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MAY 2021

NATO Lobbyist: Unfortunately, Russia Still Exists! (Video)

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Jelena Milic, NATO lobbyist and president of the Center for Euro-Atlantic studies (CEAS) based in Belgrade, Serbia, made a sick statement during the roundtable “Montenegro and neutrality”. Jelena Milic lamented that “Russia, unfortunately, still exist.” We aren’t surprised by this kind of xenophobic statements from the paid NATO supporter.

“We see what they did in Ukraine, and they will do the same here,” added Milic. It seems that she thinks we have to believe that it is Russia invested in coup in Ukraine. Then supported government killing own citizens because they speak Russian.

One of the main founders of the Center for Euro-Atlantic studies (CEAS) of Belgrade is the Freedom House, an organization close to the Washington establishment and well known for “supporting democracy” around the world.

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