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JUNE 2021

NATO offensive coming?

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Terrorist attacks happened in Paris last Friday turned on the alerts in all Europe and Western world itself.

NATO offensive coming?

NATO’S Debating Chamber

Latest Paris terrorist attacks seemed to be a declaration of war to France made by Daesh according to President Holland.

Since France is member of NATO, there are big possibilities that an offensive led by the military alliance take place,

According to NATO’s Article 5 of its founding treaty, if any of the 28 member countries is attacked by arms it’s as if they all were under attack, so in response they all agree to assist the affected party o parties, but before that, the ambassadors of countries part of the organization should discuss the issue and consider most likely further actions, according to article 4 of the mentioned treaty.

Also, any decision taken by NATO should be presented to the UN Security Council first. If they decide that an armed offensive is required, the military alliance to carry it out would be no other than NATO itself.

It must be said that NATO’s military power is absolutely tremendous with: over 3 million troops under arms and many more in reserve, 800 oceangoing major combatant ships, over 25000 military aircraft and 50 AWACS aircraft.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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