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NATO Is Concerned Over Chinese Expansion, Sees Growing Risk Of War With Russia


NATO Is Concerned Over Chinese Expansion, Sees Growing Risk Of War With Russia

U.S. troops, part of a NATO mission to enhance Poland’s defence, are getting ready for an official welcoming ceremony in Orzysz, northeastern Poland, Thursday, April 13, 2017. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

According to a report, which gets compiled once every four years, there are 20 global trends that are likely to affect NATO through 2035, ranging from artificial intelligence and accelerating technology development to climate change and growing inequality. In particular, China’s growing military strength and Russia’s resurgence will pose challenges to NATO in coming years, as it moves to bolster its capabilities, risking a new Cold War-style arms race.

General Denis Mercier, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, told Reuters the report showed a higher risk of major interstate war than the 2013 report.

“We see a considerable increase in the risk of a major interstate conflict,” Mercier said in an interview on the sidelines of the Berlin Security Conference. “Having a global awareness is more necessary than before. We have to be ready for any kind of scenario,” Mercier said, noting that globalization meant NATO had to weigh factors outside its region, including military expansion by China and India.

The report also noted that as access to technology gets easier, the risk of terrorist networks expanding increases, challenging the current near-monopoly that state actors have on high-tech weapons. Mercier said NATO was already working to expand its capabilities in the cyber domain, and to ensure cyber protections were baked into every weapons system and network from the outset.

Growth in global debt and erosion of trust in financial institutions were also featured as a factor to be concerned of. It said competing budget priorities and fiscal constraints in member states could hamper their ability to meet NATO alliance requirement in the future.

The report said defense spending had begun increasing after Russia’s reunification with the Republic of Crimea in 2014, and projections called for further increases through 2045. But it warned that the increases “might create a security dilemma and start an arms race, as was the case during the Cold War”.

Environmental factors are also expected to play a bigger role in the near future, from higher rates of natural disasters to the increased opening of the Arctic, according to the report.



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  • FlorianGeyer

    The sooner that the leaders of NATO are replaced with “artificial intelligence” , the safer the world will be from the US and her vassals wars of hegemonic aggression. :)

    • Derapage

      Don’t expect too much from leaders of NATO, most likely they will go to replace the A.I with more suitable artificial stupidity. Problem solved.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Perhaps the Russians could develop AI with programmed integrity and sell that to NATO :)

        • Barba_Papa

          Beware of Russians bearing cyber gifts?

          • FlorianGeyer


  • Mattias Dahlström

    China is a looong distance away from the Fulda gap..

    • Barba_Papa

      So is Russia these days.

  • cortisol

    NATO is a tool of Zionist World Order. So any NATO report only states what these zionists are worried about, in this case being:

    1. Can’t control Russia
    2. Can’t control China, both which are needed for a true global order
    3. Petrodollar losing influence outside EU/USA and as such, unlimited and free access to the worlds resources diminishes
    4. Dumping of the central bank systems in EU/USA and implosion and chain mass defaults on debt, through which they rule these particular nations.

  • chris chuba

    And why should NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, give a flip about China?

    It should make about as much sense as worrying about the U.S. encroaching on Tijuana. Why don’t they just come out and say that we are U.S. vassal states.

  • Garga

    General Denis Mercier, NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, told Reuters the report showed a higher risk of major interstate war

    Did you notice how they talk? Like wars are something similar to the celestial bodies’ movements which they have no control over. You create wars, end of story.
    If you don’t provoke Russia, don’t try to hurt China, don’t threat North Korea and Iran, don’t try a regime change, don’t unleash Salafi terrorists, don’t invade countries, don’t back other countries’ illegal invasions and occupations and don’t fund/arm/support terror groups, there won’t be many war.
    Worried about technological advance of terror groups? Stupid! Then don’t arm them with sophisticated weapons. Don’t fund them. Don’t train them. Worried about inequality creates revolutions? Then tell your masters to manipulate the stocks and market less.

    And now there’s a new war to think about. Russia is about to create an arctic naval highway. As it will benefit some countries, it must be stopped at all costs! There’s just a tiny problem of “there’s no land mass in arctic” so they can’t send their Wahhabi terror groups to start a “civil war” there! Maybe Saudis can train some polar bears in their Wahhabi Madrasas?

    • cortisol

      Yes, in actuality these reports are “plans”. I believe the NATO plan has been for a European war already much over a decade, however Russia is yet to fall for it. I don’t believe they will fall for it in the next passing decade (even though the risk is much higher), either, and the US empire will run out of time and collapse.

      The referred “arctic naval highway” is an example of a single important development, since it will render the US navy irrelevant during peace time, as it will no longer be able to extort the voyagers of the worlds maritime trade routes. If peace time persists, there will be many more developments like these where the fringes of the US empire are whittling away. Peace is the poison for NATO, like kryptonite to Superman.

    • Frane Frlan

      That’s just forming of “new great enemy” with a goal of homogenisation of NATO members, because of lack of other ideology. Without ideology, existence of NATO is nonsense.
      NATO currently reminds me on those naci puppet countries brigades around Stalingrad in January 1943. :)

  • nshah

    Lol.. guess only the Chinese knows how to teach those Kwai Lo.. which not even Russia has the guts to confront their partners.. hehehe

  • Razali Adam

    Chinese comes always with blessing, but EU, US comes like leeches