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NATO Promises Porohenko To Stay In Touch Over The Maritime Incident


NATO Promises Porohenko To Stay In Touch Over The Maritime Incident

IAMGE: nato.int

Recently, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg held a phone call discussing the recent Russia-Ukraine maritime incident in the Black Sea.

Following the phone call, the NATO released an ambiguous communique, “NATO Secretary General’s phone call with President Poroshenko” (source):

“The NATO Secretary General and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko spoke this morning about developments in the Azov Sea and Kerch Strait, including yesterday’s events involving Russian and Ukrainian naval vessels.

The Secretary General expressed NATO’s full support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, including its full navigational rights in its territorial waters under international law.

At the request of President Poroshenko, the Secretary General agreed to convene an extraordinary meeting of the NATO-Ukraine Commission at Ambassadorial level in Brussels this afternoon to discuss the current situation.”

On the one hand, the NATO fomally stated words of “support” to Ukraine. From the other hand, it became apparent that the NATO leadership and thus the US-leadership have highly likely ordered Porodshenko to “take an airy erotic rambling.” [as Russians sometimes used to say]

Most likely, the November 25 agressive act conducted by the Ukrainian Navy upon order from the top Ukrainian military political leadership was not coordinated with the US and the NATO and appeared to be a “surprise” for the Western supervisors of the state.

This explains the currend coverage of the incident in the maisntream media. European and British mainstream media are actively supporting Ukraine while US mainstream media are keeping a “relatively neutral” stance.

Furthermore, there has been no loud or remarkable statements by the US leadership on this situation. This appears to be strange because there has been enough time since the November 25 incident to make a statement of any complexity.



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  • 1691

    Oh, yes, this must have been a complete surprise for NATO and USA and the gang. Poor guys, they knew nothing. Ah, shame.
    They most probably expected Russia to respond aggressively so they can get in the fight.
    WW III courtesy to Russia.
    Well, Russia did surprise them. Well done Russia! Thanks to you I am still alive.

    • BMWA1

      Not necessarily, for on the other hand, US/NATO are not pleased with the resultant UA martial law situation, namely because more pliant (than even Poroshenko, yes, they go even lower than he) are waiting in the wings, including Julia. Such ‘changes’ brought about by an ‘election’ (of no real choices) wold have extended the life of the post-maiden trajectory. The martial law, although extending Poroshenko rule (on individual basis), will shorten, ultimately, the political life of the post-maiden political orthodoxy on a collective basis. It will curtail Russian help to UA economically also, with same result.

      It is possible that this was a Ukraine solo operation, as the political; result does not favor NATO (even if it had been successful as a road in military terms, again, ether would be martial law). From a propaganda perspective, this is also a NATO loss, making the quasi-ally seem very silly indeed. There may be sailor defections too to man the captured ships, which will look bad. I would require some clear indication of cooperation, like NATO-country produced high explosives found on the captured tug, to clearly support your view.

      • 1691

        “Very improtant Info appeared briefly on Russian media
        (before being scrubbed) that a NATO SADM, possibly a Diver deployable
        device, was being transported to the Kerch Straight to be used on the
        Crimean bridge. The device was being tracked by the Russians and they
        knew it had been loaded on to a Ukrainian Tug (escorted by 5 warships!! –
        3 in the Black Sea, including one NATO vessel, and 2 waiting in the Sea
        of Azov).”
        This has been circulating the net. I did not make it up. Do you really believe that this is not a well planned and organized provocation? The last one was the IL 20 incident over Latakia, with the French lined up and ready to jump-start the ww iii. The barbarians have not given up a war with Russia/China/Iran/ N Korea/ Venezuela. Russia is No 1 on their wish-list. They are so desperate, they are working around the clock to provoke Russia.
        Poroshenko is nothing but the useful idiot. His marshal law expires end of January while elections are scheduled for March. It does not really sum up. Ukraine, just like the Kurds has been used to serve certain plans and wet dreams.

  • Manuel Flores Escobar

    Nothing happen!..Ukraine is a NATO prostitute and sometimes promises things to calm her down…