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NATO Is Preparing For Large-Scale Conflict: Russian Chief of General Staff


NATO Is Preparing For Large-Scale Conflict: Russian Chief of General Staff

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The increase in military activity and the frequent exercises of NATO forces in the Baltic states and the Black and Baltic Seas indicate a purposeful preparation of the alliance for a large-scale military conflict, the Chief of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Valery Gerasimov.

Gerasimov underlined this in a speech covered by the Russian Ministry of Defense’s official outlet, Red Star.

“In the Baltic countries and Poland, in the waters of the Black and Baltic Seas, military activity is intensifying, the intensity of military exercises of the bloc is increasing. Their scenarios point to NATO’s targeted preparation for engaging its forces in a large-scale military conflict,” he said.

According to him, since 2016, the Alliance’s states have increased defense spending by $130 billion and plan to increase military spending by another $400 billion by 2024. This was announced by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in his remarks leading up to the NATO Summit on December 3rd – 4th.

NATO Is Preparing For Large-Scale Conflict: Russian Chief of General Staff

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In addition, Gerasimov recalled that NATO has decided to militarize space. At the same time, as noted in the General Staff, the West at the same time continues to represent Russia as a “threat to peace.”

“Any step of Russia in the field of ensuring its military security, any planned and transparent event to build an army and navy, each exercise is clearly presented as a “threat to peace” by Western propagandists and fake media” Gerasimov emphasized.

He also expressed concern that such a position would increase tension on the contact line between Russia and NATO, and called for renewed cooperation in order to avoid dangerous incidents in the military sphere.

The NATO summit added China to the list of “nemesis,” but mentioned that still Russia “aggressive actions” remained the biggest threat to the alliance.

Russian leader Vladimir Putin, in turn, said that the expansion of NATO and the development of the military infrastructure of the alliance at the Russian borders could potentially pose a threat to the country’s security.

In a speech, Gerasimov underlined what Russia had done in 2019.

The state tests of the lead submarine of project 955A Knyaz Vladimir are in their final stages and it is expected to enter the ranks of the Russian navy before the end of 2019.

The potential of the aviation strategic nuclear forces is supported by the modernization of the Tu-160 and Tu-95MS missile carriers.

Serial production of strategic missile carriers Tu-160M, which in the coming years will begin to enter service with long-range aviation, has been launched.

In general, the state of strategic nuclear forces provides deterrence. Moreover, their development is carried out in strict accordance with international obligations established by the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (START).

On December 5th, Vladimir Putin confirmed Russia’s readiness to extend the START-3 by the end of this year. However, a clear position on the part of the United States regarding its extension has not been announced. All this creates additional uncertainty in the field of nuclear arms control.

The aerospace defense complex was developed further, the basis of which is the aerospace forces. The next spacecraft of the Unified Space System has been launched, which significantly increased our capabilities for guaranteed detection of ballistic missile launches.

The Russian Air Force received 139 modern aircraft. The over-the-horizon radar that can detect missile and aircraft at up to 2,000 km from the Russian border entered combat duty on December 1st.

In order to strengthen confidence-building measures, the Russian Ministry of Defense is continuing to scale up cooperation with foreign partners. At the end of 2019, the total number of countries with which international military cooperation is carried out reached 100. Expanding cooperation within the CIS, CSTO and SCO remains a priority.

The Russian Ministry of Defense continues to pay attention to ensuring transparency in the activities of the Armed Forces. As a voluntary measure of openness, partners are provided with information about the largest exercises held in Russia. This also applies to the sudden inspections through which briefings are held, the OSCE is informed through communication channels and observers are invited.

Subsequently, the practice of providing the most relevant information on the main issues of the activity and development of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation will continue. It should be noted, the chief of the General Staff said that the Russian Ministry of Defense does not intend to proactively apply unilateral restrictions on the participation of foreign representatives in ongoing international events.

Concluding his speech. Army General Valery Gerasimov emphasized that “next year, work will continue to create conditions for stabilizing the situation at the global and regional levels, as well as the progressive and balanced development of the Army and Navy to ensure the peaceful socio-economic development of our country. We are open to an equal dialogue with foreign partners on issues of ensuring military security.”




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  • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

    As i said back in september or october, Royal Danish Army units is on a 12 hour alert from 1. february 2020.
    NATO or those controlling them, is planning something big, something that will change everything.

    • Z.P.

      “NATO or those controlling them, is planning something big, something that will change everything.”

      Bomb Serbia again maybe (for whatever excuse)?
      Is that “big”?
      Wasn’t that heroic and “big” enough for 20+ cowardly countries bombing defenseless country (including civilian targets) A country that didn’t attack them.
      I just pray that Muslims get upper hand eventually one day and exterminate you Western rotten cowards and erase the traces that you ever existed.
      One thing is sure whatever you do, your time of the so called “first world” and your habitual neo-colonial dominance is about to irreversibly finish soon.
      Good riddance because you are like your U.S. Master good only in attacking ( like pack of animals) only on weaker then yourself !

      • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

        You are misunderstanding me ZP.

        Im against every illegal invasion and war NATO or any country does.
        Im against every bomb hitting civilians, no matter their nationality or religion.
        Im against every war based on lies and deception.
        Im against every war based purely on profit.
        Im against nations starting a war against another country or people, but does not man up to the responsibility of building it back up.
        Im against any agression directed at someone because of their nationality or religion.
        Im against every corrupt person allowing the above to happen.

        I fully agree with you that the evil and illegal bombing of Serbia was a warcrime and every nation involved should be help accountable.

        • Z.P.

          I oversaw your conversation on situation in Iraq and presence of Danish troops there.
          What have striked me as inappropriate is the fact that nobody wonders what are US-NATO troops doing in Iraq ?
          Since Iraq was officially victim of US aggression on the pretext of false accusation for having Weapons of Mass Destruction.

          So US had to invent lamest possible excuse to return an that was; fight “against terrorism”.
          Which they themselves have implanted in Iraq and Syria with the help of MI-6 and Moassad and many other stooges. To create excuse to go back to Iraq.
          And also to bring their terrorist patsy army, called NATO, with them just like in Afghanistan.

          But since you personally deny all ill intentions, no point at all talking about all this.

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            Please ZP.
            I cannot imagine how anyone can be more clear about their oppinion about the invasion of Iraq as i was, since i clearly say that the invasion was illegal.

            I use that exact word, making it VERY clear for everyone.
            Therefore in no way, shape or form does i “personally deny all ill intentions”.
            I take full responsibility for my actions, what others do is on his/hers bill, not mine.

          • Z.P.

            OK my bad;
            I did not know that and I apologize for the inconvenience I have caused to you.

          • Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

            Its ok, no worries.

          • Jens Holm

            We were called in to regain the Iraqian military forces being from nothing eaten away by corruption and then robbed by ISIS.

            Here it also was high tech fighting – special troops, special equipment a.s.o.

            The Iraqian army and the militias never could have taken northern and western parts of Iraq back. It was more likely ISIS would have taken all apart from, what Kurds were abæe to defend.

            And the Coalision is well descriebed and not Nato. The “USA has invented – lame is a total lie.

            Danes for the moment has 185 specilist as teachers, improvers of IT and practical logisitrcs and asserver of a good radar.

            Next year its planned we will have 225 there as well as a Fregat at Hormuz autum 2020.

            You must have some very selecive memory lack about it. Good maps from that time on internet might refresh Your win95.

          • Z.P.

            Yeah “Coalition” because Australians presence or similar but with characteristic NATO stench all the same.
            You were and you still are only INVADING force and have no right to be there.
            Since it is debunked long time ago that US (CIA, MI6 and Mossad) were directly responsible for creation of ISIS in Iraq and in Syria.
            And since you all were cooperating with jihad terrorists that you call “rebels” all these years you all can’t be trusted.
            US can’t be trusted and can’t have ANY RIGHT to stay in Syria and Iraq !
            So why don’t you all just f*ck off and go back home !

  • Peter Bozich

    If NATO is preparing for a large scale conflict, they better develop better weapon systems than their buckets of bolts systems they currently have. If they were stupid enough to attack on Russia, every military airfield in Europe would be destroyed inside 10 minutes. Once air power is removed, their all dead.

    • Hasbara Hunter

      In case of any War….the Elites will have their Population-Management…. numbers of Sheeples will be effectively & heavily reduced…Conventional = Nuclear…they need less Sheeples for better control… 500 million Servants on this planet is more than enough…Loudmouthed AngloZioNazi Elites are Chickenshit Cowards so they won’t start any war…they are done…

      • Z.P.

        It might be true what you are saying.
        The only problem is that those elites have showed extraordinary shrewdness to manipulate whole planet to get their objectives done in many different situation and to manipulate whole humanity like flock of sheep quite well.
        So how can they be so shrewd and so incredibly stupid in the same time?!?

        That is one serious problem in that story. If eugenic was the real motive (apart for using war for global take over) I can’t see how those “elites” couldn’t realize how possibly could we have WW3 without having all out nuclear war at the end?!?!!
        It is simply impossible to have WW3 without all out nuke war.
        So if all the facts are true this only means that those elites are INSANE !


        “The West turns into Glass”…. we all will be dead also.
        So what is your point?
        You want to make jokes on West destruction and laugh at them from your grave?!

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Ehmm my point is that there won’t be any war…just make sure that these psychopaths don’t get the chance to push any buttons…Most of’m Psychopaths happen to be in the West…Western Sheeples are Fully Responsible for any actions taken by their Psychopathic Elites…If Them Western Sheeples thinks it is okay what their AngloZioNazi Elites are doin’ than the Western Sheeples will suffer the Consequences…

          The only thing necessary for the Triumph of Evil is for Good men to do nothing.

          • Z.P.

            It’s oxymoron to call “Western Sheeples – Fully Responsible”
            If they were responsible they would not be a sheeple.

            Western Sheeples are OK to close their eyes on so many things as long as they let them to consume and live their pathetic and every day more modest existence.
            Hundreds of years of social engineering in creating degenerate, divided, egocentric, fully dependent society is paying back.
            Elites are coming to the open with their evil deeds while impotent sheeple are staring at them and chewing grass.
            Time is ripe.
            Sheeple are ready for slaughter

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Western Sheeples form the Majority of any country in Europe & America…That is why the AngloZioNazis probably thought that Democracy (Majority Rule) would be the best way to Rule them…

          • Tommy Jensen
        • Tommy Jensen

          Do you think they build all these nukes if humanity die in a nuclear war?? No!
          They build nukes because they know a majority can survive.

          • Z.P.

            “majority can survive”

            Too many scientist would not agree with you.
            Russia has dismantled huge quantity of Soviet warheads because of “START” agreement but still plenty of them is still not destroyed but stored….
            Even without those they can literally evaporate Europe and US (and US can do the same to Russia) whit what they have ready to use.
            In all that somehow nobody counts all nukes in Europe and China that would most probably also fly in nuke conflict exchange of WW3.
            If all the nukes are used we are all doomed..
            And those who survive would live in hell because of nuclear winter and radiation and illnesses.

      • Ewan

        Yep, combined Russian-Chinese-NK ICBM assault will end all life in N.America

    • Z.P.

      There is no winner in nuke war.
      There is no way that NATO attack on Russia = WW3 doesn’t turn in all out nuke war at the end.
      It is absurd to even make different projections how the Russia will deal tactically against NATO attack. Simply because either way it turns, all out WW3 will end always the same with total annihilation of all human beings.

      • RAAS

        So now nukes are real? It’s fkn laughable how gullible you people are.

        • Z.P.

          What’s your problem?
          I don’t remember ever denying nukes and mutual destruction.
          Maybe only with introduction of Russian S-500 US strategic nukes will become completely impotent threat against Russia.

          • Tommy Jensen

            We will get Russia one way of another.
            Regime change, colour revolution, economic strangulation, biological warfare, psychological warfare, containment, cyberspace, space weapons, combined with military quantity superiority………………………..……..LOL.

          • Z.P.

            And give even more sanctions for Russia of course while asking them in the same time to help US in negotiation with North Korea and Iran….

            Lately, I have strange feeling that even in the Soviet times of the McCarthyism in US.
            The US was never so completely obsessed with notion of the “Russian threat”…

            I am seriously starting to get worried about you Americans.
            Maybe it is about the time to have your rooms padded and appropriate shirts acquired and put on …
            So that you avoid the danger of hurting yourself while you and banging your heads against the walls and screaming at the top of your lungs: “Russians are coming”!!!

            MODEL of “RUSSIAN PROOF” PADDED ROOM and appropriate PIYAMA

    • Jens Holm

      We are not preparing any large scale conflict. GET IT. But we will defend what USSR took as Neo Colonialisme after WW2 in Europe. We also allow us to trade free at the new countries released from USSR as well. Russia has no patent for that.

      According nukes, You dont understand them. My proposel for You should be You become a Hindu and after those booms can be a rat or worm below ground.

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Let ZIONATO start their Little War…their LGBTQI-Armies lack stamina & ZIONATO is DEAD as f*ck…The AngloZioNazis always want other countries to start THEIR WAR…so that they have an excuse & can say the Other party started…thus the AngloZioNazi Sheeple Cannonfodder will be Cheering for yet another War….Let Those Filthy AngloZioNazis Bring it on…if they want a little fightin’ Let Them Bring it on only have to wait….FIRST PUNCH KNOCKOUT….HARD & BRUTAL…make them AngloZioNazi-Chickenshit-Cowards shit their panties & cry for their Mommies!!!

    • Nosey

      When is there going to be a list of names published publicly of the worlds most dangerous 100 people to world peace ? past involvements ect because if these people or families are not exposed sooner than later i fear these sociopaths will cause chaos never before seen in the near future, We need to expose all the people from shot callers to puppets that have been involved in the spilling of blood for pure profit. exspose all , arrest warrants then let them devour each other on the stand & you will finally get to the nest of snakes. Any tips ? Anyone ?

  • FilastinHuratan

    Nato is definitely not planning any war against Russia, knowing full well it would be over and out. The only reason for increased defence spending and ever more exercises is to keep the military-industrial complex, and well as the banksters, happy with the sycophantic vassals buying weapons and systems. And as long as the Baltic Dwarfs and Poland are kept on tenterhooks all the Nato members follow suit.

    • Jens Holm

      Yes we will never allow russians all the way to Berlin anymore. Its also true we in Europe will pay a little more to our armed forces, where I expect USA then will pay less.

      Western Europe is just as rich as USA and should have done that long time ago.

      • FilastinHuratan

        The Russians aren’t interested in Berlin, which is not the Danes’ city; that little Viking patch cannot stop anything.

      • Z.P.

        It was Russians who allowed you all the way to Berlin and that was Stalin’s biggest mistake.
        US as country is “rich” only on the paper, since their humongous debt will soon wipe out all the wealth of lower classes with the collapse of the dollar.

    • Z.P.

      Maybe their intention is not to start war bat that doesn’t mean war can’t happen (by incident) with all those NATO troops on the Russian border
      Actually they are war planners, making the plans for war against Russia in all kinds of the situations, all the time.
      That’s what they do, that is their main reason of existence, to keep Europe in war psychosis.
      Since that’s the only thing NATO can sell to those who pay, to justify them their existence.
      And US is always for some (limited) war in Europe.
      NATO represents Russia as major and immanent threat for the reasons you have also mentioned.
      The only true problem with their story is that combined economies, military and population and resources is far above what Russia has.
      Yet they keep insisting that they are “in danger” from “aggressive” Russia while having ever more soldiers on Russian border.
      So they use propaganda to always represent aggressive NATO in “danger” of somebody who is instead presented as an “aggressor” while really being victim.
      Or for “humanitarian” reasons (calling bombing of Yugoslavia civilian targets with depleted uranium “Merciful Angel”.)
      They use propaganda to make deception of blatant aggression and invasions as “humanitarian” wars.
      Apart from Yugoslavia they did that in Afghanistan and Libya and wanted to do that in Syria as well ..
      NATO are supporters of terrorism (just like US) and main instrument of repression for the
      neo-colonial ambitions of the US and the “West”.

      • FilastinHuratan

        I fully agree with everything you state here. The only thing is that I feel confident they won’t start a war against Russia, and that if there were to be an accident Russia will be wise/stoic enough to handle it appropriately. I am grateful the world has Russia to keep that gang of rabid mad dogs across the Atlantic in check.

  • Wayne Nicholson

    I could see the USA, GB and Poland maybe being delusional enough to start a war with Russia but I just don’t see the likes of France, Germany and Turkey, or any other halfways sane country going along with it.

    What’s the upside for them? The firepower available to both sides is a couple of orders of magnitude greater than WW2 and with todays missiles the kind of destruction that would have taken months or years to achieve in 1945 could take place in the first hours of the war …. and that’s if by some miracle the war doesn’t go nuclear.

    • verner

      although poles are stupider than most other nato-members but even they won’t be stupid enough to start something against Russia, poltroons that they are – and the three minor entities further north are just inconsequential and won’t be a bother. and england nah, not even boris would be so stupid which leaves us with the more than unhinged states of A, and they never go up against a foe which can fight back. but I agree there is an itch in washington dc and pentagon that is hard to scratch.

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    While everybody takes the nukes out of the mothballs, hardly anyone would dare a large scale something.
    Instead proxy wars will continue, like Ukraina, Syria & Libya theatres. Those are safer way than a direct conflict.

  • Tommy Jensen

    “called for renewed cooperation to talk it over as equal partners”,
    “NATO has also decided to militarize space”,
    “US/EU continue to represent Russia as a “threat to peace” when we wanted to be equal partners”,
    “We are concerned that West position would increase tensions in our equal partnership”,
    “US/Nato build up of Barbarossa II along Russian borders could pose a threat to our security”,
    “US/Nato continue to sabotage all de-escalation attempts by Russia”,
    “Russia does not intend to proactively apply unilateral restrictions on US/Nato”,
    “Russia will continue to be the nice guy until we can be equal partners”,
    “we are wide open butt to a dialogue with US/Nato no matter what they do if its equal partnership”,
    and we were crying.