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NATO Ramps Up Propaganda Infrastructure Under Pretext Of Fighting “Russian Disinformation”

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NATO Ramps Up Propaganda Infrastructure Under Pretext Of Fighting "Russian Disinformation"

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The NATO-EU is expanding its propaganda infrastructure.

Since 2015, the EU has financed and operated the East StratCom Task Force. Its primary purpose is to combat “address Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns.”

The decision was made on March 19-20th 2015, and by June there was a plan outlined for the task force to start operating and has done so since, with apparently successful results, judging by the constant expansion of its endeavors.

“The European Council stressed the need to challenge Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns and invited the High Representative, in cooperation with Member States and EU institutions, to prepare by June an action plan on strategic communication. The establishment of a communication team is a first step in this regard,” the EU decision read. [pdf]

Later in the same year, in November, EU East StratCom Task Force was established, and with a presentation to boot, which unironically resembles a high school project. [pdf]

NATO Ramps Up Propaganda Infrastructure Under Pretext Of Fighting "Russian Disinformation"

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The Task Force has three main objectives:

  • Effective communication and promotion of EU policies towards the Eastern Neighbourhood;
  • Strengthening of the overall media environment in the Eastern Neighbourhood and in EU Member States;
  • Improved EU capacity to forecast, address and respond to disinformation activities by external actors.

All of this doesn’t mention Russia, but it is entirely focused on Russian disinformation attempts.

Each of these main objectives has tools to achieve the required results, mostly focused on educating others about media literacy, “myth busting,” and there appears to be a heavy focus on “content development,” which is essentially disinformation, but from “the good guys.”

The most challenging point appears to be the coordination with all countries in Eastern Europe on regulatory issues, since even 4 years later there appears to be little difference.

And, indeed, judging by the Twitter accounts operated by the EU East StratCom Task Force the programmes are going amazing, and are receiving more and more funding, but there, quite frankly, appears to be little result. It could be due to the entire narrative being mostly made-up, but that’s beside the point.

But, according to official EU statistics, “Russian disinformation” efforts are ramping up, with 998 cases registered between January and October 2019, compared to only 434 in the same period in 2018.

The current budget of the EU East StratCom Task Force is EUR1.1 million, with it expected to get steadily increased in future years. There are calls to increase the staff and funding of the endeavor, up to EUR5 million.

The most recent member of the team against “Russian disinformation” is Georgia, which just months earlier had protests which were filled with anti-Russian hysteria and propaganda, with both the government and opposition blaming each other of being Russian puppets.

But, still, the Georgian government, doesn’t “fight propaganda with propaganda, but with fact-based and positive communication,” said Natia Mezvrishvili, Head of Administration of the government in Georgia at a disinformation conference that took place between November 18-22nd in Tbilisi.

Naturally, no fight against “Russian disinformation” can happen without the US playing a part in it in an attempt to unravel the “true facts.”

And, if one would make the terrible mistake of considering that these disinformation attempts are only a political play, they’re not – they also relate to religion.

And, until recently, the EU and NATO had little interest in Georgia, since it had closer relations to Russia. But, now, Russia is hard at work on spreading “disinformation.” Or as the Task Force called it a “disinfo virus” to “attack Georgia’s democracy, territorial integrity, its transatlantic and European course.”

There’s even a well-made guide on making a disinformation video, so if the Russian “disinformation agents” are carefully looking, they can get some pointers to make their efforts that much better.

Separately, on November 12th, the Stanford Internet Observatory published a white paper on “GRU Online Operations Puts Spotlight on Pseudo-Think Tanks and Personas.”

The authors would likely wish it was an objective and independent research, but it was on the order and with the financing of the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).

To make it even more suspect, the research began with a data set consisting of social media posts provided to the Committee by Facebook itself.

Thus, there is absolutely nothing independent or open source in the research – it was information that was “spoon fed” to the researchers.

The key takeaways that the analysis found are the following:

  • The GRU partakes in “traditional narrative laundering operations updated for the internet age”;
  • the emergence of a two-pronged approach: narrative and memetic propaganda by different entities belonging to a single state actor;
  • A deeper understanding of hack-and-leak operations. GRU hack-and-leak operations are well known. This tactic — which has been described in detail in the Mueller Report (which established and proved nothing at all) — had a particularly remarkable impact on the 2016 U.S. Election, but the GRU conducted other hack-and-leak operations between 2014 and 2019 as well;

The operations that are investigated are the following:

  • Inside Syria Media Center (ISMC), a media entity that was created as part of the Russian government’s multifarious influence operation in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad;
  • APT-28, also known as Fancy Bear, is a cyber-espionage group identified by the Special Counsel Investigation as GRU Units 26165 and 74455;
  • CyberBerkut, Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Ukraine, and “For an Exit from Ukraine,” a network of Pages targeting Ukraine, which has been subject to an aggressive disinformation campaign by the Russian government since the Euromaidan revolution in 2014;

The information provided by Facebook, which was not scrutinized whatsoever, the white paper shows and assumes that many allegations and unsubstantiated accusations as fact outline a “ large, multifaceted operation set up with the aim of artificially boosting narratives favorable to the Russian state and disparaging Russia’s rivals.”

“Over a period when Russia was engaged in a wide range of geopolitical and cultural conflicts, including Ukraine, MH17, Syria, the Skripal Affair, the Olympics ban, and NATO expansion, the GRU turned to active measures to try to make the narrative playing field more favorable. These active measures included social-media tactics that were repetitively deployed but seldom successful when executed by the GRU.”

Regardless, it turns out that the GRU are so bad at their operations that they’re almost never successful as per the researchers.

There is also a graphic presenting the disinformation network that the information provided by Facebook assists in establishing. After all, it should be reminded that Facebook banned a Russian page sharing Russian cuisine recipes as part of a disinformation campaign.

NATO Ramps Up Propaganda Infrastructure Under Pretext Of Fighting "Russian Disinformation"

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Dick Von Dast'Ard

Some excellent websites presented there that are not Western establishment thumbs-up and therefore highly likely to be factual info sites.


These guys who work there must be so smart that they don’t even realize how they have become no more than a pawn for the empire.

Hasbara Hunter



” to challenge Russia’s ongoing disinformation campaigns ”

Well, NATO nations leaders take little notice of the opinions of their populace and the Target nations for asinine and sophomoric NATO propaganda are largely inoculated against bullshit because of the Zionist scum who once controlled their nations and who were eventually kicked out.

For propaganda to have any effect it has to be based on reality and NATO employees have existed in a ‘self identified La La Land for decades now.

Russian, Chinese and Iranian challengers of NATO lies are well aware these days that wars are best fought with realism and authenticity and not by buffoons, British or otherwise.

Hasbara Hunter

I still see many ZioNazis & their Puppets in my Government…you can recognize’m by their Rat-Like Faces…Holland has had many Wars in which the Elitist Rats could take over Everything…Wars are good to get rid of the Good Folks and Install Treacherous ZioNazi Puppets….which are still there…Bloodline Puppeticians…Trojan Horses & Other Filth…

Charles Homer

As shown in this article, Facebook has recently censored certain Facebook accounts that it claims are being used by Russia to impact its presence in Africa:


Apparently, we are all supposed to be thankful that the American technology giants are willing to do our thinking for us.

AM Hants

When you look at the Russian media budget, then compare it to the US, UK, EU and NATO media budgets and that is leaving out the media disinformation NGOs and ‘think tanks’, funded by the Foreign Aid Budgets, you wonder how Russia can get it so right at a fraction of the cost.



Hasbara Hunter

One conclusion might be that Telling the Truth is Cheaper than Constucting Lies…

AM Hants

So true. Plus, you can sleep easy.

George King

The alternative is grotesque self deception as observed by Samuel Clemens: “Next the statesmen will invent cheap lies, putting the blame upon the nation that is attacked, and every man will be glad of those conscience-soothing tactics, and will diligently study them, and refuse to examine any refutations of them; and thus he will by and by convince himself that the war is just, and will thank God for the better sleep he enjoys after this process of grotesque self-deception.” — Mark Twain

Hasbara Hunter

Well but actually knowing the Truth comes with a calm primitive kinda anger….somewhere hidden deep down inside….



Ralph London

Simple really: the truth pays its own way.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Because the robber barons of the West are hated so much by the impoverished citizens of the West.

There’s a riot going on everywhere freedumb and dumbmockery is promoted. lol


” you wonder how Russia can get it so right at a fraction of the cost.”

By telling things as they are and NOT as they fantasise them to be I think, AM :)

There are many millions of smartphones in the hands of the general public these days and the NATO controllers are struggling with that. Fakebook etc are censoring anti Zionist opinions but are generally only preaching to the brain dead converted anyway.

AM Hants

Have you seen this article over on Stalker Zone? Must admit, I found it interesting, together with the financer. It does tie in with the phone technology and what they are handing out to ISIS in Syria.

Liberal Journalists in Russia Are Working For ISIS…https://www.stalkerzone.org/liberal-journalists-in-russia-are-working-for-isis/


AMN have an interesting post regarding the doctored OPCW report on E-Ghouta… Ghttps://www.almasdarnews.com/article/syrian-govt-not-surprised-by-revelations-from-redacted-opcw-report-on-douma-attack/?utm_medium=ppc&utm_source=push&utm_campaign=push%20%notificationss&utm_content=varies

AM Hants

Thanks for the link. Did like the fact that they said BRICS and SCO partners should hold their own investigation. Would say yes to RIC or possibly RICS, but, do not trust Brazil, definately SCO members and also EAEU members.

I remember reading an article, with regards 12 out of the 193 UN members, including the EU, setting up the Joint Investigative Mechanism, a branch of the UN which was set up to expose who was behind the Syrian Chemical Weapons, only they were the same nations that were funding the White Helmets. So no conflict of interest. The EU provided $4.5 million and the other nations, provided the rest of the funding. When the contract came to an end, I do believe the 12 members, out of the 193 UN members then carried on with a similar style of mechanism. Of course, the investigations would be based on the Lewis Carrol version of justice ‘Sentence First, we will discuss the verdict later’.

European Union donates €4.6 million to OPCW Special Missions and the UN-OPCW Joint Investigative Mechanism… https://www.opcw.org/media-centre/news/2016/03/european-union-donates-eu46-million-opcw-special-missions-and-un-opcw

Tudor Miron

“1) call out Russia for its hostile disinformation efforts 2) provide @EUvsDisinfo with 30 extra staff and 5M EUR budget” – 2nd line reveal their true desire. Those creatures simply know that Russia bashing is a very well paid endeavour. One word for them – whores.

Harry Smith

I have a suggestion: here is proof that bad evil Russians did all the negative stuff. Please give me 0.5 mln Euro from those 5 mln you obtained. https://youtu.be/BpdvW80Nz7E


Sadly many of the morons in power throughout the West actually believe that shit :)

Black Waters

Even with this amount of propaganda the U.S and NATO tool can’t control their citizens anymore, it’s a matter of time. Backstabbing your own citizens has a very powerful reaction even more when the U.S gestapo assist the same terrorists that they were supposed to be “fighting”.

Tommy Jensen

Anissa has the best ever comment. Enjoy. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwdtjWlyLbc


I have not seen Anissa for a while now. The is very talented.

AM Hants

I wonder if they have any problems with Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s media outlets, operating within Russia?

Liberal Journalists in Russia Are Working For ISIS… https://www.stalkerzone.org/liberal-journalists-in-russia-are-working-for-isis/


Russia has a lot to lose by being afraid to offer their media platforms to the dissenting western voices because they are afraid they could fire back talking about the corruption in Moscow.


Hehehe, buhuhuuhu, they eh… more or less the Imperial banana republic Moronika, is going nuts this days, and of course whines, and wounder why nobody belives them any more, even thoe they are heavy cencuring, thru various orgs from FecesBook to Amazon, and drools something about Our way or Huaway, while they forget we dont, that they even listened to the German Cans, private phone and of course when they where exposed didnt bother to say anything, and was that because of Putin, ugh…. Yankikes, de enlighten us.

This, stupidity is been ramped up, just for some hours ago I watched an progam on our never ever lying Norwegian State owned channel, about conspiracy uh…. nutts, yeah, and the message was massaged into the people, anyone, anyhow, anytime that dont comply or dont belive in what WE say, is an conspiracy nutt, or even worse, some obscure Russian troll sitting in St. Peterburg, yup, how sweet, the only thing this this program called Peoples Education managed to evoce in me was something I never thought I had, since I am a man, my maternal instingts, poor schmuck, and of course I had an ball just watching them, incl even some honking “experts” telling people what an Conspiracy nutt is/are, etc, etc, hehe, but the sinister part of it is that I bett, that this is run, or similare issues/consensusses are run by more than just our very own stalistic propaganda cannel NRK, but CNN is also running the same, but they have angleled this to be about the Deplorables, the cult suporting Trump/stein.

Yup, and they stil wounder why nobody belives them any more And the reason for people like me, whom have been into this uh…. game for decades, are never taking into programs are just that, the MSM dont alow oposition at all. The wars, the eCONomy, the ecology, to AGW, vaccines, etc etc, to coups, where they forget that the reason for the downfall of their idiot propaganda is more due to the fact that we dont have to tell millions of people what really is happening, they see it them selfs, from China, aka consentration camps to Bolivia where the MSM was extatic since they got an indiginous as president to the day the same man desided to take the Lihium prod to them selfs, was suddenly flipped 180 Degs to be an Dick. And somehow, since I use Bolivia as an ex. they think that we do this because of sucking Ruskies dicks, well, the only Russian I bow for, is my wife, nobody else.

Then we have the idiot propaganda, where they use idiots to make propaganda, and the flodding of even dumber idiots comenting and they are so braindead they think they are smart, yup, its an reason I dont bother that much to smack em, they are so pathetic I feel sorry for them, when even they know that we know they lie about everything, all the time and you cant hide facts, morons, like the Palestinian case, you can twist, obfuse, shit on it, and whine about anti-semetism, but you cant hide the facts, truth stands by it self, and dont need dumps like FecesBook to hide it, the cencure dont help, but the truth is, we are watching an empire dying, detaching them selfs from reality, sliding into insanity, where everybody else is an enemy, reinstigated the new and pimped up Patriot act to make shure they have the law behind them to do whatever they want to anyone they want to do something about from waterboarding to indefenite detentions, yeah and of course, the black sites.

They are just pathetic f….. loosers, because they are insane, insane people cant resonate because they have been driven by forces that have been around for centurys, the same tools for centurys and now, just watch em go more and more derailed, and the worst thing is, they belive their own propaganda. Yeah, why do I get flashbacks to the old Bolshewik run Sovjet, the Gov is always right, and if they arrest you is because they have an reason, if you question or protest, that alone confirm they where right about you, because you just confirmed that the Gov is doing something wrong, yup, aka an Kafkan world, humped with Animal farm and 1984, but to me, we are also more into the reality like the Lord of the Flies. What an brave new world. Hallelujah. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7FFBTljZDGY


Tommy Jensen

Good one. The definition of a totalitarian state is that people don’t know what is up or down. People only have the Systems reality.

S Melanson

There is a typo in the Junior High School Remedial Communication Class power point slide.

“Myth Busting” should be “Myth Building”

AM Hants

Talking of NATO, which reminds me of their supporters over in Atlantic Council. Why does this video remind me of the satanic crowd? The video gets started around 4:50 minutes and thank you Ralph London, for providing the link.

SerialBrain2: Ukraine Call Transcripts Decoded. Pt2… includes first transcript, a trap US Ambassador Yovanavitch is caught… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=278&v=-oePJ1oI9KM&feature=emb_logo


Cryptic clues are always heavy going for me. I am no good at crosswords either, yet it is an interesting and accurate video,AM.

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