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NATO Pushes For Creation Of “Democratic Resilience Center”

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NATO Pushes For Creation Of "Democratic Resilience Center"

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In NATO, the creation of the Center for Democratic Resilience has surfaced, yet again.

According to the idea, it will have to monitor the facts of violation of democracy in the member countries of the alliance and help the allies to develop democratic institutions more effectively.

For the first time, the initiative to create this office was voiced in 2019, then it was noted in the concept for the development of the NATO alliance 2030 and, finally, in the NATO Parliamentary Assembly a working group was created that will try to translate this idea into reality.

Suffice to say that the main purpose of the Center is to presumably deal with censorship of the information space and discrimination against ethnic minorities in the Baltic States, the constant accusations of human rights violations against Turkey by Greece, as well as Poland’s undemocratic attitude towards abortion and the LGBT community in the European sense.

The top priority for the NATO PA is to help the Alliance rededicate itself to its democratic foundations.

“The assault on the US Capitol on 6 January has demonstrated that democracy, while resilient, is also fragile. And the evidence released recently of Russia’s interference in our elections highlights the threat which the global march of autocracy poses to our democracies,” noted Congressman Connolly. “We must constantly strengthen and protect democracy against attempts to undermine it – both from within and from without.”

Importantly, members and the invited speakers discussed how to advance the Assembly’s recommendation to establish a NATO Democratic Resilience Centre.

“NATO has a well-oiled machinery focused on military matters, but it lacks a body which is fully focused on defending our democracies,” the President stressed.

Congressman Connolly first proposed the idea for such a Centre in 2019. It has since been backed up by the Assembly as a whole as well as the independent Group of Experts appointed by the NATO Secretary General for the NATO 2030 process.

Back in January 2021, NATO PA President Connely also spoke of the centre with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.

Its aim is to assist members and partner nations to strengthen their democratic institutions.

The Assembly advocates for NATO to rededicate itself to the shared democratic foundations. As part of these efforts, the Standing Committee set up a Working Group to refine a concept of a Centre for Democratic Resilience within NATO – an idea Congressman Connolly introduced in 2019 on the occasion of NATO 70th anniversary and since backed by the Assembly as a whole.

“NATO has a well-oiled machinery focused on military matters, but it lacks a body which is fully focused on defending democracy. This must change.” President Connolly stresses. “Establishing a Democratic Resilience Center inside NATO Headquarters would show that NATO is truly serious about defending our democratic model.”

The Working Group was charged with gathering insights from key stakeholders and independent experts, garnering broad support within the Assembly and, ultimately, putting together a strong and concrete proposal for submission to Allied parliaments and governments.

The Working Group will be governed by the Assembly’s Bureau, together with the Chairperson of the Committee on the Civil Dimension of Security. President Connolly will lead the group and his predecessor Attila Mesterhazy (Hungary), currently serving as Assembly Vice-President, will serve as Rapporteur.

In short, the US is pushing for NATO to become the world’s premier proponent of the democratic and liberal world order.

Still, the alliance of the unwilling needs reviving, and every members agrees on that. The NATO mouthpiece, Atlantic Council supports this movement.

“Reviving the transatlantic partnership, however, will require more than the traditional close diplomacy, warm rhetoric, and lofty white papers. It will demand bold action that proves the United States and Europe can still accomplish major feats together. A unified vision is a good start, but ultimately insufficient: America and Europe must set out to do big things and then execute on them, creating a new legacy of joint triumphs that their citizens can rally around and upon which future generations can build. It is only with such foundational touchstones, which galvanize a fresh political consensus in favor of the transatlantic bond, that real trust and all the benefits that it brings can be restored.

Creating these new touchstones will require investments of time, resources, and political capital. There is a significant list of issues on which deep transatlantic cooperation could make a major difference. Attempting to boil the ocean, however, would be a recipe for failure. US and European leaders must prioritize. The key is to select a small number of urgent and tangible projects with good odds of success. Three projects—ending the COVID-19 pandemic, reinvigorating transatlantic security, and reconciling US and European policies on technology—should rise to the top of the agenda.”

Democracy is important, but a united front on censorship in technology, and not letting Russia and China do as they please comes first.

It should also be noted that NATO intends to use force even if the aggression against its member countries is committed with the use of non-military means. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg issued such a warning at a webinar at the University of South Florida.

“We will never grant our potential adversary the privilege of knowing exactly when we [NATO Allies] use Article 5. But we have made it clear that we will use Article 5 when we deem it necessary. In addition, we can use Article 5. when we see aggression using other means than conventional military means,” Stoltenberg said.

He was referring to Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty signed in Washington in 1949. It enshrines the principle of collective defense of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The article provides for a collective response in the event of an “armed attack on one or more” NATO member countries.

“We saw that aggressive actions were taken [in the recent past] by other countries against NATO allies, when not traditional military means, but non-military means were used to try to undermine our positions, split us, attack us,” the secretary general argued, not going into details.

According to him, “this is exactly what NATO should adapt to.” And the alliance makes the necessary decisions, Stoltenberg said. He recalled that now, for example, NATO is ready to apply Article 5 in response to cyber-attacks. “We decided a few years ago that an attack in cyberspace, a cyberattack, could trigger Article 5. This is a completely new signal [to a potential adversary],” Stoltenberg said.

In addition, he called for NATO to begin more actively “countering disinformation” and protecting the “critical infrastructure” of the alliance.


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johnny rotten

The clause is that those who oppose will make the same end as Libya, the democracy in the fascist version of NATO, simple translation of democratic resilience by west version.


You are so correct.

The correct title for a woke “NATO Democratic Resilience Centre” would in fact be a
‘NATO Autocratic Aggression Centre ‘ .

Pave Way IV

I vote for Small Penis Syndrome Compensation Club.


While I agree with the spirit of what you are saying, you have absolutely no idea what fascism is.

Davide Herzog

The antifascist global regime will be founded even more on nato military forces to impose its own antihuman and white male genocide agenda based on sex maniacs , feminists , blm and children’ s murders.

Black Waters

Nato and their “democrazy”, seal of quality for foreign coups.
Using the masquerade of “human rights” (the most inhumane psychopaths) to keep developing pretexts for invading prosperous economies and turn them to ruins.

It’s seems that all the money is on playing the theater of “human rights”, haha, the same people bombing civilians.


Nato means: North Atlantic Terrorist Organization!

Peter Jennings

The whole structure is rotten and those who work for nato, and their network of world organisations, cannot be trusted to furnish their patrons with accurate information. Maybe they are just good liars and that’s all they are.
These organisations steal from the public for their own schemes and they use other peoples lives to ensure their dreams come true. Everyone else gets left with the nightmare.

nato needs leveling and resurfacing into something more useful like car parks.

klove and light

this is getting ridiculously unreal………

north atlantic…….. get the fucX out of afghanistan and check your maps…or is it the brain failures……and the XXXXXXXXX population of nato nations are pathetic and more and more lunatic….see gender/racism/migrants

fucXXX up world.period

Trap Is Not Gay

Democracy, no.

Republic, yes.

Raptar Driver

More hilarity from the retards.
Completely undemocratic organization is going to be the watchdog for democracy?
Hitler was more democratic than NATO.

Raptar Driver

Biden Got I’m sure much less than that unless you include all the fraud.

Raptar Driver

The Democrat party needs to be disbanded as a criminal organization.

Robert Ferrin

This is what happens when nations give up their sovereignty and have to follow the dictate of others meaning as a nation state they no longer exist, which in case the have to follow the dictates of the U.S.

Lone Ranger

CIA wants to create a shadow govt in NATO countries because the crumbling satanic pedonazi empire is losing the narrative.
Too lil too late suckers…

Cheryl Brandon


Cheryl Brandon

In nineteen hundred forty-nine
China was won by Mao Tse-tung
Chiang Kai Shek’s army ran away
They were waiting there in Thailand yesterday

Supported by the CIA

Pushing junk down Thailand way

First they stole from the Meo Tribes
Up in the hills they started taking bribes
Then they sent their soldiers up to Shan
Collecting opium to send to The Man

Pushing junk in Bangkok yesterday
Supported by the CIA

Brought their jam on mule trains down
To Chiang Mai that’s a railroad town
Sold it next to the police chief’s brain
He took it to town on the choochoo train
Trafficking dope to Bangkok all day
Supported by the CIA

The policeman’s name was Mr. Phao
He peddled dope grand scale and how
Chief of border customs paid
By Central Intelligence’s U.S. aid

The whole operation, Newspapers say
Supported by the CIA

He got so sloppy and peddled so loose
He busted himself and cooked his own goose
Took the reward for the opium load
Seizing his own haul which same he resold

Big time pusher for a decade turned grey
Working for the CIA

Touby Lyfong he worked for the French
A big fat man liked to dine & wench
Prince of the Meos he grew black mud
Till opium flowed through the land like a flood

Communists came and chased the French away
So Touby took a job with the CIA

The whole operation fell in to chaos
Till U.S. intelligence came in to Laos

Mary Azarian/Matt Wuerker I’ll tell you no lie I’m a true American
Our big pusher there was Phoumi Nosavan

All them Princes in a power play
But Phoumi was the man for the CIA

And his best friend General Vang Pao
Ran the Meo army like a sacred cow
Helicopter smugglers filled Long Cheng’s bars
In Xieng Quang province on the Plain of Jars

It started in secret they were fighting yesterday
Clandestine secret army of the CIA

All through the Sixties the dope flew free
Thru Tan Son Nhut Saigon to Marshall Ky
Air America followed through
Transporting comfiture for President Thieu

All these Dealers were decades and yesterday
The Indochinese mob of the U.S. CIA

Operation Haylift Offisir Wm Colby
Saw Marshall Ky fly opium Mr. Mustard told me
Indochina desk he was Chief of Dirty Tricks
“Hitch-hiking” with dope pushers was how he got his fix

Subsidizing the traffickers to drive the Reds away
Till Colby was the head of the CIA
Allen Ginsberg
Friday, January 3, 2003


Cheryl Brandon


cechas vodobenikov

more Star Trek phantasies—the fascist federation (NATO) lead by the barbaric amerikans pretending to explore (colonize) so they can violate their non-intervention directive vs the civilized romulans, cardassians, Klingons,etc are racistly depicted with strange features
today anglo racism/immorality is so perverse and wide spread that they now proudly acknowledge it—famous liars, treacherous hypocrites many of these idiots believe their Hollywood versions of reality

Peter Jennings

nato need yet another title for extracting cash and giving back trash.

They are so confident these days that whenever they meet they need a ton of security and miles of security fencing to conduct their subterfuge on an already heavily taxed public. They must have the same guilty feeling as the current US admin.

AM Hants

Oceania “Double Speak”, meaning the exact opposite. Remind me, but, don’t the Nanzis control the Atlantic Council, which is the NATO Think Tank of choice?

Fair treatment

Is much better to live in democracy than a country ruled by religion.
And you all that hate western civilization f..off.
You can’t do nothing to us we will always succeed. You know why?? Because we are not ruled by religious leaders or religion. We are open minded.
We will always invest in our future but you who live in countries ruled by Religious Leaders you will always be backwards. So yeah stay and live in poverty and pray to God to Help you and on Election day chose the same Religious Leaders that did nothing for your Country and nothing will change in your life. You want to change something in your life stop believing that is the will of God or God will help you. Think forward not backwards. And Comunism and Religious Leaders should not even exist. I used to live in Comunism ruled Country and trust me is like living in hell.
Religion is used only to force people to obey their Governments.


So I guess they’re gonna start by preventing anymore fraudulent elections in Turkey and the U.S. then? Not bloody likely.

These moves are painfully transparent. In reality they are simply a redoubling of their efforts to keep the status quo I.e. hypocritical neo liberal elites in charge and no one who dares question them is allowed into power, even democratically.



The most homosexual phrase I have heard this week.


Wow. This is an eye opener. NWO is moving fast. This is why Trump was removed from office. I believe the Germans were involved in the fraud. Trump was a stumbling block to their plans and designs. They come up with a fake pandemic. Lock everyone down. Amazes me how these clowns who are proposing this are paid by taxpayers. No doubt Gates is involved someway. Their Utopia. Russia, China, Poland, and the Southland of the U.S. stand in their way. Using W.H.O. Destroying nation states. Vaccine used to kill off anyone. Norway is going to tell us what to do? Hilter was going after what the Germans believed were owed to them. This is frightening. Media paid for by these nuts. Satan’s disciples.

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