream that won’t ever come true.

The second NATO tries to do that, and they know this, it will be escalated to nuclear war, and NATO loses that not just because of the exchange but because of the utter collapse of society that would ensue afterward.

A single power outage threw Texas into chaos a few years ago, the aftermath of a nuclear exchange would cause that by many many greater orders of magnitude over the entirety of the United States and Europe.

Russia is doing what the U.S hasn’t been able to do… ever basically.

They’re claiming territory and they’ll hold it.

U.S failed in Vietnam, U.S failed in Iraq, U.S failed in Afghanistan, fail fail fail.

Next the U.S is going to fracture into red/blue states, more fail.


Drago Bosnić is a steaming pile of crap. F U chetnik bitch

Last edited 4 months ago by RazorRamon

Tree leaves are falling, Ukraine soldiers and US UK Poland regular soldiers pretends dressing as Ukraine soldiers don’t have places to hide and have suffer very very heavy losses,sad US and UK will sell their widows and daughters as prostitutes and sex slaves in US and UK.


The United States, the EU and NATO are poor. The moneylenders in power make the bulk of the wealth out of debt-robbery. What countries have left even for war is insufficient.

Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

The Taliban received help from the Russians as thanks for the last time, to the United States.


NATO doesn’t run out of weapons. Don’t believe this. The west is deceiving the Russians once again saying they are running out of weapons. It is to keep the Russians loosen their focus. The west is a master of propaganda and deception. While they are increasing the number of Ukraine military getting training in Poland and UK, the Russians thought that they were defeating Ukraine soldiers. The Russians didn’t increase the number of their soldiers, the Russians were caught off guard because Ukraine brought large trained soldiers, then the Russians started giving up large areas they occupied. The Russians want the fight with partial focus and cheaply, they didn’t know that they are fighting with NATO, Ukraine is their proxy. Russia should STOP the joke and prepare a million soldiers or more, this war is a fight for the survival of the Russian nation. A nation that doesn’t take situation VERY seriously will be defeated in war.


@hailu , I can understand your opinion but I think the Russian MoD knows also whom they fight. I haven’t really understood why they retreated from Charkov and Cherson (why not secure the occupied regions longer before?), but the argument is plausible that later they tried to avoid losses of their soldiers and the civilian victims in the region of Cherson. And maybe they didn’t calculate the US/NATO will act so consequent. Or they had to change some plans due to facts, events , developments , which are not known to the public. We don’t know much in times of war.

The next weeks (months?) will show , whether they have the situation under control.


On the other side , I would also be careful to believe , the enemy runs out of weapons. But I hope the Russian MoD have their military education and experience. And intelligence.


” this war is a fight for the survival of the Russian nation ”

this is definitely true !


This is another reason WHY RUUSIA should FREE ALL of NAZI UKRAINE as then ALL THAT MONEY PROMISED TO BE REPAID BY NAZI UKRAINE after the war to the Western powers IF RUSSIA DECIDES and DOES TAKE ALL OF NAZI UKRAINE then the WESTERN POWERS will get NOTHING REPAID as their will NOT BE A UKRAINE as it will be Russia once more as it was in history and i am pretty CERTAIN RUSSIA would tell the western powers to go F**K THEMSELVES if they asked Russia to repay them lol =Z=


Do you actually believe that the United States of America can only produce 15,000 artillery shells a month and it would take 5 years to increase supply? The USA.


Pretty soon Russia will have NO weapons lol , not even WW1 shitt.

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